Chapter 205 - Struggle of the Dragon and Phoenix

Chapter 205 Struggle of the Dragon and Phoenix.


Chapter 205 – Struggle of the Dragon and Phoenix

There were many different species of dragon-type Saint Beasts. For example; there were Flood Dragons, Horned Dragons, Hornless Dragons, One-legged Mountain Dragons, Candle Dragons, and so on.

Although these dragons were all Saint Beasts and their appearances were similar, there were also certain characteristics that separated them. The Flood Dragon had its luminescent scales, the Winged Rain Dragon had wings, the Horned Dragon had a horn, the One-legged Mountain Dragon had one leg, and so on.

Even Flood Dragons were divided into variants. There were Red Flood Dragons, Black Flood Dragons, Blood Flood Dragons, and so on.

The Purple Flood Dragon that was flying in the sky was a rare variant of Thunder Flood Dragon. It ate thunder and lightning as food, and its personality was extremely cruel and tyrannical. It was also very promiscuous.

This Flood Dragon had settled on Thundercrash Mountain nearly 10,000 years ago and it had taken all of the mountain’s treasures as its own. After it savagely mated with the original vicious beasts of Thundercrash Mountain, it finally gave rise to an overabundance of descendants; these were the Thunder Lizards.

Now facing a challenge, the Thunder Flood Dragon loudly roared, and all of its descendants rushed to the summit of Thundercrash Mountain immediately!

The large number of Thunder Lizards were eyeing the confrontation in the air, the epic showdown between the bloodline of a Dragon and the bloodline of a Phoenix!

As for Lin Ming, he was hiding in the distance. After accidently reaching the realm of returning to his origins, Lin Ming’s ability to hide his breath was no less than a Xiantian realm masters. He hid behind a large boulder. As long as he was far away, no one should be able to find him.

Seeing the Thunder Dragon in the air, Lin Ming’s mind flashed through a range of emotions. He slowly began to realize a serious problem. If he was right, the Thunder Soul of Thundercrash Mountain should be in the body of the Thunder Flood Dragon!

The Thunder Flood Dragon had lived on Thundercrash Mountain for so many years, it must have found the Thunder Soul. If it did, how could it not absorb it?

Although Lin Ming never held much hope in attaining the Thunder Soul, he always thought that with some luck, he still had a chance. Even if he failed now, it didn’t mean he couldn’t wait until his cultivation was a bit higher before coming back.

But now that he knew that the Thunder Soul was in the body of the Thunder Flood Dragon, he felt his heart sink with disappointment. To wrest the Thunder Soul from this beast was simply nonsense! Let alone now, even if he entered the early Xiantian realm, his ability still might not be enough!

In the air, the confrontation was still ongoing. The red woman was standing proudly on the Vermillion Bird. A strong heavenly wind blew her ink black hair, making it dance recklessly in the wind. In the sky, countless bolts of purple lightning flashed, but she remained utterly unmoved. It was as if there was an invisible force field that was surrounding the woman in red, distorting the power of thunder.

“Ha ha, Magnetic Force Field? To deal with this Saint, you specially cultivated this technique?” In the sky, the Thunder Flood Dragon opened its mouth to spit out its judgement.

To see a large purple dragon speak was an extremely strange scene. Lin Ming was stunned, but then immediately, he thought that it wasn’t unusual that a Saint Beast would be able to speak.

The woman in red looked at the Thunder Flood Dragon and slowly said, “The Magnetic Force Field is a top cultivation method, I naturally can cultivate it. It wasn’t something that I especially prepared for you, so there is no need for you to think so highly of yourself.”

“Hehe, little girl, you are quite young, and yet, your words are so brave. If you called an Elder from Divine Phoenix Island to come, this Saint might give you some face… but, with just your ability? Dream on! Haha! This Saint can pinch you to death!”

The Thunder Flood Dragon brazenly laughed. Lin Ming’s face had a weird color. This Thunder Flood Dragon had actually called the woman in red who a fathomless cultivation level, a little girl. It was something that only an old monster that had lived for several tens of thousands of years could say.

