Chapter 207 - Plundered Treasures

Chapter 207 Plundered Treasures.


Chapter 207 – Plundered Treasures

This sort of treasure wasn’t recorded in the Thundercrash Mountain pamphlet. But, if it was something that the Thunder Flood Dragon cherished enough to place under his bed, it was definitely some extraordinary object.

Lin Ming bluntly pried the strange purple stone out and wrapped his fingers around it. He could feel that the jade-like stone was lukewarm to the touch, not ice-cold like he had imagined.

What surprised Lin Ming the most was that the flashing purple electric arcs around the strange stone were also temperate in nature. It was known that most powers of thunder are fiercely violent, destructive and of an uncontrollable nature. If it entered the meridians of a normal martial artist, they would often suffer serious injuries that took a long time to heal.

But the power of thunder emitting from this strange stone was gentle and pure, like a chaste summer girl. It was really inconceivable.

Lin Ming wanted to absorb it immediately, but if he did, his body would have absorbed too many different sources of power. Not only would that not increase his strength, it would also negatively affect the flow of his true essence.

Lin Ming placed the stone in his spatial ring.

In just a half incense stick of time, Lin Ming had taken the 30 to 40 Thundergrass Fruits...

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