MW Chapter 2064

Chapter 2064 – Sword Potential Sealed

“Dark star… that is a celestial body evolved from an old fire star. Empyreans with insufficient cultivation cannot hope to approach one…”

On the human side, Great Limitless Buddha began to slowly explain. Many junior human martial artists simply didn’t know what a dark star was. In fact, within the wild universe they had never seen such a celestial body before.

The gravitational force of a dark star was far too terrifying. If the tiniest speck of material were placed on an ordinary planet it would still be heavier than a mountain range.

If a normal martial artist were to land on a dark star, or even if they approached too closely, then entire bodies would be torn to pieces by the immense gravitational force. Yet, Astral Vault was able to rip out a piece of this matter and cast it into a divine sword. It was hard to imagine just what boundary his mortal body had reached…

“In order to train a transcendent divine body, he actually cultivated on a dark star to temper his mortal body. Not just that, but he even ripped out a part of that dark star to forge an incomparably heavy weapon. That is just the actions of a crazy man.” Lin Ming muttered to himself, narrowing his eyes as he stared at the sword in Astral Vault God King’s hands. In terms of quality it might be inferior to his own Black Dragon Spear, but in terms of weight, it was many times heavier, and the Black Dragon Spear was already heavy enough to be a pillar that supported the heavens!

If such a sword were to be slashed out at high speed then the might it would display was unimaginable.

Then, Astral Vault God King moved.

He wielded the Dark Star Sword and chopped down!

The speed of the sword wasn’t fast, but it contains the overwhelming momentum of Astral Vault God King’s attack. It locked down the surrounding void, making it so that no one could dodge!

Lin Ming’s pupils shrank and he rapidly stormed backwards. At the same time, his entire body emitted loud crackling sounds as crimson scales appeared all over him; he had used the strength of the Asura blood.


The cage of space was shattered and Astral Vault God King’s sword struck empty space.

A terrifying potential erupted. Astral Vault God King’s sword strike slashed open the horizon, forming a massive black gap. Titanic space storms swept out, creating a great pressure on the surrounding area.

Astral Vault God King grinned. He slashed out again and again, dozens of times, each strike like a trillion landslides, able to tear planets apart. This horrifying attack joined together into a single stretch, causing even the universe to tremble.

But Lin Ming didn’t attack. He simply dodged. Although each sword strike seemed incomparably dangerous to avoid, he managed to evade every one.

“You want to consume my strength? Then let’s give it a try!”

Astral Vault God King’s eyes flashed with a cold brilliance. In terms of physical strength, Astral Vault God King was at the pinnacle of the saints! Astral Vault Saint Body was originally a cultivation method focused on endurance and strength; Astral Vault God King could fiercely battle for a hundred days without faltering.

Not just that, but Astral Vault God King’s speed grew faster and faster! Although this Dark Star Sword was bewilderingly heavy, its potential seemed to fuse together with Astral Vault God King, as if sword and man had become one.


A sword swept through the void, locking out all directions for Lin Ming to dodge. Without enough time to evade, Lin Ming brought up his spear!


A horrifying weight crashed down. Even the Black Dragon Spear that had the power of starlight poured into it curved upon impact. Lin Ming’s hand shook and he was sent flying away, tumbling through the starry skies like a streaking meteor.

Astral Vault God King chased forwards, sword light blazing ahead of him!

Every sword light cut open the void and left behind an alarming sword scar. Some sword scars were several hundred miles long, some were several miles long, and some were only the height of a person!

Generally speaking, when martial artists fought it wasn’t difficult to tear open space, even in stable universes of the 33 Heavens. And after space was torn open there would be space storms that swept out. At the same time, these tears would rapidly regenerate; this was the self-repair ability of space.

However the space cracks cut open by Astral Vault God King seemed to persist. Once they appeared they seemed to want to regenerate, but an invisible strength prevented them, causing them to be half-regenerated and half-torn.

Slowly, more and more sword scars appeared. Hundreds and thousands of sword scars appeared, unexpectedly forming a massive dark gold net of light!

This net of light locked down the entire surrounding space!

For a time, the void became incredibly heavy and sticky. Lin Ming and Astral Vault God King were sealed within!

“These are the sword scars created by Astral Vault God King just now!?”

Some martial artists exclaimed as they realized what occurred. Astral Vault God King had struck out thousands of times just now, each sword strike creating a tear in space. People thought that these space tears were because Astral Vault God King’s sword light had been too strong, but now it seemed that he had intentionally done this!

The thousands of space-time sword scars gathered together in a continuous stretch, compressing the battlefield into a radius of several hundred miles. For two True Divinity level powerhouses, an area of space that was a mere several hundred miles in radius could be passed through in a millionth of an instant; it simply couldn’t even be considered a distance.

Like this, Lin Ming would be forced into the smallest range possible. While Lin Ming would find it increasingly difficult to dodge, Astral Vault God King would be able to display his strength to the limit!

“This Astral Vault is indeed terrifying. I never imagined he would have so many methods at his disposal.” Skyrend Godlord commented.

“These sword scars are not normal space cracks, but a manifestation of sword potential! Each time Astral Vault strikes out, his attacks contain a great ‘potential’. This sword potential lingers on in those space tears, and they remain sharp as before, constantly tearing open the space again and preventing space from repairing itself. If anyone were to run into these space tears they would also be attacked by this sword potential and there would be dreadful consequences. Although it wouldn’t be the same as being directly attacked by Astral Vault’s sword, it still isn’t something an Empyrean would be able to withstand.”

