MW Chapter 2041

Chapter 2041 - Meeting

Perhaps because the distance was too great or perhaps because the array formation of the Thousand Mile Heartlink had broken apart too much, it was difficult to transmit a complete sound; there were only some blurry syllables.

But, no matter how blurry these sounds were, they were loud and clear enough to ring through the minds of all present.

Listening to this unforgettable voice that was carved into her bones, a voice that she only heard in her dreams, Xiao Moxian couldn’t stand it any longer. She burst into tears.

“Lin Ming!”

Mu Qianyu’s body weakened and she fell onto the obsidian table.

She gently touched the Thousand Mile Heartlink, her mind shaking. This man who haunted her dreams, he was still alive!

Through countless sorrows, through countless tribulations, through nearly 7000 years across the endless river of time, they had come to this wild and strange land, withstanding loneliness, despair, slaughter, sacrifice, and death.

And now, all of these tribulations and grievances turned into boiling hot tears that recklessly flowed down.

He had returned!

And because of his return, nothing else mattered anymore!

This was the dawn that came after a long night, the warm spring that came after an endless winter. As long as he was in this world, all the cold and darkness seemed to fade far away.

“Big Brother, Big Brother really returned!”

Qin Xingxuan and Lin Xiaoge found it hard to restrain their emotions. They hugged, supporting each other.

Tears flowed out, dried, and then repeated once more…

No one knew just how many emotions and thoughts were contained in these tears.

“He is my father…”

Lin Huang looked at the projection image, his body quietly shaking.

This was the man who made him feel pride and glory? This was the man who had left an indelible mark on his life, and today, he had appeared before Lin Huang.

Lin Huang felt as if all of this was an illusion.

This was the man who had given him his life, the man who had given him his unparalleled talent.

This was the man who had saved humanity. When humanity was in a dire and hopeless situation, he had found the way to enter the wild universe, giving humanity a moment of reprieve.

Lin Huang had listened to tales of his father growing up. When he saw the various rulers of humanity, they would always touch his head and say, “You must grow well and become a man like your father was.”

His father was a hero, the man he respected most in his life, and also the one goal he had to surpass.

No matter how high this goal was!

His father’s life was too brilliant, too dazzling, so blinding that he eclipsed anyone standing near him.

As his son, Lin Huang had immeasurable attention focused on him since he was born. But as he was saddled with the mantle of his father’s pride, he also had to withstand an even greater pressure.

For all these years, he had worked hard, pushing himself to his limits. He started washing his bones at a mere three years of age. He used medicinal solutions to temper his immature body, withstanding the pain that wracked him. After growing up a little he left the city to develop the virgin lands. He ventured into the wild forests, cultivating, training, exploring, engaging in slaughter with vicious beasts…

He withstood the loneliness of seclusion. He studied transcendent divine mights, studied fighting, studied murder. He used every moment to temper himself, forcing himself forwards. No one knew how much blood he bled, how much sweat sprinkled to the ground. In his life, no one knew how much pressure he bore because he never spoke of it, not even to his mother.

In front of Xiao Moxian, he was forever her kind and caring son. He comforted her, trying his best to share the burden on her shoulders.

Sometimes, late into the night, he would take out his father’s portrait from his spatial ring and meditate as he faced this portrait alone.

Like a wild animal in an uninhabited cave, quietly licking their wounds.

And through these endless nights and days, Lin Huang became increasingly strong. He became the rising star of humanity, the goal that many young juniors chased after.

Perhaps the reason he mercilessly pushed himself forwards was because subconsciously, he wanted people to say – “He is truly worthy of being Lin Ming’s son.”

– Because he did not want to disgrace this pride!

And today, his father had finally returned.

Not only had he not died, he had come back far more powerful!

His return was originally a miracle. But, he was someone who was forever creating new miracles!


The Thousand Mile Heartlink shattered. The last motes of light in the array formation darkened and vanished, leaving behind nothing but the beating candlelight in the room.

Xiao Moxian took a deep breath and dried her tears.

From this moment, she no longer felt fear or grief.

Because of him, this world was only filled with unending warm light.


At this time, far from New Ming Planet, Lin Ming opened his eyes from meditation.

He stood alone above rivers and mountains, looking at the blue clouds slowly crawling over the skies. As he gazed down upon the vast wild land beneath him, the corners of his eyes had become wet.

In truth, he had once thought that Xiao Moxian might use the Thousand Mile Heartlink to contact him. After entering the wild universe, all sound transmission marks had been replaced. Only his soul mark in the Thousand Mile Heartlink would be able to find him.

But the Thousand Mile Heartlink had been attuned to Xiao Moxian and only she could use it. And after such a long time had passed, Lin Ming even suspected that the Thousand Mile Heartlink had broken apart.

But today, during the last time that the Thousand Mile Heartlink could be used, in a situation where it couldn’t even transmit a complete sound, in that brief moment, Xiao Moxian had used her own soul as the medium and had transmitted all the thoughts of everyone in the room to Lin Ming. Without words, those thoughts contained incomparably blazing emotions!

