MW Chapter 2072

Chapter 2072 – The All-out Soaring Feather

Facing Soaring Feather God King’s question, Lin Ming remained composed as usual. He said, “When I controlled your precious disciple and made her hand over the Feather Conversion Art, this method was indeed not honorable. But, the first time I fought Fairy Blue Lotus I only had a half-step Empyrean cultivation, yet the trump card she took out was your incarnation.

“And just when I broke through to the Empyrean realm, what I had to face was your true self.

“So, I was compelled to take certain means, but, it wasn’t what I hoped for.”

Lin Ming’s words caused Soaring Feather God King to choke on what she was about to say. Indeed, Lin Ming’s methods weren’t honorable, but she with her True Divinity realm cultivation was fighting a junior who had just broken into the Empyrean realm. This was the difference of an entire large boundary, and this by itself made all her talk about honor in martial arts ridiculous to begin with.

But in truth, this was also because Lin Ming’s strength had already reached the level of a True Divinity. Subconsciously no one considered him a mere Empyrean, thus the way they spoke to him also changed.

Soaring Feather looked at Lin Ming, her eyes dropping in temperature with every passing moment. She reached out a hand and her sword disappeared; it had clearly been taken back into her spatial ring.

She no longer planned to use her weapon.

This startled Lin Ming. The many human martial artists watching were also puzzled. But, there was one thing they were certain about, and it was that if Soaring Feather put away her weapon, it certainly wasn’t because she was being modest. Rather, she was about to go all-out, and she had an even stronger card in her hand.

Everyone watched with bated breath as they waited for Soaring Feather to make her move.

Slowly, a ghostly blue light covered Soaring Feather God King. Her divine feather force field also became much more formidable.

Wu – Wu – Wu –

Circles of spiritual storms scattered out from Soaring Feather God King. This was the same Feather Conversion Art but it actually involved higher level Laws and techniques.

The Feather Conversion Art was Soaring Feather God King’s unique cultivation method, but it wasn’t something that she created by herself. In fact, in this world, for the martial arts civilization to develop to such a vibrant degree, there was no high level cultivation method which existed that was created from nothing. Instead they were created on the foundations of their predecessors, a comprehensive synthesis of the previous knowledge.

For instance, one could relate this to the development of mortal civilizations. It was impossible for a primitive tribe to evolve in a single year to the point where they could construct wondrous imperial palaces.

This was the reason why inheritances were important. The Feather Conversion Art was the result of its predecessors. Of course, Soaring Feather God King was the master who had brought it to a whole new level and had improved it by adding in her own understandings.

And although Soaring Feather God King had passed down the Feather Conversion Art to Fairy Blue Lotus without reserve, ultimately Fairy Blue Lotus was limited in her ability to comprehend. As for the final level of the Feather Conversion Art, Fairy Blue Lotus didn’t understand it, thus she wasn’t able to repeat it to Lin Ming.

“Lin Ming, you are truly strong, but in my opinion, you with your recently achieved Empyrean cultivation pose far less of a threat to me than Divine Dream. I do fear you, but what I fear is only your future. As for now, the one I care about is Divine Dream…”

As Soaring Feather God King spoke, her eyes gently turned, arriving onto Divine Dream who stood several hundred miles away. Divine Dream was millions of years younger than her; she could be called a rare heaven-gifted genius.

Moreover, in their long battle, Soaring Feather God King had been unable to fully understand Divine Dream nor was she able to figure out what other means of combat Divine Dream possessed. However, she could confirm one thing, and that was that it wasn’t easy to do anything in front of her. For instance it would be have been impossible to kill the half-step Empyrean Lin Ming in her presence.

But, what Soaring Feather God King didn’t expect was that the cards she held back in her battle against Divine Dream would actually be forced out in her battle with Lin Ming!

Soaring Feather laid her hands out flat. Beautiful feathers appeared on her arms.

“I never imagined that in this battle against you I would be pushed to this degree, where I will have to use the final level of the Feather Conversion Art!”

As Soaring Feather spoke, her body shined with a rainbow-hued divine light. Then, more and more brilliant feathers appeared on her body. Even on her face all sorts of feather-shaped curse seals appeared.


With a ripping sound, the clothes on Soaring Feather God King’s back were torn apart and two massive pure white wings unfurled.

These wings were each the height of an adult man and her wingspan surpassed 20 feet. They were also five feet long. If she pulled them together, she could easily wrap them around her body.

Lin Ming was startled. Soaring Feather actually had wings?

These weren’t wings formed from energy, but true wings of flesh and blood! This was the strength of her bloodline!

With her wings gently flapping, Soaring Feather stood steady in the void. As she wore her snow white dress coordinated with those wings, she seemed like a beautiful angel exiled from the highest heavens.

It wasn’t just Lin Ming, but the human martial artists were also stunned. Yet this wasn’t the end, but just the beginning.

After those wings appeared, luminous tail feathers stretched out from behind Soaring Feather God King. These tail feathers were 30 feet long, like the tail feathers of a phoenix. But these feathers were different from those of a phoenix; no one had ever seen anything like them.

Tail feather after tail feather extended outwards, glorious and sharp. Soaring Feather God King’s body gradually faded away. She was completely wrapped in those feathers, turning into a seven-colored divine luan!


