MW Chapter 2040

Chapter 2040 - Voice

Within a dark nebula of the Hidden Dragon Galaxy –

Xiao Moxian stood before a bronze mirror, quietly tidying her military garb. At this time, the door to her room was pushed open and a red-dressed woman walked in, speaking in a soft voice.

“Little Sister Xian’er.”

Xiao Moxian turned and saw that the woman who came in was Mu Qianyu.

Xiao Moxian pressed her lips together as if she wanted to say something. But in the end, she couldn’t find just where to start. She silently turned back and started to comb her long hair.

“Have you decided that you will go to New Ming Planet?”

Mu Qianyu asked, her mood complex. Her voice was filled with sadness. In these past years it had always been Xiao Moxian taking the burden for those around her. Ever since the news of Lin Ming’s death, she had carried far too many things on her shoulders.

Xiao Moxian bitterly shook her head.

“Although it is said to be returning to New Ming Planet, the truth is that this will be a final showdown with the Good Fortune Saint Son… when we go to New Ming Planet and cross the space blockade, the Good Fortune Saint Son will sense it. He will surely be...

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