MW Chapter 2047

Chapter 2047 – Dazzling

“Lin Ming, you are seeking death!”

As the Good Fortune Saint Son listened to Lin Ming’s words, his complexion turned incredibly ugly!

He regarded Lin Ming as the greatest opponent in his life, but Lin Ming only treated him as a little clown, mercilessly trampling him and humiliating him in front of his subordinates!

This struck the Good Fortune Saint Son’s nerves!

At this time, in the starry space, the hundreds of thousands of saint martial artists and the disciples of Demon Fairy Palace were watching as this conversation took place.

‘You are not worthy’. These three words echoed in the ears of everyone, enraging the martial artists of the Good Fortune Legion even as it caused the human martial artists to bubble over with excitement.

This was arrogance! This was pride!

If someone else were to say such ridiculous words, others would only call them an idiot. But as Lin Ming said these words, they actually contained an unparalleled deterring force.

This was a happy and hearty feeling that filled one with exuberance!


The disciples of Demon Fairy Palace emitted an earth-shaking cry, their voices sounded out into the vastness of space!

At this time, the morale of the disciples of Demon Fairy Palace had climbed to the extreme!

“You can go die!” The Good Fortune Saint...

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