MW Chapter 2036

Chapter 2036 - Return

Mount Potala Wartime Alliance, the great golden buddha spirit ship –

Emperor Shakya, Great Limitless Buddha, Dark Demon Monarch, and the others were all sitting in a circle around a great table, listening to the report by the scouts.

“The approximate situation is like this!”

The scout captain succinctly said, clearly reiterating the process in which he met the mysterious person. In addition, he took out a battle array disc that had recorded some of the scenes they witnessed.

This was a scene of Lin Ming fighting four peak Empyreans as well as Primordius Heavenly Palace shooting out innumerable light beams, instantly slaying the ancient space beasts and destroying the iron lion battleships.

Seeing the images replayed through the array disc, the Empyreans present were filled with an emotion beyond description.

Shock, excitement, worry, joy, all sorts of emotions swelled up within them, leaving everyone in the hall silent for a long time.

The array disc played on for a full quarter hour. Because the scene was hastily recorded and from very far away, the images were extremely blurry, and even Lin Ming’s face wasn’t clearly recorded.

However, this didn’t prevent the commanders of humanity present from replaying the scenes in their heads.

Such an intense battle had left their hearts surging and their emotions wildly fluctuating. They even felt their blood feverishly boiling over!

In particular, when they saw the Black Dragon bite through the ancient space beast, Lin Ming brutally beating the peak Empyreans, and Primordius Heavenly Palace tearing through the saint fleets like a meat grinder, the martial artists present couldn’t help but grip their fists together, their eyes shining with glory.

To Bagui thumped his own chest. Such an image truly let one vent their anger. He clearly recalled the scene from several days ago when they had fought with the second saint legion. That sort of feeling where he hated the enemy to the bone and yet wasn’t able to do anything to them left To Bagui feeling crazed.

Humanity had been suppressed for far too long. Now, they finally saw hope. Even though they were still drowning in the endless night, they finally saw the first rays of dawn.

“This mysterious person is simply a legend! When it comes to him, there is nothing he cannot accomplish!”

Dark Demon Monarch said, praising Lin Ming from his heart. In truth he had already approximately judged Lin Ming’s strength; he was someone that surpassed a peak Empyrean, an existence that could reluctantly be called invincible amongst Empyreans. Such combat strength was in truth superior to Emperor Shakya but worse than that of a True Divinity.

According to common logic, if a person didn’t reach the True Divinity realm, it would be hard to play a pivotal role in a war between two races.

But reality defied all expectations in such a bizarre manner. This mysterious person, with his strength alone, was nearly able to reverse the entire tide of the war!

“Perhaps you should no longer call him that mysterious person, but instead call him Lin Ming.”

Emperor Shakya smiled as he spoke. It had been many years since Emperor Shakya had last revealed such a heartfelt smile.

“Lin Ming… you are sure it is him?”

Dark Demon Monarch glanced over at Emperor Shakya. In truth, he hadn’t had much contact with Lin Ming. The only time he saw Lin Ming was at the Monster Emperor’s grand longevity banquet, and the rest of his understandings had come from rumors and hearsay.

“It’s him!”

Jun Bluemoon firmly nodded as he stroked the rusty sword in his arms. Back when he participated in the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting and fought with Lin Ming, that battle still remained a vivid memory.

Emperor Shakya said, “He referred to Xiao Moxian as Xian’er. In the entire 33 Heavens, there are only several people who would call Xiao Moxian by this name and care for her so much. In addition with that Black Dragon and spear, so many coincidences joining together mean it is no longer a coincidence, but the truth.

“Lin Ming hasn’t died! He has returned!

“He is someone who always brings about miracles. After more than 6000 years passing, he will surely bring us a favorable turn!”

Emperor Shakya tightly clenched the armrest of his stone chair. It could be seen just how excited he was.

Many young disciples noticed Emperor Shakya’s actions. In their view, Emperor Shakya was the high commander of the Mount Potala Wartime Alliance and could be called the second leader of humanity. He was always calm and rarely lost his composure.

“Is this person really so fierce? If he doesn’t have the strength of a True Divinity could he really bring us a favorable turn? The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign is still a powerhouse even amongst True Divinities.”

A disciple of the younger generation couldn’t help but say.

The young disciples that were able to stand in this meeting hall were all geniuses. Most of them were born in the wild universe, and by the time they were born, Lin Ming had already ‘died’. They had never seen Lin Ming and had only heard tales about him. They knew that he was the man who brought the Asura Decree to humanity and who possessed talent far surpassing all others in the 33 Heavens.

