MW Chapter 2060

Chapter 2060 – Facing God Kings

Starlight splashed down like water. This star territory of the Hidden Dragon Galaxy was flooded with endless Great Dao Law fragments, the vestiges of heavenly tribulation.

All martial artists here could feel these faint and yet unimaginably vast Laws of the highest order.

In the highest heavens, the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace had gradually hidden themselves away and the tribulation clouds also scattered. All that was left over were golden bubbles that floated in the void. They were like endless golden pearls that came both small and large.

Lin Ming had already put away the Black Dragon Spear. As he stood in the void his eyes were closed and his long hair danced around him. At this time, as he stood within this world, he had a completely different feeling from before.

In Lin Ming’s eyes this world was no longer the same!

After breaking into the Empyrean realm, as Lin Ming looked upon the world he had a feeling as if he could understand everything before him.

If the universe was compared to a landscape, then before Lin Ming broke into the Empyrean realm, he could be considered as standing on flat land and looking outwards. Although what he saw was beautiful, it was ultimately...

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