MW Chapter 2045

Chapter 2045 – Two Armies Meet

As Lin Ming saw Xiao Moxian, he couldn’t help but laugh. “It’s fine,” he said. “We’ve suppressed our cultivation to the Divine Sea realm and even our bodily strength has been limited to the first four of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates. We haven’t used much energy and we aren’t injured either.”

Lin Ming and Lin Huang’s mortal bodies contained the bloodline of God Beasts; they were incredibly potent. In a situation where they suppressed their cultivation, even if they stood still and allowed themselves to be hit, it wouldn’t matter much.

“We’re just warming up for the upcoming battle.” Seeing Xiao Moxian’s not-too-happy expression, Lin Ming shrugged.

Still, Xiao Moxian couldn’t find it in her to laugh. Even with Lin Ming here, they had to face the Good Fortune Saint Son and also the most powerful Good Fortune Legion of the saint race. It was hard for her to relax.

Every single person in this fleet was a brave and loyal warrior who had followed Xiao Moxian and fought for her with all their might.

Today, they decided to march against the Good Fortune Saint Son, fearing neither danger nor death. Even against the Good Fortune Legion that was over a dozen times stronger than they were, they still boiled over with fighting intent.

All of this came from the glory of their race, the hot-blooded instinct carved into the marrow of their bone, as well as their deep faith and trust in Lin Ming.

However, although they didn’t fear death, Xiao Moxian didn’t wish for them to simply toss away their lives. She wished for as many of her followers to survive as possible. They were her most beloved subjects.

“Mm, I understand.”

Lin Ming knew what Xiao Moxian was thinking and hinted for Lin Huang to stop fighting. At this time, his heart suddenly stirred. He could feel the soul of Famine within his spiritual sea starting to beat.

Compared to when he met the Legion of Famine, this beating was now several times more intense!

For this sort of response to occur, there was only a single possibility!

“What is it?” The sensitive Xiao Moxian noticed the change in Lin Ming’s countenance.

“It’s fine.”

Lin Ming waved his hand and left the martial arts training room, moving towards the square outside Primordius Heavenly Palace.

Primordius Heavenly Palace had already been disguised as one of the flagships of Demon Fairy Palace. The Good Fortune Saint Son didn’t have much of an impression toward Primordius Heavenly Palace, and with the camouflage added by the Ancient Elysium Seal’s array formation, it was impossible for anyone to recognize it.

After the martial artists of Demon Fairy Palace realized that Lin Ming had walked outside, they hurried to the platform of their spirit ships and waited for him.

Each one of them stood tall and upright, like a towering tree!

The army was filled with a dignified solemnity. This was the aura of a people unafraid of death or destruction, ready to perish in iron and blood!

“After a little more time we might fight against the trump card of the saint armies – the Good Fortune Legion. Do you all have any thoughts about this?”

Lin Ming smiled as he spoke. With such a critical war approaching, everyone was strung taut. Yet, he was still able to smile like this. This left many warriors dumbfounded. Indeed, this person was worthy of being called the number one hero of humanity; he could actually still talk and happily smile at this time.

Invisibly, Lin Ming’s calm infected them. Their taut minds slightly relaxed.

“We will battle them!” A martial artist shouted as he rolled up his sleeves.

“Killing one is enough and killing two is a gain. Even if we only have our teeth left remaining, we will still bite down on the heads of those saints!”

“Whoever fears death is a woman!” A ruffian soldier carelessly shouted. But as he did so, he noticed Xiao Moxian who stood near Lin Ming suddenly cast him a frosty look.

The soldier quickly shrunk his neck, immediately changing his statement, “Whoever fears death is a coward!”

Lin Ming smiled. “You all seem prepared to sacrifice yourselves?”

“Sacrifice isn’t anything at all! Even if we must cross through seas of boiling oil, us brothers will jump in without batting an eye!”

Several large fellows strained their necks and wielded the sabers in their hands, showing their determination and lack of fear.

Lin Ming suddenly asked, “From your words, it seems we are not going to battle, but…committing suicide?”

The martial artists present dazed. Because of Lin Ming’s previous speech and because they had been repressed for so long, they were like barrels of powder, ready to explode with the slightest spark. Now they faced the Good Fortune Legion, an enemy that stirred panic and fear at the mere thought of fighting directly against them. So, they had all readied themselves to throw up their heads and sprinkle their blood on the ground. To the soldiers, this only seemed natural.

This was sure to be a tragic battle. Even if Lin Ming alone could deal with the Good Fortune Saint Son, it would still be difficult – the other Empyreans of the Good Fortune Legion weren’t some random cabbage. Just those people alone were over ten times stronger than Demon Fairy Palace.

They had to deal with such a formidable and tricky enemy. They had to delay this powerful enemy to give Lin Ming time to deal with the Good Fortune Saint Son.

Naturally, the vast majority of people thought this was how a war was fought.

General against general!

Soldier against soldier!

Facing such a powerful enemy, there was also the chance that they would be completely annihilated. Even so, they would continue pushing forwards without fear of death. As for how many people would need to be sacrificed, they simply hadn’t considered this at all.

What they wanted was their bravery and dignity!

It was only after Lin Ming asked his question that these people were left in a daze. Could it be that even in a battle where there was such a massive disparity in strength, there was still a favorable turn somewhere?

Could it even be that Lin Ming had already called for support troops?

Thinking of this possibility, many people grew excited.