In the history books of humanity, Lin Ming was described as invincible amongst the heavens and earth, unique and singular. As the stories of him were retold again and again, Lin Ming eventually became an omnipotent presence.

Towards this, some young geniuses were incredibly proud and worked hard with Lin Ming as their goal.

But there were also some young geniuses who remained suspicious about these tales. They thought that humanity had propped up the Lin Ming of the past and had nearly deified him. They believed this was an attempt to give the younger generation a boost of confidence and also so that the younger generation could feel comforted and infatuated with their own possibilities. After all, it was human nature to boast about the heroes of one’s own race.

Sable Ink was the second type of person. When she heard the fanatical Linmaniacs chatter away, she would often ask, “If he was so fierce, how come he’s dead?”

This single question often silenced the mouths of many people.

However, upon receiving news that Lin Ming hadn’t died, a strange color appeared in Sable Ink’s eyes. She traced her scythe, a feeling that was hard to place filling her heart.

“Everyone adjust yourselves. Four hours from now, we will set out!”

Emperor Shakya suddenly said. Lin Ming’s appearance had lifted their morale, but now was not the time to celebrate any victories because there was still an extremely important matter to resolve. That was – Xiao Moxian’s safety.

Previously, because the second and third saint legions were stationed nearby, the Mount Potala Wartime Alliance was simply unable to enter. But now that the periphery was cleared out, Mount Potala would naturally take this chance to rush in.

No matter how much help they could provide Lin Ming, they still had to try their best.

The Hidden Dragon Galaxy was amazingly large and there was no sound transmission mark that could be used to locate Xiao Moxian. Thus, finding her wouldn’t be easy at all. Even the Good Fortune Saint Son had failed to do so for several years. It couldn’t even be compared to looking for a needle in the sea.

In terms of war strength, they weren’t able to compete with Lin Ming. But in terms of looking for people they possessed an advantage. In the end, it was always best to have more people.

Mount Potala’s great golden buddha as well as many spirit ships slowly broke through the void, driving deep into the Hidden Dragon Galaxy.

As Mount Potala embarked towards the depths of the Hidden Dragon Galaxy, the Good Fortune Saint Son had also obtained similar news.

The second and third legions had been routed, but the truth was that most spirit ships had survived. This included those people that belonged to the Good Fortune Saint Palace’s intelligence network.

They completely reported the scene of Lin Ming routing the joint saint legions to the Good Fortune Saint Son.

Because they were closer to Lin Ming, the information they were able to record was much more detailed than that of the scouts from Mount Potala.

At this time, in front of the Good Fortune Saint Son, the phantom projections from the battle array disc constantly flashed and changed. Iron lion spirit ships burst apart one after another and numerous ancient space beasts were slain.

The entire hall was filled with only these silent images, without a single other sound. Several dozen high level saint officers held their breath. Even the drop of a needle could be heard in the present atmosphere.

Such a situation left them all in fear and apprehension. They all knew just how stimulating this must be to the Good Fortune Saint Son!

It had to be known that the several saint legions had been transferred here under the orders of the Good Fortune Saint Son in order to deal with that mysterious person. But before all the legions had fully gathered, they had already been routed by Lin Ming, suffering a catastrophic defeat!

In front of the mysterious person, the saints had already suffered two great defeats. This was undoubtedly a great blow to the eternally arrogant Good Fortune Saint Son!

At this time the Good Fortune Saint Son was like a volcano ready to erupt at any second. However, as the images of the array disc finally ended, the Good Fortune Saint Son remained ghostly silent.

His elbows were propped up on the table and his face was hidden in the shadows of his arms. It was impossible to see his expression.

The messenger that brought over the battle array disc didn’t even dare to take a breath, lest he be killed by the Good Fortune Saint Son in a fit of anger.

“Draw back!”

The Good Fortune Saint Son suddenly said. The messenger felt as if he had been granted a pardon from a capital crime; he left the hall with his entire forehead dripping sweat.

The military officers all looked at the Good Fortune Saint Son. They never thought he would remain so quiet.

“The rest of you can also draw back.”

The Good Fortune Saint Son waved his hand and stood up. From his standing position, everyone could see that his eyes had turned blood red, like a wild animal in a seething rage. They all felt a sense of dread as they looked at him.

The military officers glanced at each other and left the meeting hall in droves. Finally, the only one left remaining was the Good Fortune Saint Son.

The Good Fortune Saint Son gripped the armrest of his chair, his eyes sparkling with thick killing intent.

“So in the end it was you after all. This… is our predestined battle…”

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