MW Chapter 2033

Chapter 2033 – Scattered Like Leaves


The great dark dragon roared upwards, a terrifying dragon roar stirring up a storm. Its giant jaws opened wide and bit down on a primal saints’ ancient space beast!

The ancient space beast was over a hundred miles long and yet it was unexpectedly ripped open by the Black Dragon’s jaws. It cried out miserably, violently struggling, but in the end it couldn’t free itself from the Black Dragon’s grasp. Its body was torn in half and the ruined pieces of flesh and blood were directly swallowed up into the Black Dragon’s stomach.

The Black Dragon didn’t pause. It waved its thick tail, wildly sweeping out like a knife!

Peng! Peng! Peng!

Multiple iron lion battleships were slashed in half by the dragon tail. Space beast after space beast was severed in two by the Black Dragon’s razor-sharp wings!

Storms of energy whipped up as blood filled the skies!

The ancient space beasts were horrifying monsters of the void, but how could they stand side-by-side with a Black Dragon that possessed a king bloodline and had also swallowed the flesh and blood essence of Famine?


The Black Dragon threw itself onto a thousand-mile long king of the space beasts. This giant squid was only as long as the Black Dragon’s body, and it wielded its thick tentacles, wanting to pierce through the Black Dragon and push it away.

However, the Black Dragon’s strength was at a level this squid simply couldn’t compare with.

The Black Dragon’s sharp claws dug deep into the ancient space beast’s body. Beneath the rending claws, the massive tentacles of the space beast were truly no different from those of an actual squid; they were torn apart at the roots!

“Attack! Attack that Black Dragon!”

A peak Empyrean cried out in alarm. The ancient space beast being torn apart was his life’s contract beast, and as he saw his own contract beast being ripped apart to the point of death he felt his heart drip blood.

However, just as he shouted out these words he wasn’t able to open his mouth again nor did he have any way to help his contract beast. This was because he could feel an even more terrifying energy storm brewing within the black fortress, one that was completely beyond his control.

Even though they had eight peak Empyreans joining together, in addition to support from the second and third legions, they still couldn’t contend with the might of this black fortress!

It was hard to imagine just how deep and horrifying the background of the character in the black fortress was!

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

In that moment, three figures flew out from within Primordius Heavenly Palace; these figures were Lin Ming’s avatars.

They were completely similar to Lin Ming in appearance. As the four of them stood in the center of the array formation, Lin Ming’s aura doubled and doubled yet again!

Lin Ming’s hands weaved together, forming a yin yang diagram. The power of divinity and demons as well as the power of the Holy Scripture and Heavenly Sutra were all fused into the array formation through him.

The other three Lin Mings also used their own methods. Pure strength of essence, energy, and divine constantly flowed into the great array.

For a time, the array formation began to light up like a massive sun. A terrifying strength erupted like ten thousand tsunamis smashing out together.


Energy erupted, colliding with the eight peak Empyreans surrounding Primordius Heavenly Palace and causing them to all tumble backwards, vomiting blood!

In that brief moment, their meridians had broken in innumerable places and their blood vitality had been overdrawn, causing their strength to fall to the lowest ditch.


Two peak Empyreans cried out in pain. The instant they flew backwards, two incredibly thick beams of light shot out from Primordius Heavenly Palace, directly piercing through these two peak Empyreans!


Blood shot out. The mortal bodies of peak Empyreans were incredibly tough. Even after being struck by these terrifying beams of light they didn’t instantly die, but were simply pierced through.

Yet in this battle, being struck by a light beam was no different from immediately dying. The Black Dragon howled into the starry space and swiftly flew over. Its two great claws stretched out, fishing up these two peak Empyreans and swallowing them into its stomach.

As a top rank God Beast, the Black Dragon also possessed the ability to absorb the essence energy of powerhouses and transform it into its own strength. However, it just didn’t possess the abnormal swallowing talent that Famine did.

In this battle, the Black Dragon reaped far too many benefits. The ancient space beasts were recklessly eaten up by it. This scene was similar to a tiger leaping into a flock of sheep, their crimson blood turning space red.

Six peak Empyreans were heavily wounded and two perished. The joint saint legions had taken these eight saint Empyreans as the core of their resistance, and with this strike their energy net they cast over Primordius Heavenly Palace was immediately torn open.

In a flash, the energy of Primordius Heavenly Palace was like a flood bursting out from a shattered dam, recklessly hurtling outwards!

Beams of crimson divine light shot out, passing through the joint saint legions like divine blades!

These beams of light were unstoppable. Every iron lion spirit ship that was struck immediately exploded into space dust, and the ancient space beasts were sliced in half, their blood flying out.

Primordius Heavenly Palace was a giant meat grinder that tore through the joint saint legions. Wherever it went, the amazingly powerful saint legions would disintegrate; this was no different from a one-sided slaughter!

From tens of millions of miles away, the scouts of Mount Potala saw beams of divine light illuminate the horizon.

“What is happening?”

“That’s where the joint saint legions are. Could they have started fighting?”

After the joint saint legions came to a stop and stationed themselves, the human alliance naturally had to keep an eye on their actions. This distance was already the limit that these human scouts could investigate from. If they were to approach any close then there was a high chance they would be discovered by the saints. If so, the consequences could be imagined.