But Divine Phoenix Island? What sect was that? If there was a master like this woman in red, then there also had to be stronger Elders in her sect. It was far beyond anything that the Seven Profound Valleys could produce. It might be a fourth-grade sect, or even the legendary fifth-grade sects. He couldn’t imagine how far it was from here; he had never heard of it before.

Facing the Thunder Flood Dragons boastful shouting, the woman in red had the same calm expression as before, without a hint of anger. She said, “So, you refuse?”

“Cut the idle talk. For a chicken that still doesn’t have all of its feathers, you want half of this Saint’s blood? Such a ridiculous request, how can this Saint possibly agree with that!?”

“Then… we must fight.”

“Hehe! Once I defeat you, don’t think this Saint will have the scruples not to kill you just because of Divine Phoenix Island!” The Thunder Flood Dragon roared like a thunderclap, lightning writhing over its vast body.

Lin Ming could clearly hear the conversation between the dragon and the woman from his hiding spot. They had really revealed a lot of information. The mysterious woman wanted half of the Flood Dragon’s blood for ‘the chicken that still doesn’t have all of its feathers’?”


Lin Ming looked up at the Vermillion Bird that was dancing in the countless arcs of purple lightning, a vast aura emanating from it. It’s appearance was majestic. If he was right, then what the Thunder Flood Dragon had called a ‘chicken that still doesn’t have all of its feathers’ could only be this Vermillion Bird.

In other words, this Vermillion Bird hadn’t grown up yet. No wonder it was so much smaller than the Thunder Flood Dragon.

Even though it was still a child, it had this aura and strength. With just a look it had managed to scare off the Fire Worm Shaman’s little flame boy avatar. What would happen if it were grown up?

Lin Ming couldn’t help but ruefully smile. No matter what talent a human had, or what kind of monstrous genius they were, their natural talent was nothing in front of these Saint Beasts. As long as a Saint Beast ate and slept, they would grow up to be a Xiantian realm master. With some lucky chances and some cultivation, they might even break through the Xiantian realm and reach a higher realm!

If it was a true God Beast, such as a Golden-winged Roc or a True Dragon, not to mention simple things like this, but once grown, they could use their claws to pierce the endless void and their tails could shatter stars. With such power, even the mighty elders in the Realm of the Gods would find it difficult to compare.

If this woman in red could take half of the Thunder Flood Dragon’s blood, what sort of effect would it have on a young Vermillion Bird?

As Lin Ming pondered this, the fight in the air had already begun. He didn’t know when, but that woman in red had drawn a sword in her hand. The blade was only two inches wide, but it was a full four feet long. It was slender and narrow, and the image of a phoenix with its wings spread wide as if it wanted to fly was carved on the sword hilt. The blade was crimson all over as if it were soaked in blood.

As soon as he saw this crimson long sword, Lin Ming’s eyes widened. He had never seen a treasure sword of this level before. Just by feeling powerful fluctuations of energy coming from it, he guessed that it was at least an Earth-step treasure. As for whether it was a low-grade Earth-step, medium-grade Earth-step treasure, or a high-grade Earth-step treasure, he had no way to determine.

There was a huge difference between a human-step treasure and an Earth-step treasure. Not even the Seven Profound Martial House Master Qin Ziya had an Earth-step treasure.

This was a battle between two peerless masters. Lin Ming stared with eyes wide open, not wanting to miss a single detail.

When a mighty elder of the Realm of the Gods had watched a True Dragon battle a Golden-winged Roc, he had been divinely inspired and went into seclusion for 60 years, finally creating the unmatchable movement technique ‘Golden Roc Shattering the Void’. Although it was impossible for himself to achieve such a level, it was still likely that he would receive some insights from this battle.

The woman in red waved her long sword, and crimson flame flushed into existence on the sword edge. At first, this flame was only several feet long, but when the woman in red lifted this sword high, the flames shot up to the sky!

