MW Chapter 2067

Chapter 2067 – Revere the Strong


As Fairy Blue Lotus saw Soaring Feather God King she knelt down within the void. Never in her entire life had she felt such profound humiliation.

After being subdued by Lin Ming she had been made into a slave for several months, calling him master while having no personality of her own. She did whatever Lin Ming wished her to do, completely at his mercy. Now she had no face to see her master!

At this time, Fairy Blue Lotus didn’t say any words such as begging Soaring Feather to take revenge and kill Lin Ming for her.

Although she was incredibly angry she hadn’t lost her sense of reasoning. Looking at the current situation, she was freed not because Soaring Feather used the threat of force, but it had instead been accomplished through negotiations.

Otherwise, Lin Ming wouldn’t have drawn out the flesh and blood of Famine several days ago and locked away their cultivation while returning to them their free will. This was clearly all done to ‘process’ the hostages while preparing for the final ‘exchange’ to occur.

Along with Lin Ming’s calm expression and Soaring Feather’s cold and gloomy face, all clues indicated that Soaring Feather must have paid some sort of price to exchange for her freedom.

This made the situation even more unbearable for Fairy Blue Lotus. She had shamed her master and shamed her sect, causing her master to be humiliated along with her.

She glared at Lin Ming with hate in her eyes, wishing she could kill him.

However, in the face of such a glare, Lin Ming remained indifferent; he simply didn’t place Blue Lotus’s hatred in his heart. He icily said to her, “You led the saint armies to kill countless human elites. Of course, because our races are at war, your actions are indisputable. Since that is the case, me killing you is also indisputable. However, I left you your life and only humiliated you for several months, and yet you cannot bear this? Is your dignity really that important but the lives of my human race’s elites not important?”

“I would rather you killed me!” Fairy Blue Lotus clenched her jaws, rage growing in her heart.

Lin Ming sneered. He knew that Fairy Blue Lotus would truly have preferred this.

“You have a great enmity with my human race. Since you fell into my hands then I can dispose of you as I wish. If you have the strength then you can also dispose of me as you will!

“While you were being controlled by me for these last several months, the numerous saint martial artists you killed don’t even begin to make up for your crimes. Today I freed you, so keep that hatred in your heart if you wish. In the future, I welcome you to come take revenge whenever you want. Although the premise behind that is that you must have the strength! But! If you dare to involve my family or friends in your grudge and move against them, then I swear I will cripple your cultivation, shatter all your meridians, and make you experience a lifetime of torture and suffering beneath the hands of countless humans before you die!”

Lin Ming’s words were extremely vicious. He naturally knew what Fairy Blue Lotus feared the most. If there were countless people who she had previously seen as ants, rather, it should be said that she had seen them as even less than ants, and these people defiled her body without end, then this would be a fate ten thousand times worse than death.

Listening to Lin Ming’s words, Fairy Blue Lotus turned blue in the face. Just how proud and arrogant had she been in her life? Yet today she was actually being disregarded and had her dignity trampled upon so ruthlessly by Lin Ming.

“I will kill you!”

Fairy Blue Lotus’s eyes nearly cracked open. She really wanted to rush forwards and engage Lin Ming in a life or death battle, but she was well aware that her abilities were inferior to his, and inferior by far!

Lin Ming had already stated that if she had the ability she could take revenge whenever she wished; he would welcome her arrival!

But, could she?

For the rest of her life, if there wasn’t an accident, she would likely never be able to catch up to Lin Ming. Even reaching a tenth of his strength, even a hundredth, seemed impossible. In the future the disparity between them would only grow increasingly wide!

This caused Fairy Blue Lotus to feel deep humiliation and anguish.

“Shut up!” Soaring Feather suddenly shouted, her face a mask of frost.

“Master!” Fairy Blue Lotus’s heart was filled with grievances. She bit her lips and stood behind Soaring Feather God King. She forcefully held back her tears, not willing to cry in front of her hated enemy.

Today she had lost far too much face. In addition to all the events that had occurred in the last several months, this was Fairy Blue Lotus’s darkest hour!

Soaring Feather disregarded Fairy Blue Lotus. She looked at Lin Ming, gloomily saying, “The two of us are clear!”

Lin Ming hadn’t killed Blue Lotus and the others nor did he do anything too excessively humiliating to her. For instance, Soaring Feather could see that Fairy Blue Lotus’s primordial yin was completely intact; Lin Ming hadn’t used her as a living furnace.

In fact, as Lin Ming had said, Blue Lotus had led the Legion of Famine to kill many humans. War was callous and heartless, and so no matter what Lin Ming did to retaliate against Blue Lotus, he couldn’t be faulted for it.

Lin Ming didn’t go overboard nor did Soaring Feather take things past the extreme. At the same time, when Lin Ming was breaking into the Empyrean realm, she didn’t disturb him or attack the human fleet.

Between the two of them, each had retained their bottom line.

Otherwise everything would have gone beyond redemption. Soaring Feather wouldn’t have been able to kill Lin Ming and she would instead face his revenge in the future. Not just that, but she would have lost her most beloved disciple.

As for Lin Ming, although he wouldn’t have died, he would have failed in his breakthrough to the Empyrean realm. This would have caused him to require at least several hundred more years or even a thousand years of accumulating more strength to undergo his breakthrough once more.

Such a price was something neither side was willing to withstand.

To end this dispute with a martial arts contest was the least costly possibility.

In truth, from the moment that Lin Ming didn’t choose to hide somewhere else when he underwent his Empyrean breakthrough and stayed together with the human armies, Soaring Feather had already correctly guessed what his plans to resolve this issue were.

