MW Chapter 2068

Chapter 2068 – Investigating Famine Once More

Two saint God Kings departed one after another. This meant that in this battle, Lin Ming had emerged victorious.

First, with his recently obtained Empyrean cultivation he had defeated Astral Vault God King, and he also had another battle with Soaring Feather 10 days from now.

Within 10 days, an Empyrean had continuously challenged two True Divinities.

This was destined to leave behind a legend.

Several hundred miles away, the human martial artists watching the battle were already seething with joy!

People rallied together, raising their arms up high and shouting out loud. Spirit ships bloomed with dazzling radiance that shot into the skies.

Emperor Shakya, Vast Universe, all of the human Empyreans let out a long breath, their minds and hearts roused.

This battle held extraordinary significance. It was destined to be recorded in the annals of history. As long as humanity didn’t perish then it would become an immortal testament, passed down forever.

Lin Ming defeated a True Divinity with an Empyrean cultivation. This not only greatly inspired the morale of humanity, but with the withdrawal of Astral Vault from the war between humanity and the saints, this would also be extremely advantageous for humanity’s plans to retake the Divine Realm!

All the human martial artists were filled with zeal. This blood debt between humanity and the saints had already gone on for over 6000 years.

Although it hadn’t reached the level of complete genocide against another race, humanity would still make the saints pay a heavy price for their actions.

And as everyone was wildly celebrating, Lin Ming only appeared for a brief moment before retreating to his own quiet chamber.

He refused Emperor Shakya’s offer of holding the ancient rite of a grand title ceremony for him. Instead, he chose to make the best use of these next ten days before he fought Soaring Feather and explore Famine’s memories once more.

In the past, Lin Ming was unable to move Famine’s memories, and the main reason behind this was his own limited soul force. Famine’s memories were just far too vast in quantity. In the last several billion years Famine had swallowed countless intelligent life forms, and the memories of all these lives had been kept in Famine’s spiritual sea.

To slowly screen out valuable information from all these memories was an incredibly arduous and cumbersome task.

In the past when Lin Ming tried it, he only felt an agonizing pain in his mind. But now Lin Ming was an Empyrean. He perceived the Laws of the Holy Scripture and underwent a samsara of life and death, overseeing the myriad changes of the world. In terms of attainments in soul force, Lin Ming had amazing accomplishments.

In intensity he was naturally inferior to a True Divinity, but in terms of quality, he surpassed many True Divinities.

In this situation, Lin Ming finally had a certain assurance that he would be able to explore Famine’s soul.

Even if he couldn’t discover much, at the very least he could gain a basic understanding of Famine and the abyssals.

Before now, Lin Ming simply didn’t know anything about the secrets of the Dark Abyss.

Time passed. In this small part of the star territory, the nearest several stars hid themselves behind the dark nebula of space.

The night was profound and deep.

Lin Ming sat in meditation, entering into his fused martial intent.

At this time, what lay in front of Lin Ming was a boundless spiritual sea.

This was Lin Ming’s spiritual sea. Currently, Lin Ming had turned himself into a body of thought and entered his own inner world.

A vast mental strength formed strong sea breezes, wildly whipping around. At the ends of this spiritual sea where the water and sky met, the vast soul of Famine was locked up with hundreds of thick spiritual ropes. Most of its enormous volume was submerged in the spiritual sea.

Lin Ming flew forwards, straight towards Famine’s soul.

He slowly lifted his right hand. Atop his palm, endless starlight gathered, slowly manifesting into a black cube. This was the Magic Cube.

And after the Magic Cube appeared, a red-clothed little girl sat atop the surface of the Magic Cube, her legs crossed together. She had a cute and lovely smile on her face as she sweetly called out, “Big Brother Lin!”

“Ruby, come and help me to subdue Famine’s soul!”

Lin Ming said, his complexion dignified. Reading through Famine’s memories wouldn’t be easy at all.


Ruby immediately nodded. Without further ado, she turned into a beam of light that wrapped around the Magic Cube, sending it slowly floating up.

Lin Ming also poured his soul force into the Magic Cube.

The Magic Cube emitted a pitch black divine light. This divine light became increasingly bright as energy gathered, until it finally reached the limit of what Lin Ming could withstand.

In that moment, Lin Ming bellowed out loud. A beam of divine light shot out from the sides of the Magic Cube, firing right into Famine’s soul.


As if being cut open by some sharp divine knife, Famine’s soul suddenly quivered. A massive gap had been cut into it!

Soul force gushed out from this gap. Without hesitation, Lin Ming grasped the Magic Cube and waved his hand. A black vortex swept out from the Magic Cube, directly absorbing all of this soul force that leaked out from Famine’s soul!

Soul force condensed within the Magic Cube. Like water vapor turning into ice crystals, the soul force became tiny fragments.

These fragments were black, as if they were dark crystals. Lin Ming continued to stimulate the Magic Cube until he cancelled out the spirit marks in these fragments and turned them into pure ownerless memories.

Then, Lin Ming steadied his breath and began reading through them.

These memories came from all the intelligent life forms that Famine had swallowed during its existence, and these weren’t Famine’s original memories. Although there were many cultivation methods, Laws, mystic realm information, array formation techniques, alchemy techniques, refiner techniques, and so forth contained within, none of this was meaningful to Lin Ming.

