MW Chapter 2070

Chapter 2070 – To Wear Away Rock With Water

Waves of energy soared into the air, as if the galaxy were collapsing. Lin Ming grasped the Black Dragon Spear, a profile of epic daring!

Lin Ming had poured a terrifying amount of his bodily strength into every spear strike. With loud crackling noises, Lin Ming began to grow. Black scales and bone armor started covering his body.

He had activated the Asura blood.

After Lin Ming broke into the Empyrean realm, galvanizing the power of the Asura blood wouldn’t create too much of a burden on his body. In the past he only used the power of the Asura blood when he was going all-out.

Hu - !

Lin Ming waved his spear, the sight like a heaven-supporting pillar falling down. This wild strength was accompanied by endless black thunder, carrying with it starlight of the highest heavens and the momentum of the strike seeming as if it could cleave apart rivers of stars!

Soaring Feather wasn’t flustered. She released the sword in her hands and welcomed Lin Ming’s strike!

The Black Dragon Spear against the soft sword!

No matter who was watching, this seemed like a completely disproportionate collision!

Due to the disadvantage of her weapon, everyone thought that Soaring Feather God King would avoid Lin Ming’s strike. However, she didn’t do so!

“Be careful of a spiritual attack!”

Someone shouted out from the human forces.

This was also what many other human martial artists were thinking. No one believed that Soaring Feather’s soft sword would be able to occupy any advantage when colliding with the Black Dragon Spear.

Everyone knew that Soaring Feather God King was extremely strong. However, in their thoughts, Soaring Feather was someone who cultivated essence and divine. From the different forms of combat she had revealed and her form of weapon, they all assumed that she had extremely high attainments in the aspect of souls, illusions, and mental strength. However, when it came to body transformation, she was simply a slender and delicate woman, and people didn’t believe that she excelled much in this domain. At the very least, she wouldn’t be able to compare with Lin Ming.

In particular, the current Lin Ming had activated the Asura blood and was utilizing the strength of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace!

But even so, Soaring Feather God King was meeting Lin Ming head-on. The only possible explanation for this was that there were profound and complex principles hidden within Soaring Feather God King’s attack!

Even Lin Ming also instantly made defense preparations for his spiritual sea. He wouldn’t allow his enemy any openings!

However, when the soft sword clashed with the Black Dragon Spear, Lin Ming’s complexion changed!

Soaring Feather simply didn’t attach any soul attack to her sword. Rather, she used absolute strength and skill to frontally collide with him!

If the strength of the Black Dragon Spear was a meteor that crashed into the earth, capable of easily annihilating mountains and puncturing through the world, then the strength of Soaring Feather’s soft sword was like a profoundly deep sea, capable of unparalleled accommodation of force. Even if a meteor were to strike the sea, although it would create wild explosions and summon great tsunamis, it would still be extremely difficult to truly blow up a sea. As long as the explosion of the meteor finished then the sea waves would draw back and the sea would be the same as before.

Now, Soaring Feather God King’s astral essence gave Lin Ming such a feeling!

The moment the Black Dragon Spear clashed with the soft sword, Soaring Feather’s astral essence was shaken away by Lin Ming’s violent and limitless strength. The Black Dragon Spear continued driving forwards, smashing into the soft sword until it curved. However, the soft sword gave but did not break, and Soaring Feather was also like a piece of cotton in the wind, blown away by the fierce energy storm of the Black Dragon Spear!

However, the moment Lin Ming’s strength pushed in and was about to strike Soaring Feather, her astral essence returned. Not only did it return, but it carried with it a portion of Lin Ming’s strength and instantly submerged the power of divinity carried by the Black Dragon Spear. This was just like the sea water submerging the meteor that crashed into the sea.


A brutal and crazy eruption exploded outwards. Lin Ming’s strength rapidly shattered away, creating a dazzling brilliance. However Soaring Feather wasn’t wounded at all. Instead, the moment Lin Ming’s strength scattered away, Soaring Feather’s six foot long soft sword seemed to turn into a spirit snake that slithered up the Black Dragon Spear and cut towards Lin Ming’s hand!

Lin Ming’s palm was as hard as divine iron. But, he didn’t doubt that as long as he was cut by this sword, then perhaps even his hand would be severed!

Soaring Feather’s strength contained a sort of opportunistic and unyielding strength, the kind of Laws that allowed water to wear away rock!

Without hesitation, Lin Ming held the spear in his right hand and used his left to smash at the soft sword that was crawling up the Black Dragon Spear.


Lin Ming’s fist smashed into the ridge of the soft sword; this was where a sword was most fragile and where it had the least striking power. But even so, the ridge of Soaring Feather’s soft sword couldn’t be underestimated.

The moment Lin Ming’s fist struck the sword ridge, trillions of motes of the power of divinity rushed in before exploding with the power of vibration.

Such powerful vibrations could turn any True Divinity spirit treasure that didn’t have energy poured into it into powder; it directly blasted away Soaring Feather’s six foot long soft sword.

Lin Ming pulled his spear and flew backwards. His left fist was covered in blood.

The vibration just now was called Flow like Silk. It was a technique that Lin Ming had learned at the start of his road of martial arts, from a Divine Realm body transformation cultivation method.

In the past, Lin Ming’s Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist had similar effects from different methods with that strike just then.

The Great Dao was limitless. The Vibration Laws might not be some profound Law, but if used correctly, it could still play a role even in a True Divinity level battle.

