MW Chapter 2034

Chapter 2034 – Contacting Humanity

The human forces had long since wanted to contact this mysterious person. However, due to the threat of the saints and the blockades they set up, their scope of actions was restrained so that they couldn’t find a hint of this mysterious person’s shadow at all.

In fact, let alone the human forces being able to find this mysterious person, even the saints who had carefully and deliberately calculated the area in which he would appear were annihilated when they tried to set up a trap for him.

And on this day, the human scouts were finally able to see this mysterious person with their own eyes. How could they not be excited?

In these past months the fame of this mysterious person had spread throughout the entire wild universe, and perhaps even the rest of the 33 Heavens knew of him.

The explosions stirred up massive waves of energy, forcing the scouts to stay back at a far-off distance. As they saw the saint spirit ships being destroyed, all of them were inexplicably excited.

Not too long ago, these human scouts had participated in the bloody battle between Mount Potala and the second saint legion.

They personally experienced just how strong the second saint legion had been and how ridiculously formidable those squid-like space beasts were. Not only did they have amazing defensive capabilities but their mortal bodies were tough and resilient, able to repel attacks.

And their tentacles were a nightmare to all enemies. Once entangled by them, countless suckers would draw out the strength of their prey.

Such frightening enemies were truly the scourge of humanity.

But now, these monsters were being directly punctured through by the beams of divine light, collapsing with a single blow.

As for the terrifying Black Dragon, it killed those monsters like a lion in a pack of rabbits, no sense of difficulty at all.

Moreover, the mysterious person was facing not just the saint race’s second legion, but also the third legion – the iron lion legion.

Humanity only had a pitiable amount of information concerning the iron lion legion. However, this didn’t prevent them from speculating just how strong the iron lion legion must be. If they could be called one of the saint race’s six great legion armies, then their combined war strength should be no less than the wartime alliance of Mount Potala!

And today, these two legions that had gathered together into a single super saint army were destined to suffer catastrophic destruction.

This great battle hadn’t continued for long. Even if those four peak Empyreans joined forces they still weren’t able to change anything.

In the first place, Lin Ming already possessed the ability to directly suppress the life feather left behind by Soaring Feather God King. Now that he faced four Empyreans, the strength they possessed simply wasn’t able to oppose him.


Lin Ming’s spear pierced through the throat of the primal saint Patriarch. The death of the Patriarch was the final straw. The saint fleets gave up on any attempts to organize an effective counterattack. As they were being suppressed by Primordius Heavenly Palace, they retreated backwards in total defeat!

Primordius Heavenly Palace was unstoppable. The Legion of Famine cast out their energy, forming two giant halos of light that surged outwards, cutting apart more spirit ships!

And at this time, Lin Ming’s three avatars also rushed out from Primordius Heavenly Palace. Throughout the years, these three avatars had grown together with Lin Ming, and their strength could no longer be compared to how it was in the past. As they attacked the giant space beasts, they caved in as easily as mollusks.


The Black Dragon launched itself onto another king level space beast. In these past years, Little Black had already grown into the visage of a cruel and giant demon dragon. The fierce bone spikes on its back left devastating wounds on the ancient space beast!

Little Black was extremely wicked. It knew that it couldn’t destroy the entire saint fleet, so it focused on the largest prey possible. Many of the ancient space beasts had their fragile necks bitten through.

The joint saint legions continued to disperse outwards. At this time, Primordius Heavenly Palace, Lin Ming’s avatars, and the Black Dragon each chose different directions to chase down their enemies. Light beams shot out and several space beasts fell dead. At the same time, the Black Dragon crippled several iron lion battleships.

Slowly, the beams of divine light shooting out from Primordius Heavenly Palace became increasingly thin. By now, the allied saint legions had been brutally ruined by Lin Ming. The surviving spirit ships and great beasts fled deep into the universe.

After leaving the battlefield, some spirit ships had enough time to activate an array formation, entering through a space crack and beginning a great void shift.

“There’s no need to chase them.”

Lin Ming waved his hand. The Black Dragon and Primordius Heavenly Palace ceased chasing the saint legions, and Lin Ming’s three avatars also flew back into his inner world.

At this time, the Black Dragon was completely stained with blood. It had received a considerable number of wounds in this battle, but it remained feverishly fired up, its large amber eyes filled with impatience.

