MW Chapter 2071

Chapter 2071 – Spiritual Storm

Lin Ming moved, his true self taking the lead. He grasped the Black Dragon Spear and shook it.

Om –

With a clarion sound the Black Dragon Spear’s point began to violently tremble. The two inch wide spear head seemed to swing like a great flower beneath this wild shaking. Because of the high speed vibration, countless spear head phantoms connected together, making it seem three feet in size.

The vibrational force contained within the spear shaft was extremely terrifying. This was especially true in a divine weapon like the Black Dragon Spear. With the massive vibration potential contained within it, if it were to strike an Empyrean spirit treasure it could directly shake that Empyrean spirit treasure to pieces.

Not just that, but the vibrating Black Dragon Spear made its spear point blurrier. If the spear struck out it would be impossible to tell where the spear head’s true position was.

Seeing this blurry spear point, astonishment flashed in Soaring Feather God King’s face. When facing this Black Dragon Spear whose position was difficult to determine, wanting to wrap her soft sword around it would be much more difficult.

The Black Dragon Spear swept out in a bizarre arcing curve, and at the end of...

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