MW Chapter 2040

Chapter 2040 - Voice

Within a dark nebula of the Hidden Dragon Galaxy –

Xiao Moxian stood before a bronze mirror, quietly tidying her military garb. At this time, the door to her room was pushed open and a red-dressed woman walked in, speaking in a soft voice.

“Little Sister Xian’er.”

Xiao Moxian turned and saw that the woman who came in was Mu Qianyu.

Xiao Moxian pressed her lips together as if she wanted to say something. But in the end, she couldn’t find just where to start. She silently turned back and started to comb her long hair.

“Have you decided that you will go to New Ming Planet?”

Mu Qianyu asked, her mood complex. Her voice was filled with sadness. In these past years it had always been Xiao Moxian taking the burden for those around her. Ever since the news of Lin Ming’s death, she had carried far too many things on her shoulders.

Xiao Moxian bitterly shook her head.

“Although it is said to be returning to New Ming Planet, the truth is that this will be a final showdown with the Good Fortune Saint Son… when we go to New Ming Planet and cross the space blockade, the Good Fortune Saint Son will sense it. He will surely be waiting nearby in ambush. With the avatar of Famine on his side, he will be much faster than we are. It will inevitably devolve into a life or death slaughter. We… will not be able to reach New Ming Planet.”

Xiao Moxian was well aware of what plot the Good Fortune Saint Son was planning. In fact, this couldn’t be called any plot at all, but a clumsy means to force her out of hiding.

But this clumsy method was one that Xiao Moxian was unable to ignore. Even if she turned a blind eye to her own people, her battle with the Good Fortune Saint Son was inevitable.

Since that was the case, she might as well launch an attack on her own initiative.

To die proudly and heroically in battle would be better than being slowly searched for and hunted down like some prey. In this final battle, blood was sure to stain the starry space. To her, the best result she could think of was sacrificing herself and heavily wounding the Good Fortune Saint Son, so that her followers would have a chance to escape.

The atmosphere in the room became heavy and solemn. Mu Qianyu picked up and separated Xiao Moxian’s long black hair, slowly combing it. Her movements were slow and meticulous.

During these past years, Mu Qianyu had helped Xiao Moxian comb her hair more than once. She truly did cherish and love Xiao Moxian. Ever since Mo Eversnow left, it had been Xiao Moxian who kept everything together.

But because of the limit of her strength, there was actually very little that Mu Qianyu could help Xiao Moxian with.

“Big Sister, you cannot go. Stay here with Big Sister Xingxuan. After our battle with the Good Fortune Saint Son, no matter what the result is, he will not continue searching through this nebula.”

As Xiao Moxian spoke, Mu Qianyu’s hand suddenly froze.

Mu Qianyu bit her lips, not knowing what to say. She didn’t want to stay, but what could she change if she went? She would only die in vain, and if she were to fall into the hands of the Good Fortune Saint Son, the consequences would be unimaginable.

If something occurred that she couldn’t revert, even if she died she wouldn’t have the face to see Lin Ming.

Xiao Moxian had already guessed Mu Qianyu’s thoughts. She held onto Mu Qianyu’s hand and brightly smiled, and there were actually innumerable meanings contained in this smile. Mu Qianyu couldn’t help it as tears began freely flowing down her cheeks.

Perhaps this might be the last time she would be able to help Xiao Moxian comb her hair. When everything was finished, Xiao Moxian and Lin Ming would still need someone to worship and clean their spirit tablets…

Mu Qianyu covered her mouth, her tears quietly falling. And at this time, Lin Huang pushed open the door and stepped in. “Mother, Aunty Mu…”

Mu Qianyu quickly dried her tears. “Ah, Huang’er came too.”

“Mm.” Seeing Mu Qianyu’s wet face, Lin Huang could approximately guess what had just happened. But, he didn’t speak of it.

In these past years Lin Huang had already broken into the half-step Empyrean realm. Skyrend Godlord’s original advice had been for Lin Huang not to be hasty in reaching this boundary. However, because the saints invaded the wild universe, Lin Huang had no time to wait. He broke into the half-step Empyrean realm about 500 years ahead of time, but even if he did so he still wasn’t able to change anything.

He possessed an Empyrean level combat strength, and even amongst Empyreans he wasn’t considered weak.

But if he were to face the Good Fortune Saint Son it would be like a little white rock facing off against the bright moon; the disparity was too great.

With the avatar of Famine on his side, the Good Fortune Saint Son was far, far too strong, strong to the point that no human alive besides Empyrean Divine Dream could battle him. Even Emperor Shakya was not his match.

“Huang’er, what matter are you looking for me about?” Xiao Moxian noticed Lin Huang holding a sound transmission array disc in his hands. This was naturally information that he had just received.

Towards this, Xiao Moxian was already numb. What news could be worse than the present situation?

“There seems to have been an emergency development. This is urgent news sent from New Ming Planet…”

As Lin Huang spoke, he set the array disc on the table. After placing a violet sun crystal within it, a projection shot out from the array disc.

This projection was a bit confusing and chaotic at the start. There were great crowds of excited people eating food in joy and revelry. These grains that martial artists wouldn’t take a liking to were actually the most treasured delicacies to mortals.

