MW Chapter 2057

Chapter 2057 – Break Past the Martial Song

After Famine swallowed the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, the starlight was locked away by the divine chains so it was naturally isolated from humanity.

Then, where did all this starlight that should have been humanity’s go to?

Divine Dream suspected that it had all been swallowed by Famine. In other words, Famine had swallowed the destiny that originally belonged to humanity and turned it into its own destiny.

The light of the Nine Stars that should have fallen upon humanity was transformed into Famine’s energy.

Then… the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign swallowing the Nine Divine Shifts should be a similar situation.

Not only did the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign wish to utterly destroy humanity but he also wished to swallow humanity’s destiny, turning it into his own!

Humanity’s current strength was already weak enough. The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign would first strike out at humanity and slowly eat away at them. In the future, once he was powerful enough, he would extend his tentacles to the spiritas and also swallow the destiny of their race.

At the end, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign might even use Famine to take over the world!

Thinking of this, Divine Dream felt just how heavy the ambitions of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign were. At the same time she also worried about Lin Ming. Since he caused the divine chains that blocked the Nine Stars of the Heavenly Dao to appear, did he plan on cutting them apart?

To cut apart the order of the Heavenly Dao, this was no minor matter.

The one doing so would have to bear the sanction of the Heavenly Dao, spurring on heavenly tribulation!

Now, within this star territory, heavenly tribulation had already formed above Lin Min’s head. But Lin Ming didn’t try to cross this tribulation now and instead chose to use this moment to face the Nine Stars Heavenly Dao. This was an extremely dangerous choice!

All the human martial artists held their breath. At this time, only a small number of Empyreans knew what he was doing; most people weren’t sure what was occurring.

As everyone couldn’t help but ask, at this moment they saw Lin Ming shoot up into the skies, tearing through space!

His body emitted resounding crackling sounds, as if mountains and rivers were breaking apart, as if planets were collapsing.

He drew out the Black Dragon Spear!

The Black Dragon Spear seemed to condense the heaviness of a great world. Endless dao patterns wove together on the surface of the spear shaft, looking like a black dragon that soared upwards!

Blood red scales with a cold metallic luster appeared on Lin Ming, as if something were trying to struggle from the depths of his body.

At this moment, Lin Ming had used the power of the Asura blood!

At the same time, five Dao Palaces opened up within his body. These five Dao Palaces corresponded to the power of the Nine Stars in the sky, faintly forming the divine brilliance of order.

Lin Ming’s speed increased with every moment. In his eyes he no longer saw surging tribulation clouds but only those divine chains.

The Black Dragon Spear slashed out, cutting down on those chains as if it would rip apart the world!

In that moment, an all-swallowing divine light covered the surrounding endless space. Beneath the pall of this divine light, even Empyreans were forced to close their eyes.

As for the younger generations, they were long since unable to withstand it!

“Draw back!”

People cried out in alarm. Human rulers formed protective true essence shields to shelter the young disciples as they rapidly retreated. Many people were faint of breath and nearly fell down where they stood.

The Black Dragon Spear collided with the divine chains in the divine light. Yet, it was strangely silent without a single sound. Even so, people could see the endless runes being destroyed and the impact shockwaves rushed out like a raging tide in all directions.


The void in front of Lin Ming was cut into countless fragments by the tide of energy.

As for those blood red divine chains, cracks began to appear within them under Lin Ming’s assault.

Time seemed to come to a standstill. Everyone watched as the divine chains that sealed away the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace turned into fragments of starlight as they thoroughly disintegrated!

The Nine Stars of the Dao Palace were released from their confinement and began to shine ever brighter. That endless starlight fell upon Lin Ming’s body, fell upon all the martial artists of humanity.

At this moment, every human martial artist could feel their blood vitality starting to race beneath the shimmer of this starlight. Some martial artists who had cultivated body transformation Laws and even some martial artists who had opened the Eight Inner Hidden Gates felt all of their blood energy seeming to condense in their bodies, becoming a billowing rocket that desired to hurtle towards the heavens!

“This is the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace! The strength of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, I felt it!”

Some martial artists uttered with shock, completely filled with disbelief.

When human martial artists cultivated the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, in truth the main reason they did so was because they wanted to open the Gate of Opening and enhance their own perception.

As for the true Gate of Life and Gate of Death, and the even higher Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, they had never considered it.

This was because cultivating the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace was restricted by the Heavenly Dao rules, and required a titanic level of resources, an amount that not even Empyrean Holy Lands were able to withstand!

Moreover, the chance of success was near zero!

After all sorts of reasons were added together, and especially since cultivating the body transformation system didn’t provide benefits that were too heaven-defying, very few people chose to dual cultivate essence and energy; it was simply far too difficult a road.

If it was said that some martial artists only faintly felt the strength of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, then Lin Ming was completely bathed in this starlight, undergoing a baptism of the Nine Stars!

When those divine chains broke, as the one who broke them, Lin Ming directly faced the Nine Stars. The endless starlight fell onto him like a gushing waterfall, bathing him!

