MW Chapter 2065

Chapter 2065 – Reverse


The sea of stars collided with the sword light. The sea of stars was torn apart and the sword light was also devoured. At this time, a black light shrouded over everything. The sword net that Astral Vault God King formed began to violently sway beneath this tremendous impact, and the attached sword potential also seemed as if it would soon fall apart!

In this instant, Astral Vault God King was submerged within the sea of stars.

In the endless starlight of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, Astral Vault God King felt like a mortal soaking in heavy mercury, his flesh and blood burning away!

His sword potential was diminished and his sense was also blocked by the starlight!

Divine sense was not Astral Vault God King’s specialty. But even without using his sense, he could still feel Lin Ming rapidly approaching, because he could feel a dense killing intent rushing towards him!

Astral Vault God King roared out loud. He stepped forward, his Dark Star Sword slashing down!


That sword seemed as if it could cut apart the sun and moon. By relying on the Dark Star Sword’s horrifying weight, Astral Vault God King was able to directly shear apart the sea of stars!

The Dark Star Sword collided with the black spear. The tremendous weight brought with it an overwhelming momentum. The endless power of the Nine Stars was swept up by this sword, exploding in the air!


The black spear was smashed into a bent bow by the Dark Star Sword! The powerful backlash sent Lin Ming soaring backwards, and that overweeningly domineering astral essence struck his chest, causing him to spit out blood.


Astral Vault God King diabolically grinned. He knew that in that last attack his astral sword light has swept through Lin Ming!

Astral Vault God King was well aware of just how terrifying his astral sword light was; it wasn’t something that a human’s mortal body could withstand!

His body emitted explosive crackling sounds. He hurtled forwards, chasing after the victory!

Astral Vault God King slashed out his sword several times. Endless sword potential contracted, forming a special sword potential space that blocked all possible routes to evade in!

“This is bad!”

On the human side an Empyrean cried out in alarm. This sword potential space was like a giant meat grinder. Within it, sword potential cut throughout. Once one was sealed inside they would be torn into fragments by the sword potential.

Even if Lin Ming was incomparably fierce, this protective true essence would still be compressed by the sword potential and he would be restrained everywhere. If he wanted to break through the sword potential space he would need to spend a considerable amount of effort and time, but how would Astral Vault God King give him such a chance? In this sword potential space Astral Vault God King’s striking power reached the zenith of his capabilities; it was fundamentally impossible for Lin Ming to avoid Astral Vault God King’s attacks!

“Your blood shall be a sacrifice to my sword!”

Astral Vault God King’s voice was loud and clear, like billowing waves of heavenly thunder, vast and merciless. He blazed forwards, his sword slashing down and annihilating all Laws!

But in this moment, Astral Vault God King’s condensed sword potential space suddenly shook. Somehow, Lin Ming, who he had thought was trapped inside his sword potential space, suddenly used some unknown method to break free, gripping a black spear and sweeping out!


Astral Vault God King was simply unable to respond for a time. Although his sword potential space had trembled just then, it hadn’t shattered so how had Lin Ming managed to free himself?

In the fleeting instant there was no time for him to figure out what occurred. He lifted his Dark Star Sword and astral essence burnt all over his body as he lit up like a scorching sun!


In that wild collision, a great black wheel appeared in Lin Ming’s hand. A great Asura demon that was several hundred feet tall appeared behind that wheel, slowly pushing it forwards.

The black wheel was like a grinding pan that swallowed everything before it; it constantly swallowed up the golden light emitted by Astral Vault God King!

This was Lin Ming’s Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel.

The all-annihilating Asura Heavenly Dao constantly grinded down the golden runes.

Astral Vault God King roared out loud and chopped down on the black wheel.


The Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel shivered, however, Astral Vault God King was also struck by a backlash of the Laws. His mortal body lit up with a macabre red color and his blood vitality started to tumble about!

Astral Vault God King drew back. Beneath the tremendous impact of the Laws, his mortal body was inevitably sent flying backwards. But at this time, another killing intent appeared behind him like gods and ghosts.


In that instant, Astral Vault God King felt a shiver run down his back, his entire body turning ice cold!

He had been struck backwards by Lin Ming’s attack, but Lin Ming must not have felt any better. His energy was too fierce, like a star exploding; it was impossible for Lin Ming to easily block it. However, he had attacked and in a short period of time it was impossible for him to launch another move!

And at this time, from behind Astral Vault God King, Lin Ming had already grasped his spear and was rushing straight towards him. Another Asura phantom appeared behind Lin Ming, another great wheel spinning between its arms.

The difference was that this wheel was not black, but purple.

The purple wheel seemed like a soul vortex, capable of twisting everything to pieces within.


Astral Vault God King’s thoughts raced. He realized that in that great collision just then when he had smashed into the sea of stars, Lin Ming had used the moment that his sense had been restrained to scatter out his three avatars, and Astral Vault God King hadn’t discovered this!

Lin Ming was simply far too fast. Not to mention Astral Vault God King who was submerged in the sea of stars, even those peak Empyreans that watched from far away weren’t able to see a single one of Lin Ming’s avatars.

