MW Chapter 2052

Chapter 2052 – True Divinities Gather

Within the Hidden Dragon Galaxy, in a separate starry space isolated out by an array formation. Lin Ming sat within the flesh and blood of Famine, his eyes closed in meditation.

At this moment, Lin Ming had already completely refined this avatar of Famine. It was simply far too large and even if Lin Ming had already refined it, wanting to easily control every part of its body required a long period of adaptation.

This was all because Lin Ming’s soul force was formidable and he also possessed Famine’s soul. As for someone like the Good Fortune Saint Son, he had controlled Famine using the spirit mark that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign left behind. In the Good Fortune Saint Son’s clumsy hands, this avatar that possessed a middle True Divinity level strength, could only display abilities that made it invincible at the Empyrean realm.

When Lin Ming swam in the flesh and blood of Famine and completely controlled this True Divinity level avatar, it was only then that he could feel how terrifying it was. From appearance, it seemed to be a massive ball of flesh and blood. But the truth was that it was filled with an incomparably mystical strength and incredibly complex Laws, as if there was a bizarre and strange demonic world within.

This world was filled with bloodthirst and rage. Every wisp of blood soared into the skies, filled with 10,000 phantoms that wailed and cried.

But at the same time, this world was overflowing with spiritual matter. It was flooded with divine chains composed of infinite Law runes, vast and boundless.

The source of some of these Laws originated from Famine itself, but the majority of them had been swallowed up. The ever-changing Laws formed this macabre yet magnificent scene before him.

As Lin Ming wandered through this sea of Laws, he continued to look and search, his divine sense rapidly passing over thousands of Law chains. He didn’t bother with Empyrean level Laws, instead he was searching for something in particular.

Even though Lin Ming’s divine sense was powerful, Famine had simply swallowed far too many Laws in the billions of years of its life. He had to withdraw his mental strength several times before finally finding an unusual divine chain in this endlessly mystical world.

This divine chain spanned across the skies, seeming to be sprinkled with endless starlight. It shined with a myriad of colors. It was as beautiful as a dream.

The moment Lin Ming saw this divine chain, his mind shook. His eyes began to shimmer with excitement.

He could feel his blood vitality being drawn toward this divine chain’s alluring strength. His heart began to race and the blood within his body quickened. Within his spine, between his eyebrows, in his heart, and all throughout his body in a total of nine spots, he began to feel a burning heat. He faintly sensed something wonderful, as if he were resonating with this divine chain.

“This is it!”

Lin Ming’s breath paused for a brief moment. This divine chain was the causal link between humanity and the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace Heavenly Dao Law that Famine had swallowed, and then condensed into a chain of the highest Laws of the 33 Heavens!

If he could cut this off and refine it, what would happen then?

This divine chain wasn’t complete, and only contained a small portion of the samsara of cause and effect that linked the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace and humanity together. The vast majority was undoubtedly located in Famine’s true body, underneath the control of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

Only when he obtained the main body of Famine would Lin Ming be able to truly liberate the causal link that connected humanity with their lost Heavenly Dao. This would be equal to doing a great deed for the entire human race.

3,6 billion years ago, the ancient era’s Saint Sovereign had cut off one of humanity’s arms. Now, Lin Ming would take it back!

Lin Ming even suspected that the destiny of the primal god race and celestials might be sealed within Famine’s body.

Why would the ancient races decline, why would the primal god race find it difficult to reproduce, all of this might be connected to the abyssal demons.

Lin Ming sat down beneath the divine chain. He didn’t immediately sever it. After all, this was something that involved the highest existences of the Heavenly Dao and might trigger a heavenly tribulation.

With Lin Ming’s current strength, wanting to shake Laws of this level was a bit beyond him.

So, he planned to first break into the Empyrean realm!

By this point in time, Lin Ming had more than enough accumulations. He had used almost 7,000 years to cultivate through multiple reincarnations, slowly firming his foundation. Now, he was ready to take the next step!

Slowly, Lin Ming entered the fused martial intent state, becoming like a statue. As he sensed the demonic power emanating from Famine’s avatar, he also quickened the divine spiritual power in his inner world. Within his mind, countless deductions took place as he slowly forgot the passing of time.

The highest Laws within existence were in these two strengths. If he could fuse the power of divinity and demons together, forming a yin yang balance and achieving harmony, there would be inconceivable effects that followed.