Seeing this, Xiao Moxian and Mu Qianyu were stunned.

These projections were all scenes of the people of New Ming Planet cheering. The originally suffering and starving citizens were actually beating the saints and oppressing them. They even saw someone dead on the ground, submerged in spit and phlegm. This person was someone that had been previously reported about – Empyrean Evernight, New Ming Planet’s ruler!

“This is…”

Xiao Moxian’s face was filled with disbelief. An Empyrean actually ended up in such a miserable fate where they drowned to death in the spit of common mortals?

Xiao Moxian’s first thought was that Emperor Shakya or Empyrean Divine Dream had done this.

But soon, the explanation in the reported refuted her eyes. According to Xiao Moxian’s informant, the one who saved New Ming Planet was a man of mysterious origins who had never been seen before.

He wore black clothes and grasped a spear in his hands. He was proud and tall, his strength terrifying.

The battle array disc also held a glimpse of this man.

The black-clothed man wielded a black spear. As he ruined the saint palaces atop New Ming Planet and the statues of the Good Fortune Saint Son, he did it as easily as kicking down sand sculptures.

And as Xiao Moxian saw this man’s figure, her eyes could no longer move from him.

“Freeze it!”

Xiao Moxian nearly cried out loud, her voice filled with excitement. Lin Huang was bewildered; his mother rarely lost her composure like this.

“What is it?”

Lin Huang was unsure of what was happening, but he still paused the battle array disc.

The images recorded in the array disc weren’t too clear; this was because the distance was too great. It only recorded half of the black-clothed man’s blurry face, and because the speed of the spear was too fast, it was impossible to clearly see.

For this sort of image capturing array formation, recording this was already the limit.

Xiao Moxian’s eyes shined brilliantly as she stared at this man’s figure. Mu Qianyu was also dazed. For a time, no one knew what to say. All she felt was her heart rapidly racing, as if she had lost and then found the most important thing in her life.

This demeanor, that aura, that sweeping black spear, all of it was an eternal mark that fell onto her heart. Even through the river of time, even through the changed appearance, there were many things carved into the bone that couldn’t be changed.

Xiao Moxian and Mu Qianyu looked at each other. In truth, they couldn’t be sure of what they were seeing. However, they had shared a bed with that person, passed nights with that person, had crossed through life or death challenges with that person and had formed a connection of the heart. This was an inexplicable feeling, an intuition that came from the depths of one’s heart.

However, in this environment of despair, underneath the strong feelings of longing, this touch of intuition was more than enough to leave Xiao Moxian and Mu Qianyu incomparably excited!

“Go and call your Aunty Qin over.”

Xiao Moxian said, her voice shaking. Lin Huang nodded.

A moment later, Qin Xingxuan appeared in Xiao Moxian’s room. She had brought Lin Ming’s little sister Lin Xiaoge with her.

“What is it?”

Qin Xingxuan and Lin Xiaoge looked towards the projection of the array disc. As they saw the black-clothed man wielding a spear, a trace of confusion appeared in the eyes of the two women.

“He is…”

Qin Xingxuan gently covered her mouth.

“Let’s wait a moment before we speak about it.”

Xiao Moxian took a deep breath and calmed her mind. She untied the band around her neck and took out an ancient and simple necklace.

This necklace was the Thousand Mile Heartlink!

This was also the last time the Thousand Mile Heartlink could be used. This necklace had Lin Ming’s soul mark recorded within. If Xiao Moxian activated the array formation within the necklace, she could use it to search for Lin Ming. As long as they existed in the same world she could use it to contact Lin Ming. Of course, this was only true if Lin Ming was alive.

Seeing the Thousand Mile Heartlink, Mu Qianyu held her breath. She was afraid that everything occurring was an illusion.

They only had a single chance. She didn’t want her hopes to be dashed away; she would rather die.

Seeing the Thousand Mile Heartlink, Lin Huang’s dry lips twitched. He certainly knew what the function of the Thousand Mile Heartlink was. For all the years he knew her, his mother had taken this necklace as her life’s most precious treasure. When he thought about the response that his mother and Aunty Mu had, could it possibly be…

As Lin Huang realized this impossible possibility, his heart began to speed up.

At the same time, similar reactions occurred with Qin Xingxuan and Lin Xiaoge.

Xiao Moxian’s shivering fingers laid the Thousand Mile Heartlink down on the obsidian tabletop. Her movements were slow, as if she were afraid that any sudden actions would wake her from this dream.

Xiao Moxian carefully injected her energy into the Thousand Mile Heartlink.

The candlelight in the room gently swayed, the light dim. In this environment, the Thousand Mile Heartlink flashed with a faint light.

The Thousand Mile Heartlink recorded both Xiao Moxian and Lin Ming’s spirit marks. Only Xiao Moxian could activate it.

At this time, Xiao Moxian’s heart was caught in her throat. She was afraid, afraid that this was all an illusion. She was afraid that the Thousand Mile Heartlink’s array formation would suddenly break down. She was afraid of any possible accident.

As everyone’s hearts were gripped, approaching despair, that simple necklace began to gently and slowly, as if it was just now awakening from a dream that had lasted for almost seven thousand years, start to emit a vague and long-lost voice…

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