MW Chapter 2034

Chapter 2034 – Contacting Humanity

The human forces had long since wanted to contact this mysterious person. However, due to the threat of the saints and the blockades they set up, their scope of actions was restrained so that they couldn’t find a hint of this mysterious person’s shadow at all.

In fact, let alone the human forces being able to find this mysterious person, even the saints who had carefully and deliberately calculated the area in which he would appear were annihilated when they tried to set up a trap for him.

And on this day, the human scouts were finally able to see this mysterious person with their own eyes. How could they not be excited?

In these past months the fame of this mysterious person had spread throughout the entire wild universe, and perhaps even the rest of the 33 Heavens knew of him.

The explosions stirred up massive waves of energy, forcing the scouts to stay back at a far-off distance. As they saw the saint spirit ships being destroyed, all of them were inexplicably excited.

Not too long ago, these...

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