MW Chapter 2061

Chapter 2061 – Lin Ming’s Conditions


Soaring Feather God King looked at Lin Ming, her gaze as sharp as an arrow. Her eyes locked onto him, but he stared back at her without fear, calmly speaking to her.

“Truly heroes come from the young. You do not fear that the fish die and I do not fear that the net breaks. Since we can’t come to terms, let us fight it out here!”

As Soaring Feather spoke her entire body emitted a dense killing intent. In the skies, thick waves of feathers fell down; this was Soaring Feather’s divine feather force field!

This divine feather force field could easily cover an area of several hundred thousand miles and even a million miles. It easily covered this star territory, shrouding over the entire human base!

As long as the True Divinities and Lin Ming fought here, this would be a ruinous strike upon the human fleet!

However, as Soaring Feather’s force field fell down, black mist began rising up from below within this star territory. This mist was incomparably thick, each wisp of it as heavy as a star. After the mist appeared, the space around it became incredibly dense; for a time, not even Soaring Feather God King’s force field was able to cover it!

This was Lin Ming’s grandmist space!

Grandmist energy was the most source chaos from the formation of the universe. It contained infinite materials and all tangible things in existence had evolved from grandmist energy.

The grandmist space around Lin Ming was no longer what it used to be. Lin Ming had fused the Asura Laws into it. With the grandmist space integrated with the highest Laws of the universe, this allowed it to undergo a qualitative change!

Although the energy was the same and the matter was the same, after being driven by different Laws, the might behind it was completely dissimilar.

This was the difference from a high quality arrow being shot out by an ordinary bow and then being shot out by an unparalleled god bow. The difference was not just a little bit.

“Mm?” Soaring Feather frowned.

And at this time, a rainbow layer of light appeared above Lin Ming’s grandmist space!

This rainbow layer of light was as ephemeral as a dream, beautiful and phantasmic. After it covered the grandmist space, the incredibly heavy grandmist space obtained infinite changes making it nearly impossible to deal with. This was Divine Dream’s divine dream space!

Lin Ming and Divine Dream, their two force fields fused together, becoming as immovable as an eternal mountain. Soaring Feather’s divine feather force field was no longer able to push further down, but was instead forced back again and again!

As long as the divine feather force field couldn’t gather together then the human fleet could absolutely safely evacuate through gaps in the grandmist space and divine dream space. As for Divine Dream and Lin Ming, they only had to persist for a period of time, waiting for everyone to leave before they could fight Astral Vault and Soaring Feather without any scruples!

Seeing Soaring Feather suppressed by the joint strength of these two people, Astral Vault God King grimaced. Force fields were not his expertise. Although he possessed an unimaginably powerful mortal body and physical strength, it was hard for him to play a role in the current situation and help Soaring Feather.

Astral Vault said, “Soaring Feather, why are you wasting so much time talking to them. Let’s fight instead!”

To martial artists, words were only empty air.

All that mattered was strength!

Even if they couldn’t kill these two, suppressing them was more than enough.

Martial artists all had their proud hearts. If their skills truly were inferior to others’ then they had no choice but to believe they were smaller and also be the ones to yield.

For instance, If Lin Ming really suffered disastrous defeat beneath the hands of Astral Vault of Soaring Feather and the disparity was also enormous, then he would inevitably be forced to release Darkmoon, Highsun, and Blue Lotus without any conditions. Otherwise everyone would only think that Lin Ming was a sore loser whose actions were too shameful.

However, Soaring Feather actually looked at Lin Ming and said, “What are your conditions?”

Soaring Feather had actually yielded a step and planned on negotiating conditions with Lin Ming?

Astral Vault was startled. Even the human martial artists were surprised.

Soaring Feather and Astral Vault had originally menacingly rushed into the Hidden Dragon Galaxy. According to logic and how events had played out in the past between the humans and saints, then Astral Vault and Soaring Feather should have started a massacre in the Hidden Dragon Galaxy and taken away Fairy Blue Lotus with absolute strength.

At the very least they could have used their strength to threaten the humans and force them to release their captives. Afterwards, they could leave again, and perhaps somewhere in the middle they would show off their skills by fighting with Divine Dream and the others.

But, if Soaring Feather and Astral Vault paid a certain price to exchange for Blue Lotus, Darkmoon, and Highsun, then that would simply be too disgraceful. They were two True Divinities and there was only one enemy True Divinity!

Astral Vault didn’t believe that Soaring Feather could endure this insult, even if she believed that Lin Ming was a dragon in a deep pool and didn’t want to offend him, even if she believed that with Divine Dream here it would be impossible to kill Lin Ming.

But Soaring Feather was a God King and her innermost heart had its own lofty pride. It was impossible for her to take repeated concessions.

Standing on the sidelines and watching as Lin Ming broke into the Empyrean realm was one thing. First, this was because attacking Lin Ming at this time was no accomplishment at all, but instead a choice only filled with disadvantages. Secondly, attacking a junior as he went through his breakthrough was something that didn’t align with Soaring Feather’s proud heart.

But now, it was strange for Soaring Feather to yield once more.

The truth was that she was the youngest of the saint race’s three True Divinities; she was only 15 million years old.

When she was a World King the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had long been a True Divinity and also the highest ruler of the saints.

