MW Chapter 2044

Chapter 2044 – The Good Fortune Legion

Hidden Dragon Galaxy, Good Fortune Saint Palace –

Within the highest room of the Good Fortune Saint Palace, the Good Fortune Saint Son sat in an opulent chair, frowning.

He was agitated. Ever since he learned Lin Ming was still alive, he had been restless, unable to still his mind or heart.

On one hand, he had always dreamt of facing Lin Ming and brutally crushing him beneath his feet, severing his limbs and crippling his martial arts before feeding him to Famine. Only this would allow the Good Fortune Saint Son to feel truly happy and free, expelling the heart demons of the past.

On the other hand, the Good Fortune Saint Son didn’t know what cards Lin Ming was hiding in his hand; he inevitably worried about this. It had to be known that over 6000 years ago, the Good Fortune Saint Son had also once been overbrimming with confidence. He believed that with his then Holy Lord realm cultivation he would be able to easily defeat the Divine Lord Lin Ming.

However, although the Good Fortune Saint Son thought he could ruin Lin Ming, the result was that he was the one ruined instead.

He had been beaten so savagely when he had been full of confidence. And now, the Good Fortune Saint Son didn’t know any details about Lin Ming. He couldn’t help but be wary this time.

The Good Fortune Saint Son had especially sent out troops to research all recent information related to Lin Ming. He had also thoroughly researched all of Lin Ming’s recent combat images.

The truth was that the Good Fortune Saint Son didn’t worry too much about Lin Ming being able to destroy the second and third saint legions.

In particular, when Lin Ming fought against the four peak Empyreans, the strength he showed was inferior to that of a True Divinity. If so, then the Good Fortune Saint Son would have no need to fear him because he possessed the True Divinity level avatar of Famine. The avatar of Famine was limited by the Good Fortune Saint Son’s cultivation and soul and thus the strength it could display was much lower than it should be, but even so, this strength was far greater than what Lin Ming had revealed.

In addition, the Good Fortune Saint Son had the direct troops of the Good Fortune Saint Palace under his control. This was his ultimate trump card!

What the Good Fortune Saint Son truly worried about was just how Lin Ming managed to annihilate the Legion of Famine!

The Legion of Famine consisted of 60,000 Holy Lords, 2500 ordinary World Kings, 200 Great World Kings, as well as four of the saint generals leading them. There was the wise Fairy Blue Lotus as the military strategist, and although the Good Fortune Saint Son wasn’t on good terms with her, he couldn’t help but acknowledge that she was indeed a fierce character. Besides her, the other three saint generals weren’t soft melons either.

After undergoing the Famine body metamorphosis, their strength would multiply, allowing them to kill an Empyrean level powerhouse. But such a Legion of Famine had been completely cleared out overnight. From the four saint generals to the most ordinary Holy Lord, not a single one managed to live!

This matter was far too strange.

The Good Fortune Saint Son guessed that Lin Ming still had cards he hadn’t showed yet, and the Legion of Famine had been defeated by one such card.

Moreover, when Lin Ming fought the second and third saint legions, that black fortress had started attacking the saint spirit ships on its own, and its striking power had been terrifying. Just this alone caused the Good Fortune Saint Son to be concerned. Could Lin Ming have some helper that he didn’t know of?

The Good Fortune Saint Son first thought of Lin Ming’s three avatars. Over 6000 years ago, he had experienced two of these three avatars himself. They were fierce and formidable avatars, but the Good Fortune Saint Son found it difficult to believe that these alone could have the black fortress display such strength.

He had studied the light beams sent out by the black fortress for a long time but he still found it impossible to distinguish the Laws contained within these energies.

One couldn’t blame the Good Fortune Saint Son for being powerless in this aspect. This was because Lin Ming already expected that he wouldn’t be able to fully wipe out the joint saint legions. He knew that the scenes of him attacking the saint spirit ships using Primordius Heavenly Palace would be recorded.

In the case of these attacks, if Lin Ming directly used the Legion of Famine to send out a barrage of attacks from Primordius Heavenly Palace, then the Good Fortune Saint Son would be able to analyze these attacks and at the very least conclude that they possessed the aura of Famine. After all, the Good Fortune Saint Son controlled the most formidable avatar of Famine.

If this happened then Lin Ming’s secret ability to control the flesh and blood of Famine would be exposed!

After the Good Fortune Saint Son learned of this he would be on guard and might even flee the wild universe.

This was not what Lin Ming wanted.

So, Lin Ming had only used the Legion of Famine’s energy as a medium. He poured this energy into Primordius Heavenly Palace and the Ancient Elysium Seal array formation. Then, he used curse seals of the Asura Laws and Holy Scripture Laws to drive the attack.

With these two insurance policies, whether it was the Divine Seal Array used by the Ancient Elysium Seal or the two great Laws utilized by Lin Ming, these were not things that the Good Fortune Saint Son could understand. With this, if the Good Fortune Saint Son wanted to analyze information about these attacks from projection images then it would be far too difficult to find out what their origins were.

This was like using coal to boil a pot of water and then using wood to boil a pot of water. It would be impossible for someone to tell whether that pot of water had been boiled from coal or wood.

“Your Highness Saint Son, have a meal.”

A beautiful woman carried in a tray of food cooked from precious heavenly materials.

However, the Good Fortune Saint Son had no appetite for food. He waved his hand, a bit agitated and a bit annoying. “You… go contact Empyrean Evernight and have him hurry up. Tell him to start slaughtering cities tomorrow, thousands of cities at a time. I want to see whether or not that whore Xiao Moxian will truly be so cold-hearted!”