These emotions had passed on everything that was needed to Lin Ming.

His family was there. He had a son. Xiao Moxian, Mu Qianyu, Qin Xingxuan, Lin Xiaoge, they were all safe and well.

They were there, waiting for him to return!

After nearly seven thousand years, besides his first reincarnation that he spent with his parents, he had spent the rest of the time alone, withstanding the solitude.

But now he had found his family. To feel the concern of others was a wonderful feeling…

In the transmission just now, Lin Ming had sensed the general position of Xiao Moxian’s soul mark as it flashed. In that endless starry skies, he had already locked onto the approximate star territory.

With the incredible intensity of his divine sense, as long as he knew which star territory it was, wanting to find Xiao Moxian wouldn’t be difficult.

As for New Ming Planet, Lin Ming had already finished dealing with it. Before he attacked he had used an array formation to seal up the planet. After he began his cleansing, no one was able to escape. All of the saints had been dug out and dealt with by Lin Ming.

Now, news would not flow out from this area for a long time. The saints would take some time before they could respond. They would first suspect there was an accident and then send people here to investigate. As it stood, Lin Ming didn’t need to worry that the Good Fortune Saint Son would retaliate by sending out troops to destroy New Ming Planet.

However, in order to be safe, Lin Ming left behind a transmission array here as well as a squad of the Legion of Famine. If an accident occurred they would immediately notify him and he would be able to return in a short period of time.

Lin Ming shot up into the skies, flying faster the more he flew. In the blink of an eye he soared into the vast starry space. Behind him, Primordius Heavenly Palace revolved as it appeared. Lin Ming’s figure sank into it.

“Congratulations Master, you have found your family.”

Fairy Blue Lotus soon learned of what happened and smiled in congratulations. “The Good Fortune Saint Son should also be near Master’s family. As long as Master goes there, then finding the Good Fortune Saint Son will be easier than taking candy from a child.”

Lin Ming smiled. In nearly seven thousand years, he had never smiled so brightly.

Primordius Heavenly Palace soon sank into the void, rapidly shuttling towards the direction that Xiao Moxian was in. Lin Ming was already burning with impatience. He wished he could quickly return to the side of his family.


On this day, within the dark nebula, Xiao Moxian’s base was seething with excitement.

News of Lin Ming’s return hadn’t been announced. But what people knew was that a great battle had been successfully and decisively won at New Ming Planet, and some peerless powerhouse would soon come to the Hidden Dragon Galaxy to join them.

There was no news more uplifting than this. At the very least, the problem with New Ming Planet had been solved so there wouldn’t be any extra concerns; they wouldn’t need to worry about the Good Fortune Saint Son using the planet as a threat.

It had to be known that some of the citizens of New Ming Planet were inextricably related to the disciples of Demon Fairy Palace. Some of them were even family members.

Xiao Moxian started to bathe early and freshen up her looks. She took off her armor and put on a grand and luxurious black dress. As she meticulously combed her hair, she carefully coiled it up and then inserted a phoenix hairpin.

After dressing up, Xiao Moxian was like a beauty from a painting.

Similarly, Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan were also readying themselves in the bronze mirror. They dressed and applied makeup for a full hour, each one helping the other. Since the last time they saw Lin Ming and all the struggles that happened afterwards, they couldn’t remember when they last spent so much time carefully dressing up.

The two women carefully inspected each other, even straightening up the other’s hairpin if it was slightly skewed.

They happily did all of this. Their hearts had already been filled with happiness.

After they finished, Xiao Moxian passed down orders to prepare a banquet to receive Lin Ming.

But when the banquet was only half prepared, the concealing array formation of their base quietly trembled. Xiao Moxian looked up and saw a giant black fortress break through the void, appearing on the horizon like a towering mountain.

As the disciples of Demon Fairy Palace saw this castle, they were all stunned.

By this time, all sorts of feelings swelled up within Xiao Moxian and tears shined in her eyes. Even though this black fortress had changed appearance she was still able to recognize that this was Primordius Heavenly Palace!

In the past, when Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian were forced into God Burying Ridge by Tian Mingzi without a way out, in that moment of life or death within the Primordius Heavenly Palace, Xiao Moxian had gathered her courage to abandon the shackles of her family and race, giving herself to Lin Ming… To Xiao Moxian, Primordius Heavenly Palace held far too much meaning.

At this moment, in the midst of their struggles, Xiao Moxian rejoiced that she made the decisions she did in the past.

As Primordius Heavenly Palace steadily came to a stop, Xiao Moxian could no longer stand still and flew into the air. In the distance she could see a black-clothed man standing atop Primordius Heavenly Palace, smiling as he looked down at her.

Against the dark and starry skies, the sharp and distinct edges of his face, his star-bright eyes, his outstanding appearance, everything became an image that was marked for eternity…


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