MW Chapter 2053

Chapter 2053 - Threaten

Seeing Divine Dream appear, a cold light flashed in Soaring Feather’s eyes.

If it weren’t for Divine Dream, it wouldn’t have been such a long time before she was able to return to this wild universe.

The 33 Heavens were simply far too broad. No matter how fast a True Divinity was, it was impossible for them to travel through an entire universe by flying.

If they wished to travel through a universe, they had to use great void shifts.

But using great void shifts required time, and not just that but it couldn’t be interrupted midway. For someone in the midst of battle it was a nearly impossible feat to complete.

Although Divine Dream couldn’t harm Soaring Feather, just harassing her so that she couldn’t use a great void shift wasn’t difficult.

It was only afterwards that Soaring Feather God King helped Astral Vault God King in ridding himself of the shackles of the divine dream space. Then with Astral Vault God King delaying her, she had been able to withdraw and use the great void shift to travel through space.

Divine Dream certainly wouldn’t allow Soaring Feather to return to the wild universe so easily. She had already locked onto Soaring Feather and like this, a grand chase began. During the process they exchanged moves several times.

With Astral Vault God King butting his way in, the three True Divinities blocked each other. It was only after several months that they just managed to return to the wild universe.

Because of this, whether it was Soaring Feather, Divine Dream, or Astral Vault, all of them had consumed a great deal of energy.

At this time, their appearance in the Hidden Dragon Galaxy had caused the situation to become complex.

As Soaring Feather God King saw Emperor Shakya and the others, her face darkened. When she entered the wild universe and was flying towards this area, she quickly contacted the intelligence networks of the saints to find out whatever information there was, and she discovered that the humans had started to gather in the Hidden Dragon Galaxy. However, she didn’t think this gathering would be so thorough. As she roughly passed her sense over the area, she noticed there were dozens of human Empyreans in the Hidden Dragon Galaxy and nearly all of the several peak Empyreans were here.

“Divine Dream, you chased me for such a long time, from that nameless universe all the way to this wild universe and now you’ve finally caught up to me. Are you in such a hurry to fight me? Then, let’s do it here!”

As Soaring Feather God King spoke, feathers drifted down from the endless skies, forming an invisible force field that rapidly expanded outwards.

This force field formed incredibly quickly. It almost instantly covered the surrounding million miles of the star territory, completely shrouding the human alliance!

With this True Divinity force field here, it would be difficult for humanity to break out. And once three True Divinities started to fight in the Hidden Dragon Galaxy it would be catastrophic for the humans gathered here!

At this time, Soaring Feather’s expressionless face was filled with cold killing intent!

“Hahaha! Wonderful idea! We’ve been playing around all this time and today we should finally get serious! Even if I have to consume a little of my life it doesn’t matter; perhaps I might even be able to gain some comprehensions in this fight!”

Astral Vault God King laughed and pure golden astral essence gushed out from his body, burning all around him like a blazing golden flame. As he struggled with Divine Dream he had spent most of the time trapped in the divine dream space. From start to finish he had never truly fought her, causing Astral Vault God King to be extremely annoyed and angry. Now, he wanted to vent his frustrations!

Astral Vault and Soaring Feather’s response caused Divine Dream to frown. After she entered the wild universe, it became much easier to transmit news and she had already received a sound transmission from Emperor Shakya that informed her of Lin Ming’s return. She had been overjoyed to learn this but she didn’t think the situation would devolve to this step.

If they really did fight here then the consequences would be inconceivable.

“Where is Lin Ming? Call him out!”

Soaring Feather God King’s voice seemed to come from the nine nether abyss. Her incarnation had been defeated by Lin Ming and then refined by him!

As for her most beloved disciple Fairy Blue Lotus, she had no idea whether she was alive or not.

When she first learned Lin Ming was still alive, Soaring Feather God King was unbelievably shocked. She had killed Lin Ming thousands of years ago!

But reality had been laid before her. Soaring Feather carefully recalled her memories of killing Lin Ming, and she came to an incomparably startling result, one that even left her feeling a bit fearful. That was that some mysterious person had used an unbelievable technique and illusion skills far more profound than her own to deceive her!

The one she actually killed might have been a scapegoat who looked similar to Lin Ming, but at the time she had sincerely believed that she had killed him. Just who had the ability to do this?

Without a doubt, this mysterious person was far stronger than she was. And according to the techniques this person used, they must be a peerless master in terms of the soul and mental strength. Once she realized this, the person’s identity became far too apparent.

When it came to the soul and mental strength, no one could compare with the spiritas. And although the spiritas had several True Divinities, including even Soul Emperor Divine Void in the Asura Road, none of these people possessed the ability to fool her. If she disregarded those powerhouses that were hidden away and no one knew if they actually existed or not, and she also disregarded the rumored old monsters that were said to still exist from 10 billion years ago…

Then this mysterious person could only be the 33 Heavens’ Soul Emperor!

Soaring Feather didn’t know why the Soul Emperor would help Lin Ming. Could he be planning to cultivate Lin Ming so that he could be an enemy of the saints?

To sit on the mountaintop and watch tigers fight – this was a reasonable explanation. However, to raise a fierce tiger just so he could send it out to fight, didn’t the Soul Emperor fear that his actions would bring disaster unto himself?

