MW Chapter 2051

Chapter 2051 – Gathering in the Hidden Dragon

Even a full month after Lin Ming defeated the Good Fortune Legion, the humans within the wild universe were still seething with excitement!

Using various information networks, the Mount Potala Wartime Alliance proudly spread out news of Lin Ming’s continued victories over the past months, including the crushing defeat of the Legion of Famine and the destruction of the joint saint legions and the Good Fortune Legion.

That were three continual great victories. In particular the last battle, when Lin Ming had killed the Good Fortune Saint Son and broken the saint army’s trump card, pushing the morale of humanity to the extreme.

In these past days, all of the various human influences were excitedly speaking to each other – “Gather in the Hidden Dragon!”

Emperor Shakya used Lin Ming’s name to gather all human influences to convene in the Hidden Dragon Galaxy!

Besides Lin Ming’s illustrious victories, Emperor Shakya hadn’t said a single word about their future plans. However, many people felt that the gathering of all forces in the Hidden Dragon Galaxy...

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