MW Chapter 2073

Chapter 2073 – Suppressing a God King

“This… how can anyone still defend against this!?”

Some human Empyreans cried out in pure shock. After Soaring Feather became the incarnation of a seven-colored divine luan, not only did she unveil her horrifying body transformation technique but her strikes even contained divine soul attacks!

This was the last level of the Feather Conversion Art and Soaring Feather’s ultimate fighting method!

And to any enemy, this sort of fighting ability was undoubtedly a nightmare! After Soaring Feather underwent her transformation there were already few people capable of resisting her tremendous strength. Even if they managed to do it, they still had to endure the soul energy impact of the Feather Conversion Art, and there simply weren’t many martial artists that could withstand this.

Divine Dream’s guess was correct. The moment that Soaring Feather God King’s claws struck Lin Ming’s arms, he felt an incomparably insidious energy hurtle towards his spiritual sea.

Even for Lin Ming, his face paled at this moment. An incredibly overbearing strength pierced into his spiritual sea, turning into a giant feather that thrust down like a spear.

As long as this spear struck, Lin Ming’s spiritual sea would absolutely be injured!

Even if there weren’t any lingering side effects left over, this would be the same as losing this battle.

In an instant, Lin Ming’s soul form appeared within his spiritual sea.

“Famine’s soul!”

He bellowed out loud. Behind him, the titanic soul of Famine that was submerged in his spiritual sea was stirred into a frenzy. Countless tentacles stretched out, rolling out like an army of blood dragons.

Rumble rumble rumble!

The blood dragon tentacles violently collided with Soaring Feather God King’s heaven-shattering feathers countless times. Every explosion caused Lin Ming to turn that much paler.

Lin Ming knew that if he used the Magic Cube it would be easy to defend his spiritual sea. But, he didn’t want to let Soaring Feather know about the Magic Cube; the time was not yet ripe to reveal such a secret.

Time and time again, powerful feathers were struck into powder.

Finally, the moment the feathers were about to touch Lin Ming’s spiritual sea, ten blood dragons rushed out together, shredding apart the final feathers!


The feathers turned into countless motes of light; Lin Ming’s spiritual sea was unscathed.

However, with Lin Ming’s current strength he was unable to completely control Famine’s soul. To forcibly call upon the power of Famine’s soul just now consumed a great deal of Lin Ming’s strength.

The battle over Lin Ming’s spiritual sea had occurred in just a moment. When he opened his eyes Soaring Feather had flown right in front of him, her claws grasping down!

This strike came towards Lin Ming’s head; it was nearly impossible to avoid!

And Lin Ming had already let go of his Black Dragon Spear. If he were to use his flesh and blood to resist this strike, he would need to discard an arm to do so, and if he did that then this battle would be as good as settled.

In this critical moment, the black-clothed Lin Ming, purple-clothed Lin Ming, and blue-clothed Lin Ming rushed towards Soaring Feather God King from three different directions. One of them chopped down at her claws and the other two thrust their spears towards her eyes!

Lin Ming’s three avatars all possessed the ability of independent thought. Even though they were controlled by Lin Ming they could move on their own. In this moment, the avatars came to rescue him, saving him from this crisis. Soaring Feather God King’s figure flickered and her wings swept out, sweeping the three avatars away. As for Lin Ming’s true self, he also took this chance to extricate himself from Soaring Feather God King’s attack.


The Black Dragon Spear emitted an excited cry as it returned to Lin Ming’s hand.

Lin Ming smashed the spear downwards. In this strike, Lin Ming had used his complete strength, even opening the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace to the limit and pouring the power of divinity and demons into the Black Dragon Spear without reserve. For a time, black and white yin yang colors swirled on the surface of the Black Dragon Spear.

The spear broke through the endless skies, unstoppable! The power of divinity and demons kindled, burning like sacred flames and scorching down the vastness of space!

Soaring Feather God King emitted a keening cry. She had just repelled Lin Ming’s avatars with her wings so she was only able to resist Lin Ming’s strike with her claws.


In that moment, all sound was swallowed. A blinding divine light swept through the void. For the surrounding several hundred miles, the human martial artists bore the brunt of the aftermath as they were covered by this divine light. Everyone watched as a large asteroid started to melt away and disintegrate beneath the illumination of this divine light!

“Be careful!”

Many human martial artists cried out in alarm, all of them summoning their protective true essence to resist the energy that snuck through the array formations.

“How horrifying. Even with protective shields prepared ahead of time, so much energy leaked through that we have to use all our energy to resist it.”

A young Holy Lord level elite said, his complexion changing. Facing such a dreadful strength, even if an Empyrean were to stand exposed in space it was likely they would be severely wounded.

Everyone instinctively wanted to retreat further away. But at this time, Divine Dream moved. She formed a seven-colored divine light that fused into the protective array, stabilizing it so that no energy leaked through anymore.

Seeing this, everyone let out a sigh of relief. As they looked at Divine Dream, awe was in their eyes.

This massive asteroid had disintegrated beneath the impact of energy yet Divine Dream was able to easily resist it. This showed just how terrifying True Divinity level masters were.