All sorts of doubts passed through Soaring Feather’s mind, but right now she couldn’t think of all of this.

This time she had come to capture Lin Ming and settle the account of her incarnation being destroyed as well as the unknown fate of her disciple.

If Lin Ming wouldn’t come out then she would wash the Hidden Dragon Galaxy in blood!

Shua –

At this time, another divine light came shrouding down. A thin force field emerged from Empyrean Divine Dream’s body, covering the Hidden Dragon Galax. But, the scope of this force field was smaller and merely covered humanity’s spirit ships; this was equal to isolating Soaring Feather from humanity.

Seeing this, Astral Vault God King sneered. “Divine Dream, do you think that this alone is enough to block me? Destroying is always easier than protecting, and we have two people!”

Astral Vault crossed his arms against his chest and his voice began to drip with murder. “There are also my two disciples. I want to find out what happened to them!”

With two God Kings aggressively approaching, the situation had spiraled out of control. It seemed that a battle would be sparked at any moment!

At this time, Emperor Shakya stepped forwards. “Two God Kings, do you both believe that Blue Lotus, Highsun, and Darkmoon slaughtering humans is just and fine, that the countless trillions of human lives should be their military exploits, and our bones should be used to pave the road to True Divinity for those three people? And once we resist and harm your disciples, we should be damned to destruction by the heavens and earth?”

Soaring Feather didn’t respond to Emperor Shakya’s words.

With a blank face, she said, “There is no right or wrong in war, only others killing others. If Blue Lotus kills your people then you are perfectly justified in killing her. And if you’ve killed Blue Lotus, then it is simply cause and effect that I kill you in return!”

“Indeed, there is no wrong party in war. Since ancient times the winner has always been king and the loser always the villain! Then, let me tell you something, regardless of whether it is Blue Lotus, Highsun, or Darkmoon, none of them have died. They are still alive.”

With this information, Soaring Feather felt her heart tighten. She let out a long breath; Blue Lotus was still alive!

However, the icy expression on her face didn’t melt away. “Then have her come out.”

Soaring Feather God King said with a determined voice. However, Emperor Shakya flatly refused. “I’m sorry but this is impossible. Otherwise, once you forcefully take Blue Lotus away you could then turn around and kill us all. How could we believe you?”

“Are you threatening me?” Soaring Feather God King slowly descended, her clothes fluttering all around her. Her terrifying pressure slowly seeped through Divine Dream’s force field and covered Emperor Shakya.

Emperor Shakya frowned. He summoned energy to resist the pressure and proudly said, “We are far from being able to threaten you. However, Lin Ming was the one who captured your apprentice and releasing her is something that only he can decide.”

“Where is he?”

Astral Vault God King asked. After he returned to the wild universe he had still continued fighting with Divine Dream so he had only hurriedly received information. He approximately understood that Lin Ming had appeared and that he had created a reversal in the war.

He wanted to see just what this legendary super genius was like, the person said to be the number one talent in the 33 Heavens and also the youth who managed to somehow escape Soaring Feather’s chase in the past!

“Lin Ming, he is in seclusion.”


“Yes. He is breaking through to the Empyrean realm!” Emperor Shakya didn’t hide anything. “We have taken into account the possibility the saints might worry that once Lin Ming breaks into the Empyrean realm, his strength will reach the level of True Divinities and the two of you will not be his match. So, you might try to eliminate Lin Ming ahead of time to remove any future troubles. Because of this I can only keep your disciples as guests so that you two will quietly wait here for a few days.”

Emperor Shakya slowly said. Then, Astral Vault God King began to laugh. “What did you say? After breaking through to the Empyrean realm his strength will rise above True Divinities and I won’t be his match? That’s too funny!”

Astral Vault God King mocked.

The disparity between a True Divinity and Empyrean was far too great. This wasn’t something that originated from just the difference in cultivation but also the difference in talent.

There was no True Divinity who wasn’t a peerless genius. Long before Astral Vault God King stepped into the Empyrean realm, he had been able to battle peak Empyreans without being defeated. But afterwards, let alone at the Empyrean realm, even after reaching the True Divinity realm Astral Vault King couldn’t say that he could be a match for those existences who had already been True Divinities for a long time. It could even be said that he was relatively weak amongst True Divinities.

Of these True Divinities, when they were at the Empyrean realm, just which ones had an inferior talent to Astral Vault? They had similar levels of talent and cultivation, so who could say they could jump ranks to fight?

But in comparison to Astral Vault God King’s mocking words, Soaring Feather was much more considerate.

She thought for a moment and then said, “You have no need to try provoking me. It is useless. Lin Ming must be in seclusion within the Hidden Dragon Galaxy!”

Emperor Shakya didn’t reply. Lin Ming had indeed gone into seclusion in the Hidden Dragon Galaxy. Before, Emperor Shakya had urged Lin Ming to search for some hiding place so that it would be more difficult for Soaring Feather to find him. This was to prevent Soaring Feather from experiencing a stroke of rage and disregarding Blue Lotus’s life to strike out at Lin Ming.

However, Lin Ming didn’t do this. He was the one who called the human forces here, so how could he abandon them as soon as they arrived, using them as his shield?

Moreover, Lin Ming believed that Soaring Feather wouldn’t be rash in her actions. There were all sorts of reasons involved in this…

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