MW Chapter 2078

Chapter 2078 – Retaking the Divine Realm

In these past years, Lin Ming felt a great pressure on his shoulders and he had experienced far too many tribulations. After arriving at an absolutely safe place like Tragic Death Valley, he immediately relaxed.

This was an array formation that the Asura Road Master had personally laid down in the past. Even someone on the level of Soaring Feather God King would have a hard time freely entering and leaving as they pleased.

And, no one could expect that he would hide here.

While inside he was absolutely safe.

Lin Ming began his seclusion.

There were too many matters he had to complete; just absorbing the memories in Famine’s soul would take an extremely long time.

Lin Ming needed to go to the Dark Abyss, and without Famine’s memories as a guide, then a single human entering was no different from a sheep wandering into a wolf den.

He had to protect himself, and the greatest measure with which to do so was Famine.

The years passed without sense of time.

Lin Ming fell into an absorbed state. He didn’t know how much time passed, only that his hair constantly grew longer, brushing against the ground and still growing.

Dust rose and fell on his body. At certain intervals, waves...

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