MW Chapter 2063

Chapter 2063 – Fighting Astral Vault

In a sea of stars, Lin Ming and Astral Vault stood a mere 10 miles apart from each other.

The starlight was misty and the killing intent was solemn. Because of the invisible energy it was as if this entire space had become denser.

Everyone was focused on this fight. Divine Dream had already released her force field to protect the human elites.

Lin Ming was the spiritual leader of humanity. Just after breaking into the Empyrean realm, he now welcomed a battle against a God King!

At this time, Astral Vault God King had his great arms crossed against his chest, his massive golden sword pressed against his body. This action wasn’t because he looked down on Lin Ming, but because this was the initial battle stance of the True Divinity cultivation method that Astral Vault God King trained in – the Astral Vault Saint Body. When his arms were crossed together, while it didn’t seem that his movements could be fast, the truth was that this stance unified the astral essence within his body and formed a type of potential.

As for Lin Ming, his battle stance was much more common. He flew high in the air, his hand extended diagonally, pointing the spear point down towards the void. His eyes were closed as he locked onto...

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