MW Chapter 2055

Chapter 2055 – I, Empyrean

At this time, Lin Ming was still within Famine’s body, completely unaware of everything occurring outside.

He had already forgotten the passing of time, forgotten himself, forgotten all.

He had used a full three months to extract the power of demons from the flesh and blood essence of Famine, constantly absorbing and digesting it.

Like this, his mortal body turned blood red as it was baptized in waves of energy.

The power of divinity and demons had condensed above Lin Ming’s head, forming a primal chaos yin yang diagram. It shined with brilliance, making it seem as if a terrifying divine god were being bred within him.

And behind Lin Ming, a giant black phantom appeared.

This black phantom had a solemn and majestic face, seeming as if it dominated all of creation. Looking carefully, one could find the shadow of Lin Ming in the face of this phantom.

This was the projection of the Supreme from Lin Ming’s inner world. It was so massive that it stood as high as the heavens, the slightest movement of its body able to stir seas and shake mountains!


Lin Ming’s eyes flashed open. Beams of divine light radiated outwards from between his eyebrows, shooting into the horizon.

And at this moment, within his chaotic inner world, a crack appeared as it was assaulted beneath enormous impacts.

In that split second, Lin Ming guided the boundless power of divinity and demons to wildly flush into his inner world.

The power of divinity and demons within Lin Ming’s body had been compressed to the extreme. Once this compressed power erupted, it could easily shatter planets. But Lin Ming relied on his incredibly powerful mortal body and the transcendent Great Dao Laws he controlled to forcefully imprison this power within his body so that it wouldn’t leak out.

It was like he was continuously compressing his own strength, and once it reached the limit he had all of it rush into his body in a single breath. In that moment, it was like millions of seas crashing down, breaking through a dam and surging in. Divine waves soared to the heavens and space itself was destroyed.

When these energies broke into Lin Ming’s inner world, they had an even broader stage to spread. The power of divinity and demons recklessly proliferated outwards, forming a yin yang image as each side began to strike at the other!

This strength was able to wash away rivers of stars. With Lin Ming’s inner world as a battlefield, once a yin yang storm evolved, even he would find it difficult to withstand.

Lin Ming’s thoughts focused. The giant Supreme phantom in his inner world suddenly appeared in the center of these two forces.

The strength of Laws within Lin Ming’s inner world was completely condensed in the Supreme phantom. At the same time, the gray Magic Cube spun about, suppressing all.

The revolving Magic Cube in his inner world seemed capable of rolling over all Laws, incomparably heavy, as if a great world had come smashing down.

Underneath Lin Ming’s efforts, an incredibly delicate node appeared in his inner world. It wove together Law dao patterns, endlessly shaking the void as it separated the power of divinity and demons.

Then these two strengths took Lin Ming’s Supreme as the core, with a little bit overflowing and mixing together.

Time passed. As the suppression continued, strands of the power of demons slowly fused with the power of divinity.

This strength was all absorbed by Lin Ming’s Supreme. Gradually, the Supreme stepped more and more into reality!

At the start the majestic face of this Supreme only had the blurry shadow of Lin Ming’s appearance. But then, this face seemed more and more like a true person. Black armor appeared on this Supreme, its eyes became brighter, and black hair started flowing down its head.

It resembled Lin Ming more and more. Finally, it seemed to become a giant incarnation of Lin Ming.

Its facial features, its proportions, its appearance, everything was similar to Lin Ming. However, its temperament was highly different.

Lin Ming was a human. Although he was oftentimes a serious and stoic individual, he possessed feelings.

But this Supreme phantom had no feelings at all. It seemed to consider all living beings insignificant, a true cold and merciless god of the world!

As the Supreme fully manifested, Lin Ming’s inner world suddenly began to collapse. The power of divinity and demons mixed together and invisible Laws spread outwards.

The collapse widened. Lin Ming’s inner world became increasingly chaotic.

This was also what Lin Ming needed.

This was the so-called breaking down all and then reforming from the beginning.

The yin yang of the universe was the same as the power of divinity and demons. Although they opposed each other, the truth was that before the big bang of the universe, these two forces had been completely fused together. The interactions between yin and yang combined into this complex and wonderful world.

This was what ancients meant when they said one gave birth to two, two gave birth to three, and three gave birth to all living things.

Of this, ‘two’ represented yin and yang.

‘Three’ represented the additional ‘force’ that came from fusing yin and yang.

What Lin Ming wanted to do now was imitate the big bang of the universe, to break apart the instinctual shackles of the Laws and create a miracle of his own.

This was a decision that originated from Lin Ming’s extremely profound understanding of the Heavenly Dao. Although it seemed dangerous, it was in fact the right decision.

Like an ancient universe being annihilated, Lin Ming’s inner world also began collapse.

The most fundamental Law marks scattered through this chaotic world like sparkling stars.

More and more marks appeared. Some were dark like black holes, some were light like shining great suns.

Finally, when the last bits of the power of divinity and demons crashed into each other and dispersed outwards, Lin Ming’s inner world finally completely collapsed, turning into an incomparably vast grandmist chaos.

