MW Chapter 2068

Chapter 2068 – Investigating Famine Once More

Two saint God Kings departed one after another. This meant that in this battle, Lin Ming had emerged victorious.

First, with his recently obtained Empyrean cultivation he had defeated Astral Vault God King, and he also had another battle with Soaring Feather 10 days from now.

Within 10 days, an Empyrean had continuously challenged two True Divinities.

This was destined to leave behind a legend.

Several hundred miles away, the human martial artists watching the battle were already seething with joy!

People rallied together, raising their arms up high and shouting out loud. Spirit ships bloomed with dazzling radiance that shot into the skies.

Emperor Shakya, Vast Universe, all of the human Empyreans let out a long breath, their minds and hearts roused.

This battle held extraordinary significance. It was destined to be recorded in the annals of history. As long as humanity didn’t perish then it would become an immortal testament, passed down forever.

Lin Ming defeated a True Divinity with an Empyrean cultivation. This not only greatly inspired the morale of humanity, but with the withdrawal of Astral Vault from the war between humanity and the saints, this would also be extremely advantageous for...

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