But now, as they saw such a massive change occurring in the joint saint legions, they couldn’t sit idly by.

“Let’s go and take a look! Everyone be careful!”


Scouting was a dangerous field of work, but at this time it was their duty to gather information on what was occurring.

Six World King level scouts quietly disappeared into the void, rapidly rushing towards the area where the great battle was erupting!

More and more explosions rang through the world. The divine light shining from all over became increasingly bright!

The saint fleets had been scared silly from the amount of slaughter occurring. They were all top elites, but in a battle where the disparity in strength was so massive, and in facing this enemy that was like a death reaper, they simply couldn’t summon the courage to keep fighting.

“Retreat! Everyone, scatter and retreat…”

The primal saint Patriarch endured the pain in his heart to issue this order. But just as he was issuing the order, his voice fell silent, as if his words had been cut in half by an icy saber.

At this time, the primal saint Patriarch felt his entire body turn cold and his pupils contract. Just 100 feet away from him, a black-clothed shadow had torn open space and walked out from a space crack like a death god paying a visit.

This man held a black spear, his eyes overflowing with killing intent!

The primal saint Patriarch immediately understood that this was the mysterious person the Good Fortune Saint Son spoke of!

Although the Good Fortune Saint Son had repeatedly emphasized that this mysterious person was not to be underestimated, if the primal saint Patriarch didn’t see with his own eyes it would be impossible for him to profoundly realize just how true the Good Fortune Saint Son’s words were.

Originally, he even believed that the Good Fortune Saint Son was making a great fuss over nothing to order the six legions of the saints to transfer over to the Hidden Dragon Galaxy. After all, this was all in order to deal with a single mysterious person.

But now, the primal saint Patriarch realized he had been wrong, and wrong to an outrageous degree!

The primal saint Patriarch looked at Lin Ming. His eyes flashed with red light, and in that moment he burnt his blood essence without hesitation!

The blood vitality of a peak saint Empyrean was extremely powerful. Now that it was burnt, it was like a sun rising in the night sky. For the surroundings hundreds of thousands of miles, everyone began to heat up because of this peak saint Empyrean burning up his blood essence!

The primal saints were a brave and bloody clan. Although they were cruel and merciless to other races, when the moment of life or death truly arrived, they wouldn’t shrink backwards!

Several peak Empyreans appeared around Lin Ming. They all started to burn their blood essence together. At this time, none of them had any other choice!

Lin Ming faced four peak Empyreans together; the remaining two were dealt with by the Black Dragon.

As for Primordius Heavenly Palace, Lin Ming had handed down command to Fairy Blue Lotus. She already possessed the ability to command the Legion of Famine, and now that the flesh and blood of Famine had been fused into her, commanding them was even easier.

The reason Lin Ming didn’t have Fairy Blue Lotus under body metamorphosis was to have her command the Legion of Famine in the most clear-headed manner possible.

More beams of light shot out. Another spirit ship was torn apart!

And it was now that Lin Ming attacked!

Four peak Empyreans stood in four different directions. Lin Ming swept out his spear, first targeting the primal saint Patriarch!

The Patriarch was the strongest of the four but he was Lin Ming’s first target. This was self-confidence that stemmed from his own strength!

Lin Ming’s attack wasn’t flashy; it was only a simple straight thrust. But, his speed was too fast, surpassing the rate with which one could react.

Spear light howled out. Behind Lin Ming, nine great stars floated in the air. Five Dao Palaces opened up together and the power of divinity and demons wildly flooded outwards!

There was simply no time to dodge. The primal saint Patriarch could only roar out loud and take a giant axe to smash down at Lin Ming!

In that instant, Lin Ming and the primal saint Patriarch were like two meteors clashing together in space.


Energy ripples visible to the naked eye began spreading outwards. From this single clash, the primal saint Patriarch was hurled backwards like a comet!

The blood vessels on his body had burst open due to the excessive impact force and his arms were stained with blood. The great axe in his hands was pounded into a curve, making it look like a drawn bow.

“Damn it!”

The three other Empyreans roared and rushed towards Lin Ming. Lin Ming’s blood bubbled over with heat. He grasped his long spear, sweeping out!


Three peak Empyreans that burnt their blood essence were sent flying away, all of them vomiting blood. This was simply a one-sided massacre!

Just as the primal saint Patriarch recovered, he saw Lin Ming rapidly flying towards him. With another great bellow, he grabbed his great axe and brought it crashing down at Lin Ming’s head.

However, Lin Ming didn’t even attempt to evade. He grasped the Black Dragon Spear and also smashed it outwards.

With another collision, the primal saint Patriarch’s arms fractured and he spat out a mouthful of blood!

His body ripped open like a bag of blood, and even white bones were visible.

Tens of thousands of miles away, everything that occurred fell into the eyes of the human scouts. They used specialized eye techniques to see what was occurring.

Whether it was the black fortress that continued to shoot out beams of divine light or that peerless powerhouse that easily suppressed four peak saint Empyreans, everything left them utterly dumbfounded!

“That person, that must be the mysterious person!”

A scout said with a sound transmission, his heart shocked.

“It must be him, it can only be him!”

The scouts looked at each other, a burning heat visible in their eyes.

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