MW Chapter 2066

Chapter 2066 – Astral Vault’s Defeat

In fact, from the moment that Astral Vault God King had mistakenly thought Lin Ming’s true self was still confined within the sword potential space, unable to do anything, Astral Vault God King had occupied the inferiority.

From a single wrong step, the entire game would topple over. Lin Ming chased after his advantage, sending out three continuous attacks and furthering his superior position, forcing  Astral Vault God King to summon his blood vitality.

And in the last attack when Astral Vault God King had finally exhausted his blood vitality, Lin Ming used his killing move!

Moreover, this strike of Lin Ming’s had struck Astral Vault God King where it hurt. Using the Holy Scripture’s book of death and the power of demons, Lin Ming had corroded Astral Vault’s diminished blood vitality, making it so that he wouldn’t be able to recover from this strike.

This continuous attack had been Lin Ming’s plan all along.

From the standoff to the beginning to the sudden reversal, everything had happened...

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