MW Chapter 2060

Chapter 2060 – Facing God Kings

Starlight splashed down like water. This star territory of the Hidden Dragon Galaxy was flooded with endless Great Dao Law fragments, the vestiges of heavenly tribulation.

All martial artists here could feel these faint and yet unimaginably vast Laws of the highest order.

In the highest heavens, the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace had gradually hidden themselves away and the tribulation clouds also scattered. All that was left over were golden bubbles that floated in the void. They were like endless golden pearls that came both small and large.

Lin Ming had already put away the Black Dragon Spear. As he stood in the void his eyes were closed and his long hair danced around him. At this time, as he stood within this world, he had a completely different feeling from before.

In Lin Ming’s eyes this world was no longer the same!

After breaking into the Empyrean realm, as Lin Ming looked upon the world he had a feeling as if he could understand everything before him.

If the universe was compared to a landscape, then before Lin Ming broke into the Empyrean realm, he could be considered as standing on flat land and looking outwards. Although what he saw was beautiful, it was ultimately limited.

But after breaking into the Empyrean realm, Lin Ming seemed to stand atop a tall building, looking down at the world before him. His field of vision was broader and he could see much more clearly, everything reflected in a panoramic view in his eyes.

And this tall building was the Heavenly Dao Laws!

Beneath an Empyrean, all martial artists were suppressed by the Heavenly Dao Laws. After becoming an Empyrean, a martial artist’s Laws reached the height of the Heavenly Dao; this was the same as standing atop that tall building!

Lin Ming didn’t speak. He quietly perceived this feeling of awareness after breaking into the Empyrean realm. This sort of sensation left him feeling intoxicated.

Every strand of Laws in the surrounding space shivered. He clearly saw them all around. With just a thought he could easily control these Laws.

However, compared to Lin Ming’s calmness, the human martial artists were already burning with excitement!

Lin Ming was the person who humanity had placed all their hopes in. And now, he had finally broken into the Empyrean realm!

“This is too terrifying. That heavenly tribulation just now was simply invincible in its might, yet such a horrifying heavenly tribulation was withstood by Lin Ming. Perhaps Lin Ming can already contend with a God King!”

“That’s right! Not just that but he even severed the shackles of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. I can already feel the strength of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace! Although the road is still blurry and muddled, I feel that if I truly continue down this path, I really might be able to step into the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace!”

A body transformation martial artists brimmed with elation. He understood just what Lin Ming did when he severed those divine chains of order. To humanity, this was a great blessing.

In reality, the majority of the divine chains that bound the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace were still in Famine’s main body. If they could be completely severed, thoroughly releasing the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, then this would enable all human martial artists to freely cultivate them!

At this time, within Divine Dream Heavenly Palace, Empyrean Divine Dream stood tall, like a goddess fallen to the world. Her clothes floated about her and her eyes shimmered with extraordinary radiance.

She was born with a calm and indifferent personality, like a pool of water that had never experienced waves. In particular, ever since humanity’s great calamity occurred, Divine Dream had yet to smile. But because Lin Ming perfectly broke into the Empyrean realm, she suddenly felt ripples spread through her heart, making it hard for her to maintain her composure.

As for Empyrean Vast Universe, Emperor Shakya, To Bagui, and the others, they weren’t as restrained. All of them had long since been buzzing with joy.

“Haha! Great!” Empyrean Vast Universe laughed.

“Amitabha, wonderful, wonderful.” Great Limitless Buddha recited buddhist mantras, his hands gathered together as he slowly twisted his buddha beads, a gentle smile on his face.

And at this time, on the side of the saints, Astral Vault God King and Soaring Feather God King were quietly looking at Lin Ming from not too far away. They had personally watched as Lin Ming broke into the Empyrean realm.

“This brat!”

Astral Vault God King gloomily said. He felt pressured. Besides those that controlled the universe such as the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign and the Soul Emperor, Astral Vault God King had never thought he would feel such pressure from someone else, especially a junior who hadn’t even lived for 10,000 years yet!

Although he didn’t think that Lin Ming possessed combat strength that surpassed his own, just this unprecedented aura meant that it wouldn’t be too long before he was surpassed!

Soaring Feather floated beside Astral Vault, her white clothes swirling about her. Her entire being seemed to blend into the Heavenly Dao. At this time, she was looking at those endless golden bubbles that remained after the tribulation clouds of the highest heavens dissipated. She was silent; no one knew just what she was thinking.

Then at this moment, strong winds appeared in the skies. A giant golden vortex formed around Lin Ming. Those endless golden bubbles began to roll towards him like sparrows flying back to their nest.

Lin Ming took a long breath and stretched out his body. Those millions and billions of golden bubbles sank into his body, vanishing from sight like snowflakes falling into the sea.

But as more and more golden bubbles submerged into Lin Ming, his body began to shine with an all-powerful light, as if he were a dawning sun.

As Lin Ming soaked in this golden divine light, he truly seemed like a divine god that had descended to the world. It was hard for others not to prostrate themselves in worship to him.

This light continued for a quarter hour before slowly fading away.

Everyone knew that this light was the final brilliance of the heavenly tribulation’s Great Dao Laws. Now, all of it had been absorbed by Lin Ming.

