MW Chapter 2054

Chapter 2054 – God Kings Withdraw

“It doesn’t matter if you answer or not, I know that he is here. It seems he lacks fear!”

Soaring Feather coldly said. Her words contained a hint of anger. She felt that Lin Ming choosing to go into seclusion in the Hidden Dragon Galaxy and also using Fairy Blue Lotus as a hostage was a provocation against her authority!

But before making such a provocation, Lin Ming had carefully considered the situation before coming to this decision.

Firstly, it was impossible for Lin Ming to abandon the human armies that he had just gathered.

Secondly, if Soaring Feather wanted to choose this time to attack Lin Ming, she would have to weigh the matter and decide if it was worth it!

Once Soaring Feather attacked, Fairy Blue Lotus would immediately be killed. Losing her most beloved disciple that she had placed all her painstaking effort and care into was one matter, but the key issue was… could Soaring Feather confidently said that she could certainly kill Lin Ming?

Over 6000 years ago, Lin Ming had only been a Holy Lord with strength not worth...

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