MW Chapter 2070

Chapter 2070 – To Wear Away Rock With Water

Waves of energy soared into the air, as if the galaxy were collapsing. Lin Ming grasped the Black Dragon Spear, a profile of epic daring!

Lin Ming had poured a terrifying amount of his bodily strength into every spear strike. With loud crackling noises, Lin Ming began to grow. Black scales and bone armor started covering his body.

He had activated the Asura blood.

After Lin Ming broke into the Empyrean realm, galvanizing the power of the Asura blood wouldn’t create too much of a burden on his body. In the past he only used the power of the Asura blood when he was going all-out.

Hu - !

Lin Ming waved his spear, the sight like a heaven-supporting pillar falling down. This wild strength was accompanied by endless black thunder, carrying with it starlight of the highest heavens and the momentum of the strike seeming as if it could cleave apart rivers of stars!

Soaring Feather wasn’t flustered. She released the sword in her hands and welcomed Lin Ming’s strike!

The Black Dragon Spear against the soft sword!

No matter who was watching, this seemed like a completely disproportionate collision!

Due to the disadvantage of her weapon, everyone thought that Soaring Feather God King would avoid Lin Ming’s strike. However, she didn’t do...

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