MW Chapter 2058

Chapter 2058 – Heavenly Tribulation Tempering Body

The thunder of the highest nine heavens savagely howled.

It was only now that people discovered their eyes had been focused on the Martial Song Star, but because the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace had appeared, the tribulation clouds were beginning to experience a heaven-shaking change!

That heavenly tribulation was no longer in the form of dark clouds, but was now a golden lake that rippled outwards.

Endless streams of the Great Dao surged in this lake, breeding a terrifying divine thunder of heavenly tribulation within.

This divine thunder came in crimson, gold, purple, and an even more terrifying rainbow hue.

That seven-colored thunder was bizarrely peaceful. Just by looking at it, one’s soul seemed to fall into illusion.

“This is… a variation change in heavenly tribulation! As Senior Lin is crossing heavenly tribulation, he severed the divine chains of order and touched the Heavenly Dao Laws once more, causing the power of the heavenly tribulation to be even more terrifying!”

“How can anyone withstand such horrifying heavenly tribulation!?”

At this moment, the complexions of many human martial artists changed. Originally what Lin Ming faced was the highest level of the 33 Heavens tribulation, and now that it changed, even a peak Empyrean would be smashed into ashes. If a normal Empyrean were beneath these clouds, let alone crossing this heavenly tribulation, they wouldn’t even be able to stand!

Lin Ming was their spiritual leader. In terms of prestige amongst the human race, he even surpassed Divine Dream.

If any accident were to happen to Lin Ming the consequences would be unbelievable.

In Demon Fairy Palace, Xiao Moxian’s heart was gripped. Standing beside her, Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan also had worried expressions on their faces. This pressure was far too horrifying. Even though they were within the Empyrean force field set up by Xiao Moxian, they still felt it suffocating to breathe…


Another bolt of thunder came chopping down!

Lin Ming stood still. At this time, the starlight gathered unto his body reached an unprecedented peak. He looked up, staring at the increasingly strong heavenly tribulation that approached.

Firming his mind, Lin Ming grasped the Black Dragon Spear and hurtled into the crimson tribulation clouds!

“Lin Ming!”

Xiao Moxian cried out in alarm. The human martial artists were also shocked!

From far away, everyone saw Lin Ming’s tiny figure rushing into those terrifying and roiling tribulation clouds that represented the might of the heavens and earth. This scene became something that eternally fixed itself into the hearts of those present!

The more one approached tribulation clouds, the more powerful the heavenly tribulation was. This was tantamount to provoking the Heavenly Dao itself!

“He is using heavenly tribulation to temper his body and force out the limit of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace within his body!” Soaring Feather said, her eyes shining with brilliance. And beside her, Astral Vault had an ugly complexion; this method was simply far too crazy!

Piki paka!

In that instant, endless arcs of thunder fell down upon Lin Ming!

Blinding beams of divine light lit up the world. From afar, Lin Ming seemed to have become the only existence within the heavens and earth!

Beneath the brutal barrage of thunder, Lin Ming’s body was covered in blood. He roared out, “Martial Sovereign Dao Palace, open again!”

Even though he was interrupted by heavenly tribulation the first time he tried to open the Martial Sovereign Dao Palace, Lin Ming paid little heed to this. He ignored the heavenly tribulation and impacted upwards a second time.

Since heavenly tribulation had entered his body, Lin Ming would simply use the power of this heavenly tribulation to further temper his body, allowing the Martial Sovereign Dao Palace to open even more thoroughly.


Lin Ming’s mortal body seemed as if it would explode in that instant. Beneath the limit of strength, Lin Ming felt a terrifying power of thunder gather into his already burning arms and legs. In these places it was like four doors were rumbling as they were being pushed open.

The power of starlight was compressed in his limbs, interweaving into an eternally glorious Dao Palace. This Dao Palace was the Martial Sovereign Dao Palace!

As this Dao Palace that represented the ultimate martial strength appeared, it was soaked in that violent and fierce thunder!

Thunder smashed into the temple, hardening it and making it shine even more radiantly!

Divine thunder could be used to refine weapons. Now, Lin Ming was using the thunder of this heavenly tribulation to hammer upon his newly formed Dao Palace!

In that moment the strength within Lin Ming’s body reached a new peak.

With a punch, he could crush the void. With a kick, a river of stars would tremble.

He had finally opened the sixth Dao Palace!

In that moment, the power of divinity and demons born within Lin Ming’s inner world began flow out, surrounding the six Dao Palaces like a rising tide.

The six Dao Palaces released a mystical strength. Dao patterns floated atop the chaotic energy surrounding the Dao Palaces and joined together like continuous mountain ranges, forming a marvelous fused state.

