MW Chapter 2059

Chapter 2059 – Battling the Heavenly Dao

The moment the tribulation clouds were torn apart by Lin Ming’s great strength, the deep golden lake emitted a vast and bass roar. This was the thundering of heaven. A gap appeared in the golden lake and a divine sword seemed to chop out, overflowing with the golden light of the Great Dao!

As this golden Great Dao appeared, it aimed straight at Lin Ming.

The golden lake began to shine with a blinding light. War chariots drawn by golden thunder dragons seemed to gallop out from the river of time, hurtling their way towards Lin Ming.

Standing on each war chariot was a divine god in golden armor. Their faces were without expression and their bodies flooded out with boundless killing intent, as if this entire part of the universe had turned into a bloody battlefield, filled with slaughter and death.

Each chariot was marked with countless scars. Every trace exuded a shockingly violent and brutal aura, as if they bore testimony to every war since ancient times.

“This… could this also be heavenly tribulation? How come there is no thunder but legions of golden war chariots?”

Many human martial artists were shocked. They had never seen nor heard of such heavenly tribulation before.

“Amitabha… these are war chariots manifested from the power of heavenly retribution…” Great Limitless Buddha looked up towards the heavens, his complexion earnest. His long white eyebrows trembled. “Those atop the war chariots should be… ancient divine spirits! In the legends there are peerless characters of the 33 Heavens that went to war for endless years. Afterwards, although they eventually died in the endless river of time, when they crossed their heavenly tribulation they were remembered by the Heavenly Dao. Now, even after they died and their mortal bodies turned to dust, they have cast down an immortal dao foundation that was not destroyed but instead kept within the Heavenly Dao…

“If I’m not wrong, then those golden war chariots and those golden divine spirits should be phantoms of those ancient peerless characters… and they are now being brought into reality by this heavenly tribulation.”

Hearing the words of Great Limitless Buddha, many human Empyreans’ complexions changed. After these ancient peerless characters died, their phantoms were left behind in the Heavenly Dao?

Although they didn’t know who these phantoms once were, what they knew without a doubt was that out of all them present, besides Divine Dream, none of them had the qualifications to leave behind their phantoms in the Heavenly Dao.

Although these Heavenly Dao phantoms were not the true bodies and perhaps they only contained a tenth of their strength from before they died, or maybe even only a twentieth, but these were all once dreadful characters capable of flipping over the 33 Heavens. With so many gathered here, this was truly terrifying!

Many of them had likely killed True Divinities before!

Facing these Heavenly Dao phantoms, Lin Ming didn’t hesitate nor did he feel fear. He stepped forwards, the Black Dragon Spear grasped in his hands. Behind him, the six fused Dao Palaces of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace began to fill Lin Ming with infinite strength. A boiling fighting spirit burned through his blood. Even if an ancient peerless powerhouse were to truly stand before him, he would still remain fearless in his desire to fight them!

As he rapidly flew upwards, his back split open. A fierce suit of bone armor like that of an abyssal emerged from his body, piercing through his black clothes.

He stepped through space, shooting upwards like a bolt of thunder, his entire body from head to toe emitting an overwhelming momentum. The Black Dragon Spear emitted an excited cry, howling like a black dragon as he flew to the heavens!

The golden-armored divine spirits remained without expression. They drew out golden halberds and rushed towards Lin Ming!

The moment the Black Dragon Spear clashed with those war halberds, beams of spear light shot out, swallowing the surrounding vastness of space!

Space seemed to solidify. In the boundless world, it was like only the black spear remained, blocking out the entire space.


The golden war halberd was directly smashed to pieces!

Even that golden-armored giant’s arms fractured. After the black spear broke through the golden war halberd, it pounded down upon the ancient divine spirit’s armor.

In that moment, the armor blew apart. The golden-armored giant was crushed into an endless rain of light by the Black Dragon Spear!



Lin Ming broke into the group of golden war chariots, his Black Dragon Spear singing its own epic!

With each spear strike, with each clash with the golden weapons of the ancient divine spirits, a heavy sound would echo through the heavens and earth.

It was hard to imagine just how much strength was behind these collisions!


Another golden-armored divine spirit was shattered to pieces!

Lin Ming was an incomparably fierce war god, treading forwards with unstoppable force!

However, there were simply far too many ancient divine spirits surrounding Lin Ming, still over 20 of them. When Lin Ming killed two of them, a golden-armored divine spirit managed to stab its halberd into his back.

