MW Chapter 2063

Chapter 2063 – Fighting Astral Vault

In a sea of stars, Lin Ming and Astral Vault stood a mere 10 miles apart from each other.

The starlight was misty and the killing intent was solemn. Because of the invisible energy it was as if this entire space had become denser.

Everyone was focused on this fight. Divine Dream had already released her force field to protect the human elites.

Lin Ming was the spiritual leader of humanity. Just after breaking into the Empyrean realm, he now welcomed a battle against a God King!

At this time, Astral Vault God King had his great arms crossed against his chest, his massive golden sword pressed against his body. This action wasn’t because he looked down on Lin Ming, but because this was the initial battle stance of the True Divinity cultivation method that Astral Vault God King trained in – the Astral Vault Saint Body. When his arms were crossed together, while it didn’t seem that his movements could be fast, the truth was that this stance unified the astral essence within his body and formed a type of potential.

As for Lin Ming, his battle stance was much more common. He flew high in the air, his hand extended diagonally, pointing the spear point down towards the void. His eyes were closed as he locked onto the surrounding space with his divine sense. To a martial artist on the level of Lin Ming, there was no difference between opening and closes their eyes. However, closing his eyes allowed him to better calm his mind, forming a more perfect union within the universe of his body and the universe of the world.

This was a stance of becoming one with the heavens and earth, also a peak manifestation of the Asura Laws and Holy Scripture Laws!

The world seemed to come to a standstill for this single frame of time.


Astral Vault God King was the first to act. His movements were sudden and his speed immediately reached the peak!

Astral Vault God King was someone who had reached the peak in the body transformation system. In terms of Laws and force fields he might be at a disadvantage, but in terms of physique, he nearly reached the peak of the universe.

A powerful body brought him not just terrifying strength but also unparalleled speed!

No one could see just how Astral Vault God King had launched an attack when his arms were crossed against his chest. The Empyreans present also saw a flash as Astral Vault God King turned into a beam of light that hurtled forwards!

The potential that Astral Vault God King had gathered with the initial battle stance of the Astral Vault Saint Body was completely poured into this strike. And, what he attacked Lin Ming with was not the golden sword in his hand, but his fist!

In fact, for someone like Astral Vault God King, his mortal body could already compare favorably with a True Divinity spirit treasure. There was no difference in striking power between his fist and sword!

The void collapsed. Space storms swept out and rolled forwards. These storms gathered together, merging with Astral Vault God King’s potential. At this moment it was like Lin Ming wasn’t facing a fist, but a falling star!

Everyone held their breath. This was the disparity between a True Divinity and an Empyrean. Facing Astral Vault God King’s fist, nearly all of the Empyreans couldn’t help but think that his strike would be impossible to resist. This feeling was no different from a mortal facing landslides and tsunamis; it was impossible to struggle!

And at this time, Lin Ming also moved. Like a Divine Dragon awaked from its slumber, his eyes flashed open!

Lin Ming thrust out his spear, his strike colliding with Astral Vault God King’s fist.

In that terrifying impact, endless space and time storms shattered. All that was left over was the great momentum formed within Astral Vault God King’s fist, smashing into Lin Ming’s Black Dragon Spear.

A clash of fist and spear!

Chi –

A powerful pressure caused the Black Dragon Spear to distort; it bent like a drawn bow.

But at the same time, Astral Vault God King’s protective astral essence was also pierced through, leaving behind golden bloodstains on his hand.

These bloodstains burned in astral essence like a mass of divine flame, emitting an all-powerful light as if suns were exploding.


The two separated. The Black Dragon Spear whipped back to its straight form. Astral Vault God King and Lin Ming flew back several hundred miles before pausing in the void!

In this one strike, no one had been able to harm the other. But, many human martial artists had cold beads of sweat dripping down their foreheads. This Astral Vault God King was simply too terrifying. Although they didn’t know what rank Lin Ming’s black spear was, they faintly knew that it must be a True Divinity spirit treasure of the highest caliber. But, Astral Vault God King had actually used his fist to contend with this spear; just how powerful was his mortal body!?

Although Astral Vault God King’s fist had been injured, what followed was…

Everyone looked towards Astral Vault God King and saw him wave his right hand. The bloodstains on his fist had solidified and the golden blood was being absorbed back through his skin. The wound on his hand regenerated at a visible speed and soon it disappeared altogether.

Seeing such a frightening bodily recovery ability, the human martial artists present all felt weak at heart. This person possessed a mortal body with a dreadful defensive capability that could resist a True Divinity spirit treasure and also had a formidable regeneration ability; this was simply the perfect defense! For the human Empyreans present, even if this type of enemy were to stand still and allow them to strike him, they still wouldn’t be able to do anything to him.

Was this Astral Vault God King’s strength?

Indeed, there were no weaklings amongst those that were able to become a True Divinity.

Lin Ming narrowed his eyes and looked at Astral Vault God King’s right hand. He said in a soft voice, “So that’s how it is. In terms of mortal body intensity, you already far surpass the rank of a lower True Divinity…”

Every True Divinity had their own special skills. For instance, the spiritas’ Great Brahmic God King excelled in the aspect of the mind and spiritual sea. Empyrean Divine Dream had balanced her development of the essence gathering system and soul forging system and was able to show countless variations of styles, making it impossible for Astral Vault God King to do anything. Soaring Feather God King was also similar to Divine Dream. She was skilled in spiritual sea and illusions, and even had high attainments of the body.

