MW Chapter 2039

Chapter 2039 - Dawn

Empyrean Evernight turned his head with disbelief. He saw that behind him was a black-clothed man with an indifferent expression playing on his face. The eyes of this black-clothed man seemed to contain the blood ponds of hell.

This man was Lin Ming.

Lin Ming had already explored the Hidden Dragon Galaxy for a long time. If he wanted to, he could easily travel from one end of the Hidden Dragon Galaxy to the other in a single day.

However, while traversing straight through the Hidden Dragon Galaxy was easy, wanting to find someone in it was far too hard. Whether it was looking for Xiao Moxian or the Good Fortune Saint Son, it was no different from searching for a needle in a sea.

Fortunately Lin Ming possessed the Magic Cube. After he routed the second and third saint legions, Fairy Blue Lotus had purposely captured several martial artists so that Lin Ming could interrogate them.

Lin Ming read through the memories of these people using the Magic Cube. Compared to using a soul searching technique, this method was a hundred times more detailed. Moreover, in most situations it was extremely difficult to use the soul searching technique on an Empyrean and there were many limits.

Lin Ming followed the clues to find several other saint strongholds. He used 10 days to entirely destroy these strongholds. Afterwards, he captured new saints and obtained newer information from them using the Magic Cube.

For every piece of valuable information, Lin Ming would chase it down to its source. Finally, in another saint stronghold, he found a sound transmission mark of Good Fortune Saint Palace!

This sound transmission mark was concealed as an ordinary jade slip. But with the Magic Cube, Lin Ming managed to easily find it.

According to this sound transmission mark, Lin Ming arranged a sound transmission array and was able to lock onto the origin. This was also New Ming Planet.

The truth was that New Ming Planet’s coordinates were no longer at its original location.

Mount Potala had New Ming Planet’s location listed in its records. But, because the saints wanted to hide it from humanity, and in particular prevent Lin Ming from easily finding it, the Good Fortune Saint Son had used the great strength of Famine’s avatar to push New Ming Planet to another location.

This distance wasn’t too far from the Good Fortune Saint Son’s encirclement ring. It was convenient to manage and also easy to conceal.

Thus, the Good Fortune Saint Son could slowly torture the citizens of New Ming Planet and force Xiao Moxian to reveal herself.

The Good Fortune Saint Son didn’t worry that Xiao Moxian wouldn’t know where New Ming Planet’s new position was, because she had left her informants on it.

As long as the Good Fortune Saint Son could capture Xiao Moxian, then he could vent his anger on her, bringing his hatred of over 6000 years to completion. Moreover, he could use her to threaten Lin Ming!

Imagine. If Xiao Moxian were to be swallowed into Famine’s avatar and then the Good Fortune Saint Son were to use Famine’s avatar to fight Lin Ming, just what scene would that be?

Because Lin Ming would fear to harm those he loved, this would place the Good Fortune Saint Son in an invincible position.

This was the Good Fortune Saint Son’s final plan; he was simply too frightened by Lin Ming. Even with Famine’s avatar on his side, the Good Fortune Saint Son didn’t feel safe. Thus, he wanted to grab hold of Xiao Moxian. This would be tantamount to grasping hold of Lin Ming’s weak point. Like this, he could slowly torment Lin Ming to death.

The Good Fortune Saint Son looked forwards to capturing Xiao Moxian and then fighting with Lin Ming. He wanted to see the utter hatred and loathing that would cloud Lin Ming’s face.

Only like this would he be able to resolve his 6000 plus years of hatred.

However, although the Good Fortune Saint Son had found a good method to deal with Lin Ming, he miscalculated Lin Ming’s ability to gather information. In just two months Lin Ming found the new position of New Ming Planet.

But what a pity, Lin Ming didn’t find the Good Fortune Saint Son on New Ming Planet. Still, this wasn’t a major problem.

