MW Chapter 2038

Chapter 2038 – Our Final Pride

Starting from when the first batch of people settled on New Ming Planet, it had only experienced a history of several hundred years. In the perpetual river of history through which humanity had evolved, this tiny spark of time wasn’t worth mentioning at all.

In these last several hundred years, the population of New Ming Planet had developed from billions to tens of billions of people. However, across the vast and broad New Ming Planet, there was an incalculable amount of wild land that had yet to be developed. Humanity had only been able to occupy the tiniest corner of this planet, and around 100,000 cities had been established, both large and small.

The name of New Ming Planet had come from Xiao Moxian’s longing towards Lin Ming.

Everyone on New Ming Planet knew of Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian’s charming and love-filled story. The showdown at the Monster Emperor’s grand longevity banquet was a part they took relish in talking about.

For those humans that suffered in the present, the tale of Lin Ming suppressing the Good Fortune Saint Son, rescuing Xiao Moxian and freeing her from the shackles of the demon and monster races and then starting their romance, no matter how many times these people listened to this story...

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