MW Chapter 2048

Chapter 2048 – End of the Road

The World Destruction Light along with the Good Fortune Legion was completely overwhelmed by the blast of energy sent out by the human alliance. The defensive barrier laid down by the Good Fortune Legion was torn apart like a soap bubble. Even from trillions of miles away, one could see a brilliant light blazing in the distance, as if a massive star had burst into a supernova.

The energy waves recklessly washed out the dark nebula, thoroughly destroying the surrounding star territory and causing the light to spread even further out!

The trump card of the saint armies – the Good Fortune Legion – was utterly ruined. They didn’t even have half their spirit ships remaining. The Good Fortune Saint Palace managed to remain intact. Even though it was at the center of the energy beam, it barely made it through due to the fact that it was a True Divinity spirit treasure. But for hundreds of miles around the Good Fortune Saint Palace, every spirit ship was reduced to ashes.

Even those that were far away and relatively well-off were greatly damaged in the explosion. The battle strength of these spirit ships was reduced to near nothing.

In truth, the truly fatal strike was the impact on...

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