MW Chapter 2056

Chapter 2056 – The Restriction of the Nine Stars

“Let us go over and take a look!”

As Soaring Feather spoke, the yin yang vortex swept outwards, growing increasingly large. It already covered a 100,000 mile region and was able to cover an entire planet.

“This phenomenon… is truly special… this brat!”

Astral Vault God King huffed out. He couldn’t help but acknowledge that Lin Ming’s phenomena when he broke through the Empyrean realm were far greater than his own. Generally speaking, the phenomena of an Empyrean breakthrough were a manifestation of the Laws that the martial artist cultivated, or the types of energy they used.

This was because when a martial artist broke through to the Empyrean realm, the Laws they cultivated within themselves would sublimate, becoming a part of the Heavenly Dao.

Of course, the Heavenly Dao was divided into higher and lower divisions. There was the Heavenly Dao of a great world and the 33 Heavenly Daos, and even more beyond that. An Empyrean’s Heavenly Dao only consisted of a small portion in which they specialized, and that part would manage to achieve a lower standard of the Heavenly Dao. However, this was terrifying enough; it meant that when a martial artist became an Empyrean, they were able to break free from the shackles of mortality, becoming sanctified, becoming the true ruler of a world.

Within the three great cultivation systems, every one of the 33 Heavenly Daos revealed a different phenomenon. Astral Vault God King could be considered a person with vast experience, but he had actually never seen this phenomenon that was occurring around Lin Ming, nor was he able to recognize it.

And at this time, a change occurred!

In that incomparably large yin yang vortex in the air, energy raged and the Heavenly Dao Laws gathered!

Layers of thick clouds grew, every wisp of the dark cloud woven together with profound dao patterns.

These dao patterns were multi-colored and magnificent, incredibly deep and seeming to contain the vicissitudes of time within them, as if some unknown divine god had carved the years inside so that they would shine on for eternity.

Dao patterns revolved and the sound of the flowing Great Dao echoed through the air, sounding like countless mountains colliding as it resonated with the world.

Just this flowing dao rhythm shocked the mind, capable of scattering one’s divine soul.

The surrounding observers all felt a tremendous pressure on them.

As more dark clouds gathered, the beat of thunder sounded from within, as if some unparalleled divine king was smashing battle drums within.

These dao patterns finally wove together in the dark clouds and formed into crimson thunder!

This crimson thunder contained overwhelming infernal energy. Accompanied by the boundless Great Dao Laws, it howled over Lin Ming’s head!

Waves of thunder beat in the skies, every wisp of lightning as thick as a mountain as they tore through the star territory.

Sonic waves of the Great Dao continued to ring, like the original sound of the universe itself, the bell of twilight that deafened the ears.

“Heavenly tribulation! When a martial artist breaks into the Empyrean realm they must experience heavenly tribulation and now it has arrived! It contains the true sounds of the Great Dao and is interwoven with the judgment of thunder created by the Laws!”

The many martial artists present felt just how terrifying this heavenly tribulation was.

Most of them were the elites of humanity and they knew that when a martial artist broke into the Empyrean realm, their Laws would sublimate, rising to the will of the Heavenly Dao, and their incarnation would also become the ruler of a world. This was a challenge against the Heavenly Dao, thus they had to experience heavenly tribulation!

However, amongst humanity, Empyreans came around once every several hundred thousand years, thus only a minor number of those present had witnessed other Empyreans crossing their heavenly tribulation!

The tribulation clouds became increasingly rich and gloomy. Everyone could feel how horrifying the energy contained in these dark clouds was. Many young martial artists couldn’t withstand the pressure and began breathing in great heaving gulps, and there were even some martial artists with weaker cultivations that began streaming with sweat, finding it nearly impossible to stand.

However, no matter how difficult it was, no matter how much they suffered, they stubbornly endured, their eyes staring unblinkingly towards the far off tribulation clouds.

This was Lin Ming crossing heavenly tribulation, an event you wouldn’t even see in a hundred million years!

In the past, when martial artists broke through to the Empyrean realm they would invite all their good friends and comrades, including even their own disciples to attend this grand ceremony. To young martial artists, this was a rare lucky chance!

This was because when an Empyrean crossed heavenly tribulation the Great Dao Law would descend. For young martial artists this was a mental baptism that would provide them with great inspirations, clearing their minds and hearts!

Hum –

The true sounds of the Great Dao continued to circulate. Let alone the juniors of the younger generation, even the Empyreans felt a faint pressure in this environment. As for Empyrean Vast Universe, Lan Xin, and the others, goosebumps had risen all over their bodies. As they looked at these tribulation clouds, even they were gaining enlightenment.

To an Empyrean, the Laws they cultivated were mostly settled thus they comprehended slightly less. Those that truly profited were World Kings and Great World Kings!

Their cultivations were higher than the juniors’ and their understandings of the Heavenly Dao were also more profound than the juniors’. As they respectfully listened to the true sound of the Great Dao, they all felt as if their bodies were being washed through by the clearest spring, their dao understandings being smashed by countless hammers, becoming even stronger and more durable.

In particular, before this heavenly tribulation, some Great World Kings that were close to breaking into the Empyrean realm seemed to hear countless Supremes whispering the secrets of the Great Dao into their ears. Some puzzles that had long plagued their cultivations and had formed walls suddenly showed signs of loosening.

Because of Lin Ming crossing heavenly tribulation, the skies above the originally confusing road to becoming an Empyrean seemed to open up, shining down light that illuminated the path forwards!

This was an inestimably valuable great lucky chance. Thus, many World Kings went wild with happiness, all of them wishing they could dive into those tribulation clouds!

Of course, those tribulation clouds were too terrifying. If they really did rush in then they would instantly disintegrate into ashes.