Its two claws each grabbed a different thousand mile long ancient space beast, and its thick tail was wrapped around a slightly smaller one. In its eyes, these giant squid were unsurpassed delicacies.

Seeing this, Lin Ming smiled.

For the Black Dragon, these things were the best food possible. It had to be known that although the ancient space beasts were inferior to God Beasts, they were a peak race of creatures that were only inferior to God Beasts in this universe. In particular, the kings of these ancient space beasts were actually stronger than many God Beasts.

The corpses of these ancient space beasts were naturally valuable treasures, able to compare to the corpses of God Beasts.

In the past, Lin Ming had undergone great dangers in order to obtain a single supreme dragon bone. From this, one could assume just how valuable these corpses were.

The Black Dragon had already eagerly bitten down on a king level ancient space beast and was eating up its flesh and blood in great gulps. The Black Dragon could absorb nutrients from these beasts and use it to greatly benefit its future growth.

A Roc ate flood dragons as sustenance and a Phoenix ate the energy essence of the universe as food. To a large degree, what a God Beast ate helped decide the path of their growth.

Lin Ming rubbed his chin. His figure flashed several times and he received some of these ancient space beast corpses into his inner world. These were all treasures. Although he was exorbitantly rich, he still couldn’t let these things go to waste.

After finishing all of this, Lin Ming flew back into Primordius Heavenly Palace.

Within Primordius Heavenly Palace, the Legion of Famine was still standing alert around the central array formation. But they had nearly exhausted themselves of all energy by now. After the Legion of Famine underwent body metamorphosis, although their strength could rise by an entire large boundary, they weren’t able to maintain this type of transformation for very long.

Lin Ming probed the Legion of Famine’s situation. Around 90% of the martial artists had already overdrawn their strength and it would take at least several days for them to restore themselves.

Even Fairy Blue Lotus who hadn’t undergone body metamorphosis was dripping fragrant sweat like rain.

Seeing Lin Ming walk towards her, Fairy Blue Lotus respectfully bowed.

“You’ve done well!” Lin Ming praised. With a seasoned general like Fairy Blue Lotus on his side he would be able to save a great deal of strength. Fairy Blue Lotus had a strong grasp on flow and situation of a battle. And, she possessed an extremely reasonable judgment and decision making sense. With her commanding the Legion of Famine, although they lacked in overall destructive power because they were short of Lin Ming, there were still some aspects in which they were superior to him.

“I thank Master for the generous praise.” Fairy Blue Lotus wiped the sweat from her face, a deep smile lighting it up. “Master, with this battle the primal saint clan and the astral saint tribe have suffered grievous losses. It will be impossible for them to recover in the next several tens of thousands of years. However, the Good Fortune Saint Son has gathered so many armies here that I feel a bit uncomfortable about it. Because of this, I captured several saint martial artists so that Master may interrogate them.”

Fairy Blue Lotus pointed behind herself. There was an Empyrean who had been heavily wounded in the explosions and all the astral essence in his body had been sealed away. At the same time, there were also several World King level powerhouses.

Lin Ming faintly smiled. He already had such plans in mind but Fairy Blue Lotus had done it for him ahead of time, saving him a great deal of trouble.

Just as he was preparing to question these people, his heart suddenly moved. He turned to look outside the porthole. In that moment he had felt several bright spots rapidly approaching Primordius Heavenly Palace.

Some people had come!

In a brief moment, Lin Ming had already determined the number, race, cultivation, strength, and many other special details of these people.

“World King level – humans!?”

Lin Ming was startled. These people were humans!

Ever since coming to the Wild Universe, Lin Ming had seen fellow humans more than once. But, these people had only been common mortals suffering their own hardships. This was the first time Lin Ming encountered World King level humans.

His figure flickered and he appeared outside Primordius Heavenly Palace.

His heart was filled with anticipation. With human World Kings here he would naturally be able to find human Empyreans through them, and thus obtain information on Xiao Moxian, Qin Xingxuan, Mu Qianyu, and the others.

At this time, the people flying towards Lin Ming were the scouts of the human forces. They had a total of six people, five men and one woman.

After seeing Lin Ming, these people all deeply bowed. As they looked at him their eyes were filled with reverence and awe.

In the world of martial arts, those with strength easily obtained respect. Moreover, Lin Ming had also given humanity a great graciousness.

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