It resembled the mist from the moments when a universe was being born.

In that infinite mist, only those dark and light Law marks continued to shine.

Gradually, massive tracts of those dark marks began to mix with those light marks like yin and yang, forming a wonderful harmonic equilibrium.

In that moment, an incomparably great power of rules surged outwards.

The chaos within this inner world began to return to clear brightness. Continuous mountain ranges of Laws formed and great waves rose up on endless seas. The power of the metal, wood, water, fire, and earth mixed together in harmony, creating world-shaking changes.

In this instant, Lin Ming spread out his arms in the void. The surrounding essence energy of the world began flowing towards him.

His eyes opened and light flashed out from his pupils. Brilliant light shone on his face. He opened his mouth and yawned, his breath like white clouds in the shape of dragons, soaring into the distance. He reared back his head and let out a long cry, his voice echoing into eternity like an endless thunderclap.

At this time, the towering Supreme had formed an incomparably huge body. Its eyes hung high like the sun and moon, shining down upon the world. It emitted a terrifying aura as if it carried the heavens on its shoulders.

This world seemed to tremble. Beneath Lin Ming’s dazzling figure, everything seemed to be shrouded in darkness. It was like all of creation was submitting to him, and being king of this world was only his background.

This was because at this moment he was the supreme ruler of this universe – an Empyrean!

Lin Ming had finally stepped into the true Empyrean realm!

The moment Lin Ming became an Empyrean, the enchantment he arranged around himself was broken apart. For a time, the beautiful sounds of the Great Dao sounded out into the skies!

A terrifying divine light washed through the dark nebula, shining upon the human fleet.

Everyone, whether they were inside their spirit ships or not, saw this marvelous spectacle. It was like their spirit ships had been penetrated by this divine light, becoming completely transparent.

They all saw that massive Supreme phantom standing within the world, on par with the heavens!

“Could this be…?”

“This is the phenomenon of Lin Ming breaking into the Empyrean realm?”

As the Empyreans of Mount Potala Heavenly Palace saw this phenomenon, all of them flew out from the Heavenly Palace!

The scene of Lin Ming breaking into the Empyrean realm was simply earthshaking. It was at least 10 times or a hundred times greater than any one of them!

Besides the Empyreans, the World Kings, Holy Lords, and other martial artists of the Nine Divine Shifts were struck by this phenomenon. They all hurried out of their spirit ships in droves.

These people only saw endless world origin energy gather, forming a giant yin yang vortex.

And in the center of this vortex was clearly the shadow of a person. His figure was blurred in the storm, but at this time, this blurry figure contained a magical charm. As all the martial artists saw him, he became a brand that marked itself into their hearts, forever unable to be destroyed!

“That shadow is Lin Ming!”

“How terrifying!”

In front of this terrifying majesty, not to mention Holy Lords and World Kings, even Empyreans felt their minds shake with awe and fear!

And at this time, the giant yin yang vortex that swept through the world became increasingly fierce!

Hu –

Hu –

Hu –

All Laws submitted, the infinite variations of the Great Dao resonated.

Within this yin yang vortex, Lin Ming was recklessly absorbing the power of the heavens and earth into his body.

Laws shined in space. A golden bridge formed across the skies, shooting into Lin Ming’s forehead. This was the source Laws of the Asura Heavenly Dao, its brilliance seeming as if it were capable of surmounting all lies and illusions.

A giant black and white wheel appeared, fusing into Lin Ming’s dantian, seeming as if the doors of life and death could be seen in them. This was the source Life and Death Laws of the Holy Scripture, one of the highest Great Dao Laws of the world.

Dragons of thunder and dragons of flame appeared from deep in the universe. They roared and dove into the power of thunder and fire in Lin Ming’s body. Every arc of lightning, every wisp of flame around Lin Ming seemed to develop a mind of its own, instinctually manifesting into dragons of flame and thunder that played around him…

Myriad Laws swelled towards him, connecting into his body and weaving together in his inner world.

This Great Dao evolved, floating in his inner world and making the Great Dao rules of his inner world ever more perfect.

Within this inner world, spiritual power was so thick and rich it flowed like water and gathered into rivers and seas. Within these lakes and seas, golden scales sparkled, turning into True Dragons that galloped around. These were but a few of the innumerable phenomena occurring within Lin Ming…

And not too far away from Lin Ming’s breakthrough location, two figures stood in the starry void and watched all of this occur.

These two people were Soaring Feather and Astral Vault.

“This is the phenomenon of Lin Ming breaking into the Empyrean realm.”

Soaring Feather looked at the giant yin yang vortex, her complexion earnest.

Beside her, Astral Vault parted his lips, his throat twitching. He looked at the giant vortex and said after a long period of time, “What energy is that?”

“I do not know!”

Soaring Feather shook her head. Even though Soaring Feather and Astral Vault were both True Divinities, they still couldn’t see through the power of divinity and demons, because this strength had already surpassed their cognition!


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