MW Chapter 2064

Chapter 2064 – Sword Potential Sealed

“Dark star… that is a celestial body evolved from an old fire star. Empyreans with insufficient cultivation cannot hope to approach one…”

On the human side, Great Limitless Buddha began to slowly explain. Many junior human martial artists simply didn’t know what a dark star was. In fact, within the wild universe they had never seen such a celestial body before.

The gravitational force of a dark star was far too terrifying. If the tiniest speck of material were placed on an ordinary planet it would still be heavier than a mountain range.

If a normal martial artist were to land on a dark star, or even if they approached too closely, then entire bodies would be torn to pieces by the immense gravitational force. Yet, Astral Vault was able to rip out a piece of this matter and cast it into a divine sword. It was hard to imagine just what boundary his mortal body had reached…

“In order to train a transcendent divine body, he actually cultivated on a dark star to temper his mortal body. Not just that, but he even ripped out a part of that dark star to forge an incomparably heavy weapon. That is just the actions of a crazy man.” Lin Ming muttered to himself, narrowing his eyes as he stared at the sword in Astral Vault God King’s...

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