MW Chapter 2072

Chapter 2072 – The All-out Soaring Feather

Facing Soaring Feather God King’s question, Lin Ming remained composed as usual. He said, “When I controlled your precious disciple and made her hand over the Feather Conversion Art, this method was indeed not honorable. But, the first time I fought Fairy Blue Lotus I only had a half-step Empyrean cultivation, yet the trump card she took out was your incarnation.

“And just when I broke through to the Empyrean realm, what I had to face was your true self.

“So, I was compelled to take certain means, but, it wasn’t what I hoped for.”

Lin Ming’s words caused Soaring Feather God King to choke on what she was about to say. Indeed, Lin Ming’s methods weren’t honorable, but she with her True Divinity realm cultivation was fighting a junior who had just broken into the Empyrean realm. This was the difference of an entire large boundary, and this by itself made all her talk about honor in martial arts ridiculous to begin with.

But in truth, this was also because Lin Ming’s strength had already reached the level of a True Divinity. Subconsciously no one considered him a mere Empyrean, thus the way they spoke to him also changed.

Soaring Feather looked at Lin Ming, her eyes...

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