MW Chapter 2062

Chapter 2062 – Talks Collapse

“You want us, along with you, to withdraw from the war between humanity and the saints?”

Astral Vault frowned. He didn’t like being led along by others. This feeling was like he was simply following whatever decision Lin Ming chose, like he were taking orders. Wasn’t this just disgraceful?

“And Divine Dream?”

Soaring Feather’s eyes flashed to the side of Lin Ming.

At this time, Divine Dream was standing not too far away from Lin Ming. She remained silent, a vision of white, waiting for Lin Ming to answer for her.

“Senior Divine Dream will continue to remain involved in the war between humanity and the saints in order to make up for the difference in strength. The ones withdrawing will be you, me, and Astral Vault, three people altogether.”

Lin Ming confidently stated. The saints had far more Empyreans than humanity. Without Divine Dream here to keep the balance, humanity would be unable to engage the saints on the battlefield.

However, as these words fell into the ears of Soaring Feather and Astral Vault it actually grated upon their ears!

“What did you just say?” Astral Vault’s tone suddenly turned cold.

Originally, Astral Vault wasn’t particularly willing to accept Lin Ming’s proposition to withdraw from the war because he didn’t like being led along by a junior. But now that he heard the deal wouldn’t be equal, he was even angrier!

Could they really allow Divine Dream, a True Divinity powerhouse, to freely slaughter their saint Empyreans!?

Lin Ming said, “In this world there always exists the principle of equal exchange. In a war between races, however much war strength humanity takes out will also be the same that the saints take out. This is a fair concept.”

It would probably have been better if Lin Ming didn’t explain himself because once he did, Astral Vault began to emit a dense killing intent.

Astral Vault’s complexion was dark as he grimly said, “So you are saying that you alone are equal to me and Soaring Feather, so the three of us withdrawing together is an equal exchange?”

Lin Ming glanced at Astral Vault. “You can also understand the situation like this. In this deal, my withdrawal also means the withdrawal of Famine’s avatar. Moreover… just I alone may not necessarily make up for the loss of war strength created by the withdrawal of you and Soaring Feather from the war. At this moment I certainly cannot fight one against two, but with enough time, I believe that will be possible.”

Lin Ming provoked again and again. Astral Vault finally couldn’t withstand it; he was like a powder keg ready to explode. His face twisted into a fierce visage, his expression as if he were about to step forward and strangle Lin Ming.

“You are courting death!”

Astral Vault finally reached his limit. With a loud crackling sound his mortal body began to grow. From between his eyebrows, a mysterious nine dragon design appeared. With it, ancient runes appeared all over his body and his crystalline skin began to turn a faint blood red.

Astral Vault God King had already activated the strength of his bloodline and had begun the saint race’s body metamorphosis!

A great battle was ready to erupt at any moment!

Lin Ming’s eyes shined bright. In truth he had long expected that battle was inevitable!

Words could be a sharp weapon, but in negotiations between martial artists, strength was always what decided victory and defeat. If words weren’t enough to convince others then they could only overpower each other by force!

Lin Ming wanted to use the price of his withdrawal to exchange for the withdrawal of Soaring Feather and Astral Vault. If they didn’t fight then this deal would be impossible, because whether it was Soaring Feather or Astral Vault, their prideful hearts would not allow them to agree to such a deal.

And at this time, Soaring Feather also stepped forwards. Her white clothes fluttered about her and her long hair danced in the wind. Thick feathers fell around her; it was clear that she wouldn’t agree to these conditions.

She didn’t want to involve herself in this war between the saints and humanity to begin with. She understood that this war was in truth nothing more than the ambitions of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

But in the end, she was also a saint martial artist. She didn’t wish to see the saints be defeated by humanity.

She wouldn’t stand by idly as Divine Dream suppressed her people with a superiority in absolute strength.

As Soaring Feather displayed her force field, Divine Dream also drew out her sword. Beneath the starlight her appearance was sharp and fierce, just like a 10,000 year old shard of glacial ice.

A four person battle between three True Divinities and Lin Ming was about to explode at any moment!

But at this time, Lin Ming actually stopped Divine Dream. “Senior Divine Dream, allow me to handle this. These conditions were originally between me and two saint True Divinities. If you involve yourself in this then it will be impossible to convince them. Even if we win, it will only be the same as you and me as well as Astral Vault and Soaring Feather all withdrawing from the great calamity.”

