MW Chapter 2052

Chapter 2052 – True Divinities Gather

Within the Hidden Dragon Galaxy, in a separate starry space isolated out by an array formation. Lin Ming sat within the flesh and blood of Famine, his eyes closed in meditation.

At this moment, Lin Ming had already completely refined this avatar of Famine. It was simply far too large and even if Lin Ming had already refined it, wanting to easily control every part of its body required a long period of adaptation.

This was all because Lin Ming’s soul force was formidable and he also possessed Famine’s soul. As for someone like the Good Fortune Saint Son, he had controlled Famine using the spirit mark that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign left behind. In the Good Fortune Saint Son’s clumsy hands, this avatar that possessed a middle True Divinity level strength, could only display abilities that made it invincible at the Empyrean realm.

When Lin Ming swam in the flesh and blood of Famine and completely controlled this True Divinity level avatar, it was only then that he could feel how terrifying it was. From appearance,...

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