MW Chapter 2044

Chapter 2044 – The Good Fortune Legion

Hidden Dragon Galaxy, Good Fortune Saint Palace –

Within the highest room of the Good Fortune Saint Palace, the Good Fortune Saint Son sat in an opulent chair, frowning.

He was agitated. Ever since he learned Lin Ming was still alive, he had been restless, unable to still his mind or heart.

On one hand, he had always dreamt of facing Lin Ming and brutally crushing him beneath his feet, severing his limbs and crippling his martial arts before feeding him to Famine. Only this would allow the Good Fortune Saint Son to feel truly happy and free, expelling the heart demons of the past.

On the other hand, the Good Fortune Saint Son didn’t know what cards Lin Ming was hiding in his hand; he inevitably worried about this. It had to be known that over 6000 years ago, the Good Fortune Saint Son had also once been overbrimming with confidence. He believed that with his then Holy Lord realm cultivation he would be able to easily defeat the Divine Lord Lin Ming.

However, although the Good Fortune Saint Son thought he could ruin Lin Ming, the result was that he was the one ruined instead.

He had been beaten so savagely when he had been full of confidence. And now, the Good Fortune Saint Son didn’t know any details about Lin Ming. He couldn’t help but be wary this...

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