MW Chapter 2053

Chapter 2053 - Threaten

Seeing Divine Dream appear, a cold light flashed in Soaring Feather’s eyes.

If it weren’t for Divine Dream, it wouldn’t have been such a long time before she was able to return to this wild universe.

The 33 Heavens were simply far too broad. No matter how fast a True Divinity was, it was impossible for them to travel through an entire universe by flying.

If they wished to travel through a universe, they had to use great void shifts.

But using great void shifts required time, and not just that but it couldn’t be interrupted midway. For someone in the midst of battle it was a nearly impossible feat to complete.

Although Divine Dream couldn’t harm Soaring Feather, just harassing her so that she couldn’t use a great void shift wasn’t difficult.

It was only afterwards that Soaring Feather God King helped Astral Vault God King in ridding himself of the shackles of the divine dream space. Then with Astral Vault God King delaying her, she had been able to withdraw and use the great void shift to travel through space.

Divine Dream certainly wouldn’t allow Soaring Feather to return to the wild universe so easily. She had already locked onto Soaring Feather and like this, a grand chase began. During the process they exchanged...

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