MW Chapter 2074

Chapter 2074 – The Conclusion of the Battle

Soaring Feather God King’s strongest attack methods were her wings and claws. But, her wings were on her sides and her claws near her abdomen. Her back was her natural blind spot!

This was what people meant when they spoke about riding a tiger. Riding the back of a beast was the safest spot, but getting off was an entirely different story.


Lin Ming was like a mountain suppressing the earth. Strength capable of cracking open planets was poured into his legs as he clamped down on Soaring Feather God King’s back!

In that fierce explosion just then, Soaring Feather God King had momentarily lost her balance. She cried out in alarm with not enough time to react. She hadn’t expected that Lin Ming would actually decide to fight this way.

And at this time, Lin Ming used his bloodstained arms to grab the Black Dragon Spear and bring it smashing down!


Soaring Feather’s protective astral essence shattered. Blood splashed out and feathers fluttered into the air!

Soaring Feather emitted a keening cry, a cry that contained the wrath of a God King!

She wasn’t angry that she had been wounded by Lin Ming, but angry that Lin Ming was riding on her back.

She suddenly flapped her wings and a terrifying energy erupted. Lin Ming’s avatars were sent flying away like broken kites, but Lin Ming twisted his legs, sticking onto Soaring Feather’s back so that he wouldn’t be flung off by her!

Lin Ming erupted with energy once more. He grabbed the Black Dragon Spear and brought it pounding down again!


The sound of cracking bone filled the air. Soaring Feather God King vomited a mouthful of blood as she hurtled downwards.

This scene left all the human martial artists watching dazed. The fight had actually reached such a brutal degree, and Lin Ming was now even riding on Soaring Feather’s back!

In particular, Astral Vault God King. He didn’t dare reveal himself in public and instead watched the battle from afar. As he did, his jaw nearly dropped to the ground.

He was the one who understood Soaring Feather’s personality the most. Just how arrogant was Soaring Feather? And yet, she was now being ridden by a human and being savagely beaten! Not to mention Soaring Feather, even common God Beasts wouldn’t tolerate being ridden by others. This was an absolute insult to them, so it was no wonder that Soaring Feather was so enraged!


Soaring Feather sent out a keening cry once more!

At this moment, her entire body seemed to burn like a scorching sun. Countless divine feathers fell down from her body, scattering throughout the air!

Spears of divine feathers!

This was tens of thousands of seven-colored divine feathers, indiscriminately attacking in all directions. Many of these feathers also contained Soaring Feather God King’s blood essence!

Zheng! Zheng! Zheng! Zheng!

Divine feathers became spears, each spear glimmering with cold light. Tens of thousands of spear lights blazed out, splitting open the endless skies!

This was Soaring Feather’s attack created from shedding her divine feathers, and also her all-out move. Unless she was in a life-or-death crisis she wouldn’t use such a move.

In ordinary times if she fought with Lin Ming, even if she was finally defeated by him she still wouldn’t use this move. This was because this move was her trump card and also a move that overdrew her blood vitality!

But now because Lin Ming was riding on her back, it was too hard for her to get rid of him, leaving her with no choice but to use her life-saving attack!

When Soaring Feather’s divine feathers were flooded with energy, each one approached a True Divinity spirit treasure in quality.

With so many divine feathers scattered in all directions and shooting out, this was a nightmarish attack!

Facing this crazy and fierce offensive, it was certainly impossible for Lin Ming to continue riding on Soaring Feather’s back!

In fact, when Soaring Feather activated her spears of divine feathers, Lin Ming had felt a horrifying killing intent erupt from her. He had quickly drawn back, but in that brief moment his thigh was pierced by a divine feather and started pouring out blood!

Spear light shot out. Seven-colored divine light overwhelmed the skies!

Lin Ming’s pupils shrank. He grasped the Black Dragon Spear and rushed ahead!


A beam of spear light formed from divine feathers was shattered by Lin Ming. He used this repelling force to flip around, avoiding the impact of another spear light.

Hu –

Hu –

Hu –

More and more spear lights appeared. The dancing divine feather spears danced in the air, weaving together and forming a sea of slaughter.

Lin Ming roared once more. Behind him, the Asura phantom reappeared. It pushed three great wheels of destiny, spinning like grinding pans.

Ka ka ka!

Spear after spear of divine feathers was crushed by the grinding pans. Lin Ming drew back again and again, but there were too many spear lights. As he rapidly retreated, two spear lights pierced into his stomach and shoulder, but he managed to avoid being hit in any vital points on his body.

However, when his mortal body was struck by a divine feather spear, the soul attack contained within caused blood to flow from Lin Ming’s nose!

This was an incredibly frigid battle. After reaching such a state it had already surpassed the boundary of a martial arts contest, and was now no different from a life or death battle!

All of the martial artists watching this battle felt their minds tremble with fear. Even Empyrean Divine Dream sucked in a light breath of air. She hadn’t expected that the battle would become like this.

In her opinion, if Soaring Feather God King were to fight with Lin Ming, she shouldn’t have used all her cards.




Divine light lit up the skies. Spear light soared into the heavens. Countless divine feathers were torn apart by Lin Ming’s incomparably powerful combat strength. However, Lin Ming was wounded all over. There was not an inch of skin on his body that wasn’t injured. Then, as the barrage of divine feathers was on the verge of ending, another divine feather spear stabbed into Lin Ming’s chest!

If an ordinary human Empyrean were to receive such a blow, then even if they didn’t end up half-dead they would still lose all ability to continue fighting.