In the past, when the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was recruiting troops he had taken an interest in Soaring Feather’s peerless talent and had opened up a number of extremely generous conditions with the ultimate objective for her to break into the True Divinity realm. Soaring Feather would have had to leave her sect and enter the Good Fortune Saint Palace, becoming a direct disciple of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

However, this offer had been refused by Soaring Feather and she ultimately relied upon her own strength to break into the True Divinity realm.

This part of history was something that many saint martial artists didn’t know of and Soaring Feather wouldn’t speak of this either. However, Astral Vault God King had been a saint True Divinity during this period and knew clearly what had occurred.

Moreover, he knew that although the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign wasn’t able to recruit Soaring Feather, he still gave her a helping hand. After all, Soaring Feather’s sect had been far too weak compared to the Good Fortune Saint Palace. Such a sect was unable to support a talent like Soaring Feather in becoming a True Divinity.

This was also the reason Soaring Feather owed the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign a favor.

Over 6000 years ago when the great calamity of humanity arrived, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had fought the primal god race. Lin Ming and the primal god race had joined forces, and with the aid of the Asura Decrees they had wounded the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. Due to the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s fear of the Soul Emperor he had no choice but to retreat deep into the void while his wounds mended.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had requested Soaring Feather to come forwards and hunt down Lin Ming. The reason the proud Soaring Feather with her identity as a True Divinity would chase down and kill a Holy Lord realm junior was because of this favor.

Lin Ming said, “I can release Blue Lotus, Highsun, and Darkmoon, but my condition is that you and Astral Vault God King both withdraw from the war between the saints and humanity!”

Lin Ming’s words resonated with power. But, these terms caused Soaring Feather’s complexion to turn icy cold.

And beside her, Astral Vault God King was also enraged.

This Lin Ming, just who did he think he was? What rights did he have to say this!?

Soaring Feather and Astral Vault originally didn’t want to participate in this great war between humanity and the saints. But because of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s request and because of favors they had received in the past, they had reluctantly joined.

Since they had already joined, how could they withdraw from this war just because of some words from Lin Ming, someone who was just a junior from the enemy side? If this were to be known then others would call it the greatest joke in the world.

Even if Soaring Feather attached an immense importance to her disciple Fairy Blue Lotus’s life, for Lin Ming to raise such conditions in front of everyone, she would still refuse them.

This was her principle as well as her bottom line.

Not to mention Soaring Feather and Astral Vault, even the human martial artists thought that Lin Ming’s words were a bit too much. If Soaring Feather and Astral Vault were to agree like this and scurry away with their tails between their legs, could they even be called martial artists?

Seeing Soaring Feather’s simmering killing intent, Lin Ming said, “Don’t be in a hurry, I haven’t finished stating my conditions. Once you and Astral Vault withdraw, I will also withdraw. And, I guarantee that besides the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign who I have a great enmity with, I will no longer strike out against saint martial artists unless they offend me or wish to harm me. And once the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign leaves seclusion and when I believe the time is right, I will seek out the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign for a showdown!”

Lin Ming’s words were shocking. From carefully analyzing them, one could make out many different meanings within.

He classified his showdown with the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign as his own personal grudge, separating it from the war between humanity and the saints.

Over 6000 years ago when Soaring Feather hunted down Lin Ming, that grudge was not placed on Soaring Feather, but was instead diverted to the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

Finally, Lin Ming’s words meant that even if humanity was victorious, even if Lin Ming could reach the same realm as the Asura Road Master, he still wouldn’t launch war against the saints nor did he have any intentions of exterminating them from the 33 Heavens.

This was because he had already promised that besides the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign and those other saints that provoked or attempted to harm him, he wouldn’t move against any other members of the saint race.

In truth, most saints were innocent. Even those saint warriors that slaughtered humans still had family members and children that were innocent.

Lin Ming didn’t wish to deprive countless people in the 33 Heavens of life and happiness.

This universe had already suffered enough devastation. In the endless flow of time, there were countless races that had been erased from history.

Even in the future, there would still be races destroyed and new races rising in their place.

But at the very least, Lin Ming didn’t wish to have the sin of an entire race disappearing on his hands.

For a time, everyone was amazed by Lin Ming’s proposal, even Empyrean Divine Dream. But she immediately understood Lin Ming’s plan.

In Lin Ming’s eyes, there was only one singular true great enemy in the saint race – that was the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

As long as the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was dealt with then the war between humanity and the saints would naturally come to a conclusion.

And if the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign couldn’t be dealt with, then no matter how many victory songs humanity sung or how much they won, all of it would be meaningless!

Like this, Lin Ming continuing to involve himself in the war between humanity and the saints was also pointless.

It could even be said that the gains weren’t equal to the losses. This was because fighting people that he could instantly kill did not help sharpen his strength.

What he wanted was a greater challenge.

At this moment, Divine Dream had a premonition that Lin Ming would leave soon.

Before the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, this calamity of humanity would no longer be able to provide enough space for Lin Ming to grow. But he also knew that once he left, it would be incredibly difficult for Divine Dream to face two enemies by herself. Thus, forcing Soaring Feather and Astral Vault out from this war would be the last matter he completed for the human race before he left.

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