MW Chapter 2043

Chapter 2043 - Desire

Seeing Lin Ming appear, the disciples of Demon Fairy Palace became even more frenzied. They cried out from the depths of their hearts, their shouts sounding out into the highest heavens.

In the darkest times of the human race, what they needed were heroes, what they needed was motivation.

“Sage Lin, will you lead us to battle?”

Someone asked from the crowd.

This question quieted the raucous disciples of Demon Fairy Palace. Yes, they wanted to fight! They were sick of these days of hiding in little holes!

Everyone looked at Lin Ming with bright burning eyes. At this time, their eyes were also filled with hope.


Lin Ming stepped onto the front wall of the square before Primordius Heavenly Palace. As he looked down below at the numerous disciples of Demon Fairy Palace, his voice was grave and earnest.

Everyone’s ears rose to attention. For a time, the entire square fell silent.

“Did you know that 3.6 billion years ago, humanity once encountered another great calamity?”

Lin Ming’s words left the martial artists present stunned....

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