MW Chapter 2041

Chapter 2041 - Meeting

Perhaps because the distance was too great or perhaps because the array formation of the Thousand Mile Heartlink had broken apart too much, it was difficult to transmit a complete sound; there were only some blurry syllables.

But, no matter how blurry these sounds were, they were loud and clear enough to ring through the minds of all present.

Listening to this unforgettable voice that was carved into her bones, a voice that she only heard in her dreams, Xiao Moxian couldn’t stand it any longer. She burst into tears.

“Lin Ming!”

Mu Qianyu’s body weakened and she fell onto the obsidian table.

She gently touched the Thousand Mile Heartlink, her mind shaking. This man who haunted her dreams, he was still alive!

Through countless sorrows, through countless tribulations, through nearly 7000 years across the endless river of time, they had come to this wild and strange land, withstanding loneliness, despair, slaughter, sacrifice, and death.

And now, all of these tribulations and grievances turned into boiling hot tears that recklessly flowed down.

He had returned!

And because of his return, nothing else mattered anymore!

This was the...

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