MW Chapter 2047

Chapter 2047 – Dazzling

“Lin Ming, you are seeking death!”

As the Good Fortune Saint Son listened to Lin Ming’s words, his complexion turned incredibly ugly!

He regarded Lin Ming as the greatest opponent in his life, but Lin Ming only treated him as a little clown, mercilessly trampling him and humiliating him in front of his subordinates!

This struck the Good Fortune Saint Son’s nerves!

At this time, in the starry space, the hundreds of thousands of saint martial artists and the disciples of Demon Fairy Palace were watching as this conversation took place.

‘You are not worthy’. These three words echoed in the ears of everyone, enraging the martial artists of the Good Fortune Legion even as it caused the human martial artists to bubble over with excitement.

This was arrogance! This was pride!

If someone else were to say such ridiculous words, others would only call them an idiot. But as Lin Ming said these words, they actually contained an unparalleled deterring force.

This was a happy and hearty feeling that filled one with exuberance!


The disciples of Demon Fairy Palace emitted an earth-shaking cry, their voices sounded out into the vastness of space!

At this time, the morale of the disciples of Demon Fairy Palace had climbed to the extreme!

“You can go die!” The Good Fortune Saint Son roared out. His mortal body emitted explosive crackling sounds as he began to grow taller. Fierce bone plates jutted out from his body. He had used the strength of the saint race’s bloodline body metamorphosis. By using this new power to control the flesh and blood of Famine, the Good Fortune Saint Son could reach his highest level of strength!

The enraged Good Fortune Saint Son suddenly burnt his blood essence. Dozens of new blood dragon tentacles gushed out from the avatar of Famine, and all these tentacles sparkled with blinding divine light as they shot towards Lin Ming!

At this time, even if a sun were in front of the Good Fortune Saint Son, it would still be torn apart by these tentacles!

Facing this heaven-shaking strike, Lin Ming merely focused his thoughts. Beneath him, the flesh and blood of Famine shot out!

Lin Ming had a limited amount of Famine’s flesh and blood; it was impossible for him to form tentacles that were as thick as mountains. As he formed tentacles to meet the Good Fortune Saint Son’s attack, his tentacles were only as thick as a tree.

Compared to the Good Fortune Saint Son’s attack, Lin Ming’s counterattack was nothing at all.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

All of the comparatively slender tentacles shot into the much thicker tentacles. And in that moment, the scene of those far thicker tentacles rolling over the thinner tentacles didn’t occur as everyone thought it would. Instead, the tentacles struck out by the Good Fortune Saint Son were completely frozen in place!

Like snakes that were caught by their necks, these tentacles began to twitch.

At this time, everyone was amazed to discover that these thinner tentacles had become like blood-drinking snakes, sucking in the flesh and blood of the thicker tentacles!

Gu! Gu! Gu!

The tips of the thicker tentacles began to wither at a speed visible to the eye. The rich flesh and blood essence of Famine flowed through the thinner tentacles and into the flesh and blood of Famine beneath Lin Ming’s feet.

The flesh and blood of Famine beneath Lin Ming wildly wriggled.

On the other side, the avatar of Famine that was controlled by the Good Fortune Saint Son began to restlessly stir as if it were greatly stimulated by something. It emitted deep roars.


This situation left the Good Fortune Saint Son stunned. Could it be… that Lin Ming could control Famine!?

This conclusion left the Good Fortune Saint Son panic-stricken. Was this even possible!?

But now, he was already able to clearly feel Lin Ming’s soul force pass through the flesh and blood of Famine and permeate into Famine’s avatar!

“You - !!”

The Good Fortune Saint Son went wild with rage. There was no time for him to think about how Lin Ming had accomplished this. If he were to discard the avatar of Famine, just what sort of consequences would he suffer? It was simply unimaginable!

If he were to lose the avatar of Famine, it would be impossible to escape Lin Ming chasing him down. Disregarding that, even if he somehow survived, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign would not let him live.

He would die either way!

In that moment, the Good Fortune Saint Son felt a cold sweat seep out of his entire body.

But right after that, a crazed and fierce light flashed in his eyes.

Blue veins twisted on his face like worms. His eyes that stared at Lin Ming seemed dyed with blood, overflowing with killing intent.

“Do you really think you can kill me like this? Stop dreaming! You are destined to die here! Good Fortune Legion obey my command! With the World Destroying Light, attack with everything you have! Kill them, kill them all!” the Good Fortune Saint Son shouted.

At this time, behind the Good Fortune Saint Son, the Good Fortune Legion had already prepared their battle formation and gathered their energies for several breaths of time. It was enough to send out the World Destruction Light!

In a small scope, this attack was inferior to that of a True Divinity. But as a mass range attack, it was a terrifying strike that surpassed that of a True Divinity!

In this critical situation, the Good Fortune Legion didn’t fall into chaos. With nine peak Empyreans calmly directing the troops, the Good Fortune Legion took the Good Fortune Saint Palace as the core and struck out with the World Destruction Light!

In that moment, it seemed as if every sound in the universe was swallowed up!

A heaven-shaking energy swept through the vastness of space before converging in front of the Good Fortune Saint Palace. It gathered together and collapsed into a black energy ball. The surrounding space cracked and shattered, as if this black ball was one of the fabled black holes.


Energy recklessly shot out from this black hole, shooting towards Lin Ming as well as the fleet of Demon Fairy palace!

The black light was too terrifying. It covered a massive range, and with this part of space being sealed up, it was impossible for the fleet of Demon Fairy Palace to avoid it!

At this time, the demented Good Fortune Saint Son sent out more massive tentacles. These tentacles didn’t directly attack Lin Ming but covered him instead, forming a wall of flesh and blood around him. It was clear he wanted to block off every possible escape route!

