MW Chapter 2069

Chapter 2069 – Lin Ming Battles Soaring Feather


Hearing this word, the Ancient Elysium Seal was stunned. Could this mysterious book originate from Famine, thus Famine’s name was placed atop it?

“This character ‘Famine’ seems to correspond to an abyssal word… a kind of foundational Demon Law…”

Lin Ming quietly said as he looked at the mysterious abyssal characters on the cover.

“What are the next characters?”

“Deep. Eon.”

Lin Ming pronounced. These words were based on Famine’s memories. In truth, there was no word that could be found in the human language which corresponded to these characters.

‘Deep’ and ‘Eon’, without a doubt, these were also characters that corresponded to foundational Demon Laws.

When these three characters joined together, Lin Ming formed a strange association.

“I feel that… Deep and Eon perhaps stand alongside Famine…”

“Mm?” The Ancient Elysium Seal’s thoughts stirred.

Lin Ming thought for a moment. “I have a feeling that each of the most foundational Demon Law marks in the abyssal language corresponds to a powerful abyssal demon. And Famine is only one of them! This cover has two other characters – Deep and Eon, and these should also correspond to extremely terrifying existences similar to Famine. They are abyssal ‘totems’, but I wonder just where these other two totems are. They might be hiding in the Dark Abyss or maybe they already died…”

As Lin Ming spoke, the Ancient Elysium Seal froze. Lin Ming’s speculations were not without reason, but if these speculations were true, this was disastrous news. Just Famine itself was already so terrifying! Moreover, Famine’s divine soul had been sealed by Empyrean Divine Seal 3.6 billion years ago, and that was the only reason Lin Ming had been able to use the Magic Cube to subdue it. Otherwise, if Lin Ming were to face Famine in its peak state, he would have died!

“Such powerful abyssal demons, how many could there be?”

The Ancient Elysium Seal’s voice was heavy.

“I don’t know, but there shouldn’t be many. At the very least, not more than can be counted on a hand, or maybe just a bit more than that. And this book cover only records three of them.”

Lin Ming continued sifting through the other characters on the cover. He believed that as he further unraveled Famine’s memories, he would eventually be able to open this mysterious ancient abyssal book and explore the secrets inside.

This was highly important to the future development of the 33 Heavens for all intelligent life. The abyssals were like fierce tigers perched just outside the 33 Heavens, making it so that Lin Ming found it difficult to feel at ease.


After this, Lin Ming entered seclusion. He explored Famine’s memories every day. Slowly, he was able to read more and more things.

But his time was too limited. As Lin Ming was in seclusion, although he managed to decipher some contents he still wasn’t able to open the mysterious ancient book.

This left Lin Ming puzzled. Just what was this ancient book? It didn’t seem like some cultivation method, so could it be only a book that recorded the history of the abyssals?

If a history book was written, it was written for the future generations to see. Was it necessary to use the most complex and difficult to understand abyssal characters to write it?

Perhaps only high-level abyssal figures would be able to read this type of Law writing.

Lin Ming had all sorts of doubts swirling in his heart. He faintly felt that there was some important secret recorded in this ancient demon book, and to himself, it was inestimably valuable.


Time passed day after day. After the tenth day passed, the time approached for Lin Ming to face his second battle.

In this battle he would fight Soaring Feather God King!

This was a critical battle. Lin Ming had a premonition that Soaring Feather God King was far more powerful than Astral Vault God King. This battle would not be easy!

On the last day, Lin Ming no longer probed Famine’s soul. Rather, he adjusted his condition to its peak state.

On the day of the battle, the human martial artists within the Hidden Dragon Galaxy gathered outside the star territory where Lin Ming and Soaring Feather God King would fight.

Divine Dream, Emperor Shakya, Skyrend Godlord, everyone stood at the front of the battlefield, waiting to witness this historical moment.

Force fields were already arranged behind them. Besides Empyrean Divine Dream helping, the other Empyreans also contributed in forming great array formations.

These array formations were divided into dozens of different regions. The human fleets and the millions of human elites were dispersed throughout these regions. From there, they would be protected by the array formations and it would be much safer for them.

All of the human martial artists were seething with excitement.

To watch a battle between True Divinity level opponents was an incredible lucky chance. For those with amazing talent, they would be able to comprehend many things.

