MW Chapter 2042

Chapter 2042 – Bloodline Connection

Right after Xiao Moxian flew up, Mu Qianyu, Qin Xingxuan, and Lin Xiaoge all flew towards Primordius Heavenly Palace.

Atop the palace walls, the women looked towards Lin Ming, their eyes flowing with tears.  

They threw themselves into his arms. He tightly held onto them. At this time, all tribulations, all grievances, all the pain and sorrow they suffered was burned away in this moment of happiness.

No one spoke because there were no words that needed to be said. Their hearts had become one and they could clearly feel the innermost feelings of each other.

Xiao Moxian, Mu Qianyu, and Qin Xingxuan were like fish while Lin Ming was like water. Their lives were linked together, unable to be separated!

Lin Ming held onto them for a long time before slowly separating. He carefully wiped away the tears that fell down each woman’s face and said in a soft voice, “You have all suffered hardships…”

More tears fell. Mu Qianyu said, “In these past years it has been Little Sister Xian’er supporting us.”

“Mm, I understand.”

Lin Ming gently stroked Xiao Moxian’s cheek. She had abandoned her own race to follow him, but soon after he had disappeared and everyone had assumed he had died. Thus, Xiao Moxian and her unborn child had arrived at the wild universe without him. Facing the great wilderness and the covetous gaze of the saints, the burden she had to endure could be imagined.

As he thought back to that innocent and strangely eccentric young girl, that image still reverberated in Lin Ming’s heart. The Xiao Moxian of that time had been filled with happiness and perpetual joy.

Step by step, she had walked to where she was today. From a naïve young girl she had become an Empyrean of humanity who carried the lives of several dozen billion subjects on her shoulders, helping in propping up the fate of the human race. Such a gradual transformation left Lin Ming even more in love with her.

Lin Ming pulled Xiao Moxian’s hand and tightly held onto her. He gently kissed her forehead and then bent down to whisper in her ear, “With me here, everything will be fine again.”

As these words fell onto Xiao Moxian’s ears, she felt her heart ache. Emotions surged in her like a raging sea.

Yes. No matter where it was or when it was, no matter how difficult the situation was, as long as he was here he would use his broad shoulders to prop up the heavens for them.

In the past, within the Asura Road, she and Lin Ming had faced the pursuit of Tian Mingzi…

After returning from the Asura Road, she had to face the surprise of her unborn child, the marriage proposal of the Good Fortune Saint Son, as well as the rage of Empyrean Demondawn…

And beyond that, when the great calamity of humanity erupted ahead of time and when almost all Empyreans felt the situation was hopeless…

It was him. It was he who had faced all of this without turning back, who had faced all of this without hesitation. Leaving behind only the image of his back, he silently shouldered the responsibility, experiencing unimaginable difficulties and tribulations before finally creating a miracle and changing everything.

Time and time again he had made the impossible possible, writing his own legend as he lived.

He was a man who she could always feel peace of mind to stand behind.

Xiao Moxian knew that she could never leave him. Every inch of her flesh, every drop of her blood, her entire soul, everything she was belonged to him…

“Yu’er, Xingxuan…” Lin Ming hugged Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan into his chest, feeling their hearts beat in tandem, feeling their breath against him. Originally, these two women should have remained safely in the lower realms. Although they wouldn’t live overly grand lives, they would still live lives that all mortals would envy. However, they had been caught in the great stormy war between the saints and humanity and were forced to drift in desolate loneliness for thousands of years. Lin Ming felt that he had been unfair to the both of them. Secretly he firmed his resolve that these two women would never be harmed in any way again.

And finally, Lin Xiaoge…

He traced and patted her head. His parents had already passed away. Although he had been at the side of his parents, protecting them until the end of their lives and finally seeing them leave with smiles on their face, Lin Xiaoge had actually never managed to see her parents one final time. This would inevitably be a regret deep in her heart.

“Xiaoge, you’ve grown up…”

After nearly seven thousand years, Lin Ming said the exact same words he said to her so long ago…

The first time he said these words was when he returned to the Sky Spill Continent and saw Lin Xiaoge suppress her rivals at the martial arts meeting, winning the crown of champion.

At that time, Lin Xiaoge had been in her prime. She had a beautiful figure and the vitality of a youth. When Lin Ming had said she had grown up then, he had been referring to her physical maturity.

But this time, Lin Ming was referring to the evolution of her mind.

After experiencing tribulations for thousands of years, even a carefree person would grow up…

“Big Brother, I’m doing well.”

Lin Xiaoge grabbed Lin Ming’s hand and firmly hugged him, her actions speaking louder than words.

The brother and sister separated after some time. Lin Xiaoge looked at Lin Ming and said, “Big Brother… do you know what happened to our parents? I have been in the wild universe all these years so I never had a chance to return to the Sky Spill Continent and see them…”

Lin Ming sighed. He shook his head and said, “I’ll tell you everything that happened later.”

Seeing Lin Ming’s eyes, Lin Xiaoge was startled, as if she suddenly realized something. She slowly nodded. In truth, when she asked this question she had already faintly guessed the answer.

It was impossible for her parents to live for such a long time…

And at this time, Lin Ming looked at the approaching Lin Huang.