He discarded these memories, leaving behind only their purest soul essence. Then, he poured this soul essence into his spiritual sea to expand his own soul force.

The remnants that he couldn’t absorb were returned to Famine’s soul.

This was to make sure not to waste anything.

Then, Lin Ming activated the Magic Cube again. He sliced open Famine’s soul, taking out another portion of Famine’s memories to read.

This was already the most reasonable method to search memories that Lin Ming could come up with.

Although this method wasn’t too efficient, it was all Lin Ming could do due to the limits of his strength.

Time after time, Lin Ming felt himself nearly overdrawing his soul force with each try. Ruby was also covered with sweat and her face was flushed red; it was clear she was consuming a great deal of energy.

Lin Ming grit his teeth and cut out another part of Famine’s memories, then said to Ruby, “Ruby, let’s stop for today. Take a rest and we will continue tomorrow. We can take this slowly. Some things may take time, but even if mortals wish to move mountains they will eventually be moved.”

“Mm!” Ruby nodded. She was a life form condensed from the Magic Cube and had a special attachment towards Lin Ming. To be able to help Lin Ming made her feel very happy.

Lin Ming patted Ruby’s head and then let her return to the Magic Cube to rest. As for Lin Ming’s soul form, he entered the Magic Cube and started to read these last memories.

Originally, he didn’t have much hope that he would discover anything of interest. But he never thought that he would be pleasantly surprised as he read through these memories!

In searching through these ownerless memory fragments, he finally found memories belonging to Famine itself!

These memories were related to the written language of the abyssals.

In other words – abyssal text!

This was an incredibly old and mysterious writing system, one which even far surpassed that of the ancient god race. The amount of history contained within these words left Lin Ming stunned!

Every word was heavy and complex. Rather, these weren’t words at all, but a type of Law rune.

To use Law runes as words, this was a bit unbelievable.

This was because when it came to Law runes, and in particular high level Law runes, it was extremely difficult for ordinary martial artists to understand them. In other words, the writings within Famine’s memories were a type of language system used amongst the upper echelon existences of the Dark Abyss; they weren’t something that ordinary abyssals could understand.

As Lin Ming looked at these writings, a light suddenly flashed in his mind. He had seen these writings before!

With his thoughts racing, Lin Ming stepped forwards and arrived somewhere else in the Magic Cube. A black book slowly floated in front of him. This black book was the one he had obtained from Imperial Prince Xishen.

Xishen was one of the five saint generals and he had been captured by Lin Ming. But unfortunately for him, his luck was poor and his master was the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. Lin Ming had an undying hatred with the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign thus it was naturally impossible for him to let Xishen go.

Even at this point, Xishen was still being controlled by Lin Ming and believed that he was Lin Ming’s most loyal servant.

But Xishen didn’t understand much about the black book. He only knew that this was something he obtained from the Primeval Realm Ruins and this that book contained an infinite demonic charm; it could even be used as a weapon. But as for what contents were recorded inside, Xishen wasn’t sure, and in fact, Xishen hadn’t even been able to open the black book.

Lin Ming confessed that he could be considered a knowledgeable individual with a vast understanding of many ancient inheritances. Yet, even he couldn’t decipher the complex texts atop the black book.

It was only now after reading a part of Famine’s memories that he realized the mystical writings atop the surface of the black book were actually the language of the abyssals, and one that had extremely high level abyssal words that were incredibly difficult to grasp. They could be called runes of Demon Laws.

Lin Ming might have an outstanding memory but he still wasn’t able to fully memorize these Law runes. He could only compare the information within the memory fragments, slowly deciphering the words on the black book a little at a time…

“Lin Ming, what is it?”

Above the black book was a great seal; this was the array formation laid down by the Ancient Elysium Seal.

Before, because Lin Ming felt that this black book was too strange and bizarre, he had suppressed it with the Ancient Elysium Seal. Now as the Ancient Elysium Seal saw the light in Lin Ming’s eyes, it couldn’t help but ask this question.

“Senior, this junior has read through some of Famine’s memories and am now able to read a part of the contents of this black book…”

“Oh?” The Ancient Elysium Seal’s mind shook. So this ancient black book that it had sealed was actually from the Dark Abyss!

Moreover, it possessed abyssal writings!

As the Ancient Elysium Seal suppressed this black book for these past several months, it faintly understood just how terrifying it was. This was not a True Divinity spirit treasure, but simply a letter.

A letter, just by relying on the writings on Laws contained within, could achieve a might similar to a True Divinity spirit treasure and be used to suppress one’s enemies. This was simply unimaginable.

“What did you read?” The Ancient Elysium Seal asked with a dignified expression. Whenever the intelligent life forms of the 33 Heavens mentioned the abyssals, they always felt a deep sense of fear.

For numerous billions of years, the Dark Abyss had been completely isolated from the 33 Heavens. However, people could still find all sorts of clues that indicated there was some terrifying existence within the Dark Abyss.

The Dark Abyss was deep and infinite. The strength hidden within might even surpass the sum total of all intelligent life in the 33 Heavens by several times over!

Just a single Famine that came out was so terrifying. Who knew what rank of existence Famine was considered amongst the abyssals?

“I’m still reading.” Lin Ming said, all of his attention focused on each word. He felt that this black book wasn’t a cultivation method, but as for what it was, he wasn’t sure. “I can only make out a few characters.”

“What are they?”

“The first character is – Famine!”

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