Humanity only had a single True Divinity in Divine Dream. Yet, within a short period of 10 days they were able to witness two continuous True Divinity level battles. This was simply unthinkable for the young elites.

At this time, hundreds of miles in front of Divine Dream, Lin Ming was floating high in the void. The Black Dragon Spear was carried on his back, its sharp point reflecting a cold starlight!

“Brother Lin…”

From afar, Xiao Moxian could see Lin Ming’s figure. Although they were separated by a great distance, Xiao Moxian could see every minute detail on Lin Ming’s face. This battle against Soaring Feather placed a tremendous pressure upon Xiao Moxian. Since she cared about Lin Ming it was naturally hard for her to feel at ease.

Nearby Xiao Moxian, Mu Qianyu, Qin Xingxuan, and the others also watched with tightened hearts.

As Lin Ming felt the gazes of these women on him, he turned and glanced at them, revealing a faint smile.

“I’m fine.”

Lin Ming lightly said. If he didn’t fight against Soaring Feather then no one knew what the result would be. However, no matter what happened, he would not perish here today. Even if he lost, it would only mean a greater burden for humanity and a delay on their plans to retake the Divine Realm.

Xiao Moxian nodded. Everyone waited.

Soaring Feather was a punctual individual. Just a brief moment before the agreed time, a thick pall of feathers rained down from the starry skies. These feathers fluttered in front of Lin Ming, reflecting the vast starlight, as beautiful as a dream…

Lin Ming quietly drew out the Black Dragon Spear, his gaze much sharper.

Soaring Feather had arrived. She came like a ghost deep in the night, emerging from thin air in front of Lin Ming. All the feathers gathered around her, condensing and forming rainbow-hued energies. Soaring Feather reached out a hand and stroked this energy before pulling out a long sword.

This sword was only two inches wide but the blade was extremely long, a full six feet in length. Moreover, the blade was supple and soft, as if it wasn’t solid at all. When Soaring Feather pulled out this sword, the blade didn’t swing, but writhed about like flowing blue water.

It was clear this sword represented the extremities of soft flexibility.

Lin Ming narrowed his eyes and looked at this sword. There was no True Divinity whose weapon could be underestimated. Astral Vault’s Dark Star Sword had also startled Lin Ming.

In particular, the saints guarded the Primeval Realm Ruins, so how could the saint True Divinities not have obtained some fierce spirit treasures from those ruins?

The atmosphere became stagnant. Several hundred miles away, the millions of human elites watched without uttering a single sound. As they gazed upon this True Divinity level battle that was about to begin, all of them held their breath.

This was a battle that concerned the destiny of humanity; it was natural for them to be nervous.

“In today’s battle, I will lay witness to your future. Come, make your move…” Soaring Feather lightly said.

Lin Ming didn’t delay. He focused his aura and the energy within his body began to surge. Behind Lin Ming, the faint phantom of a Supreme appeared. This Supreme stood tall and proud with no expression on its face. A vast and boundless aura gushed out from its entire being, as if it looked down upon the world with cold indifference.

After this Supreme phantom appeared, Lin Ming’s aura changed, becoming incredibly deep and gargantuan, as if his Laws stood evenly with the Heavenly Dao.

He stepped forwards, treading upon the stars. The Black Dragon Spear seemed to turn into a Divine Dragon as it howled outwards!

The distance between the two could be crossed in less than an instant. Lin Ming’s spear pierced through the impediment of space, seeming to instantly appear in front of Soaring Feather God King thrusting straight towards her head!

Feeling this cold spear light, Soaring Feather didn’t even bat an eyelash. She gently waved her sword, the wave-like sword rolling towards the Black Dragon Spear.

Compared to the overwhelmingly tyrannical Black Dragon Spear, Soaring Feather God King’s soft sword seemed far too weak and underwhelming. But when the spear and sword intersected, a brilliant rainbow-hued divine light erupted.


Energy blasted outwards as a terrifying impact spread out from the divine light, as if countless golden swords were shooting out in all directions!

Space was recklessly torn apart like decrepit paintings beneath the aftershocks of energy. Divine light dazzled the world, blinding those who watched. And at this time, Lin Ming and Soaring Feather hurtled towards each other. Like this, the great True Divinity level battle had begun!

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