MW Chapter 2059

Chapter 2059 – Battling the Heavenly Dao

The moment the tribulation clouds were torn apart by Lin Ming’s great strength, the deep golden lake emitted a vast and bass roar. This was the thundering of heaven. A gap appeared in the golden lake and a divine sword seemed to chop out, overflowing with the golden light of the Great Dao!

As this golden Great Dao appeared, it aimed straight at Lin Ming.

The golden lake began to shine with a blinding light. War chariots drawn by golden thunder dragons seemed to gallop out from the river of time, hurtling their way towards Lin Ming.

Standing on each war chariot was a divine god in golden armor. Their faces were without expression and their bodies flooded out with boundless killing intent, as if this entire part of the universe had turned into a bloody battlefield, filled with slaughter and death.

Each chariot was marked with countless scars. Every trace exuded a shockingly violent and brutal aura, as if they bore testimony to every war since ancient times.


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