The two yin yang powers of divinity and demons represented the most extreme origins and had no conflict at all with these six Dao Palaces that represented the strength of the Heavenly Dao.

With this strength as a medium, the six Dao Palaces began to swirl around in the yin yang tide covered with dao patterns.

At this time, Lin Ming suddenly reached out his hand! The power of Laws converged. High in the skies, the chains that imprisoned the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace were grasped in his hand.

These divine chains were already cut apart by Lin Ming. The spirit mark of Famine’s soul had already been refined by Lin Ming but the source Laws still existed within, incredibly powerful.

For the last 3.6 billion years, these divine chains had imprisoned the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace and had undergone a baptism of infinite starlight. They gathered the essence of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace Heavenly Dao.

Without hesitation, Lin Ming smashed these divine chains apart and directly fused them into his body. The crushed chains turned into countless tiny Law fragments that gushed into the six Dao Palaces.

These divine chains had been able to imprison the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. Now, they turned into silk threads that connected the six Dao Palaces within Lin Ming’s body.

For a time, it was like a similar bloodline was forged into the six Dao Palaces within Lin Ming’s body. These six Dao Palaces originally resonated with each other and now they began exchanging energy, rapidly merging together.

The Nine Star dao patterns of these six Dao Palaces wove together, overlapping against each other, embedding into each other.

This sort of fusion was a true fusion of the Great Dao. Divine spiritual power harmonized as one.

But at the same time, they still maintained a kind of independence, retaining their true source strength of the Great Dao.

It could be said that this was a transformation of the Great Dao’s strength, a sublimation.

Rumble rumble rumble –

As these six Dao Palaces sublimated, Lin Ming opened his daevic eye. He thought that his acupoints were opened like gates and immortals lived within them, reciting chants of the Great Dao.

All of these feelings allowed his heart of martial arts to climb to new heights.

Some obscure things he encountered in his road of cultivation also seemed to open up, as if the fog in front of them started to clear away…

Climbing, climbing, Lin Ming’s momentum soared into the skies, continuing to climb.

As he blinked, infinite galaxies seemed to be destroyed in his pupils, and worlds seemed to form and evolve.

This sort of scene already surpassed that of an Empyrean; it was an evolution of the highest Great Dao.

As these six Dao Palaces fused together without a single gap between them, blood began to burn like divine flames, shooting up into the heavens, transforming into True Dragons and True Phoenixes that cried and roared.

The Great Dao Laws hummed as if they were all submitting themselves to Lin Ming.

Seeing this sight, the low level martial artists were unsure what was occurring. But as for the Empyreans and God Kings present, they were stunned speechless!

Then, before they could tell what changes were occurring within Lin Ming’s body, Lin Ming’s figure suddenly flickered. He grabbed the Black Dragon Spear and fired himself into the 33 Heavens tribulation clouds once more!

This time, Lin Ming pushed forwards with unstoppable momentum, as if he would break through the heavens!

After being provoked by Lin Ming again and again, that raging heavenly tribulation was like fire with oil poured onto it. It became increasingly murderous and ferocious as it swept down!

This was no longer arcs of thunder, but a golden sea woven together by endless divine thunder!

Lin Ming roared out loud and the Black Dragon viciously slashed out!


The vault of the heavens seemed to be torn asunder. This spear chopped that golden sea of thunder in half!

One split into two!

Lin Ming devoured this vast power of thunder in great gulps and continued rushing forwards with irresistible force. This time, Lin Ming’s goal was the 33 Heavens tribulation clouds!

Tribulation clouds were the most concentrated form of heavenly retribution as well as the most terrifying existence. Since ancient times, when Empyreans crossed their heavenly tribulations they had no choice but to dread these tribulation clouds. But at this time, Lin Ming was rushing towards these tribulation clouds.

Lin Ming didn’t hesitate; he slashed out his spear once more!

This spear was wrapped in the great strength of the six Dao Palaces as well as an unsurpassed heart of martial arts that seemed as if it would step above the 33 Heavenly Daos!


It was like a universe-tearing strength erupted. In everyone’s shocked gaze, the 33 Heavens tribulation clouds that represented the highest rules of the Heavenly Dao were actually split apart by Lin Ming!

“His spear broke through the tribulation clouds!”

A human Empyrean cried out in awe.

And, Soaring Feather and Astral Vault were even more shocked. As peerless powerhouses who had withstood the baptism of heavenly tribulation before, they were profoundly aware of how terrifying these 33 Heavens tribulation clouds were!

But such tribulation clouds were forcefully shorn apart by Lin Ming!

This strength was simply far too horrifying!


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