“This brat! He has drawn down tribulation clouds of the 33 Heavens! That is the highest level of Empyrean heavenly tribulations, and looking at it, it seems to possess the most terrifying kind of power.”

Astral Vault God King thoughtfully said.

Soaring Feather God King’s response was much slower. “With Lin Ming’s current strength, it would be strange if he didn’t bring down 33 Heavens tribulation clouds. These tribulation clouds are terrifying but it is unlikely to affect him. Rather, this will be his chance. He will borrow this heavenly tribulation to temper his body and consolidate his foundation. That would be the best choice for him.”

Listening to Soaring Feather’s words, Astral Vault’s face darkened. When a new Empyrean crossed heavenly tribulation, this was a lucky chance for those observing. But, the greatest beneficiary was of course the new Empyrean themselves.

The more terrifying the heavenly tribulation was, the greater the lucky chance. When Astral Vault compared the scale of the heavenly tribulation clouds he summoned in the past, he knew they were much worse than Lin Ming’s. This left him with a strange taste in his heart.

At this time, beneath the divine might of heavenly tribulation, every inch of Lin Ming’s skin began to shine.

Basked in endless light, he was like a great sun floating in the skies. No matter how mighty the heavenly tribulation was, it didn’t seem to affect him; he didn’t even bat an eye.

Rumble rumble rumble!

Heavenly tribulation approached. The power fermenting in the clouds became increasingly terrifying. At this time, an Empyrean that lacked sufficient skill would have already challenged the tribulation clouds ahead of time.

No one believed Lin Ming lacked skill. Thus, he would wait until the heavenly tribulation clouds fermented to their limit before he fought them.

“It’s almost at the limit!”

“It’s finally about to start!”

By now, the tribulation clouds in the skies had expanded to several hundred thousand miles, covering this entire region of the star territory!

The energy contained within was saturated to the limit. Although more and more heaven and earth origin energy gathered, it was a tiny amount compared to what was already there.

According to previous experiences, heavenly tribulation was about to begin!

At this point, let alone the juniors, even Emperor Shakya, Dark Demon Monarch, and the others all held their breath, their concentration completely focused on what was occurring.

But below the tribulation clouds, Lin Ming still hadn’t started preparations to withstand the heavenly tribulation. He didn’t even look up. All of his attention was focused on absorbing the mystical power of Laws to further stabilize his inner world.

Within the chaos, the energies of yin and yang seemed to evolve into all living creatures.

The light and clear power of divinity soared into the skies, condensing into auspicious clouds that lingered about.

The heavy and thick power of demons sank to the ground, forming blood red continents that stretched towards infinity.

The surrounding Laws became increasingly condensed and perfect.

Suddenly, Lin Ming’s eye flashed open. His eyes seemed to contain pitch black chaos that swallowed all. Even when lower Empyreans saw him they felt their minds shake, as if their divine souls would be dragged in and absorbed.

Seeing Lin Ming’s aura finally erupt, everyone held their breath.

The vast and overwhelming momentum of this heavenly tribulation was simply unprecedented, whether it was in the past or present.

It was hard to imagine just what scene would occur when Lin Ming crossed heavenly tribulation.

But at this time, another change occurred!

Lin Ming breathed thunder. With a bass roar, the surrounding galaxy shook.

A vast aura rose from within his body. Wisps of starlight gushed out from every pore, forming mystical runes in the air. These runes transformed into chains that waved back and forth within the boundless dark heavenly tribulation clouds.

“What is he doing?” Seeing this, some human martial artists couldn’t help but ask in bewilderment, finding it hard to respond.

Just as everyone was puzzled, marvelous fluctuations of the Great Dao rules appeared in the heavenly tribulation.

Small swathes of starry space began to appear from within those dark clouds.

This was a breathtaking sight. From those obviously thick tribulation clouds, part of them was actually turning into starry space.

Nine titanic stars appeared, exuding the aura of the Great Dao Laws.

Their starlight fell upon Lin Ming, bathing him.

“This is…”

Everyone peered deeper in. They could see that these nine stars seemed to be imprisoned and locked in by chains that twined about them like red dragons.

These chains emitted an irresistible mystical strength that blocked the divine light of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace so that the stars couldn’t move.

“This is the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. This is…”

Many of the human martial artists present were vastly experienced individuals so they naturally recognized the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace immediately.

But, the one with the most profound understanding was in truth Astral Vault God King.

At this time, what people paid attention to were not the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace themselves, but the dark red chains that bound them!

From their far-off point of view, these chains appeared extremely slender. Compared to the incandescent stars, the chains seemed insignificant. However, the divine spiritual light woven into them caused the mind to shake!

“This is…”

In Mount Potala, Great Limitless Buddha’s wizened eyes flashed with a brilliant light!

Great Limitless Buddha was already old. Although he was a peak Empyrean, in terms of strength he was much worse than Emperor Shakya. However, he possessed an incredibly rich trove of knowledge. As he saw these dark red divine chains, the first thing that came to his mind was the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace that was swallowed by Famine 3.6 billion years ago!

In truth, Famine didn’t swallow the 33 Heavenly Dao Laws. Rather, it had swallowed the destiny that linked humanity to the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, the causal relationship that connected the two.

And, this sort of swallowing was actually a type of Laws unto itself. These Laws wove together into divine chains that locked away the starlight, causing it so that human martial artists couldn’t be illuminated by the starlight of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace.

Because of this reason, ever since 3.6 billion years ago, the human martial artists that cultivated the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace had nearly gone extinct!

“So that’s what it is!”

Divine Dream muttered. Within her normally quiet and placid eyes, ripples appeared, showing just how difficult she was finding it to compose herself.

At this moment, she finally understood just what sort of relationship bound together Famine, the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, and the Nine Divine Shifts that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign desired to change!


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