MW Chapter 2075

Chapter 2075 – Ascension Ceremony

“Lin Ming! Haha!” Human Empyreans flew towards him, several hundred miles passing in a moment.

“Are you fine?”

Emperor Shakya quickly looked over Lin Ming, making sure that he didn’t have any major issues.


Empyrean Vast Universe slapped Lin Ming’s shoulder. This day would be recorded in the history of humanity, a day remembered for time immemorial.

Within 10 days, Lin Ming defeated Astral Vault with an Empyrean level cultivation and then fought Soaring Feather to a draw. Throughout the last 10 billion years of history in the 33 Heavens, such a record had never been reported.

As for before 10 billion years ago when those like the Asura Road Master and Immortal Sovereign were at the early Empyrean realm, it was unknown just what sort of strength they possessed.

At this time, the human fleets were already stirred up in a frenzy of jubilation! Everyone shouted out Lin Ming’s name, their cries forming endless waves.

If it wasn’t for the many Empyreans, then because of Lin Ming’s identity and aura these warriors would have already eagerly rushed up to praise him.

In the great calamity of humanity, when humanity was about to make their counterattack and retake the Divine Realm, what they needed was a hero, someone who truly inspired them.

“Lin Ming, three days from now let’s hold a celebration feast.” At this time, Divine Dream arrived by Lin Ming’s side like a cool breeze. Her body was accompanied with a vague fragrance, and the surrounding Empyreans quickly made way for her.

“Celebration feast?” Lin Ming shook his head. “There’s no need for one.”

Lin Ming didn’t want to attend such a celebration feast. Not to mention that he didn’t want to waste his time, now was not the time to celebrate. Only when they killed the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign would a celebration feast have any meaning.

“There is.” Divine Dream lightly said, “This celebration feast will also be your ascension ceremony where you will obtain your Empyrean title. To the human powerhouses, this ascension ceremony is highly important. Moreover… your ascension ceremony will greatly inspire the morale of humanity!”


Lin Ming was surprised. In the past when he adventured through the Sky Spill Continent, he had obtained titles like ‘Evil God’, ‘Asura’, and other such titles. But, these were simply honorifics that weren’t related to him too much.

However, upon becoming an Empyrean, a title was necessary.

Almost every human Empyrean had their own title. And after being conferred this title, they would often substitute this for their own name.

For instance, Empyrean Divine Dream, Empyrean Vast Universe, Three Lives Old Man, Dark Demon Monarch, and so forth. Even Xiao Moxian was given the title of Empyrean Demon Fairy after breaking through to the Empyrean realm.

As for Xiao Moxian’s original name, Ji Xian’er, only those like Lin Ming and a small minority had the qualifications to call her that.

The disciples of Demon Fairy Palace only referred to Xiao Moxian as Empyrean Demon Fairy.

The juniors of humanity needed a way to refer to Empyreans. They couldn’t call an Empyrean by their true name; this was an act of disrespect.

Moreover, an Empyrean was an unparalleled ruler of their race. Their name needed to represent the dignity of their role as a powerhouse, and their original name might not possess such majesty, in fact, it might even sound extremely ordinary.

This was why after a long period of time, people would use an Empyrean’s title to refer to them.

So, it could be said a title was extremely important to an Empyrean.

Lin Ming currently needed this breadth of dignity because he was already the one worthy of being called the spiritual leader of humanity!

The position of spiritual leader was a sacred throne. It could even be called the belief that all human martial artists held in their hearts.

To many martial artists, Lin Ming was a nearly omnipotent existence. If Lin Ming was strong, then morale would surge upwards. If Lin Ming was weak, then morale would plummet.

The name of faith that these martial artists kept in their hearts should be somewhat sacrosanct.

Young Hero Lin, Senior Lin, Sage Lin, Hero Lin, titles like these were inappropriate.

Thinking of this, Lin Ming also believed that a title was necessary.

Thus, he nodded. “Then I will have to bother Senior Divine Dream to help me arrange this…”


As humanity was arranging Lin Ming’s ascension ceremony, Soaring Feather had already activated a great void shift and passed through hundreds of millions of miles of space. She rapidly flew into a milky white spirit palace located deep in starry space.

Only Fairy Blue Lotus was within this spirit palace, anxiously waiting.


Seeing Soaring Feather rapidly fly over, Fairy Blue Lotus rushed to greet her. As she saw Soaring Feather’s appearance though, she was startled.

At this time Soaring Feather had still maintained her body metamorphosis appearance. Her back was covered in blood and many of her feathers had been torn out.

“I’m fine. These are just external wounds.”

The moment that Soaring Feather flew into the spirit palace she undid her body metamorphosis. Her naked body landed on the great rugs that lined the spirit palace. Her snow white skin was stained red with blood.

Seeing these wounds, Fairy Blue Lotus was horrified. She didn’t dare to believe her own eyes. “This… these wounds… were caused by Lin Ming?”

“Yes…” Soaring Feather nodded.

“Master, you… you lost?” Fairy Blue Lotus uttered, disbelief thick in her voice. It was already hard for her to accept that Lin Ming had the abilities to contend with Soaring Feather, but to defeat Soaring Feather and severely wound her, Fairy Blue Lotus thought this was impossible.

This was simply too ridiculous!

“I didn’t lose, but I didn’t win. Lin Ming’s wounds are heavier than mine.” Soaring Feather lightly said. The new was constantly replacing the old. Lin Ming’s great strength had left her bewildered.

