MW Chapter 2054

Chapter 2054 – God Kings Withdraw

“It doesn’t matter if you answer or not, I know that he is here. It seems he lacks fear!”

Soaring Feather coldly said. Her words contained a hint of anger. She felt that Lin Ming choosing to go into seclusion in the Hidden Dragon Galaxy and also using Fairy Blue Lotus as a hostage was a provocation against her authority!

But before making such a provocation, Lin Ming had carefully considered the situation before coming to this decision.

Firstly, it was impossible for Lin Ming to abandon the human armies that he had just gathered.

Secondly, if Soaring Feather wanted to choose this time to attack Lin Ming, she would have to weigh the matter and decide if it was worth it!

Once Soaring Feather attacked, Fairy Blue Lotus would immediately be killed. Losing her most beloved disciple that she had placed all her painstaking effort and care into was one matter, but the key issue was… could Soaring Feather confidently said that she could certainly kill Lin Ming?

Over 6000 years ago, Lin Ming had only been a Holy Lord with strength not worth mentioning. Soaring Feather had been a God King and she had even planted a True Divinity mark in his body, chasing him through several great worlds to hunt him down. But in the end, she had failed.

She analyzed this matter later and came to the possible conclusion that it was the Soul Emperor who had deceived her, but no matter what, it was a great blow to her confidence.

Even the chase where she was absolutely sure she had killed Lin Ming had failed. Now, could she guarantee that this attempt would be successful?

The present Lin Ming was soon about to become an Empyrean. And before becoming an Empyrean he had created miracle after miracle, even reversing the war between humanity and the saints. He was not a character who could be easily dealt with.

If Soaring Feather were to start a battle in the Hidden Dragon Galaxy, then annihilating the human fleet and killing 20-30 Empyreans wouldn’t be too difficult.

But to kill Lin Ming, that was a completely different matter.

Lin Ming had a great destiny upon his body that made him especially difficult to deal with. Moreover, he also had Divine Dream protecting him from the side. In a crucial moment, Soaring Feather didn’t doubt that Divine Dream would rather sacrifice dozens of human Empyreans to ensure Lin Ming’s survival. To Divine Dream, this wouldn’t be difficult.

Without killing Lin Ming and instead delaying his breakthrough, this was the same as completely and utterly offending him; it would cause serious consequences.

A peerless monstrous genius like Lin Ming would have inconceivable future achievements. Even though Astral Vault God King didn’t believe that Lin Ming could fight him after he broke into the Empyrean realm, he couldn’t help but acknowledge that it wouldn’t be long before Lin Ming surpassed him.

Once Lin Ming grew up, he would surely search for Soaring Feather and Astral Vault to clear out this hatred. At that time, the result of what happened would be difficult to predict.

To kill off the human elites here wasn’t something that humanity could withstand.

But if they failed to kill Lin Ming, wouldn’t they also be unable to withstand the consequences?

In the end, the only reason they were assisting the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was because of a combination of interests. They weren’t to the point of having some undying grudge against Lin Ming.

Lin Ming had already calculated that they wouldn’t attack, thus his lack of fear.

To be caught in a crux by a junior like this didn’t have Soaring Feather feeling well, but on the other side, Lin Ming didn’t kill Blue Lotus nor did he kill Highsun and Darkmoon. He had left them all a way out of this situation as he also didn’t want to truly offend Soaring Feather and Astral Vault.

Lin Ming didn’t want to make these two his enemies, so he left a road to a peaceful solution that they could all take.

If so, then these two God Kings also had to mull over whether or not they wanted to continue being enemies with Lin Ming.

Soaring Feather fell silent. She had already imperiously rushed here with intent to kill, so retreating wasn’t something that could be easily justified. Moreover, she hadn’t seen Fairy Blue Lotus yet.

“You, the one called Emperor Shakya!”

Soaring Feather stared at Emperor Shakya without expression, also a bit startled by him. Emperor Shakya had already withstood her pressure for a considerable time. Although her pressure was weakened by Divine Dream’s force field, it was amazing that he could still calmly speak to her.

“Yes!” Emperor Shakya said, his tone neither arrogant nor servile.

“Good! Since Lin Ming dares to break into the Empyrean realm in the Hidden Dragon Galaxy and openly and honestly wait for me to arrive, why should I fear waiting a few more months until his seclusion is over?

“I will wait until Lin Ming breaks into the Empyrean realm and then come look for him again!”

As Soaring Feather spoke, she removed her force field blockade.

Seeing the feathers fade away, Emperor Shakya let out a sigh of relief. Although he appeared calm and collected, the truth was that his nerves had been extremely taut!

