MW Chapter 2035

Chapter 2035 – News of Xiao Moxian

Lin Ming projected his divine sense onto these scouts from Mount Potala. After gently sweeping over their spiritual seas he could immediately tell that these people weren’t controlled by the saints nor were they spies.

“Third scouting squad of Humanity’s Mount Potala greets Senior!”

A middle-aged man at the head bowed.

These scouts were all tens of thousands of years old, but in their opinion, although Lin Ming appeared young, he was so powerful that he was likely their senior.

“Mount Potala!”

Lin Ming sucked in a deep breath. He was filled with emotion upon hearing this name. After over 6000 years passed, he was finally able to find some clues about the most important people of his life.

Mount Potala’s Battle Buddha Emperor Shakya and Great Limitless Buddha should have news on Xiao Moxian!

Lin Ming had obtained a great deal of information from the various saint influences he annihilated. Although he couldn’t determine exactly where Xiao Moxian was, he knew at the very least that she was safe. Otherwise, if the saints were to capture or kill such an important figure like her it would be impossible for the subordinate Empyreans not to know of this.

“You are disciples of Mount Potala?”

With the possibility of finding Xiao Moxian, Mu Qianyu, Qin Xingxuan, and the others right in front of him, Lin Ming found it difficult to keep his expression calm.

The middle-aged man said, “Only a part of us are. Rather than being called a sect, the current Mount Potala can be considered an alliance instead. With the original members of Mount Potala as the foundation, many human influences have joined with it. For instance, our scouting squad has buddhist disciples from Mount Potala as well as people from Dark Demon Palace. The current Mount Potala Wartime Alliance has taken Senior-apprentice Brother Emperor Shakya as the high commander and there is a great degree of freedom in the different actions we can take.”

“I see…” Lin Ming nodded. The situation was quite reasonable. In a great war between two races, sects were no longer individual units, but the foundation of a joint army with all sects combined.

“Who is in your alliance? Is Ji Xian’er in your ranks?”

If Xiao Moxian was in the Wartime Alliance then Lin Ming could put his heart at ease. This was because in this great calamity, both Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan lacked the ability of self-preservation. The most likely possibility was that they were following Xiao Moxian.

As for his own flesh and blood as well as Lin Xiaoge, they were certainly with Xiao Moxian. In fact, even Mo Eversnow was likely with Xiao Moxian.

Upon hearing Lin Ming bring up the name of Ji Xian’er, the scout was stunned. “Senior knows of Empyrean Demon Fairy?”

The scouts glanced at each other. They were all filled with various guesses and hypotheses about who this mysterious person could be. Still, it was a bit surprising that this person would know of Xiao Moxian. Could he be related to the monster or demon races?

However, no matter how it was said, Xiao Moxian had already become an inextricable part of humanity. If this mysterious person was somehow related to Xiao Moxian then that would be good for humanity.

But the current Xiao Moxian was in a precarious position…

“Empyrean Demon Fairy? That’s right, with Xian’er’s talent she should have broken into the Empyrean realm by now.” Lin Ming sighed upon hearing this. He wondered; just what boundary was his child at?

When he considered it, with over 6000 years having passed, his child wouldn’t be much younger than he was.

The middle-aged scout leader thought for a moment and said, “Reporting to Senior, Empyrean Demon Fairy’s location is currently unaccounted for, but it is suspected that she is at the Hidden Dragon Galaxy!”

“What?” Lin Ming suddenly shook, his heart tightening.

Lin Ming’s overreaction left the scouts stunned. Although they knew that this mysterious person was somehow linked to Xiao Moxian, they didn’t think he would be so anxious about her.

“You said that Ji Xian’er is in the Hidden Dragon Galaxy!?”

“Senior, Empyrean Demon Fairy’s territory was located within the Hidden Dragon Galaxy. When the war erupted, Senior-apprentice Brother Emperor Shakya and Empyrean Demon Fairy were still exchanging information to work together in resisting the saints. But one day Empyrean Demon Fairy broke off contact with Mount Potala, and several years have passed since then. Afterwards, our scouts discovered that the Good Fortune Saint Son had blocked off the Hidden Dragon Galaxy. This is likely the reason why Empyrean Demon Fairy lost contact with us.”

