MW Chapter 2076

Chapter 2076 – Empyrean Title

“Brother Lin, for these past years, my two big sisters have had many concerns that you weren’t aware of.” Xiao Moxian playfully pinched Lin Ming. Then, she leaned in close to his ear, whispering something to him before quietly putting on her clothes and walking away.

The truth was that Xiao Moxian was already aware of Qin Xingxuan and Mu Qianyu’s thoughts. As women, they longed for a child, and this wish had continued for thousands of years.

As Xiao Moxian left the room, she gently closed the door behind her. Lin Ming was stunned. He looked at Qin Xingxuan and Mu Qianyu in a daze, unsure what feeling was in his heart.

Mu Qianyu grabbed onto Lin Ming’s hand, affectionately staring into his eyes.

“Lin Ming… did you know? That when you left more than 6000 years ago, I nearly broke down. With the sorrow of humanity, there was nothing here but endless vicious beasts of the wilderness. It was with great difficulty that we developed our territory but even then all our efforts were for naught. This was because no matter how much we constructed, we never knew when the saints would come rushing through and savagely destroy everything… I couldn’t find hope and I couldn’t see a future. I waited for you, but everyone said that you had died… I wasn’t willing to believe them, but slowly I began reaching the precipice of despair…

“It was during this time that I thought if I had your child, how wonderful would that be?

“With a child, I would have a focus for my life. I could pour all my emotions into our child, so that even if something happened to you I wouldn’t collapse, because there would be a reason for my life…”

Mu Qianyu earnestly said, not blinking as she looked at Lin Ming.

Qin Xingxuan held onto Lin Ming’s hand, tears glistening in her eyes. ”Brother Lin, do you plan on leaving again in a few days?”

Lin Ming froze. Looking at in Qin Xingxuan, he couldn’t bear hurting her again.

However, he knew that he didn’t have much time left. When he used negotiations and his own strength to force Astral Vault and Soaring Vault to withdraw from the war with him, many people had already guessed his plans.

Eventually, Lin Ming nodded…

Qin Xingxuan wasn’t surprised nor was she hurt; she had already expected this.

She said, “Brother Lin, 6000 years ago, Huang’er was born and every day I would help Little Sister Xian’er look after him. I truly did envy her. Afterwards, I watched Huang’er slowly grow and regarded him as my own child. But, in the end, he wasn’t. Every time Huang’er went out to adventure and then when I saw him return, I would think how wonderful would it be if I had my own child…”

As Qin Xingxuan spoke, her eyes sparkled with tears. She finally spoke of the sad days she had experienced for over 6000 years. This sort of loneliness, this sort of fear, the pain brought by these emotions was difficult to describe in words.

Lin Ming didn’t speak because words were no longer necessary at this moment.

He firmly gripped Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan’s hands. Then he held them in his arms and gently kissed them. Together, they fell back onto the soft bed…

Everything continued to occur naturally…


For the next three days, Lin Ming didn’t train anymore. For the entire three days he completely relaxed himself and enjoyed a sensual peace with his wives.

And every time, Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan would carefully accept Lin Ming’s life essence lest it flow out from them.

Seeing this, Lin Ming couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

The truth was that as long as Lin Ming no longer locked in his life essence, the chances of becoming pregnant were nearly 100%.

This was because Lin Ming’s essence energy possessed a life force, vigor, and survival time far surpassing that of a mortal.

It wasn’t wrong that it was difficult for a more powerful race to reproduce. But, it was Lin Ming that was strong, not his race that was strong. He was still a human, and also himself.

Because of this his ability to reproduce wouldn’t weaken, and instead become stronger.

If there was a woman with a unique bloodline like Xiao Moxian, then if Lin Ming was with her the chances of her becoming pregnant would also be magnified by several times. But, if he were weak then the chances of her becoming pregnant would be nearly zero. This was an issue concerning the amount of life essence that one possessed. It was impossible for a mouse to impregnate a phoenix.

So in the future if Lin Ming broke into the True Divinity realm or even stepped Beyond Divinity, it wouldn’t be impossible for Xiao Moxian to have a second child.

Three days later, early in the morning, Lin Ming woke up from the sweet warmth that surrounded him. He changed into new robes and exuded an energetic aura. Today, Lin Ming’s ascension ceremony would begin!

The ancient ascension ceremony; it meant to offer a sacrifice to the heavens and earth. These ascension ceremonies also existed in the mortal realms. For instance, mortal emperors would climb up mountains to worship the heavens and earth, singing praises towards the world.

But it was different in the world of martial artists.

Here, the heavens and earth referred not to the heavens and earth in the eyes of a mortal, but to an Empyrean!

This was because after a martial artist broke into the Empyrean realm, the Laws they possessed would be able to stand on even ground with the Heavenly Dao Laws in some aspects.

So it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that an Empyrean was the universe of the heavens and earth.

Before the great calamity occurred, human True Divinities had long since vanished and an Empyrean was the highest boundary one could reach. With this the word Empyrean possessed the meaning of being singular and proud in the heavens above or the earth below!

Without a doubt, Lin Ming’s ascension ceremony would be the greatest celebration for humanity ever since they entered the wild universe.

Nearly a hundred human Empyreans gathered for this ceremony. In terms of scale, there was only one other event that could compare with this, and that was when Divine Dream broke into the True Divinity realm.

