Chapter 204 - The Woman In Red

Chapter 204 The Woman In Red.


Chapter 204 – The Woman In Red

“This is the strongest Thunder Lizard that I’ve met so far, but this one is actually scared of me. Why….?”

Lin Ming’s mind suddenly flashed with a thought; reverse scale blood!

If he wasn’t mistaken, this fear originated from the reverse scale blood that was sleeping deeply in his body!

A Thunder Lizard had the bloodline of a Flood Dragon flowing through it. The more powerful a Thunder Lizard was, the richer its Flood Dragon bloodline would be.

A Flood Dragon could be considered to be a low-level dragon.

If a Flood Dragon met a True Dragon, it would have a sense of awe and fear that would inevitably arise from the depths of its soul. No matter how savage it was, it would always be constrained.

Lin Ming’s inner reverse scale blood was meager. Not only that, Lin Ming’s cultivation was also low, so the blood in him hadn’t fully awoken. Therefore, a common Thunder Lizard was unable to feel it.

But this peak Houtian realm Thunder Lizard was powerful, so it’s bloodline was much purer. The acutely related bloodline in it allowed it to feel the power slumbering in Lin Ming.

A True Dragon’s blood, even if it was only a trace, still emitted an infinitely vigorous Qi that forced...

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