These Laws were the highest Laws of the 33 Heavens!

Besides Lin Ming himself, no one knew just how great his harvests were. Not even Astral Vault knew; all he could do was watch on with greedy eyes.

Starlight sprinkled down and black clothes whipped in the wind. Lin Ming fell down from the highest nine heavens. His every action and movement caused the surrounding Laws to ripple.

All orders given must be enforced, his body moved the Laws themselves!

“Lin Ming!”

As Lin Ming fell back down, Xiao Moxian couldn’t help but call out to him. She was already extremely excited, and beside her, Mu Qianyu, Qin Xingxuan, and the others were also watching with bright eyes, as if tears would fall at any moment.

They were able to see the man they loved most become the hero of their race and his achievements be glorified by countless people. Just what else could they ask for?

“Hahahaha! Lin Ming, from this day forth, humanity’s destiny will experience a great reversal!”

Empyrean Vast Universe laughed as he spoke.

“Lin Ming, you have always been a legend, but in the past your legend would only have been able to be passed on for a billion years. However from this day on, your legend will continue onwards for 10 billion years!”

Dark Demon Monarch highly praised. Just what sort of concept was a 10 billion year legend? 10 billion years ago, the entire 33 Heavens had been filled with life and martial arts civilization blossomed throughout like bright flowers, a golden age of prosperity.

In that era, countless peerless ancient proud sons of heavens had appeared. They fought against each other, fought against the heavens, fought against fate, but in the end they all faded away in the endless dust of time.

Only the existences like the Asura Road Master and the creator of the Holy Scripture, Immortal Sovereign, were able to preserve their legends. And the reason they managed to do so was because they each separately created the Asura Road and Akashic Dream Universe.

Because of these two lands of inheritance, countless martial artists had obtained massive advantages from within for the last 10 billion years. Thus, the legends of the Asura Road Master and Immortal Sovereign were passed down and continued.

Therefore the words of Dark Demon Monarch were the same as placing Lin Ming at the same height as Immortal Sovereign and the Asura Road Master!

This was a terrifying appraisal!

Many rulers of humanity came forwards to congratulate Lin Ming. For a time, the sounds of congratulations and well wishes lingered in the air, as all of the human martial artists jubilantly celebrated.

But then, a cold voice sounded out, “Lin Ming, I indeed haven’t misread you!”

Lin Ming looked up. A peerless woman in white clothes stood not too far away from him; she was Soaring Feather God King!

The atmosphere quickly chilled. All of the cheerful human martial artists suddenly stopped talking.

Everyone looked towards Soaring Feather God King together, all of them on high alert!

“Hahaha, boy, I acknowledge that you are strong, the strongest Empyrean that I have ever seen, but so what!” From behind Soaring Feather, Astral Vault stepped forwards and faced Lin Ming. Although his tone of voice was arrogant and proud, he was vigilant. It was clear that he had truly regarded Lin Ming as worthy, or at least an opponent who possessed great potential.

“I have already foreseen that you are a dragon in a pool. Over 6000 years ago, I was not able to kill you. I likely missed my best chances to eliminate you, and probably my only chance.”

As Soaring Feather God King spoke these words, the human martial artists all glowered at her. In particular, Xiao Moxian hatefully glared at Soaring Feather God King, so angry that her teeth itched.

That’s right, it was because of Soaring Feather God King that Lin Ming’s life or death was uncertain for over 6000 years, causing her heart to remain broken for all that time!

But Lin Ming’s complexion remained indifferent. He said, “You represent the interests of the saints and I represent the interests of my race. In war, there has never been right or wrong to begin with. Over 6000 years ago, you missed your chance to kill me, but in the future I might not miss the chance to kill you.”

Lin Ming’s words were light, without any killing intent. Soaring Feather didn’t respond, but, Astral Vault actually scowled!

“You crazy boy! Do you really think I can’t do anything to you today?”

“You can try.” Lin Ming said without fear. After fusing the six Dao Palaces of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace and also absorbing the countless Great Dao Law fragments of the 33 Heavens, his blood had long since been boiling over. It could even be said that he desired to fight a True Divinity to test the limits of his strength!

“Heh!” Astral Vault God King sneered and his body erupted with killing intent! In truth, he also knew that he would have to fight a round with Lin Ming otherwise it would have been impossible for them to simply come and leave. If others knew that they came and watched the show only to immediately scurry away right afterwards, wouldn’t they be made the jokes of the world?

People would only think that he, the great Astral Vault, was afraid of Lin Ming.

Astral Vault couldn’t bear to have such a misunderstanding. He wanted to fight Lin Ming frontally!

Although with Divine Dream here, there was no way he could kill Lin Ming. But, he could still show off his momentum and suppress Lin Ming’s arrogance before walking away. Only like that would he be able to maintain his honor.

But at this time, Soaring Feather God King reached out a hand and blocked Astral Vault.

“What are you blocking me for?” Astral Vault God King said, frowning.

Soaring Feather God King didn’t respond to him. Rather, she turned to Lin Ming and said, “Where is my apprentice Fairy Blue Lotus? Hand her over!”

Lin Ming faced Soaring Feather and didn’t agree or refuse her request. Rather, he asked, “If I hand her over, what conditions can you use to exchange?”

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