Her long black hair escaped its hairband, fluttering in the wind.

A huge blazing inferno of flames impacted with the Primal Chaos Heavens; it was as if the sky had been violently washed away. Outside of the Primal Chaos Heavens, fiery heaven and earth origin energy constantly converged on the long sword, forming a giant vortex of flames!

This flaming vortex spun slowly. It was jet black in the center, as if the world itself had been torn apart, revealing a mystical passageway.

The Thunder Flood Dragon watched this situation and it’s purple eyes reflected a solemn dignity. Under its vast body, dozens of peak Houtian realm Thunder Lizards roared together, opening their jaws to release a gigantic barrage of Thunder Balls into the sky. At the same time, a gigantic shining net of lightning covered the Thunder Lizards, supporting them. This was obviously a protective lightning shroud.

After these blue balls of thunder flew into the air, the Thunder Flood Dragon opened his mouth and sucked all of it in. After having inhaled so much power of thunder, purple arcs of electricity surged on the Thunder Flood Dragon’s body. Those arcs of thunder that had been thin before had now thickened by several times.

Seeing this, Lin Ming understood. Listening to the bragging of the Thunder Flood Dragon, it would have seemed as if the woman in red was inferior to the Thunder Flood Dragon. The Thunder Flood Dragon had showed some respect to Divine Phoenix Island and offered to let her off this once.

But now, it seemed that even with the help of all its descendants, the Thunder Flood Dragon only barely exceeded the power of the woman in red. In a one versus one situation, the Thunder Flood Dragon wouldn’t be a match for that woman in red!

Realizing this, Lin Ming let out a cold breath. This woman in red was even more powerful than he had thought!

The Thunder Flood Dragon was an adult Flood Dragon. After a Saint Beast grew up, it wasn’t strange for them to reach the Xiantian realm. Yet, even like this, it still had to rely on the support of its descendants to barely suppress the woman in red!

The massive inferno column combusted, burning hotter and fierce than before. It’s thickness increased to ten feet, and it was just like a pillar of flame that was holding up the heavens. It reached into the Primal Chaos Heavens, lighting up the entire sky.

Facing such a formidable attack, the Thunder Flood Dragon responded without reservation. It focused all of its power of thunder into its two front claws, and a purple thunder ball began to rapidly form. This Thunderball started at ten feet, but it rapidly expanded to over 100 feet; its diameter was even thicker than the Thunder Flood Dragon!

Lightning flashed around that purple thunder ball. The center of the Thunder ball became a deep, nearly black violet color, as it gleamed with a suffocating light.

Without mercy, the four foot crimson long sword slashed down. It was as if the flaming pillar that supported the heavens had come crashing down. Not only did it cut towards the Thunder Flood Dragon, but it also reached the Thunder Flood Dragon’s descendants! These descendants were the minions of the Thunder Flood Dragon; the woman in red wanted to finish them off quickly!

The Thunder Flood Dragon erupted with an ear-shattering roar. Its claws thrust forwards, and that massive purple thunder ball flew at that woman in red like a meteor!

The huge pillar of flame and the thunder ball struck each other.


A terrifying explosion rang through the clouds and cracked stone open! It was as if the void itself had been torn asunder; the whole of Thundercrash Mountain shook under the impact!

Burning flames smashed down like countless meteorites towards the dozens of Thunder Lizards that were under the lightning shield. The entire lightning shield trembled fiercely, and some of the peak Houtian realm Blue Thunder Lizards vomited blood, they were seriously injured!

Lin Ming felt a creeping sense of incomparable horror and awe as he watched this from afar. If just the aftermath had such power, how terrifying would it be to face it head on?

As he was exclaiming in amazement, he glanced in the corner of his eyes and found that behind the Thunder Lizards that had scattered after death, there was a giant cavern behind them. This cavern was completely made of magnetic ore, and the entrance was over 100 feet wide.

A sudden idea flashed into Lin Ming’s mind. Was this… the Thunder Flood Dragon’s cavern?


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