MW Chapter 2043

Chapter 2043 - Desire

Seeing Lin Ming appear, the disciples of Demon Fairy Palace became even more frenzied. They cried out from the depths of their hearts, their shouts sounding out into the highest heavens.

In the darkest times of the human race, what they needed were heroes, what they needed was motivation.

“Sage Lin, will you lead us to battle?”

Someone asked from the crowd.

This question quieted the raucous disciples of Demon Fairy Palace. Yes, they wanted to fight! They were sick of these days of hiding in little holes!

Everyone looked at Lin Ming with bright burning eyes. At this time, their eyes were also filled with hope.


Lin Ming stepped onto the front wall of the square before Primordius Heavenly Palace. As he looked down below at the numerous disciples of Demon Fairy Palace, his voice was grave and earnest.

Everyone’s ears rose to attention. For a time, the entire square fell silent.

“Did you know that 3.6 billion years ago, humanity once encountered another great calamity?”

Lin Ming’s words left the martial artists present stunned. They thought that Lin Ming would speak some emotional words that would impassion them all, but they didn’t think this would be the first thing he mentioned.

“We know!” Many people loudly shouted out in reply.

“Very good… I also know of this great calamity, and what I know is much clearer than what you all know…” Lin Ming seemed to fall into deep recollection. He looked at the vast sea of human martial artists before him and the swirling black nebula above. After a long period of silence, he finally opened his mouth and slowly said, “3.6 billion years ago, humanity was the same as it was today, facing a saint race that was several times more formidable. They had to face Famine in its peak state as well as saint Empyreans and saint True Divinities that were multiple times greater in number! The difference in strength was too great and humanity had no chance of winning. Through any logical reasoning, the only conclusion that could be made is that they would be annihilated and reduced to slaves. However, that war was one humanity won. Do you know what it was they relied on to win?”

Lin Ming’s question left the crowd dazed. Although they knew that humanity had also suffered a great calamity 3.6 billion years ago, the problem was that far too much time had passed and too many great influences had been destroyed, thus a great portion of history had been lost. They only knew that Empyrean Divine Seal had led the warriors of humanity to win that great war, but as for the exact details of how, they weren’t sure.

“For a race to stand tall in the 33 Heavens, for a race to possess their own territory, for a race to have sovereignty, to have freedom, they must have great strength or their own bravery! The bravery of a race is that intangible desire condensed from the bloodline of the people, the power to fight for their dignity!

“3.6 billion years ago, humanity knew that their strength was far surpassed by the saints, but they were not afraid! Empyrean Divine Seal led the troops from the Divine Seal Altar! 200 Empyreans, 200 God Beasts, several million Holy Lords! With Holy Lords as soldiers, with Empyreans as generals, all of humanity joined forces to engage in slaughter with the saints! Finally, Empyrean Divine Seal brought numerous great hosts of humanity to voluntarily burn even their own lives to lay down a great array formation and seal away Famine’s soul!

“In that great war, nearly all the Empyreans, World Kings, and Holy Lords of humanity died in battle. The great martial arts civilization of humanity declined. Our inheritances were cut off, and in order to redevelop all of this, endless effort needed to be paid. However, this was all worth it, because… we preserved… our dignity!”

Lin Ming said these last words clearly and without hurry. The entire audience was completely silent. The tens of thousands of disciples stood in the square or floated in the skies, respectfully listening. Their faces were filled with solemn respect and reverence.

“Because of the sacrifices our seniors made, we do not need to live like slaves! We have our own martial arts civilization, and although it is not the best, it is still ours! We have our own territory, our own homeland, and even though we only possess a single Heaven, we can still develop and restart from the beginning! However, as we truly began to develop and our martial arts civilization began to grow bright once more, the saints returned yet again! And this time, their ambitions were even greater!

“Step-by-step, they want to gradually take control of the 33 Heavens. Their leader, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, wishes to merge together with Famine and finally swallow up the essence of every race in the 33 Heavens, taking a step Beyond Divinity. He regards the spiritas as his greatest opponent and our human race as a stepping stone. Yes, just like before two riders meet on the battlefield, they have to feed their horses grass. And our human race has been regarded as this grass.”

Lin Ming honestly spoke these words. As the martial artists of Demon Fairy Palace heard this, all of them began to stir with excitement. Many of them started to breathe heavily, the blood vessels straining in their necks as if they were about to erupt where they were. But as Lin Ming stood on the high platforms of the wall, no one spoke. This was because of their respect towards him.

