MW Chapter 2049

Chapter 2049 – Good Fortune’s Ambitions

After the Good Fortune Saint Son was swallowed up by Famine, the entire Good Fortune Legion fell into complete chaos.

In the end, the saints lacked the fearlessness against death the humans had. This didn’t mean that the saints were less brave than the humans, but because the saints weren’t in a situation where the life or death of their race was on the line. The only reason they came to the wild universe was to invade this new world and obtain more advantages. Now that the Good Fortune Saint Son died, the Good Fortune Legion rapidly fled!

Lin Ming certainly wouldn’t let them escape. This was especially because they controlled a True Divinity spirit treasure – the Good Fortune Saint Palace.

This sort of palace-type True Divinity spirit treasure was extremely rare. How could Lin Ming possibly let it go?

“Pursue them!” Lin Ming commanded. However, the truth was that he didn’t need to issue such orders as the disciples of Demon Fairy Palace were already chasing ahead on their own initiative!

The saint legion scattered like a cloud of locusts, fleeing in all directions.

In fact, the remaining number of saint spirit ships was still higher than the number of spirit ships the Demon Fairy Palace had. And although Lin Ming was powerful,...

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