MW Chapter 2051

Chapter 2051 – Gathering in the Hidden Dragon

Even a full month after Lin Ming defeated the Good Fortune Legion, the humans within the wild universe were still seething with excitement!

Using various information networks, the Mount Potala Wartime Alliance proudly spread out news of Lin Ming’s continued victories over the past months, including the crushing defeat of the Legion of Famine and the destruction of the joint saint legions and the Good Fortune Legion.

That were three continual great victories. In particular the last battle, when Lin Ming had killed the Good Fortune Saint Son and broken the saint army’s trump card, pushing the morale of humanity to the extreme.

In these past days, all of the various human influences were excitedly speaking to each other – “Gather in the Hidden Dragon!”

Emperor Shakya used Lin Ming’s name to gather all human influences to convene in the Hidden Dragon Galaxy!

Besides Lin Ming’s illustrious victories, Emperor Shakya hadn’t said a single word about their future plans. However, many people felt that the gathering of all forces in the Hidden Dragon Galaxy was the beginning of something new, perhaps even the start of their return to the Divine Realm!

To push their way back into the Divine Realm!

This last thought left many enchanted by its possibilities.

They all remembered what had been said.

Until the day humanity’s comrades in the wild universe returned to the Divine Realm, they would never forget the sacrifices that were made!

This was the faith of humanity.

Whether it was the humans in the wild universe or the humans in the Divine Realm, for their race, they would sacrifice all!

As time passed, more and more people gathered in the Hidden Dragon Galaxy. Slowly, this star territory turned into the central headquarters of humanity. Since the war in the wild universe began, this was the first time humanity had established their own true and solid base.

By the time half the human influences had gathered, the various rulers of humanity gathered together and convened a meeting of the highest importance.

Those that attended this meeting were all people who possessed a fighting strength at the Empyrean realm or above. Emperor Shakya, Great Limitless Buddha, Empyrean Vast Universe, Hang Chi, Jun Bluemoon, Dragon Fang, Dark Demon Monarch, Skyrend Godlord, Diwuhen, and so forth, all had come for this meeting.

The reason for this meeting was to formulate a plan for humanity to launch a counter-offensive into the Divine Realm!

According to the memories that Lin Ming had obtained from the Good Fortune Saint Son’s soul, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was swallowing the Nine Divine Shift essence gathering system and in order to do that had to consume a tremendous amount of time and energy. It would take him at least several hundred or even over a thousand years to finish.

If he were to stop midway during this process, all his previous efforts would come to nothing. To the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign this would mean a tremendous loss in strength. If this occurred, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign would find it hard to resist the heavenly tribulation brought down upon him for trying to tamper with the highest Heavenly Dao. With his origin energy severely damaged, there was even a possibility that he would perish.

On the other hand, if the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was able to withstand the baptism of heavenly tribulation and survive, he would obtain enormous benefits.

Humanity needed to fight during this time period. While the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was deep in seclusion, they would give the saints a major blow!

Drawing back, even if the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign were to recklessly leave seclusion to prevent this, humanity would simply do as they did before and scatter in all directions within the wild universe.

No matter how strong the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was, it was impossible for him alone to annihilate humanity.

In the vast and complex wild universe with its bizarre terrains, once humanity were to disperse here and hide in the different star territories then who knew how much time it would take for the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign to search through each territory and kill off the humans he found.

As for Lin Ming and Empyrean Divine Dream, one could use the Bodily Rebirth Technique and the other could use profound illusion and concealment skills to hide away in the universe, so that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign would never be able to find them.

Currently, humanity’s plan was to take this time period and eliminate as many of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s minions as they could. With each saint Empyrean they killed, humanity would be that much safer in the future.

In the meeting, the human rulers nominated Lin Ming to be the leader of humanity. While Divine Dream wasn’t present, he would be given full command of all war powers.

However, Lin Ming refused this idea.

Lin Ming’s response caused Empyrean Vast Universe’s eyes to pop open. “Boy, don’t decline this now. In the human race, your prestige has already reached the peak, even surpassing Divine Dream. If you don’t do this, who will?”

However, Lin Ming still shook his head. “I thank all the seniors here for the honor, but leading the troops to war is something that truly doesn’t suit me. In truth, there are many matters I have to attend to, and although I can lead the human armies back to the Divine Realm, even if we retake the Divine Realm that doesn’t meant that we have defeated the saints in the war. If the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign doesn’t die, the battle will never end. Moreover, our enemies might not be just the saints…”

As Lin Ming said this, the various human rulers were startled. “Could the reason the spiritas have been standing idly by for all these years be because they intend on sweeping in at the end?”