“Prepare a barrel of medicinal solution for me.”

Although Soaring Feather cultivated the saint race’s body transformation technique, her restorative abilities were far inferior to Astral Vault’s. This was the difference of their bloodlines. When Astral Vault fought with Lin Ming, his recovery abilities far exceeded Lin Ming’s Natal Life Dao Palace.

In truth, Astral Vault God King was not weak. His strengths lay in his endurance and recovery abilities that far exceeded Lin Ming’s.

Astral Vault God King could fiercely battle for a hundred days without using up all his strength. His blood vitality was far more powerful than that of a God Beast and in battle he recovered more energy than he used. He wasn’t injured easily and even if he was he was fine. The more he fought the stronger he became, until the time his opponent collapsed.

Unfortunately, he fell into Lin Ming’s trap. He had been rapidly defeated by Lin Ming in a short period of time and wasn’t able to display his advantages.

It could be said that Astral Vault had lost with many regrets.

A True Divinity was not skilled in all aspects. Soaring Feather was superior to Astral Vault in many areas, but she lagged behind in recovery abilities. After receiving a heavy wound she needed the support of medicinal solutions to help her quickly recover.

She held her naked body and stepped into the jade barrel. As her snow white skin sank into the green medicinal solution, it was like white jade being buried in liquid emeralds.

Soaring Feather slowly fell silent.

She didn’t know what would occur in the future of the 33 Heavens, nor did she know what the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign would do once he left seclusion, and she didn’t even know what the Soul Emperor was plotting.

She was clearly aware that with her strength, it was impossible for her to go from being a chess piece to a chess player.

Originally it was the Soul Emperor and the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign playing against each other. Now, Lin Ming had joined in from the side.

As for how this game would play out, Soaring Feather couldn’t see.

If she couldn’t see what direction the chess game was playing in, rushing in to do anything was extremely dangerous. Moreover, for these past years she had felt increasingly tired and long since wanted to withdraw.

She didn’t want to be a chess piece. Even if she was the most important game piece on the board, so what?

As a True Divinity, the truth was that she didn’t need to attach herself to anyone.

Upon reaching the level of a True Divinity, if one discounted the hidden True Divinities who no one knew whether or not they truly existed, then the ones that were known amounted to around 10 in total. But, as for where the limits of these people’s strength lay, no one knew.

The strength of the 33 Heavens’ Soul Emperor and Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was also a mystery.

Soaring Feather was only faintly aware. Besides the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign and the Soul Emperor, the other True Divinities were likely at the lower True Divinity realm. As for what rank of True Divinity the 33 Heavens’ Soul Emperor and Good Fortune Saint Sovereign were, no one knew. They only vaguely referred to them as ‘outstanding’ amongst True Divinities.

Soaring Feather had never fought with the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign or the Soul Emperor so she hadn’t seen the limits of their strength.

She didn’t know if they were upper True Divinities or middle True Divinities; all she knew was that she was absolutely not a match for either one of them…


At this time, in Demon Fairy Palace –

On the top floor of Demon Fairy Palace on a warm bed within Xiao Moxian’s chambers, Lin Ming was wrapped in fragrance, enjoying a warmth he hadn’t felt for a long time.

Mu Qianyu was quietly splayed over his chest, listening to his powerful heartbeat. As for Qin Xingxuan, she held onto Lin Ming’s arm, curled around him like a little sleeping kitten.

As for Xiao Moxian, she was leaning on Lin Ming’s side, stretching out a delicate finger and naughtily drawing circles on his chest.

This moment of peace gave the three women an unprecedented feeling of satisfaction.

Naturally, Lin Ming was also extremely satisfied.

The truth was that in these past years, Lin Ming had chased after the peak of martial arts and tried to preserve the future of humanity; he had spent nearly all his time and energy on these two matters. In his heart, the desire between men and women wasn’t able to create many waves.

However, after being separated for thousands of years and then reuniting with the women he deeply loved most in his life, the warmth and pleasure that returned could no longer be expressed with the word ‘desire’ alone.

After an unknown period of time, Mu Qianyu quietly opened her eyes. She suddenly said, “Lin Ming, I want a child…”

Mu Qianyu’s startled Lin Ming. Qin Xingxuan also immediately awakened. Her pitch black eyes sparkled as she looked at Lin Ming.

“I also want one…” Qin Xingxuan’s face blushed red.

Xiao Moxian laughed, but this playful and friendly laugh left Qin Xingxuan and Mu Qianyu even more embarrassed.

In the past when Lin Ming was in the lower realms, if he wasn’t involved in the chaos in the South Sea then he was being chased down by Yang Yun. In between, he had risked his life countless times. And with his limited strength and his desire to struggle against destiny, Lin Ming wasn’t prepared to bring children into the world.

This was because he couldn’t provide an environment to look after and train his children.

When he was with Qin Xingxuan and Mu Qianyu, although they had made love numerous times, he had actually locked in his source of life because he didn’t want children.

Afterwards, when Lin Ming was in the Asura Road with Xiao Moxian, he also didn’t want a child. However the difference was that Lin Ming had a different bloodline than Xiao Moxian and it was extremely difficult for her to become pregnant. Lin Ming thought the chances of her becoming pregnant were nearly zero, thus he didn’t care too much. However, he never thought that after he left the Asura Road he would win the jackpot, thus resulting in Lin Huang.

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