MW Chapter 2045

Chapter 2045 – Two Armies Meet

As Lin Ming saw Xiao Moxian, he couldn’t help but laugh. “It’s fine,” he said. “We’ve suppressed our cultivation to the Divine Sea realm and even our bodily strength has been limited to the first four of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates. We haven’t used much energy and we aren’t injured either.”

Lin Ming and Lin Huang’s mortal bodies contained the bloodline of God Beasts; they were incredibly potent. In a situation where they suppressed their cultivation, even if they stood still and allowed themselves to be hit, it wouldn’t matter much.

“We’re just warming up for the upcoming battle.” Seeing Xiao Moxian’s not-too-happy expression, Lin Ming shrugged.

Still, Xiao Moxian couldn’t find it in her to laugh. Even with Lin Ming here, they had to face the Good Fortune Saint Son and also the most powerful Good Fortune Legion of the saint race. It was hard for her to relax.

Every single person in this fleet was a brave and loyal warrior who had followed Xiao Moxian and fought for her with all their might.

Today, they decided to march against the Good Fortune Saint Son, fearing neither danger nor death. Even against the Good Fortune Legion that was over a dozen times stronger than they were, they still boiled over with fighting intent.

All of this came from the glory of their race,...

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