As for Astral Vault God King, he cultivated his body only. To become a True Divinity with his body alone, he used a single cultivation system to resist the other two. From this, it could be seen just how great Astral Vault God King’s mortal bodily strength was. This sort of person had peerless talent in the body transformation system and he was someone who displayed this talent to the extreme!

“My mortal body intensity actually goes beyond that of a True Divinity spirit treasure. But, True Divinity spirit treasures are simply objects. Destroying them, while not easy, can still be achieved. As for me, I am skilled in all sorts of cultivation methods and different skills. With my mortal body, once I pour in astral essence and revolve the Astral Vault Saint Body, the intensity of my body will increase by ten times! Your attacks are strong, but if you cannot break through my defenses then everything you try will be futile!”

Astral Vault God King sneered. Even the human True Divinity Divine Dream wasn’t able to harm him and had only trapped him in her illusions.

“I see…” Lin Ming didn’t have any expression. So what if Astral Vault’s mortal body was strong? His mortal body was also strong and it was also incredibly formidable. In particular, after opening another Dao Palace, what Lin Ming desired was to engage in frontal battle with a body transformation master!

At that moment, six Dao Palaces opened within Lin Ming’s body! Behind him, nine brilliant stars appeared. Endless starlight poured into Lin Ming, merging into those six Dao Palaces!

Even Lin Ming’s Black Dragon Spear started to shine with blinding starlight, scattering a luminous silvery brilliance all around. The Black Dragon Spear was a peak True Divinity spirit treasure, but if he couldn’t pour enough strength into it then its power would be greatly reduced.

Now, after pouring in starlight, the Black Dragon Spear seemed to come alive. Ringing cries of a dragon howled out from the spear, resounding through the void into the vastness of space.

Astral Vault God King narrowed his eyes. “You want to compete with me using body transformation? Haha, then bring it on!”

As Astral Vault God King spoke, he bellowed out and smashed his fist down at Lin Ming!

Lin Ming slashed out his spear in response!


This was the second time the two clashed. Golden astral essence and silver starlight turned into a horrifying energy storm that swept outwards!

This time, the Black Dragon Spear didn’t bend. It seemed as if it truly had become an unrivalled Divine Dragon, capable of shattering stars!

Astral Vault God King was a body transformation God King and his speed neared the limits of possibility. But Lin Ming was actually no worse, completely able to keep up with Astral Vault God King’s speed!

The two of them engaged in a brutal melee of speed. However, their striking power wasn’t exchanged as a price for this speed. In fact, every time they clashed, their strikes would cause an energy storm to sweep outwards. Each time a storm was born it would persist for a long time. From far away, it seemed as if the entire distant skies were covered with giant gold and silver vortexes!

A nearly thousand mile large meteor was sucked into this gold and silver vortex and immediately burst into fragments before being reduced to dust.

This boggled the mind. How could the attacks of these two be so terrifying? If some of the weaker Empyreans present were drawn in, they wouldn’t even have their bones left!

With such high speed attacks and every attack having so much power behind it, just how could anyone fight them!?

“Hahaha! Great! Wonderful!” Astral Vault God King wildly roared. For him to laugh so recklessly in the midst of such fierce combat proved that he still had ample strength remaining.

Amid this great laughter, Astral Vault God King’s body emitted crackling from all over. His body started to grow and a faint red glow covered his body. The mystical symbol that appeared between his eyebrows before showed once again; he had completed his bloodline body metamorphosis!


The void exploded. After transforming, Astral Vault God King was able to punch open a black hole in the void with his strikes. Lin Ming rapidly drew backwards!

Lin Ming grasped his spear, his eyes blazing brilliantly at Astral Vault God King!

This was the first time that Astral Vault God King had used the heavy sword in his hands!

This heavy sword seemed no different from a door and the blade was even longer than a man’s height. But, as Astral Vault God King held this heavy sword, this incredible length seemed just right.

This heavy sword was dark gold in color and didn’t seem different from an ordinary sword. However, Lin Ming discovered that when light flowed over this sword, it actually seemed to curve as if it were being drawn in by it.

Or, perhaps the space surrounding the sword itself was distorted.

“This sword’s name is – Dark Star!” Astral Vault God King had a proud smile as he saw Lin Ming looking at his sword.

“When I was stepping into True Divinity, I once went into seclusion on a dark star. Using the dark star’s terrifying gravity I tempered my own mortal body. After I truly broke into the realm of True Divinity, before I left, I used all of my strength to pull out a piece of matter from this dark star, a piece that was three inches wide, a foot long, and considerably thick. After I returned, I went into seclusion for another thousand years to use this dark star material to create a thin and long sword form. Using this sword form as the base, I cast an immense amount of golden gem demonic steel atop it, finally forging it into a heavy sword! I did not refine it nor did I carve any demonic runes on its surface. While this is a True Divinity spirit treasure it actually doesn’t have any supernatural abilities or array formations within. But, with its terrifying weight alone as well as its incredible hardness, it is the best weapon for me!”

As Astral Vault spoke, many people were bewildered.

Dark star? What was that?


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