MW Chapter 2073

Chapter 2073 – Suppressing a God King

“This… how can anyone still defend against this!?”

Some human Empyreans cried out in pure shock. After Soaring Feather became the incarnation of a seven-colored divine luan, not only did she unveil her horrifying body transformation technique but her strikes even contained divine soul attacks!

This was the last level of the Feather Conversion Art and Soaring Feather’s ultimate fighting method!

And to any enemy, this sort of fighting ability was undoubtedly a nightmare! After Soaring Feather underwent her transformation there were already few people capable of resisting her tremendous strength. Even if they managed to do it, they still had to endure the soul energy impact of the Feather Conversion Art, and there simply weren’t many martial artists that could withstand this.

Divine Dream’s guess was correct. The moment that Soaring Feather God King’s claws struck Lin Ming’s arms, he felt an incomparably insidious energy hurtle towards his spiritual sea.

Even for Lin Ming, his face paled at this moment. An incredibly overbearing strength pierced into his spiritual sea, turning into a giant feather that thrust down like a spear.

As long as this spear...

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