“True Divinity – there isn’t a single one that is not terrifying. Astral Vault God King’s attainments in force fields might not be profound, but this technique of his is able to make up for his inferiority in force fields.”

Dark Demon Monarch said with a grim expression. A force field was a separate space created around a martial artist, containing Laws that were beneficial to their combat condition. Generally speaking, their usual roles were to suppress and block.

And now, these sword scars that Astral Vault God King slashed out served a similar purpose. Once the scope of the battlefield was limited to the smallest area possible, he would be able to display the greatest strength of his powerful mortal body.

But at this time, within the sealed space created by thousands of sword scars, Lin Ming was silently perceiving the surrounding Space Laws. He had locked onto every sword scar with his divine sense.

His sense penetrated into the sword scars and then out again.

Lin Ming realized that these sword scars weren’t truly unbreakable, but during the time it would take him to break through the net of sword light, Astral Vault God King would seize this chance to attack him.

At this time, Astral Vault God was already hurtling towards him!

A distance of several hundred miles took less than the blink of an eye to cross. Astral Vault God King’s sword slashed down, as heavy as a mountain range!

With limited space, Lin Ming no longer drew backwards. He revolved the strength within his body to the limit. The Black Dragon Spear howled out!


Lin Ming’s arms shook once more and his hands went numb. The Dark Star Sword was simply too heavy. Just the terrifying gravity of it made one feel that its strikes were impossible to withstand.

Beneath the tremendous inertia of the strike, Lin Ming was sent flying backwards whereupon he smashed into the net of sword scars.


The light net violently shook. The back of Lin Ming’s clothes was immediately torn apart, revealing a black flexible armor. This flexible armor was also ripped open and blood began dripping down the cracks.

From just this single collision, everyone could see how horrifying this light net was. If it weren’t Lin Ming but another Empyrean who had crashed into the light net they would have already been torn apart.

This was Astral Vault God King’s terrifying ability. Even after his sword strike was over it would still leave behind a sword scar that possessed a dreadful lethality. This was the might of his sword potential!

Lin Ming casually reached out a hand and tore off the torn flexible armor. His naked upper body revealed bloodstained black scales. His wounds were also visibly regenerating. However, sword potential created continuous destruction on his wounds, making it so that the rate of Lin Ming’s regeneration was much slower than Astral Vault’s.

“Lin Ming, you are finished. Although you are an outstanding existence, you will still lose to me. Although I can send you smashing into the light net again and again, using up your strength, I don’t plan to do this. I won’t give you any chance to recover!”

As Astral Vault spoke he roared out loud. His mortal body began to transform once more!

His skin became dark red and more curse seals appeared over his body. He seemed to have used an arcane skill, or perhaps it was a different variation of his body metamorphosis. But, regardless of what it was, what remained doubtless was that Astral Vault God King had become more formidable than he was a moment ago.

He was beginning to use his complete strength.

“Dark Star Disintegration!”

Astral Vault God King grasped his sword in both hands and lifted it high above his head. In that moment endless light shot out from the Dark Star Sword, covering the entire space within the light net. Then, Astral Vault God King brought the Dark Star Sword chopping wildly down, instantly slashing out a thousand times!

These 1000 sword strikes each contained 30-40% of Astral Vault God King’s all-out strength. The thousand sword strikes covered the world, spreading out in all directions and blocking all.

Lin Ming’s pupils shrank. From between his eyebrows, the daevic eye shined with blinding radiance. His pupils also changed, becoming the shape of a needle. Mysterious patterns surrounded his eyes. As he opened the Daevic Eye Dao palace he also used Three Lives Pupils’ All Existence to Void!

Astral Vault God King had achieved the peak of physical strength, but what he sacrificed was the might of Laws.

Beneath the dual sight of Three Lives Pupil’s All Existence to Void and the daevic eye, these 1000 sword lights became completely different. They seemed to spread everywhere, blotting out the skies and blocking every possible direction to dodge in, but, in Lin Ming’s eyes, their formation lacked the perfection of the Laws. Some sword lights were fast and some sword lights were slow.

In chasing after an ever-stronger attack, Astral Vault God King inevitably had to sacrifice a portion of speed in his attack. This gave Lin Ming a chance that he could exploit to evade.

He stepped through the void. He was like a swallow flying through a storm as he broke into that sea of sword light!

“You want to kill yourself? Hahaha! Then come!”

Astral Vault God King laughed. If he had the chance to kill Lin Ming then he certainly wouldn’t mind. But, he knew that this chance was extremely small.

However, the moment the sword light completely covered Lin Ming, an inconceivable sight occurred. Astral Vault God King watched as Lin Ming shuttled through the sword light like a fish through water, rushing through the tiniest slits to avoid over 90% of the sword light; less than 10% of it fell on Lin Ming.

And at this time, the nine great stars in the skies flashed. Starlight gathered together, condensing. Astral Vault God King’s sword light net wasn’t able to prevent the starlight of the highest heavens passing through. Within the infinite starry space, a star sea formed around Lin Ming.

Lin Ming slashed out his spear, pouring this star sea into his strike as he fired into Astral Vault God King’s 1000 sword lights.

Star sea against sword sea!

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