MW Chapter 2061

Chapter 2061 – Lin Ming’s Conditions


Soaring Feather God King looked at Lin Ming, her gaze as sharp as an arrow. Her eyes locked onto him, but he stared back at her without fear, calmly speaking to her.

“Truly heroes come from the young. You do not fear that the fish die and I do not fear that the net breaks. Since we can’t come to terms, let us fight it out here!”

As Soaring Feather spoke her entire body emitted a dense killing intent. In the skies, thick waves of feathers fell down; this was Soaring Feather’s divine feather force field!

This divine feather force field could easily cover an area of several hundred thousand miles and even a million miles. It easily covered this star territory, shrouding over the entire human base!

As long as the True Divinities and Lin Ming fought here, this would be a ruinous strike upon the human fleet!

However, as Soaring Feather’s force field fell down, black mist began rising up from below within this star territory. This mist was incomparably thick, each wisp of it as heavy as a star. After the mist appeared, the space around it became incredibly dense; for a time, not even Soaring Feather God King’s force field was able to cover it!

This was Lin Ming’s grandmist space!

Grandmist energy was the most source chaos from the formation of...

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