The scout captain carefully said. Once the human influences lost contact for several years, wanting to reestablish communication channels wasn’t easy. This was because the different human influences constantly changed their sound transmission marks as a form of security. Otherwise, if the saints were to intercept these sound transmission marks the consequences would be inconceivable.

Without several years of contact there were no means to exchange new sound transmission marks. As a result, they would only grow further and further apart.

Now Xiao Moxian’s situation was in truth completely inferred based upon information obtained by the Mount Potala Wartime Alliance.

Hearing the words of the scouts, Lin Ming’s complexion had already darkened to near black.

Facing him, the scout captain felt a sense of fear and apprehension. The surrounding temperature seemed to rapidly plummet.


The scout captain originally wanted to say a few words to request that Lin Ming visit the Mount Potala Wartime Alliance as a guest, but as his words were half out they suddenly caught in his throat.

“Do you have any other information concerning Ji Xian’er?”

“No… there is nothing else. Contact has been severed for too long and the current situation of Empyrean Demon Fairy is only our speculations. When our Mount Potala Wartime Alliance was being chased down by the Legion of Famine, it was difficult for us to defend ourselves so we had to break relations with many other human influences. It was only now when Senior… when Senior eliminated the Legion of Famine that we had a chance to catch our breath. Thus, Senior-apprentice Brother Emperor Shakya led the alliance army to come to the Hidden Dragon Galaxy in a rescue mission…”

The scout captain spoke in a single breath, his eyes carefully observing Lin Ming’s response.

“Your sound transmission mark.”

Lin Ming suddenly said, his expression brooking no refusal.

The scout captain grit his teeth and took out a jade slip from his spatial ring to give to Lin Ming. This jade slip recorded the password to the core sound transmission array formation of Mount Potala; this was the so-called ‘sound transmission mark’. As long as Lin Ming created a sound transmission array and placed the jade slip in the center, then he could communicate with Mount Potala.

This jade slip was more important than the lives of these six scouts. Normally, if the scout squad were to fall into danger without a chance of escape, then their first action would be to destroy the jade slip. Otherwise the saints could use this jade slip to lock onto the sound transmission signals and find the approximate position of Mount Potala. This jade slip was an incredible danger to Mount Potala, but as a scout squad they had to maintain contact.

And now, the scout captain passed the jade slip to Lin Ming.

Lin Ming reached out and the jade slip flew into his hands like an arrow. Then, his figure flickered as he submerged into Primordius Heavenly Palace.

The black fortress began to stir. Powerful array formations rapidly spun as the fortress quietly broke through the void, sinking into a space storm and vanishing from sight.

Only six bewildered human scouts were left behind, their eyes wide and blinking. Without a doubt, this mysterious person had gone to search for Xiao Moxian. Originally they had even though they could ask this mysterious person to come to the Mount Potala Wartime Alliance as an honored guest.

“This is… what do we do?”

A scout said in a daze. The appearance of this mysterious person in the Hidden Dragon Galaxy and the destruction of the second and third saint legions would soon whip up a great storm. At the same time, it would have a tremendous influence on the war between humanity and the saints!

The scout captain sucked in a deep breath, his eyes sparkling.

“The jade slip has already been given to the mysterious person. We can only head back to Mount Potala and personally report the news that we know!”

The scout captain waved his hand and the six of them fled into the void, rapidly flying opposite to the direction Lin Ming disappeared in.

As they flew, the only woman in the scout squad asked, “Boss, I have to say, this mysterious senior has some significant relationship with Empyrean Demon Fairy. I can’t help but associate him with someone…”

“Go on!” The scout captain simply said. The truth was that he also had his own associations in his heart. He had his subordinate speak to confirm his thoughts.

“I believe that even in the entire 33 Heavens, there are only several people that would be so anxious about Empyrean Demon Fairy. After ruling them out, the only remaining possibility is the most impossible one of all!”

“I know.” The scout leader took a deep breath, feeling all the blood within him boiling over.

Yes, all signs pointed towards that impossible truth. Over 6000 years ago, with just a Holy Lord realm cultivation, a person who had overturned the 33 Heavens and had nearly relied on his strength alone to find an escape route for humanity; that legendary character had not died.

He had finally… returned!

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