MW Chapter 2057

Chapter 2057 – Break Past the Martial Song

After Famine swallowed the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, the starlight was locked away by the divine chains so it was naturally isolated from humanity.

Then, where did all this starlight that should have been humanity’s go to?

Divine Dream suspected that it had all been swallowed by Famine. In other words, Famine had swallowed the destiny that originally belonged to humanity and turned it into its own destiny.

The light of the Nine Stars that should have fallen upon humanity was transformed into Famine’s energy.

Then… the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign swallowing the Nine Divine Shifts should be a similar situation.

Not only did the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign wish to utterly destroy humanity but he also wished to swallow humanity’s destiny, turning it into his own!

Humanity’s current strength was already weak enough. The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign would first strike out at humanity and slowly eat away at them. In the future, once he was powerful enough, he would extend his tentacles to the spiritas and also swallow the destiny of their race.

At the end, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign might even use Famine to take over the world!

Thinking of this, Divine Dream felt just how heavy the ambitions...

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