MW Chapter 2077

Chapter 2077 - Depart

After the ascension ceremony ended, Lin Ming flew into the void of space by himself.

He left behind the Legion of Famine to protect his family and friends. As for the great armies of humanity, they were preparing to retake the Divine Realm.

In such a situation, Lin Ming quietly passed through the connection between the wild universe and the Divine Realm, and arrived at the Asura Road by himself.

In the past two months, Qin Xingxuan and Mu Qianyu became pregnant one after another.

And as the two women were preparing to become mothers, Lin Ming entered seclusion once more to perceive Famine’s memories. As his understanding towards the abyssal language became increasingly profound, he slowly understood more and more things. The origin of the Dark Abyss and the abyssal demons slowly formed an outline in Lin Ming’s mind.

A terrifying guess emerged in Lin Ming’s heart.

Because the information from Famine was incredibly messy and chaotic, Lin Ming didn’t dare to assume that his guesses were correct. He had an idea, but to confirm this he had to personally go to the Dark Abyss!

Now, within the 33 Heavens, there was no place necessary for Lin Ming to go.

He had already explored the depths of the Asura Road. As for the Akashic Dream Universe, although he hadn’t fully explored it, Lin Ming had already become fully aware of the Laws of Life and Death and even if he went there he wouldn’t gain any heaven-shaking harvests.

Moreover, there was still the Soul Emperor. Although Sheng Mei had said that the Soul Emperor would need to go into seclusion for tens of thousands of years or even longer after absorbing his Eternal Soul, in order to cultivate the so-called Laws of Immortality. However, Lin Ming couldn’t say that the Soul Emperor wouldn’t end this seclusion midway.

Thus, after thinking about it, the place Lin Ming needed to go the most was the Dark Abyss!

Lin Ming was aware that within the Dark Abyss, there were horrifying existences that were scarier and stronger than the intelligent life forms of the 33 Heavens.

Infinite secrets were contained in the Dark Abyss.

These secrets involved the great calamity of the 33 Heavens 10 billion years ago, and even involved more ancient eras of the universe. Lin Ming didn’t know what the history of the universe was like before the Asura Road Master; could there have once been a martial arts civilization that was even more glorious?

But, before going to the Dark Abyss, Lin Ming thought of going to the Asura Road once more. There were some matters he needed to finish first and he needed to go into seclusion for a period of time.

The area Lin Ming chose to stay at in the Asura Road was not the final trial but God Burying Ridge.

Over 6000 years ago when Lin Ming arrived at the Asura Road’s Great Desolate with Xiao Moxian, they had been hunted down by Imperial Prince Naqi in God Burying Ridge, and finally even caught Tian Mingzi’s attention.

In a life-or-death crisis Lin Ming dual cultivated with Xiao Moxian, and as a result, they killed Tian Mingzi. Thinking of those days made Lin Ming feel as if they happened just yesterday. His battle against Tian Mingzi had been incomparably perilous; a single wrong step and they would have been doomed.

Lin Ming’s heart still sped up when he thought back to Tian Mingzi’s cunning plots. In the past, the reason he could kill Tian Mingzi and even bring down Imperial Prince Naqi and the half-step Empyrean Mister Ash Murder was because he had drawn support from a death zone in God Burying Ridge – Blue Throne Bai Qi’s Tomb.

One of the Asura Road Master’s disciples was buried in Bai Qi’s Tomb. Without a doubt, this person had once been an ancient True Divinity level character. After being weakened for 10 billion years, the tomb that this character left behind had its array formations and force fields weakened to an incredibly low degree. Otherwise, if they weren’t, then using the tomb’s array formations to kill a lower Empyrean or middle Empyrean wouldn’t have been difficult at all.

In the past when Lin Ming entered Bai Qi’s Tomb, he had disturbed Bai Qi’s eternal slumber. Then, in order to protect himself he had used the array formations in Bai Qi’s Tomb to kill Imperial Prince Naqi, Mister Ash Murder, and the others.

In order to express his thanks and also apologize for his actions, Lin Ming had pledged that once he gained the ability he would reenter this land and repair Bai Qi’s Tomb.

And now Lin Ming had this ability.

He used his knowledge of array formations and the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws, spending a full six days to repair all of the killing arrays in Bai Qi’s Tomb. He poured in sufficient energy, and with the heaven and earth origin energy that would supplement the array formations, they would revolve without issue for several billion more years.

Like this, Lin Ming could be said to have fulfilled his past promise.

Besides repairing Bai Qi’s Tomb, he had made another pledge; he had promised Empyrean Divine Mist that he would kill Empyrean Divine Void.