The first time that Lin Ming saw Lin Huang, he could feel a faint bloodline connection from his body. Even without Xiao Moxian explaining things to him he could still guess that this was his child.

As Lin Huang saw his father turn and regard him, he was a bit wary.

To Lin Huang, his father was the god in his heart, and the person he respected and worshipped the most. Now that he actually met his father, his heart began to speed up.

He tidied his robes and stepped forwards. Then, he kneeled before Lin Ming and deeply bowed in obeisance.

“Child Lin Huang greets Father.”

Lin Ming received this bow. Then, he stretched out his hands to help Lin Huang up. With this touch, Lin Huang could feel just how strong his father was.

In fact, this couldn’t be called helping him up, but pressing him down.

This was a strength greater than that of any ancient wild beast Lin Huang had ever encountered. It was like a hundred thousand foot tall mountain pushing down on his body.

Lin Huang was shocked. Then, he immediately began summoning strength to resist his father’s pressure. He knew that his father was testing him!

Ka ka ka ka!

Lin Huang’s body and joints began to emit explosive cracking sounds.

Xiao Moxian was startled to see this. Although she was a bit worried, she didn’t stop them.

Lin Huang gasped, his breath coming in heaves. His forehead dripped with beads of sweat. Finally, he forcefully lifted Lin Ming’s hand and stood up.

“Good!” Lin Ming said a single word of praise, a strange light flashing in his eyes.

In Lin Ming’s eyes, the invasion of the saints was bitter distress for Mu Qianyu, Qin Xingxuan, Xiao Moxian and Lin Xiaoge. Lin Ming didn’t want them to suffer any tribulation or injury.

But to Lin Huang, his own son, this was a time to temper himself!

Without being by his side for these 6000 some years, Lin Ming was looking forwards to seeing just how Lin Huang had grown.

“Tonight, I will test your strength here.”

Lin Huang was stunned. He didn’t think that during the first time he met his father, the words his father would say to him were that he wanted to test his strength.

However, these words caused Lin Huang to slowly stir with excitement.

To fight with the father he respected most in his life was also what he anticipated.

“You just came back and now you want to fight with your son?”

Xiao Moxian muttered, a bit begrudgingly. Although Lin Huang was strong, up until now he had lacked fatherly love.

Lin Huang was like a little wolf growing up, lonely, cold, and proud.

He had incredibly high standards that he set for himself. Although he seemed strong on the outside, the truth was that his innermost feelings were quite fragile. Xiao Moxian hoped that after Lin Ming returned, he would take good care of Lin Huang and show him the love that he had missed.

However, the way that Lin Ming cared for Lin Huang was completely different from what she had thought.

“Mother, allow me to fight Father!”

Lin Huang’s eyes flashed. Xiao Moxian looked at Lin Huang’s eyes and was startled. She immediately understood what he wanted…

Lin Huang was born with overflowing talent, but he had never been complacent or satisfied with himself. He had worked harder than anyone else.

He had to use his own achievements to win the recognition and praise of others.

Because he could not bring disgrace to his father’s honor!

But even all the praise he had ever received added up could not compare with the praise that came from Lin Ming’s mouth. Today, he wanted to personally obtain praise and affirmation from his father!


News of Lin Ming’s return soon spread throughout the entire Demon Fairy Palace.

Lin Ming no longer concealed his identity, because he knew that after he appeared again and again, no matter if it were the saints or humans they would have approximately guessed his identity. There was no meaning in continuing to hide who he was.

Humanity worshipped Lin Ming. And if one had to think of a group of people that worshipped Lin Ming the most, then that would absolutely be those of Demon Fairy Palace and New Ming Planet!

As it was confirmed that the black fortress that appeared in the skies was Lin Ming’s Heavenly Palace, the entire Demon Fairy Palace went crazy with celebration!

To New Ming Planet or to Demon Fairy Palace, the name Lin Ming contained far too much meaning!

Afterwards they learned that Lin Ming had saved New Ming Planet recently. And not just that, but in the process they also learned that Lin Ming, with his own strength, had destroyed two great saint legions. And before that he had even defeated the Legion of Famine! This left the disciples of Demon Fairy Palace roiling with jubilation!

After being chased down by the saints for dozens of years, they thirsted for a victory.

They were fed up with the days of hiding like rats. They were willing to exchange their lives for a great and hearty victory!

“Lin Ming! Lin Ming!”

Everyone shouted out Lin Ming’s name, their voices echoing like ocean waves, reaching into the nebula.

They leapt in joy, running around to spread the news.

Their hero had returned. When Lin Ming opened up a path to the wild universe and saved humanity, he had only been at the Holy Lord realm. But now he could easily strike down Empyreans! If so, then he would surely be able to lead their Demon Fairy Palace to charge out of the Hidden Dragon Galaxy and rule the world once more!

In their gloomy lives filled with despair, they finally saw the eternal lighthouse shining in the horizon. That light left them intoxicated with dreams!

Many people gathered in front of Primordius Heavenly Palace, loudly chanting Lin Ming’s name and chanting humanity forever. It was difficult for anyone to restrain themselves from shouting this.

“Brother Lin, the disciples of Demon Fairy Palace all want to see you.” Xiao Moxian said.

“I understand.” Lin Ming smiled and stood up, walking into the square in front of Primordius Heavenly Palace.


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