This was the starlight accumulated over 3.6 billion years!

Although Famine had swallowed this starlight, the 33 Heavenly Daos were incomparably huge to begin with. No matter how strong Famine’s Laws of Swallowing were, it was impossible for him to swallow all the starlight.

Because of the restriction of the divine chains, after the light of the Nine Stars accumulated year after year it had undergone a qualitative change!

As this starlight violently poured into Lin Ming, his mortal body began to be reborn as his muscles and marrow were washed!

Beneath the divine light, his skin, skeleton, muscles, organs, everything became completely translucent.

The five Dao Palaces within his body recklessly absorbed this divine light, becoming increasingly grand and complex.

If the Dao Palaces within Lin Ming’s body were comparable to the imperial palace of a mortal, then after constantly growing, it had already turned into something like Divine Dream Heavenly Palace or the Good Fortune Saint Palace!

After lifting the shackles upon the Heavenly Dao, Lin Ming obtained the greatest advantages. The Dao Palaces that were suppressed within his body suddenly became several times more powerful. Their surging power was no longer blocked from Lin Ming’s body!

It was like his flesh and blood blended with the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, becoming a part of his instinct.

At this moment, Lin Ming could feel his strength wildly grow; it was already difficult to measure with numbers alone!

Without a doubt, 3.6 billion years ago when Famine swallowed the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, it had suffocated humanity’s body transformation system, making it impossibly difficult to train in.

But if one could be like Lin Ming and break through the chains of the Heavenly Dao even when that path was blocked, forcefully opening up the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace,  then once those divine chains were lifted and the connection of Lin Ming’s mortal body with the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace restored, then the body transformation system strength he possessed would far outstrip anything that human martial artists were able to attain in the past!

In the world of martial arts, the deeper the price the greater the profit. Now that Lin Ming had paid so much to break past the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace in the past, his harvests were that much greater!

The light of the Nine Stars was simply too vast. Lin Ming’s body had long been fully saturated and it was difficult for him to continue digesting all this starlight.

But at this moment, without any hesitation, Lin Ming compressed this infinite starlight and thrust it into his limbs!


Lin Ming’s arms and legs were flooded with energy. His blood vessels stuck out like earthworms, nearly blowing open.

And in the skies, amongst those nine great stars shining up high, one of them shined with an incomparable brilliance, like a dawning sun!

For one of those stars to turn into a blazing sun, all of the martial artists present were shocked.

“What is happening?”

Someone cried out in alarm.

“That is one of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace – the Martial Song Star!”

An Empyrean who understood the Laws of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace slowly whispered. Although humanity’s inheritances concerning the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace had been lost, there were still Empyreans who had peered through ancient records concerning them.

Within the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, the Martial Song Star was the one that corresponded to war and slaughter.

It was diametrically opposed to the Merciful Song Star.

The Dao Palace that the Martial Song Star corresponded with was the Martial Sovereign Dao Palace, also known as the Cardinal Direction Dao Palace!

The heavens had four extremes – east, west, south, and north, the four directions that led to the ends of the world.

Humans also had four extremes – they were the arms and legs. They were the limbs that allowed humans to walk, work, fight, live, they were the limbs that were related to all movements!

When essence gathering system martial artists fought, they could manifest the Laws within their inner world and manipulate the power of the world.

But when a body transformation system martial artist fought, they relied on their four limbs!

These four limbs seemed simple, but the truth was that they were the ultimate manifestation of a body transformation system martial artist’s combat strength!

Thus, the Martial Sovereign Dao Palace was an extremely important Dao Palace within the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. Once opened, a martial artist’s bodily strength would increase several times over!

Wu –

Wu –

Wu –

Stars trembled. Starlight surged.

The Martial Song Star shined bright in the skies, open and honest, yet bringing with it a terrifyingly suppressive feeling. Every martial artist could feel an extremely tyrannical momentum from within, an unbending strength!

The Martial Song Star was a brave star, one decisive in killing, one that roamed the world without fear!

Of the Nine Stars, it wasn’t just the Martial Song Star that was a brave star, but it was the one filled with a firm and straightforward meaning!

The Martial Song Star shined and starlight fell down. Lin Ming felt the strength within his arms and legs, the saturated starlight, being compressed without end, as if a smoldering volcano were ready to erupt from within him.

“Martial Sovereign Dao Palace – open!”

Lin Ming pushed against the starlight, firing towards the Martial Song Star.

With his incomparably formidable accumulations and the momentum from just breaking into the Empyrean realm, Lin Ming compressed the power of this starlight to the limit!

But at this time, blood red divine thunder fell onto Lin Ming’s body!


Lin Ming’s body shook. The moment the blood red thunder struck him, his speed slowed and blood flowed out from the corners of his lips.

He paused, staring into the skies like a hawk. He saw that the tribulation clouds of the nine heavens had already condensed to a terrifying degree!

Moreover, the surrounding light of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace also seemed to gather towards the tribulation clouds. The tribulation clouds had yet to reach their most potent stage!

However, the heavenly tribulation was already impatient to descend!

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