Black scales broke and blood sprinkled down.

The human martial artists felt their hearts skip a beat. However, before they could cry out in alarm, they discovered that the spear of this ancient divine spirit was only able to pierce halfway through to the halberd head.

Lin Ming’s mortal body was like a piece of the toughest divine iron, unable to be shaken!


Lin Ming turned his hand and smashed the head of this golden armored divine spirit!

The golden-armored divine spirit shook and fell downwards.

At the same time, the flesh on Lin Ming’s back began to wriggle, regenerating at a speed visible to the naked eye. In just a few breaths of time the wound had already stopped bleeding.

Lin Ming had opened six Dao Palaces of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, and one of them was responsible for managing the recovery and restoration of flesh and blood – the Natal Life Dao Palace. After opening the Natal Life Dao Palace, even if he were to sever an arm or a leg he would still be able to grow another one. Even if a three foot long gash were to be torn open in his skin, rapidly regenerating wouldn’t be a problem either.

“His wound recovered!”

“Even after being sneak attacked by a halberd, he managed to turn and smash the other’s head!”

Seeing this scene, all of the martial artists were left dumbfounded. This method was simply far too fierce, it scared one silly.

While being attacked, he forcefully withstood it without problem and then struck back with a life-reaping attack!

Lin Ming was powerful to begin with, and coupled with such a fighting method where he didn’t even seem to care about his own safety, just who could fight against him?

But at this time, Lin Ming started his battle with the golden-armored divine spirits once more!

Rumble rumble rumble!

Golden ripples spread out, carrying with them the boundlessly mighty force of Laws. Another golden-armored warrior was destroyed by Lin Ming!

Lin Ming brutally killed a path open in the numerous ancient divine spirit phantoms and rushed into the golden tribulation clouds.


Lin Ming slashed out his spear once more, chopping down on the surface of that golden lake and causing giant golden waves to rise up. The monstrous slaughter energy accompanied the boundless Great Dao Laws, condensing around Lin Ming.

In the tidal waves of thunder, every bolt was as thick as a mountain, tearing open the world without end.

The true sounds of the Great Dao rose up, as if they were the sounds from the origin of the universe. They rang like bells from the primordial chaos, awakening the mind to unknown truths.

“Ancient divine spirits, pond of heavenly thunder… true sounds of the Great Dao…”

Divine Dream muttered to herself as she watched Lin Ming submerge himself in lightning.

All sorts of heavenly tribulation phenomena manifested around Lin Ming. To other martial artists this would have been a fatal judgment of the Heavenly Dao, but to Lin Ming this was a great stroke of good fortune!

Nearly half of the golden-armored divine spirits had already been cut down by Lin Ming. But at this time, Lin Ming barraged the golden lake without end!

Strike after strike, the Black Dragon Spear became a dancing dark dragon that tore through the tribulation clouds.

With every explosion of golden waves, they turned into countless Law fragments. Most of these Law fragments sprinkled into the endless starry space, but a great deal was still absorbed by Lin Ming!

During this continued onslaught, the golden tribulation clouds became increasingly pale. The highly concentrated energy no longer took the form of a lake, but turned into layers of fog. This fog continued to disperse. As Lin Ming soaked within it, it became dimmer with each passing second.

He recklessly swallowed and absorbed the Heavenly Dao Laws. Around him, divine spirits of the Heavenly Dao were slain one after another. In the midst of this slaughter, Lin Ming’s scales were shattered and his entire body drenched in blood!

His flesh continued to regenerate and the power of the Heavenly Dao continued to weaken.

These ancient divine spirits had nearly all been killed off by Lin Ming!

Seeing this, the Empyreans and God Kings present were speechless.

They had also once experienced heavenly tribulation, but the way in which they crossed their heavenly tribulations was to wait for the heavenly tribulation to cast down its energy while they passively withstood it and underwent their baptism of heavenly thunder.

But Lin Ming had killed his way into the highest heavens, waging war against the Heavenly Dao!

Such a crazy procedure was nearly suicidal. But, Lin Ming relied on his inestimable war strength to succeed!

After he crushed apart all of the ancient divine spirits and the thunder of heavenly retribution, he absorbed the power of the Heavenly Dao.

Everyone knew that at this moment, Lin Ming had already perfectly crossed his heavenly tribulation.

This was the moment he truly became an Empyrean!

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