MW Chapter 2065

Chapter 2065 – Reverse


The sea of stars collided with the sword light. The sea of stars was torn apart and the sword light was also devoured. At this time, a black light shrouded over everything. The sword net that Astral Vault God King formed began to violently sway beneath this tremendous impact, and the attached sword potential also seemed as if it would soon fall apart!

In this instant, Astral Vault God King was submerged within the sea of stars.

In the endless starlight of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, Astral Vault God King felt like a mortal soaking in heavy mercury, his flesh and blood burning away!

His sword potential was diminished and his sense was also blocked by the starlight!

Divine sense was not Astral Vault God King’s specialty. But even without using his sense, he could still feel Lin Ming rapidly approaching, because he could feel a dense killing intent rushing towards him!

Astral Vault God King roared out loud. He stepped forward, his Dark Star Sword slashing down!


That sword seemed as if it could cut apart the sun and moon. By relying on the Dark Star Sword’s horrifying weight, Astral Vault God King was able to directly shear apart the sea of sta...

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