And what was most terrifying was that Lin Ming’s avatars originated from the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws. The strength of the three avatars was directly linked to the strength of his main body. The stronger Lin Ming was, the stronger his avatars became!

Astral Vault God King straightened himself with effort and suppressed the tumbling blood vitality within him himself. Then, he struggled to launch a counterattack.

His sword slashed atop the purple wheel. This purple wheel also came from the Asura Heavenly Dao – it was the Myriad Essence Reincarnation Wheel!


A horrifying energy erupted. Astral Vault God King’s sword was unable to force back this giant wheel, but only managed to force back Lin Ming’s avatar.

The Asura phantom grabbed hold of the wheel and smashed into Astral Vault God King’s chest!


Astral Vault God King spat out a mouthful of blood, his body hurtling away like a meteor!

Astral Vault God King, someone with incredible bodily strength and a mortal body that far surpassed a God Beast in intensity, had actually suffered heavy losses!

And in this moment, the fourth Lin Ming appeared!

“There’s more!?”

Astral Vault God King’s eyes turned blood red. Before this, Astral Vault God King had fought side-by-side with Soaring Feather God King and had engaged Empyrean Divine Dream in an exasperating guerilla war; he simply hadn’t had much communication with the saints. All he knew was that after Lin Ming returned, humanity had been able to win a number of victories. However, he hadn’t returned long enough to hear that Lin Ming had three avatars. And in truth, even if he knew this he still wouldn’t necessarily have been able to come up with a plan to deal with them. This was because while Astral Vault God King was formidable, his fighting technique was extremely singular in both offense and defensive, and lacked the variety needed.

But Lin Ming had learned a broad depth of skills and his fighting techniques were ever-changing, making it impossible to defend against!

Astral Vault God King was no longer able to tell whether this fourth Lin Ming was an avatar or his main body. All he felt was that this approaching enemy seemed to melt into the starry skies, his body reaching the peak of speed and his attack trajectory nearly impossible to predict.

This Lin Ming didn’t use a weapon, but simply used a palm to crash into Astral Vault God King!

At this moment, Astral Vault God King bit down on the tip of his tongue and forced out a drop of blood essence!

This drop of blood essence didn’t instantly burn like the blood essence of an ordinary martial artist. Rather, it turned into a golden fog of blood that covered Astral Vault God King’s body.


Astral Vault God King summoned his astral essence, attacking for the fourth time in a short period!

This sword would soon chop down on Lin Ming’s palm!

This sudden change bewildered everyone watching. They had all seen how terrifying this Dark Star Sword was. With the sword’s horrifying weight and Astral Vault God King’s all-out strength, even a royal God Beast would have all its joints and muscles broken apart, smashed into liquid mush!

A flesh and blood body was just unable to withstand this!

The moment that Lin Ming’s palm intersected with the heavy sword, a black and white yin yang diagram appeared above his palm. This yin yang diagram contained a vast aura, leaving one gasping for breath.

This was the manifestation of Lin Ming’s power of divinity and demons. Astral Vault God King’s sword crashed into the yin yang diagram.


Astral Vault God King spat out a mouthful of blood; this was the backlash he suffered from summoning his astral essence while disregarding the roiling blood in his body.

This Lin Ming was once again sent soaring backwards from the tremendous impact force. But, before Astral Vault God King could catch his breath, his complexion changed once more!

He could feel a cunning and slippery strength pass through his Dark Star Sword, drilling into his flesh and blood!


Astral Vault God King froze. He discovered that in that attack just now, Lin Ming had poured a dark demonic strength into the yin yang diagram. That strength had broken into his body, carrying with it an all-destroying demonic force that actually began corroding away at his flesh and blood!

His mortal body began to lose its vitality!

This was the fusion of Lin Ming’s power of demons and the Holy Scripture Laws’ book of death. The power of death covered Astral Vault God King.

What was going on!?

Astral Vault God King was panic-stricken.

In normal times, he could transfer all the astral essence in his body and use absolute strength and his scorching sun-like blood energy to suppress this corrosive strength and burn it away.

However, because Astral Vault God King had repeatedly summoned his astral essence and even used a drop of blood essence to make four attacks, he had exceeded his limit. This caused Astral Vault God King to suffer a deficit in his blood vitality for a brief moment.

And this demonic strength took advantage of this chance to enter his body, directly attacking his life source!

Astral Vault God King’s mortal body defenses were incredibly formidable. But beneath this continuous attack of Laws, he was unable to use his powerful mortal body to resist it.

Once a deficit appeared in his blood vitality, then it wouldn’t be strong enough and every time he tried to restore some it would be corrupted and devoured by this demonic strength, becoming a part of that demonic strength. Like this, the demonic strength would continue to expand, forming a vicious cycle.

Astral Vault God King’s complexion changed!

He never imagined that this battle where he had the superiority would be reversed because of a moment of negligence!

Or it could even be said that this wasn’t a moment of negligence at all, but a trap intentionally laid down by Lin Ming!

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