Lin Ming was startled. Soaring Feather God King was just like Xiao Moxian and also possessed a half-God Beast bloodline relationship?

Lin Ming didn’t know if this was a God Beast in the traditional sense, but what he was sure of was that the bloodline intensity of this seven-colored divine luan was in no way inferior to a royal God Beast!

Everyone said that Xiao Moxian’s bloodline was one that was rarely seen even in a billion years within the Divine Realm. And now, Soaring Feather God King seemed to have a similar bloodline to Xiao Moxian.

But no one had known of this before. People only knew that Soaring Feather God King’s weapons were feathers and her force field was the divine feather force field. However, they didn’t form too many associations.

It was only now that everyone realized Soaring Feather God King’s feathers weren’t there because they were her personal preference, but because they were truly part of her bloodline and originated from her body.

“I never thought that Soaring Feather would have this kind of bloodline…”

Dark Demon Monarch suddenly said. He couldn’t help but glance at Xiao Moxian.

Because of similarities in bloodline, the one that could feel the great strength of Soaring Feather was Xiao Moxian. As someone with a royal Dark Phoenix bloodline, she had to pass through nirvana nine times to achieve her ultimate state. And she could faintly feel that Soaring Feather God King’s bloodline allowed her to go through a similar transformation, and perhaps she had nearly reached the highest boundary, coming close to perfection.

“It seems that the Feather Conversion Art was originally a cultivation method most suited for your bloodline… or it could even be said that the original progenitor of this cultivation method had a similar bloodline as you do, or perhaps it was changed to such a state in your hands.” As Lin Ming spoke he began to rapidly revolve the power of divinity and demons in his body. At this moment he could feel the terrifying threat that came from Soaring Feather.

Soaring Feather didn’t answer Lin Ming. She said, “Let me give you a word of caution. In a situation where I reveal my true bloodline, I can display the saint race’s body metamorphosis technique to the limit!”

Soaring Feather moved. With her tail feathers she seemed like a seven-colored divine luan that was 70-80 feet long. Her speed drew towards an unimaginable degree as she nearly vanished from Lin Ming’s sight.


Soaring Feather’s two claws slashed down, tearing through the endless skies!

Lin Ming’s pupils shrank. He rapidly drew backwards, sweeping out the Black Dragon Spear at the same time.

Although this was an automatic reaction, Lin Ming still poured a wild amount of incomparably shaking force into the Black Dragon Spear, causing it to violently tremble. This Black Dragon Spear that could instantly break apart an Empyrean spirit treasure smashed into the seven-colored divine luan’s claws!

Soaring Feather had transformed into a seven-colored divine luan, and her body now contained a divine natural strength. Lin Ming originally thought that the body transformation technique was Soaring Feather’s weak spot, but after she manifested her true form, he was finally able to feel just how horrifying an existence she was.

When the Phoenix Blood Spear smashed into Soaring Feather God King’s claws, the fierce vibrating power was forcefully withstood by Soaring Feather God King. The Black Dragon Spear was suddenly caught by her left claw and then her right claw came crashing down.


With a loud explosive sound, the web of Lin Ming’s hand cracked open. He stuffily coughed out loud as he flew backwards!

At the same time, Soaring Feather God King hadn’t emerged unscathed. Her left claw that had gripped onto the Black Dragon Spear had been wounded by the vibration force.

However, Soaring Feather God King ignored this. Her figure flickered and her right claw grasped at Lin Ming’s chest!

This extreme speed left everyone panic-stricken. In the legends, the Blue-winged Roc that understood the Wind Laws to the deepest degree still wasn’t this fast; this was a speed far superior to that of a Phoenix God Beast.

People didn’t even have time to cry out in alarm. Soaring Feather God King’s claw had already reached Lin Ming.

“Nine Stars of the Dao Palace!”

Lin Ming’s pupils shrank. Starlight of the highest heavens immediately gathered towards him, crazily pouring into his body. At the same time, he had already started burning his Asura blood.

A potent and thick energy formed layers of protective energy. Lin Ming no longer had time to dodge. He raised his arm, keeping the Black Dragon Spear tightly held to his forearm as he blocked this heavy strike!


The strike in that moment felt as if a heavy mountain had struck Lin Ming’s arm just now. The layers of protective armor also burst apart. Lin Ming’s entire body shook and the bones of his arm nearly broke apart.

Beneath this great impact force, blood flowed out from the edge of his lips. His body was smashed away!

As for the Black Dragon Spear, it had also escaped his hand!

“He lost his spear!”

A human martial artist cried out in alarm. Xiao Moxian’s palms were wet with a cold sweat.

A weapon was a martial artist’s second life. Lin Ming’s spear had broken in battle before. In his battle with Astral Vault God King, Lin Ming had sacrificed several Empyrean spirit treasure spears. But, Lin Ming rarely let go of his spear. As a martial artist, even if he lost consciousness he would still hold onto his weapon.

Sometimes, if one wished to take a weapon from a dead martial artist’s hand, they would have to break off the corpse’s fingers.

“Spiritual attack!”

A cold light flashed in Divine Dream’s eyes. What made Lin Ming release his spear was not Soaring Feather God King’s tremendous physical strength. In fact, in terms of absolute physical strength, Astral Vault was far better. However, in that wild claw attack just then, Soaring Feather God King had added a spiritual attack, making it nearly impossible to defend against!

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