MW Chapter 2046

Chapter 2046 – Lin Ming VS Saint Son

After confirming Xiao Moxian’s presence, the Good Fortune Saint Son revealed his fangs.

As the Good Fortune Saint Son issued his order, the Good Fortune Legion started moving forwards. This was an incredibly powerful army. The spirit ships pushed forwards, surrounding the fleet of Demon Fairy Palace.

With the Good Fortune Saint Palace taking the lead, hundreds of spirit ships gathered together to form a battle array. Each spirit ship possessed their own array formations, and with several hundred array formations gathered together, this was actually a net of battle arrays. With these battle arrays coordinating with each other, they could display an incomparably terrifying strength. By joining together, the sheer amount of energy they released would be several times that of a True Divinity!

However, in terms of Laws, this spirit ship battle array couldn’t compare with a True Divinity nor could they focus their energy like a True Divinity. So, the actual threat was less than that of a True Divinity.

For such a joint attack, no matter how much it was enhanced it wouldn’t reach the height of a True Divinity.

Nevertheless, this attack had a massive area of effect...

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