MW Chapter 2050

Chapter 2050 – Never Abandon

When Lin Ming emerged from the Magic Cube space, his heart had become filled with worries.

It had to be known that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was only one of the enemies he was destined to face. But just the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign alone played such a grand and complex game.

In the eyes of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, the only person capable of playing against him was the Soul Emperor.

Just what was the Soul Emperor plotting?

As Lin Ming thought of the Soul Emperor, he inevitably recalled Sheng Mei.

Lin Ming had met with Sheng Mei over 6,000 years ago in the Soul World. There, he had wanted to pay a price in order to facilitate an alliance between humanity and the spiritas. But the result was that his proposal had been refused by Sheng Mei. Now that he thought of it, this was also completely normal. Whether it was the Soul Emperor or Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, both of them thought that humanity was nothing but a tiny chess piece within the grand game they were playing. If humanity were to undergo a great apocalyptic calamity in which they went extinct, this would be no different from a chess piece being taken off the board.

Lin Ming fell silent as he thought of the words he spoke to Sheng Mei, his mind in deep contemplation, as if his thoughts were wrapped in fog…

“Why are you sighing?”

“I’m sighing...

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