MW Chapter 2037

Chapter 2037 – The Restless Night

The Hidden Dragon Galaxy, in a dark gray nebula –

A black palace slowly floated. Flying around it were several dozen spirit ships.

This black palace as well as the numerous spirit ships around it were covered in a gray array formation, isolating them from the outside space.

There were countless such nebulas in the Hidden Dragon Galaxy. When combined with various concealing array formations, this was one of the greatest advantages that humanity used to survive for these past years.

However, this so-called advantage was in truth simply delaying for time. In the words of the saints, humanity was merely ‘a feeble existence lingering about’.

When the saints launched their carpet sweep of an area, the hidden areas would slowly be uncovered. What followed was a massacre.

The saints’ searching method was referred to by them as ‘hunting’. From searching for a target, locking onto them, and then hunting them down and kill them, this was just like a hunter searching for prey. And the result was also the same as hunting, without any suspense at all. A hunter was a hunter and would rarely be injured by their prey.

Now, the human forces in...

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