But Lin Ming simply grit his teeth and pulled out the divine feather spear stabbed into his body. He revolved the power of the Natal Life Dao Palace and began regenerating his wounds.

Today’s battle was the most harrowing battle he had been in since he came to the wild universe!

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

At this time, the countless divine feathers that were shot out began to roll backwards, submerging into Soaring Feather God King’s body until they all vanished.

As for the several divine feathers that Lin Ming held in his hands, although they didn’t manage to fly loose from his grasp, all of their blood energy was instantly drawn out as they lose all their luster.

This blood energy was naturally used to restore Soaring Feather God King. To take away Soaring Feather’s life feather blood essence in front of her wasn’t a realistic action.

At this time, Soaring Feather God King was still in the shape of a seven-colored divine luan. However, her back was covered with blood and her bones were broken all over. This was the result of being firmly smashed by Lin Ming’s spear just then!

Her icy cold eyes glared at Lin Ming. In terms of wounds alone, Lin Ming had far deeper injuries than she did. But Lin Ming possessed the Natal Life Dao Palace and his recovery abilities were stronger. Moreover, that attack Soaring Feather used just now had affected her blood vitality.

If they were to truly continue fighting then Soaring Feather would have the edge in winning. But, that was already meaningless.

Because fighting any further would mean a true life-or-death slaughter.

And both sides would inevitably be forced to overdrawn their life source.

“This is as far as we go!”

Soaring Feather suddenly shouted. Lin Ming was stunned. He slowed the power of divinity and demons revolving in his body, and even the Black Dragon Spear in his hands gently shook. His injuries were far too deep and he had just received heavy losses. Even just now, Soaring Feather’s final strike had caused three wounds that pierced through his body!

The Natal Life Dao Palace helped Lin Ming regenerate his wounds. And at this time, Lin Ming’s three avatars stood on guard, protecting him as they stared at Soaring Feather.

Lin Ming’s fighting method was to restore his injuries using the Natal Life Dao Palace and use his three avatars to delay for time.

Such a plan was to engage Soaring Feather in a battle of attrition. However, Lin Ming didn’t know how many times Soaring Feather could use that final spears of divine feathers killing move she just displayed.

If she was able to use it two more times, then that was absolutely something he could not withstand.

“This is as far as we go?” Lin Ming looked at Soaring Feather.

“Fighting further is meaningless!” Soaring Feather coldly looked at Lin Ming. Because he had ridden her just then, she still brooded over this.

The truth was that her thoughts were extremely complex at this moment. Lin Ming’s strength had surpassed her expectations, and she never thought she would even have to use her spears of divine feathers.

Hearing Soaring Feather’s words, all the human martial artists let out a long breath of relief. In truth, in their opinion they all believed that Soaring Father had the upper hand, and they worried whether or not Lin Ming would be able to continue the battle much longer.

“Lin Ming…”

Xiao Moxian covered her mouth. Tears started streaming down her cheeks.

“It’s finally over…” Empyrean Vast Universe wiped away a cold sweat, “It’s good that it’s over!”

Empyrean Vast Universe was someone that wasn’t afraid of any situation, but, when that fight just now reached such a dire degree, he found it difficult to relax. His heart had been caught in his throat the entire time.

“Then… our bet?”

Lin Ming gloomily said as he looked at Soaring Feather. Previously, they had said that even if Lin Ming didn’t win, as long as they came to a draw or if he could show he had combat strength equal to a saint True Divinity then Soaring Feather and Astral Vault would fulfill their end of the bet.

But with their battle having concluded in such a manner, Lin Ming actually didn’t believe this could be considered a draw. This was because for anyone watching it would seem that he had been at a disadvantage.

“The bet will be as we agreed!”

Soaring Feather frostily said. She had already developed thoughts of withdrawing from the war between humanity and the saints.

The great war between humanity and the saints all began because of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s ambitions. Soaring Feather had no intention of fighting to the death for the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

As for the final result in the war, the truth was that even if humanity won, the foundation of the saints wouldn’t be shaken. In the past humanity only had a single Heaven, and even after being occupied by the saints it was impossible to kill off every human.

So now, the opposite was also true. Humanity didn’t have too many elites to begin with, but the saints had seven Heavens with an impossibly large population base. The saints had Empyreans, even peak Empyreans, several times the number that humanity possessed, so it was truly impossible for the humans to do anything to the saints.

Moreover, the most dangerous Lin Ming had already promised that he would withdraw from the war with her and Astral Vault, and place his every grudge onto the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign alone.

As for the blood debt between humanity and the saints, that would have to be taken back by the human armies.

In this situation, what reason was there for Soaring Feather to continue doing all this?

This battle was originally just a way for her to find a legitimate reason to withdraw from the war. The reason the battle devolved into such an appearance was because Lin Ming’s strength far surpassed her expectations and also because Lin Ming’s actions had provoked Soaring Feather.

Thinking of this, Soaring Feather indignantly glared at Lin Ming with resentment. Unfortunately it would be impossible for her to do anything to Lin Ming, and there was also no way for her to clear this insult in the future.

“You remember me!”

Soaring Feather coldly tossed out these words. After finishing speaking, she didn’t delay at all as her body turned into a beam of light that shot deep into the universe.

Lin Ming was left dumbfounded. He didn’t think Soaring Feather would leave in such a simple and immediate manner.

Like this, his battle against two True Divinities had concluded.

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