Lin Ming quietly reached out and grabbed Empyrean Evernight’s neck. His fingers squeezed down and Empyrean Evernight felt his own neck crack apart. Empyrean Evernight’s eyeballs bulged out and he desperately grabbed hold of Lin Ming’s hand, wanting to crush his wrist.

However, Lin Ming’s mortal body was too formidable and his strength too terrifying. Nine stars appeared behind him and layers of starlight fell upon his body. Empyrean Evernight was a dog stuck in an iron trap, unable to break free.

“You… you…”

Empyrean Evernight uttered with difficulty. And at this time, all of the other saint martial artists were in a dire situation. Those that surrounded Lin Ming had faces full of shock and fear. They couldn’t imagine just what kind of person could be so ridiculously powerful that they could approach Empyrean Evernight without him noticing and then use a single spear strike to pierce through his protective astral essence. After all, the body of a saint Empyrean would have been tempered for so much and for so long that it was as hard as an Empyrean spirit treasure.

As the spear penetrated through Empyrean Evernight’s body, he didn’t even suffer much impact. This was proof that the spear which broke into his body did so as easily as a knife slicing into tofu.


With a loud crack, Lin Ming twisted and directly broke Empyrean Evernight’s neck.

In front of Lin Ming, a lower Empyrean was simply far too weak.

A saint Empyrean possessed an extremely tenacious vitality. Even if their chest were pierced through or their neck were broken, they would still hang onto that single last breath without dying.

With wide and large eyes like a black fish, Empyrean Evernight stared at the black-clothed man, no longer able to speak.

Lin Ming casually waved his hand and threw Empyrean Evernight down onto the square of the holy mountain. This was also right in front of the statues of himself and Xiao Moxian.

Lin Ming had already sealed away all the astral essence within Empyrean Evernight. Now, he was even weaker than a common mortal.

Seeing that previously cruel and insufferably arrogant saint Empyrean being tossed onto the ground like a dead dog, all of the humans present were shocked. Who was this man in the sky?

Although those in the square were mostly common mortals, they still knew what concept an Empyrean was. If there was someone capable of pinching an Empyrean to death like an ant, just how powerful would that person be?

Even Emperor Shakya, the second-ranked powerhouse of humanity, might not be able to accomplish this!

“Everyone!” Lin Ming floated above the holy mountain, flying before his own statue. He exuded the aura of a king throughout the entire square, causing everyone to quiet down.

Every human looked up at Lin Ming with awe and worship in their eyes.

To them, Lin Ming was like a god sent down from the heavens.

Lin Ming pointed towards this shivering Empyrean Evernight and said, “For anyone that comes up and spits on him, you will receive a pot of cooked meat and 10 jins of rice.”

These words were calmly spoken, but as they fell onto the ears of the human commoners, it caused them to explode with fervor!

Towards this Empyrean Evernight, these people wished that they could eat his raw flesh and drink deeply of his blood!

Now that they could spit on him and also obtain such luxurious food, all of them were bubbling with excitement!

There were immediately human commoners that pushed themselves forwards, wanting to spit on Empyrean Evernight. For a time, the square that could hold 100,000 people suddenly fell into chaos.

“Do not crowd forwards!”

Lin Ming only spoke a single phrase, but his words contained a calming magic to them. Immediately, the square of 100,000 people suddenly fell quiet.

Everyone shuffled towards Lin Ming’s statue in an orderly manner. Then, they spat on Empyrean Evernight. Some people would be so angry that they would even stomp on him a few times to vent their hatred.

An old man with the appearance of a beggar coughed up an especially thick glob of phlegm and spat it onto Empyrean Evernight’s face.

A seven or eight year old child untied his pants and immediately began peeing on Empyrean Evernight’s head.

When would a proud and lofty Empyrean be treated like this? To be stepped on by a flock of commoners and be recklessly humiliated?

Slowly, Empyrean Evernight started to suffocate beneath the torment of despair and humiliation. With his neck broken and his astral essence sealed away, severing his meridians to commit suicide was not possible. Even moving his fingers was incredibly difficult.