The base of humanity had already been transferred to a nebula deep in the center of the Hidden Dragon Galaxy.

Today, this nebula glowed with a divine light.

Every human Empyrean brought their Heavenly Palace. The hundred Heavenly Palaces circled together, gorgeous lights emitting from them that spanned the vastness of space, beautiful to the extreme.

And this divine afterglow surrounded a force field that was 100,000 miles in radius. Within this force field there were countless rare flowers and trees, treasures of the heavens and earth that were blooming together.

Such a marvelous sight appeared in the starry space of the cosmos, leaving one shocked!

And by this time, Lin Ming’s title had already been decided.

Just yesterday, in order to decide Lin Ming’s title, several high level figures of humanity had convened a special conference. This was something that had never occurred in human history before.

The vast majority of Empyrean titles were personally chosen by that Empyrean; they would use whatever title they were fond of.

These titles would often be related to their cultivation methods, combat methods, life experiences, place of birth, the reason they became famous, ancient ruins they visited, or other such factors.

However, Lin Ming’s title held a different significance. He was the might and authority of humanity. The symbol of a leader certainly couldn’t be randomly chosen.

This title needed to be accepted by the common people.

Moreover, this title was destined to be recorded in the annals of history and spread down for eternity. Thus, one couldn’t help but be careful.

3.6 billion years ago, the leader of humanity was conferred the title of Empyrean Divine Seal. This title possessed monumental momentum and importance. Even after so many years passed, when people mentioned the name of Empyrean Divine Seal, they would do so with infinite respect in their voices. As for what Empyrean Divine Seal’s true name was, no one knew. Of course this was likely due to the great calamity 3.6 billion years ago in which most of humanity’s inheritances were destroyed.

At the start, someone suggested that they call Lin Ming ‘Empyrean Immortal’ to indicate that Lin Ming was immortal and that with his life, humanity would continue to exist in perpetuity.

However, this proposal was directly rejected by Divine Dream. While the title ‘Immortal’ might be domineering and great, it was already taken by someone 10 billion years ago.

At the same time, Empyrean Asura was the same.

More ideas were proposed. From Lin Ming’s cultivation methods, ‘Empyrean Nine Star’, ‘Empyrean Thunderfire’, ‘Empyrean Heretical God’, all of these possibilities were rejected.

The reason was because they only described a small part, and didn’t reflect Lin Ming in his entirety.

Divine Dream had had every person participating in this conference propose a title. Even the primal god race proposed the title of ‘Everlasting God King’, but after Divine Dream considered it for a moment she also rejected this.

When it came to Vast Universe to offer a proposal, because everyone had offered so many ideas and he couldn’t duplicate them, he thought for a moment before suggesting ‘Empyrean New Dawn’. This left Divine Dream at a loss for words. Although Empyrean New Dawn did have some nice meaning to it, this name didn’t resound in the ears at all.

“Then, how about we call him… the Human Sovereign.”

As all the other Empyreans finished speaking, Divine Dream spoke up.

Everyone listening was stunned. This name not only resounded loudly in the ears, but it also possessed a deeper meaning.

The saints had their Saint Sovereign.

The spiritas had their Soul Emperor.

Then humanity should have their Human Sovereign!

This title also indicated Lin Ming’s position. Human Sovereign, the Sovereign of humanity, in other words, the number one person of the entire human race!

In the future when this great calamity was recorded in history, Lin Ming would be considered the highest leader of humanity and his name would be written down forever. When others mentioned these history books and spoke of Lin Ming, they would refer to him as the Human Sovereign. In other words – Human Sovereign Lin Ming!

And in the future, when the Divine Realm recovered to its golden era, humanity would no longer refer to Lin Ming as ‘Senior’ or ‘Sage’, but would instead call him ‘Your Majesty’, or ‘Sovereign’.

This title obtained the approval of the Empyreans present. This was also a title won by Lin Ming’s strength.

Because even if Empyreans could choose their title however they wished, no one would dare to call themselves this, since it would be the same as challenging all other human Empyreans.

But for Lin Ming to be conferred the title of Human Sovereign, no one refused it!

When Lin Ming learned of this title he felt that it was a bit exaggerated. But after considering multiple factors, a bit of exaggeration was acceptable for the war effort. Like this, the ascension ceremony officially began!

Banquets were held one after another. Many of the items at these banquets were heavenly materials, priceless and rare. Eating them was greatly beneficial to one’s cultivation.

This banquet and ceremony continued for a full three days.

The title of Human Sovereign Lin Ming also spread through humanity from this ceremony.

On the last day, Lin Ming sat atop the throne of the Human Sovereign. Throughout the endless starry skies, the chants of human martial artists echoed. “Human Sovereign immortal, humanity forever!”

This chant formed a storm, causing the blood of every human warrior to boil over.

Looking at these human martial artists with their momentum that soared to the skies, Lin Ming knew that it was finally time to for humanity to return to the Divine Realm and settle their blood debt.

This was also the time for him to leave.

To Lin Ming, everything that was occurring in front of him, all of this worship and adoration, all of it seemed like a fog that could disappear at any moment.

Without absolute strength, before long all of this would turn into illusion, let alone being something that spread down through history.

This was because before that ever occurred, humanity would have turned into the dust of history…

Time was of the essence!


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