MW Chapter 2055

Chapter 2055 – I, Empyrean

At this time, Lin Ming was still within Famine’s body, completely unaware of everything occurring outside.

He had already forgotten the passing of time, forgotten himself, forgotten all.

He had used a full three months to extract the power of demons from the flesh and blood essence of Famine, constantly absorbing and digesting it.

Like this, his mortal body turned blood red as it was baptized in waves of energy.

The power of divinity and demons had condensed above Lin Ming’s head, forming a primal chaos yin yang diagram. It shined with brilliance, making it seem as if a terrifying divine god were being bred within him.

And behind Lin Ming, a giant black phantom appeared.

This black phantom had a solemn and majestic face, seeming as if it dominated all of creation. Looking carefully, one could find the shadow of Lin Ming in the face of this phantom.

This was the projection of the Supreme from Lin Ming’s inner world. It was so massive that it stood as high as the heavens, the slightest movement of its body able to stir seas and shake mountains!


Lin Ming’s eyes flashed open. Beams of divine light radiated outwards from between...

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