MW Chapter 2046

Chapter 2046 – Lin Ming VS Saint Son

After confirming Xiao Moxian’s presence, the Good Fortune Saint Son revealed his fangs.

As the Good Fortune Saint Son issued his order, the Good Fortune Legion started moving forwards. This was an incredibly powerful army. The spirit ships pushed forwards, surrounding the fleet of Demon Fairy Palace.

With the Good Fortune Saint Palace taking the lead, hundreds of spirit ships gathered together to form a battle array. Each spirit ship possessed their own array formations, and with several hundred array formations gathered together, this was actually a net of battle arrays. With these battle arrays coordinating with each other, they could display an incomparably terrifying strength. By joining together, the sheer amount of energy they released would be several times that of a True Divinity!

However, in terms of Laws, this spirit ship battle array couldn’t compare with a True Divinity nor could they focus their energy like a True Divinity. So, the actual threat was less than that of a True Divinity.

For such a joint attack, no matter how much it was enhanced it wouldn’t reach the height of a True Divinity.

Nevertheless, this attack had a massive area of effect and the power behind it was enormous. Against a group of spirit ships, this was a devastating attack.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that if the Good Fortune Legion had sufficient time to prepare, gathering their complete group of battle arrays for a single barrage of attacks, they could blow away over half of the spirit ships of Demon Fairy Palace.

This was an overwhelming disparity that came from the difference in strength.

Seeing the spirit ship battle array that was led by the Good Fortune Saint Palace, even someone like Xiao Moxian who refused to give up found it hard to maintain her composure. It was hard not to waver in front of such a terrifying weapon.

At this time, Lin Ming raised his Black Dragon Spear and stepped out of Primordius Heavenly Palace.

“Brother Lin!” Xiao Moxian grabbed onto Lin Ming’s hand.

“Just wait here.” Lin Ming gave Xiao Moxian a comforting look. Then, he stepped outside.

“Ji Xian’er! The destructive attack of the Good Fortune Legion nears that of a star! Aren’t you afraid? Don’t worry, before I capture you alive, I will not let them attack. Only after I catch you will I have you personally watch as all your subordinates turn to ash beneath this world-destroying light!”

The Good Fortune Saint Son wildly laughed. At this time, the planet-sized body of Famine rapidly rushed forwards, flying straight towards the flagship of Demon Fairy Palace!

Compared to the giant body of Famine, the disguised Primordius Heavenly Palace was like a bird in front of a tiger; they were completely disproportionate in size.

However, just as Famine’s several dozen tentacles were poised to attack, the flagship suddenly flashed with a strange black light. It began to change shape, becoming taller and wider and transforming from a linear spirit ship to a black fortress.

Seeing this, the Good Fortune Saint Son was shocked. “What!?”

The shape of this transformed spirit ship caused a foreboding to rise in his heart. He watched as a man holding a spear jumped out from the black fortress.

This man wore black battle armor. His eyebrows were like swords and his eyes were profoundly deep.

As the man grasped the spear, he pointed it straight towards the Good Fortune Saint Son.

“You…? It’s you!?”

The Good Fortune Saint Son’s complexion became incredibly ugly. At this time, Lin Ming had already recovered his appearance of 6,500 years ago. One didn’t even need to guess that this was Lin Ming!

To the Good Fortune Saint Son, this man was no different from a nightmare!

“Is that so…? So it’s like this. Because you were a step earlier than me and found Xiao Moxian first, you had the courage to break into my blockade…”

The Good Fortune Saint Son’s lips twitched. His complexion became increasingly grim and dark. His eyes clouded over with killing intent!

“You really are as stubborn as a cockroach! Even after being hunted down by a True Divinity, you still won’t die! You swept through the joint second and third saint legions, extinguished the Legion of Famine, and you plan on eliminating me today? Hahahaha!” The Good Fortune Saint Son raucously laughed. “Over 6,000 years ago, the battle between you and I became the greatest shame of my life. But today, the heavens have given me a chance for revenge. Since this is a battle of destiny, I cannot ask for anything more! Today, let me see just what makes you so brave! Die!”

The Good Fortune Saint Son exploded with a roar. The dozens of Famine’s tentacles attacked together, thrusting forwards like the spears of a divine god!


A horrifying detonation sound surged out and the void was crushed apart. The Good Fortune Saint Son’s strike was comprised of dozens of attacks. Its pressure was greater than innumerable mountains smashing into Primordius Heavenly Palace!

At this moment, it looked like Famine was branching out a giant pile of its flesh and blood to swallow up Primordius Heavenly Palace.

For some time, everyone felt their hearts gripped with fear. In particular, the disciples of Demon Fairy Palace. They all watched with bated breath. Although they had a nearly zealous faith in Lin Ming, this avatar of Famine that the Good Fortune Saint Son commanded was still a being at the True Divinity level. No matter how strong Lin Ming was, this would be a difficult battle!

“Kill Lin Ming! With your strongest attack, blow him up together with Famine’s flesh and blood!” The Good Fortune Saint Son crazily shouted. He didn’t take back the flesh and blood of Famine nor did he see whether or not Lin Ming died. He instantly severed this part of Famine’s flesh and blood and had it surround Lin Ming. He wanted to use the combined attack of the Good Fortune Legion’s battle array to unleash the ultimate killing blow.

