MW Chapter 2035

Chapter 2035 – News of Xiao Moxian

Lin Ming projected his divine sense onto these scouts from Mount Potala. After gently sweeping over their spiritual seas he could immediately tell that these people weren’t controlled by the saints nor were they spies.

“Third scouting squad of Humanity’s Mount Potala greets Senior!”

A middle-aged man at the head bowed.

These scouts were all tens of thousands of years old, but in their opinion, although Lin Ming appeared young, he was so powerful that he was likely their senior.

“Mount Potala!”

Lin Ming sucked in a deep breath. He was filled with emotion upon hearing this name. After over 6000 years passed, he was finally able to find some clues about the most important people of his life.

Mount Potala’s Battle Buddha Emperor Shakya and Great Limitless Buddha should have news on Xiao Moxian!

Lin Ming had obtained a great deal of information from the various saint influences he annihilated. Although he couldn’t determine exactly...

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