MW Chapter 2071

Chapter 2071 – Spiritual Storm

Lin Ming moved, his true self taking the lead. He grasped the Black Dragon Spear and shook it.

Om –

With a clarion sound the Black Dragon Spear’s point began to violently tremble. The two inch wide spear head seemed to swing like a great flower beneath this wild shaking. Because of the high speed vibration, countless spear head phantoms connected together, making it seem three feet in size.

The vibrational force contained within the spear shaft was extremely terrifying. This was especially true in a divine weapon like the Black Dragon Spear. With the massive vibration potential contained within it, if it were to strike an Empyrean spirit treasure it could directly shake that Empyrean spirit treasure to pieces.

Not just that, but the vibrating Black Dragon Spear made its spear point blurrier. If the spear struck out it would be impossible to tell where the spear head’s true position was.

Seeing this blurry spear point, astonishment flashed in Soaring Feather God King’s face. When facing this Black Dragon Spear whose position was difficult to determine, wanting to wrap her soft sword around it would be much more difficult.

The Black Dragon Spear swept out in a bizarre arcing curve, and at the end of this curve was Soaring Feather God King’s throat!

Soaring Feather rapidly drew backwards, but at this time she felt a thick killing intent to her sides!

One on the left and one on the right, a blue-clothed Lin Ming and a purple-clothed Lin Ming both rushed towards her!

The trajectories of the two spears crossed together. The only difference was that the purple-clothed Lin Ming’s spear was much slower, and the blue-clothed Lin Ming’s spear’s speed was incredibly fast.

One slow one fast, the two spears gave off entirely different feelings. However, what was hard to believe was that even though these two spears had different speeds, they clearly kept pace with each other. As they pierced out together, the fast spear didn’t fly ahead and the slow spear didn’t fall behind.

This was the confusing feeling of extreme space and time. It was clear that these two spears contained the Time Laws; in other words, the Concept of Alacrity and the Concept of Stagnation. Unless one understood their mysteries they were nearly impossible to fend off.

Soaring Feather God King certainly understood the Laws of Space and Time. However, the key problem here was that these weren’t just the Laws of Space and Time. And at this time, the black-clothed Lin Ming also attacked.

He was located to the rear of Soaring Feather God King. A spear thrust straight towards her back. This spear contained the power of vibration from Flow like Silk. Trillions of tiny energy bundles roared out together, like endless waves of tsunamis!

The four Lin Mings attacked together, four different Laws all blocking off Soaring Feather!

Since Soaring Feather God King could borrow strength to fight strength, using absolute strength to defeat her was impossible. If so, then Lin Ming would simply contend with Soaring Feather using his skills instead.

Lin Ming’s skills and fighting methods could be called infinitely variable. In addition with his three avatars supporting him, he could reach the peak in this aspect.

Soaring Feather may have been fierce, and perhaps she could easily and calmly defuse the techniques of Lin Ming or his avatars if they came at her alone, but when facing them all together, this was a different story.

Soaring Feather focused her thoughts. From between her eyebrows, ten thousand rays of light seemed to bloom. Bright and dazzling kaleidoscopic feathers fluttered out, forming an absolute force field around her.

Soaring Feather had finally used her divine feather force field!


The four Lin Mings’ attacks smashed into the force field. For a time, the force field wildly trembled!

A terrifying energy erupted outwards, turning into gorgeous fireworks in the darkness of space that illuminated the void for a million miles.

Seeing this, many human martial artists let out a sigh of relief. Soaring Feather God King had finally been forced to use her force field.

If Lin Ming’s all-out strength couldn’t force Soaring Feather God King to use her divine feather force field, then he would lose without a doubt.

As Lin Ming saw the divine feather force field appear, he roared out loud. A black Asura phantom appeared behind him. This Asura phantom was covered in an armor of shadows, and its eyes shined like bright stars.

The moment that the Asura phantom appeared, Lin Ming’s three avatars also gathered around him. In each of their palms, a mystical ancient wheel appeared!

These three wheels originated from the Asura Heavenly Dao. They united together, forming an ancient wheel of destiny that bombarded the divine feather force field.


Lin Ming bellowed. With a loud bang, the divine feather force field was forcibly torn open by Lin Ming!

Thick feathers recklessly fell down. Lin Ming grasped his spear and stepped forwards in space.

His speed was incredibly fast, his spear point thrusting straight towards Soaring Feather’s chest.

But at the same time, the Black Dragon Spear violently vibrated in his hands, making it nearly impossible to determine its true path.

Seeing this, surprise flashed through Soaring Feather God King’s eyes. But soon this surprise morphed into a cold killing intent.

In an instant, her pupils vanished from her eyes, turning completely white. An infinite white storm surged out from her body.

This was a spiritual storm!

In Soaring Feather God King’s hands, an originally invisible spiritual storm actually manifested into tangible reality.

Gusts of strong winds were like dancing silver snakes. They howled and bared their teeth as they rushed out from this divine light and towards Lin Ming.

Spiritual attack!

Soaring Feather God King had finally used her secret spiritual attack techniques!

Everyone had already guessed by now that Soaring Feather God King actually had astonishing talent in the soul forging system. As for the body transformation system, that was where she was weaker.

Now, Soaring Feather God King finally used the power of her spiritual sea. This also proved that Soaring Feather God King was beginning to treat this battle with earnest, or perhaps she was even already going all-out.