After several breaths of silence, Lin Ming suddenly asked, “Do you all think you are grass to feed horses?”

“They are courting death!”

A large fellow jumped up, shouting from his lungs. He was one of the ones who had nearly choked on himself in the silence.

“Kill them all!”

Someone took out two great shining axes and began to clash them together.

“Fight them to the death!”

“Let’s go to those motherfuckers, I’ve had enough of them!”

Martial artists all had their own form of bravery, especially when their race had been bullied and suppressed for so long. Whether it was them or their race, at this moment of life or death they were like kegs of powder, ready to blow up at the tiniest spark.

“I don’t think so either!” Lin Ming said out loud, “Our seniors are more than just Empyrean Divine Seal! There is Empyrean Primordius, who chose to become the incarnation of a demon to fight the saints to the death! There is Three Lives Old Man, who prolonged his life for 300 million years to wait for the great calamity, and finally sacrificed himself to buy time for the elites of humanity to enter the wild universe! Not just them… but there are numerous Empyreans, World Kings, and Holy Lords that we do not know the names of… as well as even more, countless martial artists of lower cultivation, and beyond them, there is also the common people who die cruel and tragic deaths. They all traded their lives for the chance for us to stand safely here today. Do you think that they did all that just so that we could be grass used to feed horses?

“We withstood the loneliness of being forced out of our homeland. We entered the wilderness, taking vicious beasts as our neighbors. We slaughtered, fought, honed ourselves, bathed in blood, used every ounce of our strength to crawl our way out from the torn flesh and blood all around us…

“We tempered our abilities, increased our cultivations, diligently trained, passed through mystic realms, walked the thin line that separates life and death. We are humans, we are part of humanity! We come from the Divine Realm, and what we want… is to return home!”

As Lin Ming spoke, his voice suddenly rose. The warriors of Demon Fairy Palace erupted in thunderous applause all around him.

“We must go home!”

“We’ll kill our way back to the Divine Realm!”

“Exterminate those saint dogs!”

“Humanity forever!”

Waves of roars resounded through the skies. When the brave blood of a race was lit, they could create a miracle.

At this moment, even if an endless mountain of swords were placed in front of these people, they would still rush forwards without hesitation!

A troop filled with bravery and blood-instinct would be able to erupt with unparalleled combat strength. They would be able to defeat an enemy ten times more powerful!

The tide-like cries continued for a quarter hour without weakening. Warriors all over drew their weapons and pointed them to the skies.

Some women covered their faces and wept until they lost their voices!

They had to fight their way back! Even if they died in battle, they would bury themselves in the Divine Realm!

“Very good! Then, rest for six hours. After that come with me. We… will kill our way out!”

Lin Ming waved his hand and all the disciples of Demon Fairy Palace felt as if they would explode from their emotions. At this time, even if an Empyrean stood before them they would still rush forwards to fight!

Some people already hurriedly flew back to their residences, preparing their pills, weapons, and armor for the battle that was soon to come.

They couldn’t wait even a moment longer.

Who cared about the Good Fortune Saint Son? Even if they weren’t his match, they would still die in battle!

“Brother Lin, this…” Xiao Moxian didn’t think that Lin Ming’s words would produce such terrifying results.

The disciples of Demon Fairy Palace were brave, but if they were to truly frontally engage with the Good Fortune Saint Son, they would still inevitably feel fear. After all, the difference in strength was too great.

“Are we going to fight the Good Fortune Saint Son?”

Xiao Moxian asked. When Lin Ming came, Xiao Moxian believed that he would reverse the course of this war and even have the Good Fortune Saint Son suffer great losses. But Xiao Moxian thought that Lin Ming would further consider his plan of action, using methods and tactics to finally defeat the Good Fortune Saint Son. However, she never imagined that after Lin Ming had been at Demon Fairy Palace for such a short period of time, he would take command of the troops and lead them into direct battle with the Good Fortune Saint Son!

This was too decisive!

“Is it a bit too hasty to set out in six hours? I thought you would at least eat at the welcoming banquet set out for you before considering how to deal with the Good Fortune Saint Son.”

Although Xiao Moxian thought marching the forces out now was too hasty, she still allowed Lin Ming to make the decision. This was the unspoken trust she held towards him.

“Banquet? We will have a banquet, however it will not be a welcoming banquet but a victory banquet! The food and wine has already been prepared. We will fight first and then celebrate our victory!”


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