MW Chapter 2075

Chapter 2075 – Ascension Ceremony

“Lin Ming! Haha!” Human Empyreans flew towards him, several hundred miles passing in a moment.

“Are you fine?”

Emperor Shakya quickly looked over Lin Ming, making sure that he didn’t have any major issues.


Empyrean Vast Universe slapped Lin Ming’s shoulder. This day would be recorded in the history of humanity, a day remembered for time immemorial.

Within 10 days, Lin Ming defeated Astral Vault with an Empyrean level cultivation and then fought Soaring Feather to a draw. Throughout the last 10 billion years of history in the 33 Heavens, such a record had never been reported.

As for before 10 billion years ago when those like the Asura Road Master and Immortal Sovereign were at the early Empyrean realm, it was unknown just what sort of strength they possessed.

At this time, the human fleets were already stirred up in a frenzy of jubilation! Everyone shouted out Lin Ming’s name, their cries forming endless waves.

If it wasn’t for the many Empyreans, then because of Lin Ming’s identity and aura these warriors would have already eagerly rushed up to praise him.

In the great calamity of humanity, when humanity was about to make their counterattack and retake...

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