When a person had a blood-sucking leech attached to their leg, it was difficult to pull off. Even after ripping off the leech its fangs would still be sucking blood. But, using vibration to free it was easier. With enough correct slaps on the leg the leech would fall off.

In that moment, Lin Ming had used the powerful force of vibrations to push off the soft sword that had wrapped around his Black Dragon Spear. Otherwise he would have been forced to abandon his spear.

Lin Ming and Soaring Feather drew back from each other, thousands of feet away.

Soaring Feather held her soft sword, her expression indifferent. The sword still swung about like a reed in a river, not suffering any stress at all. But, the combat strength it could display left one frightened.

Depending on how Soaring Feather used her astral essence, it could become soft, it could become sharp, it could become hard, all sorts of changes were possible with just a thought.

Seeing this, the human martial artists were worried.

This battle was too important and the strength Soaring Feather showed so far was too great. She hadn’t even used her divine feather force field nor had she revealed her soul force combat methods.

If Soaring Feather used all of her strength to fight, then her combat methods would change without end, making it nearly impossible to guard against!

In this sort of situation it was unknown whether or not Lin Ming could win!

Soaring Feather was clearly much more formidable than Astral Vault.

Ten days ago when Lin Ming defeated Astral Vault, it hadn’t been a suspenseful victory. However, when considering it carefully, it was related to Lin Ming’s planning and Astral Vault’s mistakes.

This was because Astral Vault had lacked information on his opponent before the battle began. In the most crucial moment, Astral Vault hadn’t recognized Lin Ming’s avatar and had used the majority of his strength to deal with Lin Ming’s Essence Spirit Embryo Stone.

A single wrong chess move and the entire game falls apart. Lin Ming had seized this chance to push forwards. He gathered all his avatars and struck again and again, leaving Astral Vault God King no chance to catch his breath. Finally, the result of all these attacks was that Astral Vault God King had momentarily used up the power of his blood energy and he was eventually defeated because of this.

But Soaring Feather clearly wouldn’t make such a mistake.

She was a calm and intelligent fighter. If Lin Ming wanted to defeat her he would have to rely on absolute strength to directly suppress her!

How could he accomplish this?

“Lin Ming…”

Xiao Moxian looked towards Lin Ming and bit her lips.

Not too far away, Empyrean Vast Universe clenched his fists, worried.

Hundreds of miles away, everyone’s eyes were fixed upon a single figure.

At this time, in the starry skies, Lin Ming took a deep breath. He slowly undid the body transformation of the Asura blood. The nine stars behind him also dimmed a great deal.

Seeing this, the audience was shocked.

After undergoing body metamorphosis Lin Ming still wasn’t able to obtain the advantage. Then, wouldn’t his situation be much worse after undoing his body metamorphosis?

“What is Lin Ming doing?”

“I have no idea!”

No one thought that Lin Ming would give up; he wasn’t such a person. Then, this could only mean that he had some other plan.

Soaring Feather looked at Lin Ming, a smile on the corners of her lips. “Saving your strength?”

It was hard to tell whether Soaring Feather’s words were praising or mocking.

Lin Ming indifferently said, “You are borrowing strength to fight strength. I naturally wouldn’t be so idiotic as to give you more strength to borrow. You truly have extraordinary achievements in the body transformation technique and have surpassed my expectations. But, there is something that I am sure of. In truth, your body transformation technique walks the road of Law. In terms of absolute cultivation of body transformation, you are inferior to Astral Vault God King!”

The saint race’s body transformation was also one of the 33 Heavenly Daos. However, the change of Laws involved in it were far inferior to humanity’s Nine Divine Shifts. Thus, in terms of Laws, humanity always felt superior and believed that the saints were nothing but brutish and simple-minded fellows whose only advantage was well developed bodies.

As for the saints, they took pride in their body transformation technique that allowed them to engage others in honest and straightforward combat, frontally colliding with each other. At the same time, the saints also felt that human martial artists only had flowery fists and fancy footwork, all show and no true strength, a bunch of little women in disguise.

But today, beneath Soaring Feather’s hands, the saint race’s body transformation technique was clearly not such an example.

She had introduced far more variation and Laws into the saint race’s body transformation technique, forging her own road.

To wear away rock with water, to take all opportune chances with the least effort, these things didn’t seem to involve the most profound of Laws, but if utilized in a True Divinity level fight by a True Divinity to a high degree, then everything became different.

This was like using simple lever principles to tilt a planet.

Lin Ming was surprised, but he still maintained his original judgment. In the end, Soaring Feather God King was still a delicate woman, and it was exactly because she was weak in the aspect of body transformation that she had to walk the road of wearing away rock with water, to borrow strength to fight strength. If she had absolute strength herself, why would she need to borrow strength from others?

Facing such a Soaring Feather, Lin Ming no longer went all-out with his strength. Rather, he chose to use skill to win. If he wanted to use strength alone to win, he could only rely on an overwhelmingly massive eruption to do so. But if he used a smaller portion of his strength then he could better control his abilities and reach the peak of his skill.

At this time, three avatars appeared behind Lin Ming.

These avatars each held spears. The spears were all peak Empyrean spirit treasures obtained from saint Empyreans that Lin Ming had killed.

Since Soaring Feather already knew of the existences of these three avatars, it was impossible to hide them. If using these avatars in a sneak attack was meaningless, then he might as well openly and honestly take them out.

These three avatars and Lin Ming’s main body spread out around Soaring Feather God King.

Soaring Feather God King’s slender eyes suddenly narrowed.

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