In truth, even if the Good Fortune Saint Son didn’t do this, Lin Ming wouldn’t have been able to dodge this World Destruction Light. At this time, he had poured his soul force into the avatar of Famine in order to erase the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s spirit mark and capture the avatar. If he were to dodge this attack, the least of his problems would be the injuries to his soul; the key problem was that the flesh and blood of Famine that he controlled beneath his feet would also be destroyed.

And this flesh and blood of Famine wrapped around Primordius Heavenly Palace. Xiao Moxian and the others were all inside!

Lin Ming was doomed to not avoid this attack. He could not abandon Xiao Moxian nor could he abandon the 100,000 warriors of Demon Fairy Palace!

At this time, the warriors of Demon Fairy Palace didn’t give up on Lin Ming. They stood in front of Lin Ming, using their relatively weak spirit ships to face off against this attack.

“Brothers, attack!”

“For humanity!”

“For honor and freedom!”

The warriors of Demon Fairy Palace shouted out from the depths of their heart. They poured every ounce of their strength into the array formations of their spirit ships!

At this instant, even without anyone directing them, these 100,000 warriors burnt their blood essence together, burning it all without reserve!

Because they knew that this was likely the final and most dazzling attack in their lives!

This was the brilliance of burning their lives away, as gorgeous and as blazing as the hot sun.

A martial artist was born like a summer flower and died like a spring thunderstorm!

The attack of the Demon Fairy Palace’s disciples gathered into a surging current of golden light that welcomed the World Destroying Light!


A terrifying explosion rang out. In a flash, energy beams recklessly shot outwards. It was unknown just how much matter was destroyed in that explosion…

Even so, the attack of Demon Fairy Palace’s disciples was unable to eliminate the World Destroying Light. After the World Destroying Light slowed down for a brief moment, it suddenly overwhelmed the energy wave from Demon Fairy Palace’s disciples and continued forwards without hesitation!

The disparity in energy was too great. They were simply unable to deal with it!

In the next moment, dozens of Demon Fairy Palace disciples became like little beasts beneath a giant tsunami, soon to be utterly submerged.

At this time, from beneath Lin Ming’s feet, the mass of Famine’s flesh and blood split open. Primordius Heavenly Palace rose up from within, wrapped in an all-devouring black light!

“Legion of Famine, attack!” Lin Ming coldly commanded. Within Primordius Heavenly Palace, the 60,000 warriors of the Legion of Famine had already undergone their body metamorphosis a quarter of an hour ago. They had prepared their battle formation and had gathered their energy earlier, waiting for the moment to erupt!

After the battle with the join saint legions, the Legion of Famine had rested and built up their strength for over a month. All of that was done for the sake of this one strike!

By now, even Fairy Blue Lotus had undergone body metamorphosis!

Four of the saint generals, Lin Ming’s three avatars, one miniaturized Black Dragon, and 200 Great World Kings that were comparable to the weakest of Empyreans after body metamorphosis…

Every person and beast poured all their energy into the array formation without reserve!

In particular, the flesh and blood of Famine beneath Lin Ming’s feet that he controlled also lent its strength to this attack!

The flesh and blood of Famine burned itself without holding back. Energy surged into Primordius Heavenly Palace as a horrifying black beam of light pierced through the universe and clashed with the World Destroying Light!

“Xian’er, lend me your help!”

Lin Ming’s sound transmission reached Xiao Moxian’s ears. Next, Xiao Moxian, Lin Huang, and some of the disciples of Demon Fairy Palace who had followed her to Primordius Heavenly Palace all poured their greatest strength into the array formation, preparing to meet the World Destroying Light!

A beam of divine light joined together with the divine light emitted by the 100,000 disciples of Demon Fairy Palace, ruthlessly colliding with the World Destroying Light!

Rumble, rumble, rumble!

An explosion sounded out as if the universe was being torn to shreds. Energy gushed outwards, able to collapse space and wash away the stars!

With this all-out strike from Demon Fairy Palace, the Legion of Famine, and even the flesh and blood of Famine burning away its essence, the might of this attack managed to suppress the terrifying beam of energy emitted by the Good Fortune Legion!

Right after, the beam of energy shot out by the Good Fortune Legion began to be pushed backwards, drawing back at an increasingly quick pace!

Finally, Lin Ming’s strike carried with it a heaven-shaking strength as it forcefully extinguished the World Destroying Light and then fired towards the direction of the Good Fortune Legion!


The Good Fortune Saint Son’s eyes nearly cracked open. And behind him, the several hundred thousand saint martial artists of the Good Fortune Legion all seemed to lose their spirit!


Some people cried out in despair and sorrow. Others rushed out their spirit ships and fled into deep space. And still others moved their spirit ships, wanting to withdraw.

But no matter how they struggled, everything they did was useless. This beam of light was too fast, faster than any spirit ship or martial artist.

Much less, this space had already been sealed away by the Good Fortune Legion.

They were caught in their own trap!


Divine light exploded within the Good Fortune Legion. Divine light swallowed all, drowning out all sight in a sea of blinding light.

Before, in order to arrange the battle formation that would send out the World Destroying Light, the Good Fortune Legion had crowded together their spirit ships. But this now became the reason for their complete destruction!

Large swathes of saint spirit ships were struck head-on by the light and directly disintegrated into powder, without leaving behind any fragment of space debris.

Innumerable spirit ships were swept up in the explosion before bursting apart in the horrifying energy storm, turning into dazzling fireworks in space!

The Good Fortune Legion had suffered far too heavy losses in this attack.

The Good Fortune Saint Son watched all of this from a distance, his heart trembling. At this moment, he knew that the Good Fortune Legion, the trump card of the saint armies, was done for! 


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