Lin Ming calmly said. Astral Vault sneered, “So what if you join forces? Do you think that you two joining forces will be able to defeat us joining forces?”

“Whoever is weaker, we will only know upon fighting!” Lin Ming indifferently replied. He looked towards Astral Vault, his eyes blazing with fighting spirit. “I alone will fight you two. Of course, it will be one at a time. I won’t use Famine’s avatar as the price for fighting me one at a time!”

Famine’s avatar contained a dreadful war potential. In the hands of the Good Fortune Saint Son, it had a strength close or even near that of a middle True Divinity.

But in Lin Ming’s hands, he had already drawn out a massive amount of the avatar’s flesh and blood essence energy. The avatar’s strength had fallen precipitously but even so it could still be considered a formidable existence amongst lower True Divinities.

Although Famine’s avatar had weakened, Lin Ming was far stronger than the Good Fortune Saint Son. Whether it was in soul force or fusion compatibility, he was leagues ahead of the Good Fortune Saint Son.

In Lin Ming’s hands, lower True Divinity Famine would be able to display a war strength far higher than what the Good Fortune Saint Son displayed!

If Lin Ming were able to fight Astral Vault or Soaring Feather, then with Famine’s avatar added on he might be able to use its immense strength and massive size to fight one against two.

“Good! Very good! Then I will fight you! As long as you have strength that can match mine then I will withdraw from the war between humanity and the saints! Not just that, but I will also make a vow that in the future, if I attack any human influence that doesn’t have ill intent towards me or provokes me then my foundation will crack and my cultivation will be crippled!

“In addition, if I cannot defeat you then my two useless disciples will also withdraw from the war and return to honestly cultivate in earnest, never coming back out to disgrace themselves lest they are captured and used to threaten me again!”

Astral Vault God King was finally moved to true anger.

Lin Ming said, “Very well! A promise is a promise! Since that’s the case then I will promise that if you keep up your end of the bargain I will have the Legion of Famine withdraw too, no longer joining the great battle between humanity and the saints and only using them to protect my family.”

Since Lin Ming said he would withdraw from the war between humanity and the saints, he would do so thoroughly. In this regard, the Legion of Famine could also be considered a part of his strength, and he wouldn’t play word games concerning this.

As he spoke, Lin Ming turned to Soaring Feather. Soaring Feather remained silent; this was the same as agreeing to these conditions.

As for things like contracts, there was no need to sign them. Whether it was Lin Ming or these two True Divinities, they were all prideful individuals in their hearts and their word was more precious than stars; they wouldn’t renege on their promises.

Taking a step back, even if one side went back on their word then the other side could tear apart the agreement and rejoin the war; there wouldn’t be any losses.

Lin Ming silently drew out the Black Dragon Spear. His figure flashed and he had already crossed through the starry skies, flying thousands of miles away.

A True Divinity level battle was no trifling matter. He didn’t want the human juniors to be drawn in, otherwise the energy shockwaves would reduce them to ashes.

Divine Dream was easily able to create a force field a hundred miles wide around the battlefield to shelter the human martial artists.

Astral Vault narrowed his eyes. Looking at Lin Ming a hundred miles away, he quietly drew out a dark gold heavy sword. This heavy sword was a True Divinity spirit treasure!

Astral Vault was someone who had reached the limits of the body transformation system!

“Be careful, he isn’t simple!”

Soaring Feather said with a sound transmission.

“I know! Although I don’t want to acknowledge it, I can see from the phenomena that occurred during this boy’s Empyrean heavenly tribulation that he has some measure of skill. But, so what? If we don’t fight then we’ll never know who is weaker and who is stronger.

“At least, in the last tens of millions of years I have never truly engaged in brutal battle with someone! That woman Divine Dream simply never fought me at all. She only used those damned illusions to play with me, and now my belly’s long been full of fire!”

Astral Vault God King’s fighting intent was already boiling over. He lifted his golden heavy sword and slowly flew towards Lin Ming.

At this time, all the human martial artists looked upon Astral Vault God King’s back and held their breath. They had naturally clearly heard the negotiations between Lin Ming and the two saint True Divinities, and they knew that this battle concerned the future of the human race!

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