MW Chapter 2033

Chapter 2033 – Scattered Like Leaves


The great dark dragon roared upwards, a terrifying dragon roar stirring up a storm. Its giant jaws opened wide and bit down on a primal saints’ ancient space beast!

The ancient space beast was over a hundred miles long and yet it was unexpectedly ripped open by the Black Dragon’s jaws. It cried out miserably, violently struggling, but in the end it couldn’t free itself from the Black Dragon’s grasp. Its body was torn in half and the ruined pieces of flesh and blood were directly swallowed up into the Black Dragon’s stomach.

The Black Dragon didn’t pause. It waved its thick tail, wildly sweeping out like a knife!

Peng! Peng! Peng!

Multiple iron lion battleships were slashed in half by the dragon tail. Space beast after space beast was severed in two by the Black Dragon’s razor-sharp wings!

Storms of energy whipped up as blood filled the skies!

The ancient space beasts were horrifying monsters of the void, but how could they stand side-by-side with a Black Dragon that possessed a king bloodline and had also swallowed the flesh and blood essence of Famine?


The Black Dragon threw itself onto a thousand-mile long king of the space beasts. This giant squid was only as long...

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