MW Chapter 2066

Chapter 2066 – Astral Vault’s Defeat

In fact, from the moment that Astral Vault God King had mistakenly thought Lin Ming’s true self was still confined within the sword potential space, unable to do anything, Astral Vault God King had occupied the inferiority.

From a single wrong step, the entire game would topple over. Lin Ming chased after his advantage, sending out three continuous attacks and furthering his superior position, forcing  Astral Vault God King to summon his blood vitality.

And in the last attack when Astral Vault God King had finally exhausted his blood vitality, Lin Ming used his killing move!

Moreover, this strike of Lin Ming’s had struck Astral Vault God King where it hurt. Using the Holy Scripture’s book of death and the power of demons, Lin Ming had corroded Astral Vault’s diminished blood vitality, making it so that he wouldn’t be able to recover from this strike.

This continuous attack had been Lin Ming’s plan all along.

From the standoff to the beginning to the sudden reversal, everything had happened too suddenly.

After seizing hold of Astral Vault’s mistake, Lin Ming didn’t give him a chance to recover. Even the powerful Astral Vault wasn’t able to find a moment to use his great strength.


At this time, the sword potential space that Astral Vault prepared was torn apart. A black-clothed Lin Ming broke free from that sword potential space.

This Lin Ming had a different spear in his hand. This spear was only a high-grade Empyrean spirit treasure, one obtained when he killed a peak saint Empyrean. It naturally wasn’t able to resist the Dark Star Sword, not even a single strike.

Four Lin Mings scattered in all directions. Without any pause, they began to summon their strength once more.

Lin Ming’s true self grasped the Black Dragon Spear and pointed it straight at Astral Vault God King, his entire body fused with a yin yang power. This was the power of divinity and demons.

As for the other three avatars, their bodies emitted three different colored energies. These energies were astral essence, true essence, and spirit essence – energies that corresponded to the Great Dao of the 33 Heavens’ essence, energy, and divine.

With the four Lin Mings working together, their strength doubled over.

Seeing Lin Ming’s momentum grow, Astral Vault God King’s eyes flashed with rage and shame. Astral Vault was indeed incomparably powerful when it came to the mortal body, but he lacked the variation of change; this became his irredeemable shortcoming.

When a fierce tiger was tossed into the broad ocean, it wouldn’t even be able to display a tenth of its strength. At the same time, a shark that was beached in the sand wouldn’t be able to be a threat.

This was the disadvantage brought about by the inability to change.

But in that fight just now, Lin Ming had used clever battle techniques to fool Astral Vault; Astral Vault naturally found this hard to accept.

Astral Vault bit the tip of his tongue once more, spouting out a bit of blood essence. As this blood essence appeared it bloomed with a brilliant divine light. Beneath the shine of this divine light, the power of death within his body melted away like white snow beneath the fiery sun!

He had used the price of burning his blood essence to rapidly drive out the ruinous power of death and demons in his body.

Lin Ming’s eyes flashed with a cold light. In the hands of his three avatars, three great wheels appeared. These wheels were separately black, purple, and blue.

At this time, Lin Ming naturally wouldn’t give Astral Vault God King a chance to recover. But just as he was about to attack, an icy cold voice sounded out.


As this icy voice echoed out, thick layers of feathers sprinkled down from the skies, covering Lin Ming and Astral Vault within and causing the entire space to become heavy and sticky, making it extremely hard and slow to revolve energy. A white-clothed woman fell down between Lin Ming and Astral Vault God King; this person was Soaring Feather God King.

“It’s over. Astral Vault, you lost.”

Astral Vault’s blood vitality was restless and he gasped for breath like a tired cow. He had just been about to summon his astral essence and fight Lin Ming again when he had been stopped by Soaring Feather.

Clearly, he was unwilling to admit a loss.

“To burn blood essence in a martial arts contest is already disgraceful. And to burn your blood essence and still not gain the advantage, it is your loss!”

If Astral Vault could burn his essence then Lin Ming could naturally also burn his blood essence. This was originally not a great life or death war, but a battle to decide whose respective words would take precedence. If they all burnt their blood essence to fight then it would be no different from a true life or death battle with each side going all-out against each other. If this occurred then no one would be able to leave this battlefield.

In truth, after reaching the level of a True Divinity, it was rare for one to go all-out against someone else. This was because once they received an irreversible wound of some sort, this wouldn’t be something that could be cured using ordinary heavenly materials. They would require True Divinity level medicines to have some sort of effect.