The Good Fortune Saint Son had already lost his patience. Since he couldn’t find out what cards Lin Ming was hiding, he could only count on capturing Xiao Moxian.


The woman bowed and drew back. She prepared to send Empyrean Evernight a sound transmission. Sound transmission marks were the core secret of every army, and in the saint army stationed at New Ming Planet, only Empyrean Evernight had the corresponding transmission mark jade slip.

Empyrean Evernight had been killed by Lin Ming thus there was no one to use this mark. The saints didn’t even know that Empyrean Evernight had been eliminated.

The woman had only left for a short while before rushing back in a hurry.

“What is it?” The Good Fortune Saint Son frowned. To activate a sound transmission array formation that could surmount an entire star territory took a considerable amount of time; there was no reason for her to come back so quickly.

“Your Highness Saint Son, our scouts sent in new information just now. They discovered that the human fleets have broken through our blockade; it seems to be Xiao Moxian’s Demon Fairy Palace!”


The Good Fortune Saint Son was startled before immediately turning to happiness!

That little slut, she was finally unable to sit still!

The Good Fortune Saint Son quickly strode out of the room and into the official meeting hall. There, above the sound transmission array disc, he saw the projection of Xiao Moxian’s Demon Fairy Palace army. The numerous spirit ships there all belonged to Demon Fairy Palace!

Currently, the space that Demon Fairy Palace was at had already been sealed away by a force field; it was impossible for them to undergo great void shifts.

If this fleet wanted to escape from the sealed space it would take at least four to six hours. That was more than enough time to capture this fleet seven or eight times!


The Good Fortune Saint Son wildly laughed.

“Just wait for me to catch you, I will make you feel what pleasure is!” The Good Fortune Saint Son revealed an obscene and lascivious smile. It had already been a long time since he cared about his sexual attractions to women. In his long life, he had experienced countless incomparably beautiful women and he had slowly grown numb to them. However, it was Xiao Moxian and only Xiao Moxian that the Good Fortune Saint Son desperately hoped he could press beneath his body and brutally ravish.

This was a woman who once stepped on his dignity. He wanted to savagely conquer her and take out all his revenge on her! If possible, he wanted to ruin Xiao Moxian in front of Lin Ming, humiliating her and giving vent to all the malice and hate he had saved from all those years ago!

“Prepare the soldiers, we are going to battle!”

The Good Fortune Saint Son was already impatient.

The saint armies were well trained. After the Good Fortune Saint Son issued his order, it only took a quarter hour for the entire army to be ready to march forwards.

In order to ensure absolute success, the Good Fortune Saint Son had brought the entirety of his troops with him.

This was a massive army, otherwise known as the troops that were under the direct control of the Good Fortune Saint Palace!

The Good Fortune Saint Palace deserved its reputation as the undisputed number one top influence of the saints. The troops under its direct control were far stronger than any other random saint legion.

In fact, even if the second and third legions of Saint Convocation Heaven joined together, they were still far inferior to the personal troops of the Good Fortune Saint Palace.

This legion wasn’t numbered. It had a name, and its name came from the Good Fortune Saint Palace; it was called the Good Fortune Legion.

Although the Good Fortune Legion didn’t have the illustrious and fierce reputation of the Legion of Famine, it had more saint powerhouses than an ox had hairs. The name of the Good Fortune Legion rang through the ears of all like thunder.

The Good Fortune Legion hadn’t killed many people, but to humanity they were actually a great deterrent!

Besides Divine Dream Heavenly Palace, if any other human influence were to bump into the Good Fortune Legion, their only choice would be to flee into the wild.

With such a trump card legion as well as the Good Fortune Saint Son and the avatar of Famine, this could be considered the ultimate force that the saints had within the wild universe!

This vast fleet shuttled their way deep into the universe. Wherever they went, even stars would be washed away!

In particular, deep in space, there was the giant avatar of Famine. It waved its horrifying dragon tentacles, exuding a terrifyingly oppressive feeling!

“Xiao Moxian, just you wait for me, hahaha!”

On the bloody surface of Famine, the Good Fortune Saint Son’s voice echoed out into the void.


And at this time, in another part of the starry skies, Demon Fairy Palace was rapidly marching forwards.

Every disciple of Demon Fairy Palace was boiling over with fighting spirit!

In truth, they knew that this would be a bitter and tragic battle. When their strength was compared to the Good Fortune Legion, saying it was an egg against a rock wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

Even with Lin Ming here, and even if Lin Ming were to create another miracle, they knew that they would suffer heavy losses in this battle!

This was an inevitable occurrence. No matter how formidable Lin Ming was, the most he could do was stop the Good Fortune Saint Son. How could a single person deal with the entire Good Fortune Legion?

But even though everyone knew this, no one batted an eyelash to march into battle.

They were warriors with hot blood flowing through their veins. How could they hide in nests like rats and then be slowly dug out by others?

If they had to die, they would die with honor and glory!

All warriors were ready to fight, in full battle formation. And at this time, in Primordius Heavenly Palace which was disguised as a common spirit ship, Lin Ming was fighting Lin Huang.


A muffled thump echoed out. Lin Huang was sent flying backwards.

Lin Huang rolled on the ground before smashing into a wall. He stood up and ripped off his tattered sleeves, his eyes staring at Lin Ming like those of a cheetah.

This father and son had suppressed their cultivations to the Divine Sea realm. What they were competing in was fighting skills and Laws.

And up until now, Lin Ming had only used a single hand. The disparity was too great.

“You… you both…” Xiao Moxian heard the heavy thumping sounds and walked over. She was left speechless by what she saw. “We’re about to fight soon and not only are you not adjusting yourselves to your best condition but you’re actually exchanging moves here! This is just too childish!”

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