“Ten days from now, you and I will battle!” Soaring Feather said once more.

However, as Fairy Blue Lotus heard these words, she was utterly bewildered.

She looked at her master’s back with disbelief thick in her eyes, nearly unable to believe her own ears.


Ten days from now her own honorable master would actually fight Lin Ming?

How was this possible!?

It wasn’t just Fairy Blue Lotus, but even Highsun and Darkmoon had dazed expressions as they looked towards Lin Ming.

Lin Ming against Soaring Feather!?

It seemed that Lin Ming was only an Empyrean?

When they had been subdued, Lin Ming had been a half-step Empyrean. Now, they felt that his cultivation had rapidly increased and he should be at the Empyrean realm.

An Empyrean battling a True Divinity… imagining this, Highsun and Darkmoon sucked in a breath of cold air. Soaring Feather God King might only be a lower True Divinity, but she was absolutely not a weakling amongst lower True Divinities. Did Lin Ming already possess the ability to contend with Soaring Feather?

Everything occurring seemed like a dream. The Lin Ming in front of them had become a nearly unsurpassable existence that they couldn’t look up to.

“Then I await you!” Lin Ming calmly replied.

Soaring Feather glanced at Lin Ming. Then, with a wave of her hand she turned into a flurry of feathers. These feathers covered Fairy Blue Lotus, Highsun, and Darkmoon, and all of them vanished together into the endless starry skies…

Space reversed. Soaring Feather, Blue Lotus, and the others rapidly flew away. At this time, Fairy Blue Lotus’s complexion was completely ill. She opened her mouth again and again before she finally couldn’t help but ask, “Master, you… when you fight Lin Ming, will you… suppress your cultivation?”

Soaring Feather looked at Blue Lotus. Blue Lotus shrunk her neck, immediately feeling she had asked the wrong question.

“I will not.”

This simple reply fell into Blue Lotus’s ears like a thunderbolt, causing her brain to ring.

No suppression of cultivation!

Fairy Blue Lotus was dumbfounded, her thoughts chaotic and confused. A trace of despair even surged in her heart. Although she was already aware that seeking out Lin Ming for revenge wasn’t too realistic, it was only now that she profoundly felt just how unrealistic her thoughts had been. Lin Ming was far too terrifying!

Highsun and Darkmoon also heard; they were both shaken from the core.

This Lin Ming really did have the ability to struggle with a True Divinity. This was simply unbelievable!

They were all geniuses, but when compared to Lin Ming the difference was far too great!

Although the saints looked down upon humanity, they were still a race that revered the strong. The existence of Lin Ming caused complex thoughts to rise in their hearts.

Soaring Feather was silent for a moment. Then, she said, “In the past when I first broke into the Empyrean realm, I was able to contend with a peak Empyrean for the first ten moves. And within the spiritas, the legendary peerless genius Sheng Mei was said to be able to defeat a peak Empyrean at the early Empyrean realm. Afterwards, she was even able to defeat several peak Empyreans. I had thought this was the limit of possibility, but when compared to Lin Ming the difference is far too great.

“In the fables, in the ancient era 10 billion years ago, the 33 Heavens were filled with life and the martial arts civilization of our universe was incomparably glorious. There were innumerable Empyreans and Holy Lands rose up from all around, and even True Divinities weren’t uncommon characters. But, I fear that even in that era it would have been hard to find someone capable of standing side-by-side with Lin Ming. I just don’t know how those two existences from the past would compare…”

As Soaring Feather spoke, Blue Lotus, Highsun, and Darkmoon and glanced at each other in blank dismay. They could faintly understand just which two existences Soaring Feather was speaking of…

Asura Road Master!

Immortal Sovereign!

They were absolute legends, existences that no others could hope to compare with. But now, Lin Ming had actually stepped onto the road they travelled.

In the future, there was a great possibility that Lin Ming would become a character similar to the Asura Road Master. He would create his own great world, passing down an inheritance that would last 10 billion years or even several dozen billions of years!

As Fairy Blue Lotus thought of this, she even thought that if Lin Ming could truly become such a super powerhouse, then being subdued by him in the past and being made into his slave for a period of time wouldn’t be something too difficult to accept.

Fairy Blue Lotus originally would rather have died than become Lin Ming’s slave; this was become of her prideful heart. However, in the past, the Asura Road Master and Immortal Sovereign must have had their own servants, and if these servants were placed in the present then perhaps even the combined talent of herself, Highsun, and Darkmoon would be unable to compete with a single one of them!

In this situation, just what qualifications did Fairy Blue Lotus have to feel insulted?

Fairy Blue Lotus sighed, no longer speaking. Highsun and Darkmoon also fell silent.

Their thoughts were all complicated. If one had to be brutally honest, then with their current level of talent, if they returned to the ancient era 10 billion years ago and delivered themselves to the door of the Asura Road Master and other such characters to work as their servants, then those existences might not even be willing to spare them a glance!

After some time, Darkmoon couldn’t help but ask, “Senior Soaring Feather, do you think that the saints…can still win?”

“I am not sure…” Soaring Feather shook her head. “In the past he was only at the Holy Lord realm and not even the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was able to kill him. Now, he has grown up and has gained the capital to preserve his own life. Not to mention chasing him down, just with his strength alone as long as he finds a place to hide and lays down a concealing array formation then no one will be able to find him….as for the future of the saints and just how far Lin Ming will be able to grow, all of that will depend on a single word…’destiny’…”

Soaring Feather didn’t speak any further. Her body turned into a stream of light, and with everyone else, they vanished into the boundless sea of stars.

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