MW Chapter 2074

Chapter 2074 – The Conclusion of the Battle

Soaring Feather God King’s strongest attack methods were her wings and claws. But, her wings were on her sides and her claws near her abdomen. Her back was her natural blind spot!

This was what people meant when they spoke about riding a tiger. Riding the back of a beast was the safest spot, but getting off was an entirely different story.


Lin Ming was like a mountain suppressing the earth. Strength capable of cracking open planets was poured into his legs as he clamped down on Soaring Feather God King’s back!

In that fierce explosion just then, Soaring Feather God King had momentarily lost her balance. She cried out in alarm with not enough time to react. She hadn’t expected that Lin Ming would actually decide to fight this way.

And at this time, Lin Ming used his bloodstained arms to grab the Black Dragon Spear and bring it smashing down!


Soaring Feather’s protective astral essence shattered. Blood splashed out and feathers fluttered into the air!

Soaring Feather emitted a keening cry, a cry that contained the wrath of a God King!

She wasn’t angry that she had been wounded by Lin Ming, but angry that Lin Ming was riding on her back.

She suddenly flapped her wings and a terrifying energy erupted. Lin...

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