MW Chapter 2062

Chapter 2062 – Talks Collapse

“You want us, along with you, to withdraw from the war between humanity and the saints?”

Astral Vault frowned. He didn’t like being led along by others. This feeling was like he was simply following whatever decision Lin Ming chose, like he were taking orders. Wasn’t this just disgraceful?

“And Divine Dream?”

Soaring Feather’s eyes flashed to the side of Lin Ming.

At this time, Divine Dream was standing not too far away from Lin Ming. She remained silent, a vision of white, waiting for Lin Ming to answer for her.

“Senior Divine Dream will continue to remain involved in the war between humanity and the saints in order to make up for the difference in strength. The ones withdrawing will be you, me, and Astral Vault, three people altogether.”

Lin Ming confidently stated. The saints had far more Empyreans than humanity. Without Divine Dream here to keep the balance, humanity would be unable to engage the saints on the battlefield.

However, as these words fell into...

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