MW Chapter 2077

Chapter 2077 - Depart

After the ascension ceremony ended, Lin Ming flew into the void of space by himself.

He left behind the Legion of Famine to protect his family and friends. As for the great armies of humanity, they were preparing to retake the Divine Realm.

In such a situation, Lin Ming quietly passed through the connection between the wild universe and the Divine Realm, and arrived at the Asura Road by himself.

In the past two months, Qin Xingxuan and Mu Qianyu became pregnant one after another.

And as the two women were preparing to become mothers, Lin Ming entered seclusion once more to perceive Famine’s memories. As his understanding towards the abyssal language became increasingly profound, he slowly understood more and more things. The origin of the Dark Abyss and the abyssal demons slowly formed an outline in Lin Ming’s mind.

A terrifying guess emerged in Lin Ming’s heart.

Because the information from Famine was incredibly messy and chaotic, Lin Ming didn’t dare to assume that his guesses were correct. He had an idea, but...

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