Thinking of this, Lin Ming estimated his strength and realized that it might be too difficult to achieve.

Divine Void’s strength was likely comparable to that of Astral Vault God King.

While he was stronger than Astral Vault God King, if he hadn’t used tactics and had instead directly faced him, then defeating him wouldn’t have been as easy.

Moreover, that was only defeat. Defeating someone and killing them were two completely different concepts. As long as Divine Void walked away, there was nothing Lin Ming could do to stop him.

Even if Divine Void wanted to engage in a final life-or-death battle and Lin Ming fought with him, there were no advantages to be had.

In this sort of situation, it was impossible for Lin Ming to avoid all the array formations and subordinates within Divine Void’s lair and kill him. He didn’t believe he could accomplish this even when he reached the middle Empyrean realm.

Thus, Lin Ming chose to go into seclusion. This was also the most important goal for which he had come to God Burying Ridge, because God Burying Ridge contained a mysterious cultivation land – Tragic Death Valley.

Within Tragic Death Valley, time and space were twisted underneath the yoke of some strange rules. The flow of time in Tragic Death Valley was ten times faster than in the outside world.

Every ten days in Tragic Death Valley was equal to one day outside.

Time enchantments weren’t strange. But, the enchantment within Tragic Death Valley didn’t twist the Laws thus it didn’t affect a martial artist’s cultivation; this was beyond rare!

Of course, there was also a price in staying in Tragic Death Valley.

This was an immutable, never-changing environment. A martial artist wouldn’t gain new insights nor would they experience lucky chances. They would not be able to engage in life or death battles and their cultivation speed wouldn’t rise too quickly. If a human Holy Lord were to enter Tragic Death Valley, it was simply unrealistic for them to break into the Empyrean realm during their stay.

In the past when Lin Ming developed his inner world and perceived the samsara of life and death, even if he didn’t have enough time he still wouldn’t have entered Tragic Death Valley.

Firstly, the things he needed to feel and comprehend didn’t exist in Tragic Death Valley.

Secondly, and more importantly, was that there wasn’t much origin energy within Tragic Death Valley; in fact, it could be called extremely thin. This was because Tragic Death Valley was completely isolated from the outside and the heaven and earth origin within only circulated amongst itself. The scattered energy inside originated from the life forms that fell in Tragic Death Valley as well as their magic items.

Such energy was certainly limited. Moreover, when Lin Ming was a World King rushing towards the Empyrean realm, he needed to absorb a massive amount of world power.

Thus, Tragic Death Valley was not an ideal cultivation place.

But presently the circumstances were completely different.

Lin Ming had comprehended the Laws within the Holy Scripture and even gradually fused them with the Asura Heavenly Dao. The power of divinity and demons also formed a system and his inner world had absorbed enough world power. Lin Ming’s comprehension had reached a high level, and what he lacked now was cultivation.

Moreover, after Lin Ming successfully broke into the Empyrean realm, because he had to withstand tribulation of the 33 Heavens he had absorbed an enormous amount of Heavenly Dao Law fragments, many of which came from the Laws ancient God Kings.

When Lin Ming shattered these phantoms of ancient God Kings, a minor part of their aura and comprehensions and even the Laws they cultivated were inevitably inherited by Lin Ming.

All of this could be digested in Tragic Death Valley.

Thus, Lin Ming didn’t lack Laws that he needed to perceive.

As for heaven and earth origin energy, it wasn’t wrong that the origin energy within Tragic Death Valley was barren. But, Lin Ming never planned on absorbing heaven and earth origin energy from there to begin with.

Instead, he had brought Famine’s avatar with him.

This was a massive treasure trove of energy which contained an incomparably large amount of blood vitality and demonic power.

A shortage of heaven and earth origin energy was unimportant; Lin Ming only needed to absorb Famine’s avatar.

Like this, Lin Ming entered Tragic Death Valley. To him this place that was an absolute death trap to ordinary martial artists was actually as calm and leisurely as a garden.

After so many years, Lin Ming returned to Tragic Death Valley once more. Nothing had changed from the past. Endless bones littered the ground, and there was also the incomparably large God Beast Tomb Array that should have originated from the Asura Road Master.

Tragic Death Valley was pitch black and the peace was horrifying. When many peerless masters arrived here, they couldn’t see any hope of escape and were slowly driven to insanity.

However, within such an environment, Lin Ming’s mind was as still as a placid lake.

Even in this darkness and deathly silence, all that Lin Ming felt was peace and quiet.

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