This was a sinister and decisive choice. The Good Fortune Saint Son would rather sacrifice a portion of Famine than to give Lin Ming the smallest chance of survival!

At this time, behind the Good Fortune Saint Son, the battle array network with the Good Fortune Saint Palace as the lead began to gather a mind-boggling amount of energy, preparing for their world destroying light attack!

On the side of Demon Fairy Palace, a giant man wielding a war flag rushed out of a spirit ship. He rode on a great wild beast, shouting out as he rushed into the saint fleet, “Brothers! Move forwards! Protect senior Lin Ming and Palace Master Demon Fairy!”

He was a human genius born after the great calamity and also the flag bearer of Demon Fairy Palace!

The scarlet war flag he carried on his shoulders was emblazoned with the symbol of Demon Fairy Palace – the image of a black phoenix bathing in the fires of nirvana!

A Dark Phoenix was Xiao Moxian’s God Beast bloodline, and the fires of nirvana represented the rebirth of humanity!

“Kill them!”

“Fight with them!”

“Destroy those saint dogs!”

The army of Demon Fairy Palace roared and charged forwards. They rushed directly toward the flesh and blood of Famine. Placing Primordius Heavenly Palace behind them, they used their fleet to form a great protective iron wall in front of it!

They began gathering all of their energy, preparing to meet the direct attack of the Good Fortune Legion!

Even if their attack was pitifully weak compared to the battle array network of the Good Fortune Legion, at this time no one felt fear and no one shrank backwards. No one was scared of death!

“A tiny pearl dares to compete with the shining moon!”

The Good Fortune Saint Son derisively sneered. He wielded the giant blood dragon tentacles and lashed out at the disciples of Demon Fairy Palace.

The one he targeted was the youth in front carrying the war flag. With the strength of Famine’s avatar, a single strike could easily turn this man into muddy meat!

A war flag was the faith and symbol of an army. If the flag fell, so too would group morale.

Hu - !

The tentacles of Famine shrouded down with an unstoppable force. A tremendous pressure locked down the surrounding space, making it impossible to avoid.

The flag-wielding youth’s complexion changed. In this moment of life or death, he turned around and exhausted all of his strength to throw the war flag. The war flag howled and broke through the space blockade with difficulty as it fired towards the direction of another flag bearer.

The man could die, but the flag could not fall!

“Brothers, for the glory of humanity! Charge!”

The youth seemed to exhaust every last dreg of his blood vitality to shout out these earth-shaking words. The morale of Demon Fairy Palace erupted like a volcano!

“For humanity!” they yelled, their blood boiling over!

But as everyone thought the flag bearer’s blood would dye the starry space, something unexpected happened. From Primordius Heavenly Palace that was wrapped in the flesh and blood of Famine, a blood dragon tentacle whipped out!

This blood dragon tentacle was even thicker than the one shot out by the Good Fortune Saint Son. With inconceivable speed, it crossed the void and collided with the Good Fortune Saint Son’s strike!


The void collapsed! As the mountain-thick tentacles clashed in the air, a deafening explosion rang outwards!

A terrifying tide of energy wildly surged out, sending the flag-bearer flying away! Because this other tentacle of Famine had blocked the attack, the flag-bearer only felt his blood vitality tumbling in his body. He wasn’t even seriously wounded.


“This is…”

Everyone was bewildered. The Good Fortune Saint Son watched all of this with disbelief thick in his eyes. In the air, two tentacles intersected, just like two blood dragons twisting together!

But that other tentacle was clearly linked to Primordius Heavenly Palace.

How was this possible!?

“The flesh and blood of Famine that I discarded would actually protect the flag-bearer on its own? Why would this happen!?”

The Good Fortune Saint Son was panic-stricken.

At this time, the flesh and blood of Famine that surrounded Primordius Heavenly Palace began to slowly split up. Within it, a channel formed.

A black-clothed youth wielding a long spear stepped out. His long hair fluttered behind him. His clothes were clean and meticulous, his appearance was sharp and resolute, and his aura was as deep as the sea.

He stood firm above the flesh and blood of Famine, like a peerless war god who had descended from the highest heavens.

The flesh and blood beneath his feet slowly rose up to form a round table that lifted up the man. This feeling was as if the flesh and blood of Famine was revering this demon-like man!

Seeing this scene, not to mention the Good Fortune Saint Son and the Good Fortune Legion, even the disciples of Demon Fairy Palace were dumbfounded!

What was happening?

“Your words are wrong,” Lin Ming casually said as he pointed his spear toward the Good Fortune Saint Son. “Between you and I, there is no battle of destiny. In my life, I might have a destined opponent, but that person is not you. You are not worthy!”

Lin Ming’s cold voice resounded through the vastness of space, spreading over both the Demon Fairy Palace and the Good Fortune Legion!

The Good Fortune Saint Son regarded Lin Ming as the greatest opponent in his life, but Lin Ming only regarded the Good Fortune Saint Son as one of the many goals he had to surpass in life. Moreover, this was in the past. Now, Lin Ming had completed the dual transformation of his body and mind. The Good Fortune Saint Son could only be called an enemy and not his match!

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