But this was also extremely dangerous. In order to have two extreme forces achieve harmonious integration, there were billions of ways the balance could be lost. Once Lin Ming lost control of the process, he could even fall into obsession.

If anyone else were to try this, it would be the same as suicide.

Even for Lin Ming, he had to be cautious.

The flesh and blood of Famine melted into beams of energy that poured into Lin Ming’s body. He began to breathe blood vitality.

The demonic power in this flesh and blood dissolved into threads of blood red Laws that rushed toward Lin Ming’s divine soul.

Lin Ming stood still. His eyes were slowly infected with red, as if he were soaking in a blood pond of hell.

He didn’t hurry to refine this power of demons. Rather, he spurred on the power of divinity within his body, allowing it to resonate with the power of demons within him.

The so-called power of divinity was actually a fusion of astral essence, true essence, and spirit essence.

Whether it was the power of divinity or the power of demons, in the end they were merely forms of energy.

Energy and Laws were two different things.

The amount of energy that one possessed was the symbol that represented their strength. It could nearly be equated with their cultivation rank.

But comprehension of Laws represented the rate at which a martial artist could utilize this energy. The higher the Laws one comprehended, the greater their combat strength would be amongst those of the same rank.

The quality of energy was divided into ranks and Laws were also the same.

Now, Lin Ming’s Laws nearly stood at the peak of martial arts. His fusion of the Holy Scripture and Heavenly Sutra was something that had never occurred, from ancient times until now!

In terms of energy, he wanted to fuse together the power of divinity and demons, stepping onto a path no one had ever traveled…

Slowly, more and more demon power gathered within Lin Ming. He began to recklessly absorb and refine it.

Great Dao Laws drilled out without end, drawing in the power of Famine’s avatar into Lin Ming.

All of this power was the essence of Famine’s strength, and every wisp was extremely precious.

As Lin Ming swallowed more and more of this strength, his body slowly turned blood red. Every pore on his body exuded demonic energy, as if he were transpiring blood.

This strength was far too powerful. Even for Lin Ming who possessed a nearly indestructible body, the strength of this attack nearly burst him apart.

Underneath this wild impact, Lin Ming’s skin and flesh began to peel away in fragments. But as his skin and flesh peeled away, the life essence within them turned into a red flow of energy that was reabsorbed into Lin Ming’s body. Finally, all that was shed was old skin.

This situation continued without end. One day, two days… a month, two months…

Lin Ming had no idea how long this period of seclusion would continue on for. The power of demons contained within Famine was far too formidable. If he wanted to absorb it all and also achieve yin yang harmony within his body, this would be a long process and there couldn’t be a single accident that occurred in the meantime.

This period of time was long enough for many matters to occur!

Soaring Feather arrived.

And she arrived abruptly.

In fact, ever since Lin Ming went into seclusion, the human leaders within the Hidden Dragon Galaxy were all waiting for Soaring Feather to appear. After all, as the gathering point for all human influences in the wild universe, they were in a semi-open space within the Hidden Dragon Galaxy.

In addition, Fairy Blue Lotus had been held by them for several months. It would instead be strange if Soaring Feather didn’t come.

However, they didn’t think that not only would Soaring Feather come, but Astral Vault God King would follow her here. His figure was as great as an iron tower and his entire body seemed to be formed from metal. He didn’t have a single hair on his body. He didn’t even have hair or eyelashes and his head shined like translucent crystal.

In normal times, Astral Vault God King’s body would shimmer with a glorious light that emitted a powerful pressure. But now, this light had weakened a great deal, indicating that Astral Vault God King had consumed a great deal of energy.

He had strained himself in his battle with Divine Dream.

Two True Divinities had gathered!

As Emperor Shakya, Dark Demon Monarch, Skyrend Godlord, and the many other human Empyreans simultaneously faced these two legendary existences of the saint race, their hearts shrank and their complexions turned ugly.

Facing these two people, the strength they had gathered at the Hidden Dragon Galaxy wasn’t worthy of mention at all.

But as humanity was in a tense state, the distant skies twisted once more.

A woman in a pale blue dress walked out. She held an ice blue divine sword in her right hand and a sea blue band was wrapped around her left, like a goddess who had stepped out of the highest nine heavens.

Seeing this woman, Emperor Shakya let out a breath of relief.

Divine Dream!

Divine Dream had also arrived. With the saints and humans combined, three True Divinities had gathered!

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