MW Chapter 2067

Chapter 2067 – Revere the Strong


As Fairy Blue Lotus saw Soaring Feather God King she knelt down within the void. Never in her entire life had she felt such profound humiliation.

After being subdued by Lin Ming she had been made into a slave for several months, calling him master while having no personality of her own. She did whatever Lin Ming wished her to do, completely at his mercy. Now she had no face to see her master!

At this time, Fairy Blue Lotus didn’t say any words such as begging Soaring Feather to take revenge and kill Lin Ming for her.

Although she was incredibly angry she hadn’t lost her sense of reasoning. Looking at the current situation, she was freed not because Soaring Feather used the threat of force, but it had instead been accomplished through negotiations.

Otherwise, Lin Ming wouldn’t have drawn out the flesh and blood of Famine several days ago and locked away their cultivation while returning to them their free will. This was clearly all done to ‘process’ the hostages while preparing for the final ‘exchange’ to occur.

Along with Lin Ming’s calm expression and Soaring Feather’s cold and gloomy face, all clues indicated that Soaring Feather must have paid some sort of price to exchange for her freedom.

This made the situation even more unbearable...

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