MW Chapter 2039

Chapter 2039 - Dawn

Empyrean Evernight turned his head with disbelief. He saw that behind him was a black-clothed man with an indifferent expression playing on his face. The eyes of this black-clothed man seemed to contain the blood ponds of hell.

This man was Lin Ming.

Lin Ming had already explored the Hidden Dragon Galaxy for a long time. If he wanted to, he could easily travel from one end of the Hidden Dragon Galaxy to the other in a single day.

However, while traversing straight through the Hidden Dragon Galaxy was easy, wanting to find someone in it was far too hard. Whether it was looking for Xiao Moxian or the Good Fortune Saint Son, it was no different from searching for a needle in a sea.

Fortunately Lin Ming possessed the Magic Cube. After he routed the second and third saint legions, Fairy Blue Lotus had purposely captured several martial artists so that Lin Ming could interrogate them.

Lin Ming read through the memories of these people using the Magic Cube. Compared to using a soul searching technique, this method was a hundred times more detailed. Moreover, in most situations it was extremely difficult to use the soul searching technique on an Empyrean and there were many limits.

Lin Ming followed the clues to find several other saint strongholds. He used 10 days to entirely destroy these strongholds. Afterwards, he captured new...

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