Chapter 206 - Flood Dragon’s Cave

Chapter 206 Flood Dragon’s Cave.


Chapter 206 – Flood Dragon’s Cave

“If it’s a cave that’s at the summit of Thundercrash Mountain, it can’t be any other Thunder Lizard, it has to be the Thunder Flood Dragon. The Thunder Lizards of Thundercrash Mountain have distinct hierarchies that are based on strength. The strongest controls a territory at the top, where the power of thunder is the richest. Moreover, the peak is the symbol of absolute authority; how can the Thunder Flood Dragon let anyone else have it?”

Lin Ming’s mind raced wildly. The black-clothed martial artist said that Thunder Lizards kept thunder-attribute treasures in their caves so that the power of thunder in their caves would be more vivid.

If this truly was the Thunder Flood Dragon’s cave, what sort of treasures would be inside it?

Realizing this, Lin Ming’s heart began to ignite with overwhelming desire.

However, he also saw that in front of the cave, there were dozens of Thunder Lizards. Lin Ming paused; any one of these Thunder Lizards could take his life! Once they found him, he would die without even a burial.

As his heart went through a battle of wills, Lin Ming clenched his teeth. There was no fortune without danger! He would fight for it!

This was a once in a millennia opportunity. If it...

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