At this time, the explosive divine light had dissipated. Everyone looked towards the center of the battlefield and saw that Soaring Feather God King’s two claws were stained with blood and the feathers on her stomach were also drenched red. From a single glance, one could see that this blood didn’t originate from Lin Ming because its color was strange and although it was red, it shined with a rainbow luster.

Soaring Feather was injured, moreover her injuries were heavy!

As for Lin Ming, his wounds were even greater. His arm was twisted at a strange angle; it was clear he had broken his bones.

His other arm was also covered in blood. It was obvious that he took heavy losses in that collision just now.

Not just that, but his complexion was deathly pale, as if in that explosion just now the two of them had also undergone a contest of soul force!

Looking at Lin Ming’s bloodstained body, Xiao Moxian trembled. Mu Qianyu, Qin Xingxuan, Lin Xiaoge, and the others were also shaking with worry.

For the fight to reach this point, it was simply too brutal.


Lin Huang looked at Lin Ming from afar, his thoughts complex.

To him, Lin Ming would forever be the one he worshipped and the goal he aimed for in his heart. Lin Ming’s back had always been driving Lin Huang forwards.

Compared to the nervous human side, Soaring Feather was staring at Lin Ming, her complexion dignified. She had used the final level of the Feather Conversion Art, revealed her true form, combined her soul attack and material attack, and even utilized the saint race’s body transformation technique to the limit. It could be said that she had gone all out this battle.

Although she had suppressed Lin Ming, she actually didn’t manage to defeat him!

And at this time, something occurred that caused Soaring Feather’s eyes to leap up.

Lin Ming stretched out his left hand. He held onto his fractured and twisted right arm, clenched his teeth, and pulled.


With a cracking sound the broken bones joined back together. Lin Ming slowly moved his right hand. Although his arm trembled, it was clear that there was no problem with his joints.

By activating the Natal Life Dao Palace of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, a martial artist could obtain an unequalled restorative ability. They could regenerate severed arms and even rejoin their body if they were cut in half.

Lin Ming held his spear in his left hand. He didn’t move his right hand, but instead wrapped it with energy. It started to regenerate at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Lin Ming’s eyes were profound. His three avatars gathered around him, clearly planning to delay for time.

If he consumed a massive amount of blood vitality on his arm, he could definitely repair it in 20 some breaths of time. But during this time, he would need his avatars to divert his opponent.

Soaring Feather’s eyes were cold. She rushed forwards!

She used her extreme speed once more. She clearly didn’t plan on giving Lin Ming time to heal, or, perhaps it could be said she wanted to test Lin Ming’s limits.

Hu - !

Hu - !

Strong gales stirred up. Soaring Feather and the four Lin Mings moved together.

Energy wildly blazed outwards, forming a horrifying storm in the cosmos. The speed of the five figures neared the pinnacle, and even Empyreans found it difficult to clearly see what was occurring. As for the common martial artists, all they saw were series of afterimages!

Although they couldn’t clearly see the movements, the energy shockwaves that were capable of disintegrating asteroids reminded everyone just how terrifying this battle was!

If it wasn’t for the force field released by Divine Dream, then besides the several peak Empyreans there would be no one capable of standing still. Everyone below the Empyrean realm would also be instantly turned to ash. This was the disparity of absolute strength!


Lin Ming gripped his spear in his left hand, drawing a crescent moon through the air as he aimed at Soaring Feather’s abdomen. Soaring Feather blocked with her right wing and grasped out a claw at Lin Ming. However, at this time, Lin Ming’s avatars attacked from behind Soaring Feather, forcing her to draw back her attack. Lin Ming’s body flickered. Space shrank beneath his feet and he instantly appeared thousands of feet away.

“You fight just to delay for time? Your arm should already be fine by now!”

Soaring Feather’s face was cold and decisive. Lin Ming’s avatars were simply too annoying. Although their individual strength was less than the main body, they still possessed formidable defensive powers. And with each one coordinating with the others, it was hard to damage them.

“I just recovered!” Lin Ming suddenly shouted. He stretched out his right hand and the Black Dragon Spear landed in its grasp.

“You dare to engage me in frontal battle!?”

Soaring Feather asked, her aura erupting.

“As you wish!”

Lin Ming roared into the heavens. He grabbed his spear with both hands and hurtled forwards once more. A massive Asura phantom appeared behind him. At this time, Lin Ming was covered in blood, small and large wounds crisscrossing his entire body. He was like a blood red meteor as he impacted towards Soaring Feather God King.


An explosion no smaller than the previous one blew out once more. Even from trillions of miles away, one could see a blazing light ignite in the distant skies.

The protective barriers that were several hundred miles away began to violently shake. Besides Divine Dream, everyone else, including Emperor Shakya, Dark Demon Monarch, and the others, all had changed complexions. Just how horrifying was this battle?

In this collision, Lin Ming’s arm didn’t break. By using the power of vibration he dispersed a great deal of the impact force. Taking advantage of this chance, Lin Ming flipped around. He actually… rode on top of Soaring Feather’s back!

This was a weakness of Soaring Feather God King’s defenses that he had long since been eyeing! With Soaring Feather God King having become the incarnation of a divine bird, he could avoid many of her attacks by riding on her back.

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