After the common citizens spat on Empyrean Evernight they walked forwards and took their food. The saint martial artists that were responsible for guarding the food were already scared silly. Their faces were paper white and none of them dared to stop any of the humans.

The common human mortals grabbed the fragrant rice and cooked meat and began eating it in great gulps. After starving for a couple of months, suddenly having such a delicious meal was the greatest happiness of their lives…

As for Empyrean Evernight, he was already submerged in spit.

The several saint martial artists drew back with pale faces, wanting to disappear into the crowd. But as they were about to succeed, Lin Ming suddenly turned his head and coldly said, “Where do you plan on going?”

The several saint martial artists turned to flee. Some of the more intelligent ones hurtled towards the commoners, wanting to use them as hostages to threaten Lin Ming.

However, no matter what they tried, they couldn’t change their fates.

Black spear light shot out from Lin Ming’s fingertips, sinking into the bodies of these people like arrows. Their bodies imploded as their organs and meridians burst apart.

Then, they slumped to the ground with fresh blood flowing out in streams.

As the human commoners saw these saint powerhouses die so violently and look so pathetic after death, they began to cheer out loud.

Even shy young girls no longer feared these miserable corpses.

Seeing this, Lin Ming smiled from his heart. He slowly flew into the skies. New Ming Planet still had several thousand saint minions here and he wanted to purge all of them from this planet, to return an easy and comfortable life to the people of New Ming Planet.

As Lin Ming flew away, many people fell to their knees in worship. Their faces were filled with admiration as sweet words of praise gushed out from their lips.

They knelt on the ground for a long time without rising back up. A young 11-12 year old child pulled at his father’s hem and said with some hesitation, “Father, that brave and amazing big brother just now, he… does he look a bit like this statue?”

The young and naïve voice was especially crisp in the quiet square. As the people heard it, they were left in a daze.

Look like?

It didn’t feel like it, but for some unknown reason, the man actually did bear an amazing likeness…

Everyone glanced at each other, unable to find the words to express themselves. But, no matter who that black-clothed man was, there was one thing they were sure of – the endless night had finally passed. That single ray of light that illuminated the way forwards had begun to grow into a bright and dazzling dawn!

In the quiet square, some people began to cry. A young girl in rags was too excited. She couldn’t contain her emotions as great drops of tears fell down her cheeks. Finally, she fell onto the floor, her face covered with her hands as she wept away all her bitterness.

Husbands and wives held each other, their tears freely flowing. Even as they wiped away their tears, more fell down to replace them.

A man gripped his fists and roared into the heavens…

On this day, throughout New Ming Planet, there were crowds of people who lost their composure. They ran through the streets cheering, telling everyone that the powerhouses of humanity had returned!

They had endured so many trials and tribulations, and now those times were coming to an end!

Tears recklessly flowed down. Shouts and screams filled the skies.

After having experienced true tribulations and death, and now facing sudden freedom and victory, there was no one that was able to maintain their calm.

In particular, when people looked up and saw the Heavenly Palace that represented the might of the saints being destroyed, all of them exploded in shouts like volcanoes that finally erupted after being suppressed for too long.

“Humanity forever!”

Someone shouted out. More and more people chanted this phrase until it became a tide that rushed through all 100,000 cities of New Ming Planet, their voices echoing into the horizon!

At this moment, everyone’s hearts were connected as one.

And in the joyous crowd, no one noticed a beggar-like woman hurriedly rushing into an alley as she saw this scene.

She entered a shabby and unremarkable room. Then, she opened a hidden concealing array formation there, revealing a hidden chamber…

Within this chamber, she placed a jade slip onto the center of a sound transmission array formation. As she did this, her heartbeat accelerated and her face flushed red. It was clear she was shivering from excitement.

She had to report everything that happened on New Ming Planet, including the image of that mysterious black-clothed man to Xiao Moxian.

This woman was the informant Xiao Moxian had left on New Ming Planet.

She believed that the sudden appearance of this mysterious powerhouse would truly leave Empyrean Demon Fairy delighted…

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