Lin Ming continued, “Not being afraid to sacrifice yourself is a necessary quality for any legion that wishes to be strong. But those who do not fear death are not just the brave warriors but also ordinary men! Do not make meaningless sacrifice; this will only turn you into the military exploits of your enemies, something that they can use to show off. Even at the very end, none of us must easily give up on our lives. Rather, we must exchange it for the greatest possible value!”

“If each and every one of you can accomplish this, we will sweep away all obstacles!”

Lin Ming’s words caused the human warriors to calm down.

A brave and hot-blooded legion was terrifying, but a legion that could be all that and also be calm, that was even more terrifying.

Lin Ming drew out the Black Dragon Spear.

Weng –

With a loud rumbling sound, the roar of a dragon seemed to spread throughout the starry night sky.

Lin Ming shouted out, “Now, everyone, man your stations! You will have around one incense stick of time to prepare. Afterwards, we will go into battle with the Good Fortune Legion! At the time of battle, everyone obey my command!”

An incense stick of time!

After hearing this, the disciples of Demon Fairy Palace were startled. Before, they had heard that they would fight in a ‘while’, but they didn’t expect this ‘while’ to be so short!

Everyone hastily rushed over to their stations.

“And me?” Xiao Moxian hurriedly asked.

“Follow me.” As Lin Ming spoke, he strode into Primordius Heavenly Palace.

An incense stick of time was an extremely short period of time. And in fact, before an incense stick of time passed, the human army was able to see the vast and roiling Good Fortune Legion in the distance!

The spirit ships, the Heavenly Palace fortresses, they were as magnificent and unsurpassable as a great wall!

What led the legion was a massive blood red sphere. The sphere was as large as a planet and wielded thick tentacles.

This was the avatar of Famine. And beside the avatar of Famine was a golden temple.

This temple was half the size of Famine and wildly gushed out astral essence. A golden halo spun around it. This was the Good Fortune Saint Palace – a True Divinity spirit treasure level immortal palace!

This immortal palace was usually located within Saint Convocation Heaven and was the main temple of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s influence!

When people spoke of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s influence, they usually referred to the Good Fortune Saint Palace to represent everything. From this it could be seen how terrifying this temple was. This could be called a landmark of Saint Convocation Heaven.

Now, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign possessed the true body of Famine, so he didn’t need to use the Good Fortune Saint Palace in battle. At the same time, the Good Fortune Saint Son had no use for it either. Thus, the Good Fortune Saint Palace had been made into the flagship for the Good Fortune Legion.

The ones responsible for driving the Good Fortune Saint Palace were nine peak Empyreans. Only by joining forces were they just barely able to display the terrifying strength of this war fortress.

When Demon Fairy Palace and the Good Fortune Legion met, if one disregarded the massive disparity in strength, the Good Fortune Legion already suppressed Demon Fairy Palace in momentum! When contrasted with each other, it was no different from a fighter to a little baby.

“Hahaha! Ji Xian’er, you truly are stupid! You really brought yourself to my door!” The Good Fortune Saint Son stood above the flesh and blood of Famine, wildly cackling. He gazed up the fleet of Demon Fairy Palace as if they were all prey waiting to be cut down.

Within Primordius Heavenly Palace, Xiao Moxian grit her teeth, hatefully staring out the array formations at the Good Fortune Saint Son.

“Dealing with you is easy; I alone am enough. But even so, I brought my greatest strength here in order to ensure absolute victory. You no longer have the slightest chance of doing anything, and I will not make any mistake either. Why don’t you be a good little girl and surrender yourself to me. You should already be content that I brought so many people here just to capture you!”

As the Good Fortune Saint Son spoke, he waved his hand and issued an order, “Seal off the surrounding space!”

With the Good Fortune Saint Palace as the head, dozens of saint spirit ships shined with brilliant beams of divine light. These beams of divine light shot into the void, linking together into a massive net of light. The net of light spread out until it formed a titanic enchantment that sealed up the surrounding space for millions of miles.

Such a massive array was based upon the defensive array formation of the Good Fortune Saint Palace. Whether it was activating or deactivating it, it wasn’t easy at all. Moreover, starting it up required a massive amount of energy.

After the great array was formed, it would be impossible for normal spirit ships to break through. The only exception would be if the spirit ships of Demon Fairy Palace all attacked in a joint strike. However, the Good Fortune Saint Son would not give them the chance to do this.

“Are you satisfied? Ji Xian’er, this is the cage that I specially prepared for you. In order to capture you, I took great pains in arranging all of this and soon you will also understand why I tried so hard to catch you. Several days from now, I’ll give you a pleasant surprise!”

 “If you know your limits then you will hurry up and surrender to me and be my slave. If you serve me well every day then I will let you keep your life and enjoy it too.”

The Good Fortune Saint Son recklessly laughed. But at this time, there was also a response from Demon Fairy Palace’s flagship. This was Xiao Moxian’s voice, icy cold and clear, “You stupid!” These two simple words caused the Good Fortune Saint Son’s complexion to darken.

The clear voice continued in sharp contention, “If you know your limits then hurry up and surrender to me and be my dog. But...I don’t think I can stand it. To have such an ugly dog, just thinking of it makes me nauseous.”

Good Fortune Saint Son diabolically grinned. “Very good. I also feared you might not be in that fleet and had sent in this rubble to die. Now that I know you truly are here, I can rest assured.”

“The flagship is mine and I leave the rest to you all. Kill them all to the last, do not let a single man live.”

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