As long as Lin Ming could guarantee that he didn’t lose, then he would win this battle!

But as for how terrifying Soaring Feather God King’s spiritual storm was, no one knew.

Whether or not Lin Ming could defend against this spiritual storm, no one knew this either.

Xiao Moxian, Mu Qianyu, Qin Xingxuan, all those people that were closely related to Lin Ming currently had palms wet with sweat. This was what others meant when they said concern turned the heart to chaos. Even if someone told them that Lin Ming wouldn’t suffer any truly life-threatening danger even if he was defeated, the sight of this spiritual attack left them unable to compose themselves.

After all, a divine soul attack was far more terrifying than a material attack. If one wasn’t careful, there would be permanent damage caused to one’s spiritual sea!

The spiritual storm swept outwards but Lin Ming didn’t retreat. The Daevic Eye Dao Palace had reappeared between his eyebrows and he had activated the All Existence to Void state of the Three Lives Pupils. He was like a sparrow shuttling through the storm, a fish swimming against the stream.


A gust of the spiritual storm whipped towards Lin Ming like a silver snake. Lin Ming didn’t dodge or evade, instead grasping his Black Dragon Spear and bringing it chopping down!

With his Black Dragon Spear, he contended with this manifested spiritual attack!

All of the martial artists watching this battle, in particular the human Empyreans, held their breath. According to common knowledge, it was nearly impossible to rely on a material attack to defend against an invisible and intangible spiritual attack. There were only some defensive spiritual-type magic tools that had such an effect.

Or, a martial artist could pour their own soul force into their attack. This was tantamount to fighting divine soul against divine soul. But, a battle between divine souls was incredibly risky. When two such forces met it was natural for the stronger side to win. Moreover, the victorious side could even suppress the other side’s soul force into their spiritual sea, causing an even greater attack!

Now, Lin Ming used the Black Dragon Spear to attack Soaring Feather God King’s spiritual force. This was the same as using his soul force to directly contend with Soaring Feather God King!

No one knew just how formidable Lin Ming’s spiritual sea was. But as for Soaring Feather, the strength of her divine soul had already become deeply rooted in the hearts of all present. Although all of them rooted fervently prayed for Lin Ming and supported him, if they had to look at soul force alone, it seemed that Soaring Feather was absolutely above Lin Ming!

The moment that Black Dragon Spear collided with the spiritual storm, even Empyrean Divine Dream started to revolve her energy to prevent any dire accidents from occurring.

But then an unexpected scene left everyone dumbfounded.


With a loud explosion, the giant silver dragon soaring through the air was cut apart by Lin Ming’s Black Dragon Spear!

Everyone was bewildered. Before they could respond, all they saw was a silver light as countless Law runes appeared in the skies. These Law runes came in a rainbow hue of colors, all of them brimming with a gentle ethereal air; it was clear that these Law runes came from Soaring Feather God King.

The spiritual strength runes contained within the silver dragon had been scattered by Lin Ming.

At that moment, Soaring Feather God King furrowed her eyebrows. She had felt that in that strike just now, although it appeared Lin Ming was casually attacking, the truth was that there was a highly compressed soul force contained in his strike.

Lin Ming had compressed his soul force into a knife point. He pushed forwards with his attack, and instead of following up with another blow towards her, he instead attacked at the weakest point of the Laws within the spiritual storm!

If Lin Ming didn’t have an incomparably deep understanding towards Soaring Feather’s cultivation method, then no matter how talented he was he would never have been able to achieve this.

“Feather Conversion Art!”

Soaring Feather God King’s eyes blazed with an icy light as she glared at Lin Ming. At this time, Lin Ming had opened the Daevic Eye Dao Palace and was maintaining the state of All Existence to Void; he returned her gaze.

“From my disciple’s mouth you obtained a part of the Feather Conversion Art and even absorbed the life blood essence sealed in the feather… such a method, how honorable of you!”

Thinking that her own life feather had been absorbed by Lin Ming, Soaring Feather was enraged to the extreme and began mocking him.

Several months ago when Lin Ming subdued Fairy Blue Lotus, he had unsealed Soaring Feather God King’s life feather and also ordered Fairy Blue Lotus to hand over the most core True Divinity level cultivation method of Soaring Feather God King – the Feather Conversion Art. After that, he spent a great period of time studying this cultivation method.

However, Lin Ming didn’t train in this cultivation method nor did he have the time or energy to cultivate it to a high boundary.

But, just understanding it, and in particular understanding its weaknesses, wasn’t difficult at all. This was especially true with such a loyal servant like Fairy Blue Lotus at his side. She had iterated all of her comprehensions in the Feather Conversion to him, and there weren’t many secrets left in the first several levels afterwards.

Not just that, but the life feather that Soaring Feather had left Fairy Blue Lotus had a part of the Law runes from her Feather Conversion Art. Lin Ming had taken in these Law runes and analyzed them.

Now, when Lin Ming and Soaring Feather God King fought, it would be fine if she didn’t use the Feather Conversion Art. But once she used the Feather Conversion Art, Lin Ming would be able to use the Three Lives Pupils and Daevic Eye Dao Palace to rapidly understand the Laws distributed throughout Soaring Feather’s attack methods, and then use his understanding of the Feather Conversion Art to take the initiative against her!

This was also one of the great assurances that Lin Ming used to fight Soaring Feather!

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