MW Chapter 2069

Chapter 2069 – Lin Ming Battles Soaring Feather


Hearing this word, the Ancient Elysium Seal was stunned. Could this mysterious book originate from Famine, thus Famine’s name was placed atop it?

“This character ‘Famine’ seems to correspond to an abyssal word… a kind of foundational Demon Law…”

Lin Ming quietly said as he looked at the mysterious abyssal characters on the cover.

“What are the next characters?”

“Deep. Eon.”

Lin Ming pronounced. These words were based on Famine’s memories. In truth, there was no word that could be found in the human language which corresponded to these characters.

‘Deep’ and ‘Eon’, without a doubt, these were also characters that corresponded to foundational Demon Laws.

When these three characters joined together, Lin Ming formed a strange association.

“I feel that… Deep and Eon perhaps stand alongside Famine…”

“Mm?” The Ancient Elysium Seal’s thoughts stirred.

Lin Ming thought for a moment. “I have a feeling that each...

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