If the things Lin Ming left behind were unable to deter Soaring Feather and she fought here then the consequences would be unthinkable.

This was a loss that humanity would absolutely be unable to withstand.

“Soaring Feather, you’re drawing back like this?”

Astral Vault God King didn’t expect that the arrogant Soaring Feather would rush here from another universe in such anger and yet unexpectedly give up.

“I have already confirmed Blue Lotus is safe, so what do you want? Do you really plan on washing the Hidden Dragon Galaxy in blood?” Soaring Feather God King asked with a sound transmission, an eyebrow lifted.

But Astral Vault God King seemed to detect an unusual meaning in Soaring Feather’s words.

“Soaring Feather, just what are you trying to say? Are you planning to slowly fade out from this war between races?”

“I never said that.” Soaring Feather shook her head. “It’s just that the current situation is different from before. You should also understand what is occurring. This war between the saints and humanity is not to help the saint race further expand their territory, and if I must be blunt, this great war between races is not fought for the saints, but for that person and his desire to realize his ambitions. The only reasons that we participated in this war were because we do not wish to offend him and because the conditions he put out were indeed tempting.

“But what if there was a change in this war? What if the future outcome of this war is different from what we expected?”

Soaring Feather asked in return, leaving Astral Vault stunned. It was several breaths of time before he responded to what Soaring Feather referred to. This wasn’t because he was slow but because he didn’t think she would have such ideas.

“How could that possibly occur? Do you think Lin Ming alone has the strength to turn the tide? Do you really think so highly of a junior? Do you think that Good Fortune won’t be able to deal with him?”

Astral Vault looked towards Soaring Feather with incredulity thick on his face. He had personally experienced just how profoundly terrifying the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was.

In his eyes, Lin Ming was indeed talented. However, when the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was young, everyone also believed that he was omnipotent. Astral Vault God King didn’t believe that a junior like Lin Ming could do anything to the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign; the disparity was simply too great.

“This is to prepare for a rainy day. Having one more plan means we have one more contingency escape route.”

“You are being too cautious! Us two God Kings rushed all the way here in such a hurry and yet we are supposed to be threatened and pushed away by a mere junior who hasn’t even broken into the Empyrean realm yet? We haven’t even seen his face. If this were to spread out then we would be the laughing stock of the world!”

Astral Vault said, a bit breathless with rage.

Soaring Feather was silent. She had to admit that what Astral Vault said was not without reason. At the very least, her actions seemed overly sensitive from an outsider’s perspective, and everyone would ridicule them.

But she would rather seem overly sensitive than provoke a terrifying future enemy for benefits that she hadn’t yet obtained.

Soaring Feather said, “If you insist on fighting then I won’t stop you.”

“How can I fight alone?!” Astral Vault uttered, speechless. Once Soaring Feather withdrew, there simply wasn’t any chaos he could stir up.

Not to mention Lin Ming, just Empyrean Divine Dream was more than he could handle. Without Soaring Feather here to help him, Divine Dream simply had to use the divine dream space to give him a headache. And if Divine Dream were to attack with her full power then he might head in the wrong direction in the illusion and be struck with massive meteors from all sides. Compared to being forced to retreat by Lin Ming, that would be a hundred times more humiliating.

“Forget it. Anyways, when the two of us decide something, it's always you making the decisions. But when it comes to Lin Ming, I only have this to say. Because you failed to kill Lin Ming over 6000 years ago, your confidence was attacked and now your actions are so timid when they concern him.

“Don’t forget, when you chased down Lin Ming in the past it was a terrifying character that you suspect to be the Soul Emperor who was meddling from the side; it had nothing to do with Lin Ming himself. I, Astral Vault, have lived for so many years but this is the first time I have been pushed back by a junior who is in seclusion, this is simply far too humiliating!”

Astral Vault was already furious as he spoke to here. “If you want to wait for Lin Ming to break into the Empyrean realm then let’s continue waiting. At that time, I want to see just what he can do after becoming an Empyrean!”

The conversation between Astral Vault and Soaring Feather was carried out through sound transmission. A moment after he finished speaking, he turned and flew away, instantly hiding in the dark nebula.

Then, Soaring Feather quietly glanced at Divine Dream. With a gentle wave of her sleeve her body turned into rainbow-hued feathers that disappeared in a swirl.

It was only when the two God Kings vanished that Emperor Shakya was able to let out a long breath of relief. His taut nerves slowly relaxed.

“Senior Divine Dream!” Emperor Shakya looked towards Divine Dream. With his age, it was correct for him to refer to her as a senior.

“Return to the Heavenly Palace before discussing anything further!” Divine Dream simply said. Her figure flashed and she flew rapidly towards Mount Potala Heavenly Palace.


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