In the eyes of those present, the spiritas were a mysterious race on par with the saints. If what Lin Ming said was true, this was bad news!

Lin Ming shook his head. “I’m not sure of the exact details. I shall speak frankly. No matter how magnificent the successes of our human armies in the battlefield, the truth is that this will not shake the foundation of the saints. The Good Fortune Saint Son and the other four saint generals didn’t know that I possessed the ability to control Famine, allowing me to catch them off guard and wipe out the Good Fortune Legion and Legion of Famine. Although this might seem like a wondrous feat, it actually isn’t anything at all! If we truly wish to face the saints and spiritas, there is only a single possibility and that is that amongst humanity there appears a character who can compete with the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign and Soul Emperor!”

As Lin Ming spoke these words, everyone fell silent.

Lin Ming wasn’t wrong, and the human rulers present also understood this in their heart. However, in their subconscious, they found themselves unwilling to face the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

To develop a plan to retake the Divine Realm seemed ambitious and brave, but the truth was that as long as they couldn’t resolve the problem that was the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, everything they did was mere illusions.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was simply far too powerful. Without noticing it, the human powerhouses had already lost the courage to face him, and they didn’t even want to think about it.

Emperor Shakya thought for a moment. “Lin Ming, what you say is right. But we still must return to the Divine Realm. As for leading the troops, leave that to us. You go and handle your matters. But we will still name you as the leader. Just your name alone is the source of our morale!”

“Great!” Lin Ming agreed.

Like this, this meeting of the highest level came to an end.

Lin Ming took on the mantle as spiritual leader of humanity. In the absence of Divine Dream, he possessed the highest authority, whether it was in name or reality. However, the ones truly responsible for the war and the ones that would control military authority would be Emperor Shakya, Dark Demon Monarch, and Skyrend Godlord. With them at the head, they would add in a few other highly influential and powerful Empyreans to compose a supreme military council.

“Everyone, I will leave the war plans to retake the Divine Realm to you. There are matters that I must finish first.”

“As for the battle in retaking the Divine Realm, I won’t participate in that either. However, I will leave behind the Legion of Famine and the Good Fortune Saint Palace…”

When Lin Ming said this, Emperor Shakya was stunned. “Lin Ming, there are more important things you must do?”

“Mm, I want to confirm some suspicion I have, but before then I must obtain more strength. In these upcoming days, I plan on breaking into the Empyrean realm!” Lin Ming slowly said.

The Supreme phantom in his inner world had already taken shape. In truth, when he refined Soaring Feather’s life blood essence, he had already gained the ability to break through. The reason he waited until now was so that he could absorb Famine’s flesh and blood essence!

With the power of demons in Famine’s avatar, he could make up for the lack of the power of demons in his body, allowing the power of divinity and power of demons to enter equilibrium. With this, once Lin Ming broke into the Empyrean realm, his strength would experience a qualitative change.

“You want to break into the Empyrean realm!?”

Hearing Lin Ming’s plan, Emperor Shakya, Vast Universe, Dark Demon Monarch, and the others were all dazed.

As for the many human rulers present, many of them had just arrived at the Hidden Dragon Galaxy and didn’t know what Lin Ming’s exact cultivation was.

The Laws that Lin Ming cultivated were far too mysterious. The road he walked diverged too greatly from the traditional cultivation system that humans followed, so most people couldn’t see his boundary. They simply assumed he had already broken in the Empyrean realm.

But as they heard that Lin Ming had yet to break into the Empyrean realm, they were all left dumbfounded. Without having reached the Empyrean realm he had still managed to eliminate the Good Fortune Saint Son and destroy the Good Fortune Legion; just how had he accomplished this? If he truly broke into the Empyrean realm, what would happen then?

“That’s amazing!” Empyrean Vast Universe laughed. “Once you break into the Empyrean realm, humanity simply need not fear the saints!”

Lin Ming smiled, “In order to break into the Empyrean realm I might need to go into seclusion for several months. During this time, Soaring Feather God King might catch up to us. If she does arrive, take Fairy Blue Lotus as a hostage. I don’t think she will ignore the life of her most beloved disciple just because she has a relationship of benefits with the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.”

The reason Lin Ming had allowed Fairy Blue Lotus, Highsun, and Darkmoon to live was because he needed a card in his hand. Now was the time to use that card. At any time, he could draw out the flesh and blood of Famine from their bodies and restore their free will.

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