However, the number of True Divinity level medicines might not be any more than the number of True Divinities themselves. Sometimes even if one searched through the entire 33 Heavens it would be difficult to find one.

Even if one did find one, refining it was extremely troublesome; most alchemists did not possess the ability to do so.

Astral Vault looked at Soaring Feather and then looked at Lin Ming. Although he didn’t want to acknowledge it, there was nothing he could say. What Soaring Feather said was the truth; he had already lost this battle.

He had lost to Lin Ming’s planning and variety of techniques, and he was very unwilling towards this loss. But, a loss was a loss and he had no excuses to make.

Moreover, Astral Vault knew that from the start of the battle, Lin Ming had relied on his body transformation system’s Nine Stars of the Dao Palace to fight him for a long time, and didn’t use any other Laws.

After unsealing the divine chains of order that imprisoned the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace and also fusing together six Dao Palaces, Lin Ming’s Nine Stars of the Dao Palace had become one of his mightiest combat methods. He desired to see just what level his body transformation technique was at, and Astral Vault was the best experimental subject to do so with.

It had to be said that in the body transformation system, Astral Vault God King had reached the extreme. If the two people truly compared solely their body transformation techniques, Astral Vault clearly possessed a great advantage.

But in this case, although Astral Vault had been able to completely suppress Lin Ming he hadn’t been able to win in a short period of time. Astral Vault had even used his bloodline body metamorphosis.

Lin Ming was a human, but with just his body transformation technique alone he was able to fight with Astral Vault to this degree. Astral Vault couldn’t help but admire this.

Thus, when Soaring Feather stepped in, Astral Vault finally suppressed his tumbling astral essence and stopped. In his heart, he knew that after reaching the peak of the body transformation system, this peak had actually become his weakness. In terms of body transformation talent there was no one that could compare with him, and he was someone who had relied on body transformation alone to become a True Divinity.

This was remarkable. However, since ancient times there had been many True Divinities that dual cultivated or even triple cultivated. They understood more than one of the 33 Heaven’s Laws, and such people might possess a slower cultivation speed, but after becoming a True Divinity their potential was actually greater.

Astral Vault deeply looked at Lin Ming. Then, his body turned into a beam of light and vanished into the ends of the starry skies.

This was the same as tacitly acknowledging his own defeat.

And at the same time, Soaring Feather looked towards Lin Ming.

The starry space was as dark as ink. Lin Ming held the Black Dragon Spear in his hand, his eyes deep like water.

Endless starlight sprinkled down on Lin Ming, flowing over his body like mercury.

At this moment, looking at Lin Ming in the starry skies, Soaring Feather suddenly felt an inexplicable throbbing of her heart. This sort of throbbing was a kind of strange intuition. She suddenly thought that as she stood in front of this youth, he had become the incarnation of the cosmos of the 33 Heavens, becoming a mystical and boundless being, as if today she were witnessing the birth and continuation of a legend…

“Heavenly Dao…”

Soaring Feather had a foreboding feeling in her heart. She looked up into the heavens, her faint gaze peering outwards as if she were looking towards the ends of the universe.

Perhaps in this era, there would be no calm…

She drew back from her thoughts and fixed her eyes on Lin Ming. Her red lips parted, “Ten days later, you and I will fight. This deadline should be enough for you to return to your peak state!”

Lin Ming nodded. He thought for a moment and then summoned Primordius Heavenly Palace.

After Primordius Heavenly Palace appeared it revolved, growing larger. Three figures flashed as they flew out from it.

These three people were Highsun, Darkmoon, and Fairy Blue Lotus.

At this time, Lin Ming had already drawn out the flesh and blood of Famine from their bodies, restoring to them their free will. However, their cultivations had been locked away using the Asura Heavenly Dao so none of them possessed any combat strength.

“You are free to go.”

As Lin Ming spoke, he waved his hand and pushed Fairy Blue Lotus and the others to Soaring Feather God King.

He never had the intention of holding these three people captive much longer to begin with.

However, after they had their free will restored, their memories and experiences of everything that had occurred were retained.

As they thought back to everything that had happened, the three of them felt as if they wanted to die.

In particular, Fairy Blue Lotus. As she thought of how she referred to Lin Ming and how she groveled towards him, her eyes nearly spat fire.

Deep humiliation swelled up within her heart. She wished that she could tear Lin Ming to pieces and then kill herself!

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