MW Chapter 2058

Chapter 2058 – Heavenly Tribulation Tempering Body

The thunder of the highest nine heavens savagely howled.

It was only now that people discovered their eyes had been focused on the Martial Song Star, but because the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace had appeared, the tribulation clouds were beginning to experience a heaven-shaking change!

That heavenly tribulation was no longer in the form of dark clouds, but was now a golden lake that rippled outwards.

Endless streams of the Great Dao surged in this lake, breeding a terrifying divine thunder of heavenly tribulation within.

This divine thunder came in crimson, gold, purple, and an even more terrifying rainbow hue.

That seven-colored thunder was bizarrely peaceful. Just by looking at it, one’s soul seemed to fall into illusion.

“This is… a variation change in heavenly tribulation! As Senior Lin is crossing heavenly tribulation, he severed the divine chains of order and touched the Heavenly Dao Laws once more, causing the power of the heavenly tribulation to be even more terrifying!”

“How can anyone...

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